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Q-Games President Says Wii U Needs “Super IP”


Dylan Cuthbert, the president of Q Games, has told online gaming publication Siliconera that he believes that the Wii U needs something akin to a super IP to shift consoles. Cuthbert says the Nintendo really needs to create, or use an existing franchise, which will dramatically increase sales of the ailing console to make consumers sit up and take notice. Cuthbert points to the incredibly successful Nintendo DS which had a slow start but quickly became one of the most popular gaming devices out there selling hundreds of millions and bringing lots of innovative and fun franchises to the table.

“They are going to have to figure out the games. They probably need like new super IP, a special IP that makes people really interested. But they always come up with something. They are always very innovative. Even with the DS when it first came out people said that’s not very good and it’s not going to do very well, but it sold hundreds of millions and had lots of innovative titles. I think they will find something that will sell a lot. Who would have known Wii Fit would have sold like 15 million units?”

143 thoughts on “Q-Games President Says Wii U Needs “Super IP””

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Nintendo has been in contact with precursor about this game so they might be helping out. They said they were excited to see this game for Wii U so anything is possible.

        1. Not necesary cause if the story and settings are diffrent enough they could live happy with each other.

          1. shadow of the eternals was made so it doesn’t clash with any eternal darkness copyrights from what i gathered.. so they should be able to coexist

    2. Core-minded games Eternal Darkness don’t appeal to casual gamers at large. A killer-app needs to do that. Wii Sports 2 is needed. Something that anyone can pick up and play and have fun immediately that shows off what the Wii U GamePad is all about the same way Wii Sports showed-off what the Wii was all about..

          1. Face it, Wii Sports is done. If they did a third one, the haters would have a field day with it. Better to do something different and Nintendo Land is a good game.

            1. I’ve already played Wii Fit U and it feels more like Wii Sports than Wii Fit. At the Wii U Experience in Chicago the games available to play were as follows.

              Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
              Ninja Gaiden: Razors Edge
              Pikmin 3
              Game and Wario
              Wonderful 101
              SiNG Party
              Just Dance 4
              New! Super Mario Bros. U
              Wii Fit U

              The games that garnered the biggest crowds were Wonderful 101 (which I couldn’t even get a chance to play because the line was so long, New! Super Mario Bros. U, SiNG Party, Game and Wario and Wii Fit U. The game that had THE biggest crowd was Wii Fit U. The games and set up of Wii Fit U were structured like Wii Sports. It didn’t feel like Wii Fit at all. NintendoLand barely had anyone around it. The reps actually had to call people over to play that game.

              Wii Sports 2 probably already is coming, but it may not be called that. It may be called Wii Fit U.

              Downplaying factual information that you don’t choose to agree with does not help defend Nintendo. It seems like some trollitis is effect some people around here. Someone made a bold statement so lets me jump on that bandwagon even thought it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s downplay Wii Sports success, shoot down any chance of a true sequel, and make NintendoLand out to be better than it is. Well. If that is what you want to believe you are welcome to do so. I cal almost guarantee that there will be another Wii Sports game or Wii Fit will be rebranded into Wii Sports.

              1. First of all, there was a squeal to Wii Sports: So if there was a new Wii Sports, it would be the third one, not the second. Second, I’m not downplaying the success the game has had (considering it sold the Wii the second it went into the market), all I’m saying is that Nintendo should try something different to show off the gamepad, which Nintendo Land does. Third, I haven’t seen anything about Wii Fit U to make judgements about it, so I can’t say it’s basically Wii Sports.

                1. I have, therefore I can. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t.

                  And the fact that it sold the Wii the second it went into the market is my whole point. To break it down ever further, it wasn’t even the whole Wii Sports that sold Wiis. It was the Bowling on Wii Sports that sold the system.

                  Sequels just simply means a successor or follow-up. Not number 2. So yes, calling it Wii Sports 2 would be inaccurate. I predict that Wii Sports will have a Wii U “squeal” as you said (sorry, had to get ya cause that was kind funny ;) Wii Sports is a permanent Nintendo franchise now. We already know that another Wii Party is coming as well.

                  Depending on what the next console is called it may not stay a permanent franchise. I hope they get away from the Wii name.

