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Precursor Games Says It Will “Definitely Discuss” Releasing Eternal Darkness On Wii U


Nintendo hasn’t yet confirmed whether Nintendo GameCube games will become available on the Wii U Virtual Console. However, that doesn’t stop people from wishing to play those older titles on Nintendo’s latest console. For example, on the Facebook page of Precursor Games – the developer behind Shadow of the Eternals – a fan asked whether it’s possible for Nintendo GameCube-exclusive Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem to be released as a digital game on the Wii U. Precursor Games replied by saying that it will “definitely discuss” the suggestion.

Is there any chance that while in talks with Nintendo you can bring up a possible rerelease of the GameCube’s Eternal Darkeness as a Virtual Console release? It would allow hype to build on the game and allow people who had not played before to get into the series!

Precursor Games: We will definitely discuss that. Thanks for the suggestion!

75 thoughts on “Precursor Games Says It Will “Definitely Discuss” Releasing Eternal Darkness On Wii U”

    1. Indeed, my friend. Eternal Darkness is an amazing experience. Wii U owners who never owned the original should get the opportunity to play. PlayStaion and Xbox fans…. GET N OR GET OUT!

      1. that would be great, but i own the original on gamecube and play it via my wii, so while it would be good for building hype, am fine

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      That would be AMAZING! I love how these guys are real down 2 earth, and actually listen to the fans this way! Im excited! Bring on Shadow of The Eternals too we need that! =)

  1. Awesome! Never played Eternal Darkness and I am planning on getting it’s spiritual successor so that’d be perfect for me! 💋

  2. well they don’t even plan on releasing episode 1 of Shadows until 2014 and they’re not even at their 10% mark, they made over $100,000 off of IGN advertisement and initial coverage, so how’re they going to make enough at this rate. I want it to happen but I’m just being realistic.

    1. Why are you trying to slander Nintendo and Eternal Darkness legacy. Do you not know the impact they had on the industry. Remedial fools like you should be tested by fire.

    2. The hipe is there but not the money. Many fans that want the game dont even know what a kickstarter or crowdfunding is and how to or being able to do it.

        1. You seem to be better than me ecomicaly has i dont have credit cards but if they put a bucked i will deposit on it.

          1. I don’t use credit cards! I only use money I have, not some other persons money they don’t work for!

    3. You are forgetting that they already made Eternal Darkness. All they have to do is talk to Nintendo about it and Nintendo would pretty much take care of everything. It isn’t that hard to put an already existing game onto the VC. 💋

      1. I am a Nintendo lover. When I said wii and GameCube damaged is cause the wii doesn’t work well, needs repairs. GameCube can’t read disc. Not that Nintendo sucks. I like Nintendo and sony, but mostly Nintendo, sheesh.

    1. The Wii U is currently in a very stable state like Nintendo’s platforms always are. But I agree, I think GCN titles will come to the Wii U virtual console and when that happens… NintenDomination.

  3. sucks some humans haven’t tried this truly horrific game.I had actually bought a new GameCube because of the error message. years later did I find out how stupid of me to not try to turn it back on. yet, now I have 2 GC’S, and two of this game. Definitely worth a try to those naive of its mindbending tricks.

      1. when my game was going to delete i said no i said save!!!!! then i pressed b to make sure it wouldnt delete then it said ok deleting game. now i was in nooooo mode, you bitch i didnt say delete!!! it was half way past loading to delete. so i got of where i was sitting knee slided then turned off the console in time. so i was sitting there for like 10 min. saying i was just finally really getting in to this. fucking game…. then it hit me. damnit is this that famous fucking sanity effect and it was actually wasnt going to delete it all along!!! turned back on the console and it actually saved where i turned off my console……… now that is a fucking sanity effect!!!!!

  4. I really don’t understand the workings of the ditigal publishing. These are games we are willing to pay for. We’re asking for Gamecube games and their pussyfooting around. I’m buying Super Mario Bros. 2 next week,I can’t when they just give us the GC games. That’s automatic cash flow for them. Love ya Nintendo but sometimes I don’t understand ya.

