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Activision Says Next Xbox And PlayStation 4 Could Face The Same Challenges As Wii U


Outspoken Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick said during the company’s recent Q1 2013 Earning conference call that the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 could face the same challenges that Nintendo has faced with Wii U thus far. Kotick says that console manufacturers are now competing against an influx of low-cost tablets and smartphones that provide gamers with a quick gaming fix at a cheap and affordable price point.

“There are still many unknown factors, such as pricing, launch dates and quantities, the level of first-party support and, importantly, consumer purchase intent in a world where consoles are no longer just competing with each other, but also with new platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.”

237 thoughts on “Activision Says Next Xbox And PlayStation 4 Could Face The Same Challenges As Wii U”

    1. Activision has seen and now too recognize the truth. It’s good to know that a major western developer actually has some common sense remaining.

      1. They are totally right and I’m surprised activision is the company to have that foresight. They aren’t so dumb after all.

        1. after all? if anything, activision is the smartest publisher in the gaming industry. you have to be pretty smart to be able to sell basically the same game every year and still be the best selling game. but in all seriousness, it’s kindof a no brainer. if a system with the nintendo brand on it isn’t selling like hot cakes, than there’s no way in hell the competition is going to do much better. but come this holiday season when nintendo redoes it’s wii u advertizing campaign and releases windwaker hd, mario 3d, mario kart, and whatever else they surely have up their sleeves, microsoft and sony are in some serious trouble with the launch of their systems. if peopl really think that power sell systems, take a look at the wii and 3ds and rethink that theory.

          1. you have to be pretty smart to be able to sell basically the same game every year and still be the best selling game

            No you just need a lot of stupid 12 year old costumers.

    2. Heard it last week, but everyone on this site wanted to jump down Activision’s throat saying they were just Sony/Microsoft fanboys blaming Wii U for this and that in the same report.

      It’s funny how people can spin things for their own agenda.

      1. Most of the people on this site go into defense mode once you say something bad about Wii U. i mean it’s a good system, but it is certaintly not perfect.

      2. I’m not discounting that fuck-up over this.
        This and that are two different things; that was just plain-out Nintendo hate, this is just taking a realistic approach to new systems based on recent and past events.

        1. It’s the same thing. Listen to the whole conference or read the whole report. They said it at the same time.

          Media just likes to pick and choose which parts to highlight in a good or bad light.

        2. Nintendo didn’t fuck up.. They were smart releasing a year early. Now when the high priced, only 2 times more powerful wanna be cable boxes that don’t work without actual cable or wi fi connects are released they won’t have a chance against a gaming company and that’s when the 3rd party will be calling Wii U next gen…

          1. Who is saying they are twice as powerful? Their CPU’s aren’t anything beyond what the Wii U has, and has more potential of latency issues then the Wii U’s CPU, especially if you add in the eDRAM on the Wii U cpu. The CPU’s that the next box and PS4 are using are meant for tablets and potentially netbooks, so essentially an alternative to high end ARM processors. Also, at this point we really have no idea how much better the GPU’s are then the Wii U’s, if much at all. Just because it’s based on newer tech doesn’t mean it will perform better. The nice thing about using tech that is a bit older is that it’s cheaper and you can add updates and upgrades to make it competitive, plus it has proven stability and driver performance.

      3.  |
         |冫、) the fun thing is that they dont know
         |` / is that activision isnt saying
         | / Anything negative about the xbox
         |/ and sony

      1. That seems rather unconfirmed to me. The whole frostbite thing is going to fold in on it’s self fairly soon with Disney putting pressure on EA to put the Star Wars games on all consoles and some will use the frostbite engine. It isn’t that the system isn’t powerful enough to run the engine as it can run on the PS3 and 360 which are less powerful.

    3. Lets just get rid of console period and had the big 3 just sell controllers for their games that will be playable on any tablet or smart phone/tv because really that’s where it’s all going…

  1. Hm, this would make an interesting sight. All the people going for the next Xbox or PS4 bad mouthing the Wii U for it’s recent problems, and then having the same thing happen to them…that would be amusing!