          2. Wii sports sold so many copies because it was included with the console, people that bought the wii were interested in a motion controled console not because of wii sports…they never considered wii sports to be the only game they would get lol, the wii was a shit console, it is one of the reason’s the WiiU is not selling as well as it should be.

            1. a shit console that sold 100 million units
              yeah that totally makes sense

              btw wii sports sold almost 2 million copies in 2007 alone just in japan
              it wasn’t included with a wii purchase in japan, so people had to actually go and buy it seperately

              so much for your theory

              1. Wiimote sold a lot of consoles, doesnt make it a good console, angry birds sold a few copies, doesnt mean the game is awesome, your logic is flawed…2 million does not = 81 million or even a good percentage of it btw

                1. “Wiimote sold a lot of consoles, doesnt make it a good console, angry birds sold a few copies, doesnt mean the game is awesome”

                  i never said “it’s awesome” i said “it’s not shit”
                  you’re saying it’s shit and that’s obviously complete bogus looking at the sales numbers
                  it doesn’t matter one bit what you personally think about it, if it truly was shit it wouldn’t have sold that many units + games

                  “2 million does not = 81 million or even a good percentage of it btw”

                  2 million were the sales numbers in a single year in a single country

                    1. even call of duty isn’t shit

                      you could argue that it’s not particularly good (tho i’m sure many players would disagree with you here) but to argue that it’s just “shit” is ridiculous

                      games like the recent star trek video game.. that’s what shit is all about

                    2. errr.. insert random EA game here

                      CoD isn’t EA of course but what i said should be applicable to most top selling EA games aswell^^

                    3. what i’m trying to say is this:
                      while sales numbers aren’t directly proportionate to a products quality high sales numbers offer at least some indication as to the products quality.. a game with great sales numbers may not be great quality but it generally isn’t shit either, because when something truly is “shit” the internet usually spreads the word fairly fast.. that is especially true if sales numbers stay high over a long period of time like they did with the wii

                      1. No arguments there. I’m just saying that there are examples of something shitty that continues to generate money. EA was voted worst company in America 2 years in a row, but they are still raking in a ton of money.

                      2. EA simply isn’t the worst company of the US, that’s just not true in any sense of the word
                        that’s as much an exaggeration as calling all their games “shit”

                        1. yes i know about that vote and it’s complete bullshit

                          just *think* for a second.. how could EA possibly be the worst company of the US when there’s companies like goldman sachs around

                          EA only won because it’s something most internet users have heard about before.. and what they heard usually isn’t good, exaggerated beyond proportion in some game forum
                          and we all know people love to exaggerate in forums

                          goldman sachs on the other hand.. well

                          well dead space 3 now certainly lacks what would make it a good horror shooter
                          it’s still an okay game however
                          nothing special.. but not “shit” either

                          1. Yes I know that the vote is a joke, but the feelings there are real. EA is the worst video game company out there with Capcon closely nipping their heels. EA buys out its comp (a la microsucks) and then guts the companies. (Westwood, Pandemic Stuido’s) Then there’s the whole I can only buy my games from them on Origin. I already own steam Why in the hell do I now need Origin? EA is also known to shut their servers down early which brings me to my next point. The SIMS. The world couldn’t play their games because they were ill prepaired but so what? Why should you have to go online to play A SINGLE PLAYER GAME. So now, not only do I have to worry about getting online, I have to worry that if the game isn’t popular anymore they’ll just kill the server and now I can’t play the game I paid 60 bucks for. Also, I REALLY hate them for having day on DLC. So that means to me that they KNEW they could have put it in the game but didn’t and are charging me for it? WTF? (MAss Effect 3?) Let’s look at other wonderful EA games shall we?

                            Crysis 3 – rushed as hell and buggy as hell
                            ME3 – did all of that only to get 3 endings
                            BF3 – Short campaign. Everything Bad Company had right this did wrong
                            MOH – Game is DOA
                            NFS – The totally killed this game after Carbon
                            Dragon Age 2 – Should have NEVER existed

                            You want me to keep going?

