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Four New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon X & Y


The latest edition of Coro Coro magazine has revealed four brand new Pokemon for the forthcoming Pokemon X & Y for the Nintendo 3DS.

The first new Pokemon is Gogohto which is a Grass-type Pokemon. Gogohto can actually be ridden in the field. He can also learn Horn Leech. The second Pokemon is called Elikiteru, who is an Electric/Normal-type Pokemon. Elikiteru has a new move called Parabola Charge, which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity. The third is a bird called Yayakoma, which is a Normal/Flying-type. Yayakoma gets to use a move called Nitro Charge. The final Pokemon revealed is a panda which is called Yancham. Yancham is a Fighting-type Pokemon who has a new move called Parting Remark. You can view the scans, right here.

Thanks, KeimaCorp


    1. Uh hello! Mother is lovin hte panda pokemonster i myself love the new robin pokemonster its sooo cuteee! I just want to hold in in my arms for 2849.83 hours !!!! I LOVE POKEMONSTER Y & X!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dude I’ve seen your twitter…you’re actually normal you just like trolling people lol *props*

  1. They look pretty awesome to be honest, I like the flying one, and the electric one’s cool, hopefully it’ll evolve into something great. The other 2 look pretty great too. I don’t see the grass one evolving, or maybe just be 2 stage evolution.

  2. New Pokemon, box art. trainer customization. full X/Y trainer character art.
    This game keeps getting better and better! :)

    1. All of those are now SUPER weak compared to the new ones, for instance Eelectross is much stronger than Pikachu, an i LOVE Pikachu.

  3. I always wanted a ‘real’ Panda Pokémon (not like Spinda) and it being fighting type makes it even more awesome.
    I also hope this goat Pokémon isn’t the only one you can ride.

    1. I’m fine with baby pokemon, as long as they can learn moves their adult evolutions can’t

  4. Normal/Flying = the new Fire/Fighting. I’m lookin’ at you Yayakoma: STAHP! If Elikiteru can learn Solarbeam, it may rival Rotom as my favorite electric type…!

  5. Must…resist…..urge….to….get….X….or…..Y. Resisting…..urge…..isn’t…..working.

  6. Grass type Pokémon are SO worthless. I NEVER pick the grass type. They just seem so darn weak. I choose fire in every game.


    I want a fighting panda :( I’m adding that thing to my future team!

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