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Super Mario Bros 2 Is Coming To Wii U VC Next Week In North America


Nintendo of America has confirmed that the classic Super Mario Bros 2 will be heading to the Wii U Virtual Console next week. The iconic 1988 NES platformer will arrive on the Virtual Console on May 16th. Super Mario Bros 2 will set you back $4.99, which is clearly money well spent. Will you be purchasing the game from the Wii U eShop?

60 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 2 Is Coming To Wii U VC Next Week In North America”

      1. Nintendo has the best library of games of any company. From 1979-2013 they are the king of the industry. If you disrespect Nintendo any more bad things are going to happen. GET EDUCATED!

          1. This is not a joke, clown. If you respect Nintendo or the administrator will hunt you down like a fucking hawk.

              1. If you DON’T respect Nintendo. it was a minor error and there was no need for you to be a smartass about it.

                Anyway, this is site for Nintendo fans and enthusiasts, if you are not one of those GET OUT NOW!

                    1. Did you really just saw that people have to like Nintendo because it’s God’s law.
                      This is why nobody takes Nintendo fans seriously.

                1. Yes, you must be a nintendo nazi, why are you acting so psycotic!? Yes nintendo is cool, but I’m not ging to worship them. I’m here to listen to Nintendo news not to listen to nintendo nazis whining. Just calm down sir.

                  1. Do not dare refer to as a Nazi of any kind, Hitler lover. This is a site for Nintendo fans and enthusiasts, all others, including yourself Joseph, are not welcome here.

        1. Ok listen, That’s your opinion. Not everyone elses. You don’t need to push it so harshly on someone, nor do you need to act like Nintendo is some perfect company. They make a lot of the best games out there, but just like any other devs/companies, they have also made a lot of mistakes.

  1. I have super mario all stars for the snes. It’s not rare. We really need super mario rpg and the likes.

    1. How else is Nintendo going to entice people to buy a more expensive Wii U if everything is on the cheaper 3DS as well? GO BUY A Wii U ya Hoe!!! 💋

    1. Hated it?! Why! Its so much fun! And the music that plays in thefirst stage(and other places throughoutthe game) is so catchy!

  2. Cool… is this the one with Luigi, Prince Peach, Toad and Mario. If so, bring it on. I wish they would remake this game with today’s visuals. Nintendo, revist the dream world of Sub-con STAT! Would love to see this world revisited again, we’ve had far too many cameos by Shy-Guys, Birdos and the like so let’s go back to battling Fry Guy, Mouser and Wart.

    P.S. That game art is ugggggllleeee! :0

      1. The game is still awesome… who cares where it originated. It deviated from the original Super Mario Bros. game which was a wonderful move.

        1. Oh… and it was brilliant of Nintendo to have Luigi, Peach and Toad as playable characters. BRING BACK WART AND THE DREAM WORLD OF SUB-CON NINTENDO!

          I gotta give it a try! :D

  3. Pass, got the All-Stars disc. I need something that will make me pull the “trigger” on buying another non-30 cent VC game (besides Super Mario World).

  4. Yes! My favorite Mario game. This will help make up for this past weeks releases for me. Here’s to hoping they start releasing more VC games more often!

    1. Fuck you, we need more, if anything
      did you realize how dry and wii’s virtual console was for years despite having a massive library to fill it with?

  5. I won’t, as I have it for at least 3 other platforms. I just hope Nintendo intends to release more than just that and if they do, more than 2 vc games a week. I got 35 in my eshop wallet and nothing to spend it on

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  7. DarklordNintendoFan

    Wait… which Super Mario Bros. 2 game is it, though? The Super Mario Bros. 2 that only Japan got until All-Stars came out on the SNES? Or is it Doki Doki Panic? Also, why, when clicking on the name of Super Mario Bros. 2, does it bring us to an Irate Gamer video?

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