                            This video pretty much sums up how I feel about EA


                          2. that may all be true but a bad publisher doesn’t automatically mean that all the games released by said publisher are crap aswell

                            i can’t say about any of the games you listed that they were crap

                            and crysis 3 was actually quite entertaining

                            1. well i’m just sick of all the black and white thinking on the web
                              either something entirely sucks or it’s fucking great
                              no middle ground
                              guess that won’t change anytime soon

                              1. Don’t get it twisted. EA use to be awesome, they made a wrong turn somewhere and instead of going back to what MADE them great, they continued down their current path. I don’t like their new model and I really do wish they made games they way they use to. I loved NFS Most Wanted and really wanted badly to like the new one, but I couldn’t. I loved the first two Dead Spaces, but I felt cheated in the 3rd one. I felt the same way about Crysis 3.They have really good game concepts, it just that I feel they went down in product as the game went on. But that’s just my opinion.

                              2. it’s not like EA controls 100% of the design process of the games that are being developed
                                they can’t they don’t have the capacity to do that
                                they get a heads up on the progress every couple weeks by their developers just like every other publisher

                                if crysis 3 sucked that’s mostly cryteks fault.. however it didn’t suck and it was far far far better than crysis 2

                                1. Your right, they get a heads up on the progress the same way Naughty Dog, Blizzard and every other company does. You know the difference between EA and other companies? Other companies push back their product to make sure that when it’s released, it’s what people are expecting. Point in case, BioShock Infinite.

                                2. the developer has to know about the expectations of the fans not the publisher since the developer is the one.. you know.. developing the game
                                  the publisher only sets the rough framework for the game and when visceral fucks up and takes all the horror out of their horror shooter that’s viscerals fault not EAs

                                  EA uppers just see the monthly (or whichever timespan) presentation, see the progress that has been made and the overall quality of the product and are content (or not)… they never actually PLAY the game so they can’t very well know what the fans expect
                                  and as long as the game still sells because it is of good quality EA isn’t gonna give a fuck about what the fans expect

                                  besides.. if a game is so far from the expectations of the fans like dead space 3 was no pushing back is gonna change that.. they would have had to completely rewrite the game to meet those expectations
                                  yet still.. just because a sequel disappoints the fans it’s not automatically shit not matter what the fans may think of it

                                  as a matter of fact many people were disappointed with bioshock infinite aswell.. i’ve seen the forum rants
                                  so consequently by your logic bioshock infinite must suck

                                  naughty dog isn’t a publisher btw

                    4. nintendo needs to appeal to the core. casuals left for the tablets and they need good games on their console. if wii sports 2 happens wii u will be yet another shovelware infested crapfest

                      1. I can all but guarantee Wii sports 2 is coming, and in a bundle to boot. Nintendo just effed up this year, we have to wait until the end of the year and next year before the Wii U starts the snow ball rollin down the mountain.

                      2. The core has already made their decisions about the Wii U. Either they’ve seen enough and already have a Wii U, or they aren’t interested and probably aren’t going to be. There is no rational reason to need to “wait and see” in terms of the Wii U’s power, graphics, or gameplay because anyone whom is a gamer longer than 15-minutes understand this isn’t an issue. It’s not hard to understand that games are coming. This is common knowledge. It’s one thing to hold off on buying a Wii U until those games are ‘available,’ but I would venture to guess that there aren’t many people whom are waiting to see these games and THEN make a decision to buy it. Those people encompass a very, VERY small number.

                        Console wars are won by casuals, not core gamers. Core gamers are going to buy your console regardless, but if you retain the casual gamers in addition to the core that is what separates you from the pack. To insinuate that Wii Sports 2 would make the Wii U a shovelware-machine disqualifies you from any reasonable conversation because you are more interested in proving YOUR point is right than making sense.

                        Wii Sports is the highest-selling game of all-time and 81 million sold.

                          1. 10-million sales worth or core gamers are not waiting for E3 to make a decision to buy. 10-million sales worth of casual-gamers whom do not know what the Wii U is could easily account for that number if Nintendo sufficiently advertises it.

                            1. I disagree, I think a lot of the core or waiting to see about the ps4 and the Xbox, and then going to decide which they want, Nintendo has some great games coming which could sway a lot of the core.

