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Pokemon X & Y Starter Pokemon Information Revealed


More Pokemon X & Y news has emerged from the latest edition of Coro Coro magazine. The latest information centres around the starter Pokemon in the game. Chespin, which is the Chestnut Pokemon has a robust shell covering his back and his head. Chespin can learn Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip and Rollout. Fennekin comes equipped with some scorching hot 200°C flames. Froakie, who is the Bubble Frog Pokemon, can actually jump as high as a three-story building. The Pokemon Company has also revealed the Pokemon X & Y box-art which states that the game will support the Nintendo Network. You can read the rest of the Pokemon X & Y coverage from Coro Coro, right here.

Thanks, CheezbrgrNInja

59 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Starter Pokemon Information Revealed”

      1. Xbox has Xbox Live. Playstation 3 has PlayStation Network aka PSN. Wii U has Nintendo Network. Its just what the online is called. It includes Miiverse and Game chat and online play and E-Shop and DLC and such.

    1. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, charmander all the way! Made the game extremely difficult when you first started!

  1. Sir Isaac Newton

    Another marvel of real science that shall ensure third party games are of high quality on the 3DS due to it’s intricate design and length.

    1. Brother, what are you doing chatting with the mortals? Come and join us back the Fields of Science.

      1. Charles Darwin I too was a mortal. A highly intelligent species they are. Unlike you they do not marry their first cousins and create abominations. Waiting on Albert Einstein, him and I have a chess game later; and a tea and crumpet session.

  2. Imagine the first time you slide that Pokemon X and Y cartidge into your 3DS :O . It’s gunna be like…… sex

    1. I won’t be able to feel that because I’m getting it digitally. I’d like to have it with me at all times

      1. There won’t be a digital download of the game… There is one simple reason. By copying the data on the sd card to the computer it would be possible to clone Pokémons.

  3. ” Froakie, who is the Bubble Frog Pokemon, can actually jump as high as a three-story building.” …you got to be fucking kidding me “-_- (btw bulbasaur is the coolest starter)

    1. Whats wrong with Froakie’s Pokedex info? He is a huge freaking frog! Or course he can jump really high! 💋

  4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    All this information was already known or isn’t worth knowing…
    No one cares about Chespin learning Tackle.

    1. Or so you knew that you can now ride pokemon like a mount and that you can customize your character? How amazing.

  5. Just so you know, the weakest flame, one that’s barely visible, is around 500C. A smoldering cigarette stump is around 400C. So Fennekin seems pretty menacing right now.

  6. Fennekin doesn’t look like a fighting type honestly. I may be proven wrong. Chespin seems like he’ll be a grass/rock type.

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  9. The hell is that thing? It looks like what an epileptic blind person would create with a bucket of paint riding a pickup truck on a rocky mountain highway. Japan makes good taste cry.

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