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Four New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon X & Y


The latest edition of Coro Coro magazine has revealed four brand new Pokemon for the forthcoming Pokemon X & Y for the Nintendo 3DS.

The first new Pokemon is Gogohto which is a Grass-type Pokemon. Gogohto can actually be ridden in the field. He can also learn Horn Leech. The second Pokemon is called Elikiteru, who is an Electric/Normal-type Pokemon. Elikiteru has a new move called Parabola Charge, which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity. The third is a bird called Yayakoma, which is a Normal/Flying-type. Yayakoma gets to use a move called Nitro Charge. The final Pokemon revealed is a panda which is called Yancham. Yancham is a Fighting-type Pokemon who has a new move called Parting Remark. You can view the scans, right here.

Thanks, KeimaCorp

42 thoughts on “Four New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon X & Y”

    1. Uh hello! Mother is lovin hte panda pokemonster i myself love the new robin pokemonster its sooo cuteee! I just want to hold in in my arms for 2849.83 hours !!!! I LOVE POKEMONSTER Y & X!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. They look pretty awesome to be honest, I like the flying one, and the electric one’s cool, hopefully it’ll evolve into something great. The other 2 look pretty great too. I don’t see the grass one evolving, or maybe just be 2 stage evolution.

  2. New Pokemon, box art. trainer customization. full X/Y trainer character art.
    This game keeps getting better and better! :)

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    1. All of those are now SUPER weak compared to the new ones, for instance Eelectross is much stronger than Pikachu, an i LOVE Pikachu.

  4. I always wanted a ‘real’ Panda Pokémon (not like Spinda) and it being fighting type makes it even more awesome.
    I also hope this goat Pokémon isn’t the only one you can ride.

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  6. Normal/Flying = the new Fire/Fighting. I’m lookin’ at you Yayakoma: STAHP! If Elikiteru can learn Solarbeam, it may rival Rotom as my favorite electric type…!

  7. Must…resist…..urge….to….get….X….or…..Y. Resisting…..urge…..isn’t…..working.

  8. Grass type Pokémon are SO worthless. I NEVER pick the grass type. They just seem so darn weak. I choose fire in every game.

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    I want a fighting panda :( I’m adding that thing to my future team!

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