                              1. I disagree with that. Sony drones are gonna by a PS4 not matter what. XBots are gonna buy a 720/Infinity/Fusion/Durango no matter what. Those people have already bought a Wii U and still have it, or could care less about buying one no matter how good the 1st-party stuff look.

                                That’s not to say that their aren’t people whom in a weak moment will not make an impulse buy if the new Mario or something seems to good to pass up. I’m just saying that the number of people doing that pale in comparison to the casuals.

                    5. The way i see things is that this is not a Nintendo only problem. I was yesterday in gamestop and many just released games are having huge discounts and people just ignore them. Wiiu is a console people want but cant affort and no matter how huge the title is it will still be a though sell. This apply to all the consoles.

                      1. I think that’s because all of these new games are the same games we have been playing for years now only with better graphics, we know how the story will play out and exactly what to expect. The gamepad at least gives us something different to do used gimmicky or not. Im just saying im not so sure it’s only about the money.

                        1. Many people i saw there say they would want a wiiu but cant affort it right now. But is not just about not having the money but why should i buy now if my ps360 have 1 used cheap games 2 new cheap games too. This gen is going to chaos to everyone.

                        1. They have the 2 for 1 on bioshock and the others are normal discounts. The normal discount is better because i will give them 2 just released games and still pay 10.

                        2. Yeah, that’s a pretty lame deal anyway. $50 for two new(ish) games (worth anywhere from $90-120) traded in and then you still have to pay $10 for the new one you want to buy.

                        1. Thats why you dont have to discuss with Xbots and Sony Drones. they dont have the console yet. At this rate PS4 and 720 doesnt not exists because NOBODY HAVE IT. What if they say at last moment that they arent going to release the console?,…lets wait until PS4 and 720 release and check the sales. If they are in bad sales shape as the wiiU then every console will be CRAP.

                          1. If their sales are as bad as the Wii U’s, then there’s no obvious fall in console sales at launch between Gen 7 and Gen 8.

                  1. Get out of here you blind hater. Shadow of the Eternals is a Wii U console exclusive. Cry me a river, jerkoff.

                2. He’s absolutely right. There hasn’t been a game yet that really grabbed people’s attention enough to make people really want to buy the console. But knowing Nintendo I trust that they’ll come up with something.

                  1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

                    You guys are touching on something that is very true… Myself as an example, I have walske into Gamestop many times lately, and not even the new games interest me enough to spend top dollar for them on the other consoles… I think its because of the hundreds of times Ive been let down by big hyped up games.

                    People really need to try the WIIU if they are fans, its a great system. Its a powerful little machine that is only going to get better. Its a perfect bridge gap between last generation and the new one. That being said, I have bought more for my WIIU than my other consoles in a few months.

                    Ive just been more picky as of late, refusing to spend my cash on just anything even if it has better graphics going for it. Im demanding more of a good plot/story from most games, I want to have fun again being immersed in a world… Which is why Ive been pouring my money into RPG-Adventures instead of the old FPS I was paying too much attention to, and pretty much all were almost exactly the same games rehashed.

                    Now if devz want my money they have to do better than just grfx. They need to bring awesome games in general, which is why my 1st pick of the new generation to be WIIU. Nintendo always brings their A game regardless of the new things they try. Now with HD and completely customized harware, there is no stopping AAA quality games coming from Nintendo. So yeah, in my opinion games arent selling the way they used to in a better economy, and alot gamers are demanding more.

                    1. Nacmo’s helping this time, so there’s hope for a release next year. I’m more hoping the 3DS one comes out this year.

                    2. It only takes around 2 years to develop games now-a-days. It’ll be out next year sometime. 💋

                      1. Not major Nintendo home console games. They almost always take longer to develop. Quality assurance is usually the reason for that though and I’m okay with that.

                    3. It’s been in development since 2011, plus The game needs about 2 years of promoting so it’s could be released by late 2014 – early 2015

                    4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                      Considering it’s a sequel, they most likely could. But I thought they’ve been working on it for longer than two years. Maybe not actually developing, but writing down their ideas and concepts.

                  1. Everyone knows it’s coming but he is talking about a game in the middle to spark a interest, good 1st parties are coming out this year that im planning to get but he is talking about a new IP that will help make the Wii U individually from the Wii while we wait.