  5. they should but you know nintendo they dont really support the vc and put anything good on there, remember how the wii turned out!!!! what might happen is that nintendo funds this because i dont think the money will get there. unless retro is working on eternal darkness 2 as there secret title, this could happen, and if not nintendo is fucking stupid to let this go.

  6. We should start a petition with signatures to let nintendo know were serious about this e should flood the miiverse community as well we need more hype

    1. ive actually mentioned it in a zombie u post and didnt get much feedback but if everybody does it maybe they will listen or maybe if they are mart they would just fund it

        1. we just need to find the right spot and have alot of people spread it to different spots, but i think it will be retarded of nintendo to not fund it

  7. The Nintendo Reviewer

    This would give a me a chance to play it without hunting down a copy online. Is it really as good as so many people say it is?

    1. I would really like if Mario Sunshine got onto virtual console at least. I am hoping for an HD remake though personally. Unlikely, yes… but I like to dream big! 💋

  8. If the Wii U didn’t have native BC with at least the Wii generation, and forced me to play the games off of a streaming server, I wouldn’t even think of considering to request this, let alone would I pay for it.
    But if it can be done, if Nintendo can make Gamecube games happen on the Wii U without needing to stream them from a cloud-like service, I’ll be right alongside everyone else asking to see GC games like ED:SR come to the virtual console.
    I still own the original disk and I still own a Wii to play it with, but it’d be nice to have it on my Wii U so that I wouldn’t have to switch consoles and cords around every time I wanted to immerse myself in some of the best of Nintendo’s back-catalog.

  9. hmm i have never played that game , if they do release it on wii u , i would buy it just to see what all the hype is about :)

  10. *rolls eyes*
    Just play the freakin’ Gamecube version. Why do people act like games are something new just because they become available on Virtual Console? Physical copies RULE over stupid digital.

    1. It would be understandable for people to get excited if the games had enhanced graphics and/or added features. But they’re the exact same games. (- _ -)

    2. Because the gamecube isnt relevant no more rolls your. Eyes oh please then lets playlast gen Games for the rest of our lives

      1. if you already own the disc i dont see how you would want to buy it again digital!! its good for people who dont have the game and cant find a good price on it. i got mine for like 20 in good condition last year so i bought it.

        1. I dont have it nor do i own A gamecube why not bring titles of past consoles on current console it worked for the xbox arcade and psn why cant the wiiu have great convinient titles but then again people who dont want more games on A console are the REAL gamers who hurt the industry

        2. I dont have it nor do i own A gamecube why not bring titles of past consoles on current console it worked for the xbox arcade and psn why cant the wiiu have great convinient titles but then again people who dont want more games on A console are the REAL gamers who hurt the industry

        3. I’ve already stated my reason; convenience.
          In lieu of actual backwards compatibility with the gamecube, having the digital version available on the VC of the Wii U is a decent, quick alternative to digging out an entire Wii/Gamecube system, finding the disk, and hooking everything up whenever I want to play older games.

    3. I don’t have Eternal Darkness for Gamecube! Maybe thats why I would like it on Wii U’s VC?… *rolls eyes* 💋

  11. Nintendo should step in and fund and publish shadow of the eternals. That way the Wii U can actually have a good exclusive.

      1. Wonderful 101- not even out yet. Bayonetta 2- Not out yet either and we haven’t seen any gameplay. Monster hunter 3- Just an over glorified Wii port.

  12. i don’t think the game will happen, they won’t be able to raise enough money, the fundraising has stalled already :(

    if Nintendo step in then they will have to give back the money to people who want the PC & X360 version i would of thought as Nintendo would want it as a exclusive, i have put in $50 myself but not enough people are helping :(

  13. Yep, let’s have a HD remake, I’ve played this in 1080p on my PC using Dolphin and it looks and sounds great.

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