                3. Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icarus im pretty sure there’s more but these would shine on Wii U

                  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    They would but unfortunately Sakurai said there won’t be (or at least for the foreseeable future) a new Kid Icarus game.

                    Personally, I don’t want a new one. The first one had the whole fake plot ending twist at chapter 10 and a ton of references to other games. It wouldn’t have the same charm or originality if it gained a sequel. The “new” story would just be a rehash of the old one, anyway.

                    1. It was a totally different thing from the original game that’s for sure, but there is no reason why there shouldn’t be a new Metroid or Star Fox or F-Zero or a whole new thing, No Mario!!!

                      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                        Agreed. I’d LOVE a new Metroid or Star Fox or BOTH. I haven’t played an F-Zero game before, though.
                        I’m really sick of Mario :|

                        1. My favorite to date is GX for Gamecube, its this futuristic racing game, you have no items available, the only obstacles are the opponents and slow tracks, simple as that! You have to be fast at this game, if you ain’t got the skills or reactions you are going to fall behind, the race is intense from beginning to end. Totally deserves to be on Wii U

                4. Its like 3DS, it became huge with Super Mario 3D Land and mario kart 7. And nintendo will show new mario kart and mario adventure on E3 so things will get better, I bought my Wii U yesterday and I am loving it, just wait 1 month for the announcements you all desire.

                  1. yeah they will have a direct where it starts with iwata on the toilet. then he takes a huge shit and he grows a foot. then flushes and a new mario title will show!! haha

                    1. or maybe a direct of him finding where you live and killing you and your family very brutally and feeding your corpses to a lion pride. now that’s a direct I would watch.

                      1. no if that would happen i would put out my hand on his forehead and push out. he couudnt do anything besides run in place. then i would push him so he falls down and have my dog chase him away. that is more realistic.

                5. I like that this guy can see the negative situation Nintendo’s in, but still sustain brain function by saying its not all over. Now go teach Insomniac.
                  The Super IPs are coming. The Fall-Winter months will be really interesting: watching sales of ‘true next-gen’ consoles, playing awesome Wii U games, reading the vast amounts of brain damaged damage-controlling Trolls make comments on sites like this. I GOTTA GET POPCORN! =D

                  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    “Fanboys” have been going on about how the Wii U will destroy the competition and how the competition is going to fail due to pricing. I’m really excited to be entertained this year. I wanna see who was right: the analysts, the haters, the fanboys, or me :P

                    In the mean time, I’ll be sitting with you, in our fold-out chairs, eating popcorn and laughing (:

                6. Nintendo Commander

                  This is another evidence that these primitive lifeforms are oblivious to the orders giivdn by High Command…

                  We already know how much we have coming for our people, we corrected the path for the DS, the 3DS and we will for the Wii U…

                  Before these creatures even speak, how about they do some research first?…

                7. Nintendo need a good game that sells wii u’s???
                  wonderful 101,pikmin3,bayonetta 2,3d mario,mariokart u,retro studios project,myamoto project,i hope condiut 3,next level games project,and believe me Nintendo got a secret for us.

                  1. i am pretty sure there is something Nintendo is not telling us and that will surprise us all. U miss the new Zelda HD.

                8. Nintendo has learnt a lesson. Never should they allow third parties to be the driving force of a new console. As much as they pouted in the past of having been neglected by nintendo on their consoles, third parties have now lost credibility. This is great news for nintendo and their gamers, us :).

                  1. that was the problem with N3ds, 3rd parties was complaining that Nintendo games stole their customers, then Nintendo gave them the opportunities to go first and they fail. Nintendo had to release their franchises to restore the 3ds confidence. I think the problems is that 3rd parties are lazzy, doesnt make good games and doesnt know how to satify the diferences between markets Nintendo and the others manage. (Because they are so diferents, the other make games just like FPS garbages, and HD effects with no story content, just shot guns and all that crap, and Nintendo makes games for people who likes to use their brains).

                9. There won’t be one breakout hit, just after Nintendo finds its stride, there will be one after another of consistently good first party releases. That’s what the DS and 3DS did. Nintendo doesn’t need to be worried. Even when the next PS and Xbox come out, they’re going to have the same problems with limited software titles and expensive pricing.

                  1. Are you mad? The PS4 and the XBox are going to fly off shelves like they ALWAYS do. It’s like COD/BF games. People all talk a lot of crap about them, but in the end they are putting up blockbuster sales when they first come out. Wii U didn’t do that this time. I remember having to wait 6 months get get a Wii. The Wii U just isn’t what people were hoping for…..yet. It’s still young and there’s a lot that can happen with it but games are essential. I have no reason to buy a Wii U when all the games coming to it, I already own on another system. e.g. Batman.

                      1. We shall see. I’ll not be the first to purchase anything. I got burned the first time. I usually wait until second gen versions come out (or MGS) whatever happens first.

                    1. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, all other games releasing pre-e3, Legocity undercover.

                      1. Le Sigh. Bayonetta 2 did not do well, the only reason it’s coming out is because Nintendo bailed out the company. MOH3 is a good start as well as Lego city, but it’s not nearly enough to make you buy the game. Also, why buy the game on the Wii when you can get the same game with more on the PS4? I’m not knocking the Wii, but they don’t have the same pull they use to. Where’s the “Resident Evil” or the Final Fantasy” of this console. None of the games you mentioned have the pull except Monster Hunter, but even at that it’s still not a game that makes me want to purchase a console for. I know that I waited until the release of Metal Gear to purchase a PS3. What game has you wanting to purchase a Wii U? That’s what I’m talking about. I’ll eventually get around to buying one, but only after I get a PS4 and the new Xbox.

                          1. Nah, I’ll get it. They generally have some games that I like to play. Also they have better online support than the Playstation network. Yes PSN is free, yes I get that, but fact is the multiplayer on Xbox is solid and when I wanna play COD/Battlefield/Halo that’s what I rock out on.

                    2. TheTrruth4thaHaters

                      So WIIU selling like hot cakes in its 1st couple weeks, now totaling to 4 million+, wasnt flying off the shelves? I guess you think 360 or ps3 did much better? Cmon dude. This is the 1st time new consoles are launched during a bad economic state. We will see if the ps4-720 really do fly off the shelves and if they do, it wouldnt surprise me due to so many people who get sucked in to the hype game, and promises of better grfx. Most people are suckers 4 that. I want a Ps4 of course, but just like last gen, I had more on my WII than ps360 and this gen will more than likely be the same.

                      1. that’s where me and you differ. I have about 3 inches of dust on my Wii. I think I played Zelda, DK, and all the Mario games that came out. After that it went back into retirement. Wait, no punch out too. I’m not knocking the Wii U, but it just doesn’t have anything that makes me want to get it. It doesn’t have a Halo or Uncharted. Hell, I’d go out and buy a Wii U right now if they made another Mario RPG game.

                      1. Xbox
                        November – 326,000
                        December – 281,000
                        January – 250,000
                        February – 161,000
                        March – 192,000
                        Total – 1,210,000

                        November – 197,000
                        December – 490,700
                        January – 244,000
                        February – 127,000
                        March – 130,000
                        Total – 1,228,700

                        Wii U
                        November – 425,000
                        December – 460,000
                        January – 57,000
                        February – 66,000
                        March – 55,000
                        Total – 1,063,000

                        1. Its weird how this week wiiU is going on, (32460) but your chart shows a badly poor whole month since January.

                          So WiiU is going better now, 32,460 Global in one week.

                          Weekly Hardware Chart 04th May 2013
                          Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
                          WiiU 11,120 7,163 11,814 32,460

                        2. WAIT, vgchart says that wiiU has sold 2.97 mill units since their launch.Thats doesnt match with your chart. Does that means that wiiU has sold more than PS3 and XboX360 togethers at their first months?

                          1. Ok, so I used the numbers from US sales and not world sales.
                            PS3 3,235,540
                            Xbox 2,906,338
                            Wii U 3,003,013

                            Those are pulled from your site at VGChartz. That’s not including the month of May to be fare to the Wii U. If you include the May #’s then

                            PS3: 3516835
                            Xbox: 3292268
                            Wii U (To date): 3035473 <— this means that the Wii U will have to sell 256,795 units to beat the Xbox and 481,362 units to beat the PS3 at this same point in their life cycles.

                            So no, the Wii U has not done better. The Wii U had an awesome start but sales keep dropping fast. Even Nintendo has admitted to it.



                            1. Just want to point out by the end of fiscal year Wii U worldwide sold 3.45 million according to the stock report.

                              1. Which is still short of what was expected to sell which was originally 5.5 million, and they even adjusted that to 4 million in January. Once again, not bashing the Wii U. Just saying that they aren’t doing as well as even Nintendo thought they were going to do.

                              2. thats a little bit better than the numbers we have been seeing. We gotta do this exercise w Infinity/Ps4 next year.

                  1. the HARDCORES, of this generation of gamers, don’t have any money, they need to ask their parents to buy their HARDCORE games (:, grown ups got the money, that’s why Wii Fit sold that much

                10. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                  Okay to everyone on this site: we and everyone involved in the video games industry KNOW Nintendo has some super games coming soon. What EVERYONE means is that they NEED TO ACTUALLY BE RELEASED. We know they need time. But it’s painstakingly obvious that Nintendo needs to RELEASE them. STOP listing the games over and over again. We get it, we know they are coming.

                  1. I totally agree no-one says “probably the next 5 years arrive a new zelda i’m getting a wii u right now. It’s ok tgey list the future games but they need to be released”

                    1. Everything need to be release to take a good picture of the market. Maybe isnt industry, maybe the problem is the economy. Lets wait and see how Ps4 and Infinity do after their releasetosee if Nintendo has problems or is the economy/industry in general.

                11. Just release the next Smash Bros. title, and look at the WiiU sales.

                  Oh right, Mario Kart as well. And when 3rd party developers stop treating the WiiU as shit, then everything will be ok.

                12. Mario 3D
                  Mario Kart U
                  Super Smash Bros 4
                  X (Xenoblade 2)
                  Yarn Yoshi
                  Wii Fit U
                  Wonderful 101
                  Bayonetta 2
                  The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
                  Miyamoto new IP
                  Retro Studios Project

                  1. Finally! Someone as sensible as you gets the picture. These games alone would push the Wii U’s sales. I’d blame Rayman and Pikmin 3 being pushed back for the lack of interest in the console and lower than expected sales.

                    1. Rayman Legends (particularly the Castle Rock portion) was one of those things the COULD have drawn in casuals. In the few Wii U kiosks that actually let you PLAY a game, Rayman Legends is the first Wii U experience passers by get. Pushing that game back hurt a LOT. They know it too.

                13. Nintendo is already doing this…when Wii Fit U, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, 3d Mario, Mario kart, wind waker hd, zelda u, ssb4, x, bayoneta 2, smt x fire emblem, yarn yoshi, Retro’s game, and who knows what else, the wii u is going to be selling like craZy.

                14. What Nintendo needs to do is actually release some freakin’ games. Out of its over 25 1st and 2nd party development teams, only about half of them seem to actually be working on anything, and most of what they’re working on is 3DS games or the next Zelda/Mario/Mario Kart/other mainstay franchises. Why don’t they branch out there and make a bunch of new franchises, but unlike all those the 7th Generation, make ones that are well-marketed and good enough that they can actually flourish, unlike stillborn series like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Magical Starsign, and Flingsmash?
                  For example: 1-Up Studio (Brownie Brown) hasn’t made an original game since Blue Dragon Plus. It was the studio that made Mother 3! What kind of game could it produce if given the budget? And then there’s studios that really shouldn’t even exist anymore, unless they’re all working on something huge. Paon, Skip Ltd, and Noise could all be making some great new games for Wii U, but none of them have made anything in years.
                  Another thing that bugs me somewhat is the fact that Nintendo’s EAD, which consists of 5 Kyoto teams and 2 Tokyo teams, has wasted its talent in many areas. Why OoT 3D, Four Swords Anniverary Edition, and SF64 3D were developed by the EAD Teams rather than outsourced to a second-party team like most all other ports/remakes Nintendo makes is beyond me. (though admittedly all three of these were co-developed by other studios; I’m just questioning why it had to be that much involvement at all)
                  And Q-Games itself should really think about releasing its Pixeljunk series on Nintendo platforms. Not related to the topic, but still.

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