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I will be sitting at the top of a hill on a starry night, in my fold out chair, with a drink and a bendy straw, popcorn, and I will watch the fireworks explode. I can’t wait to see how things will turn out and how Pachter will react to them >:P

        I think Pachter is right most of the time, but his bias is obvious.

      2. absolutely. they’ll just say things about how it’s typical system launch sales slump, and how it happens at the beginning of every console generation (which it does). the whole thing about how people are acting towards the wii u when it comes to sales has pissed me off for this very reason. i mean, do they really think the average person is more likely to buy this $450+ system that is mainly focused on violent m rated games when they can buy a $300 nintendo system that is guaranteed to have all of nintendo’s best on it? i mean seriously, what will either the next xbox and ps4 have that the wii u doesn’t besides more horse power?

        1. “What will either the next xbox and ps4 have that the wii u doesn’t besides more horse power?”

          Besides their exclusives, almost all the multiplatform titles slated for this year and the next – some of which won’t be available on the PC. And no, that’s not just violent m rated games: the Wii U won’t have Madden 14 and Fifa is not confirmed, for example. And these are not games “no one buys”.

          By the way, some of these “violent M rated games” not available on the Wii U have sold millions of copies, so there’s business lost there. Especially considering they’ve sold more than some of the most critically acclaimed titles on the 3DS and the Wii U, such as ZombiU and Fire Emblem (no matter how much I love it, it’s just a fact).

          Not trying to badmouth the Wii U or Nintendo; I got the 3DS already and intend to get the Wii U later this year (and the PS4, probably never the neXtbox). It’s just that things are not as simple as you describe. There’s plenty of people ready to pay US$ 450 for a next-gen console with all these games the Wii U won’t have (and they’re PLENTY), the same way there’s a lot of people who are ready to pay US$ 300 for a console with almost no game on the promise Nintendo will bring out their big guns (and they’re not wrong, they will – even the Gamecube was like that despite the commercial shortcomings).

          Kotick is right on one thing: the consoles won’t sell as much as the last ones because there’s more competition. But that’s exactly like saying the 3DS would fail because of smartphones. These are two different things. All the 3DS needed was a price cut and some games to be profitable, even if it isn’t, and won’t ever be, as successful as even the PSP (70+ million copies), much less the DS, due to the tigher competition with other devices. The same will happen to consoles, but that doesn’t mean they’ll tank. If you Wii U owners are expecting it to be so, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

          On the other hand, why bother? I couldn’t care less which console sells more as long as all the consoles I want to play with sell enough to keep going and get games. That’s why I did not stick to the Wii only, and that’s why I will get the Wii U at some point even if it’s after the PS4 is out. I don’t want to limit myself if I can afford more experiences.

          1. Oh, and there’s all this also:

            “What will either the next xbox and ps4 have that the wii u doesn’t besides more horse power?”

            – Better online connectivity/More online options
            – Sharing gameplay live/directly to YouTube
            – Better online stores
            – Better rewards plans (for PSN+ at the least, doubt MS will ever give you anything like Club Nintendo does, much less PSN+)
            – Better integration with the companion handheld (for the PS4, of course)
            – More app options
            – DVD/Blu-ray support
            – Controllers with more battery life

            You may not care about most of these, but lots of people do.

            To be fair, these systems will also NOT have other things the Wii U has:

            – Better touchscreen integration
            – The possibility of playing even while someone else watches TV (without using a separate handheld, like the PS4/Vita combo)
            – Asymmetric gameplay
            – Physical buttons and gestures using something palpable (as opposed to Kinect and its total lack of tactical feedback, unless Kinect 2.0 adds the promised function of object scanning)
            – Compatibility with any external HD in the market (very much doubt Sony and MS will not block/restrict these as they did this gen)

            1. The better connectivity thing has yet to be proven for PS4.
              You also forgot to include how Gaikai works as a negative.
              Needing to be online with a good connection just to stream anything that isn’t a PS4 game? No thanks, I’ll stick to my current-gen PS3.

            2. If u want a 250 + 450 combo like that…. Who can afford 700 dollars for complete system like that… 500 for the Wii u/ 3ds is to much… But better than 700

              1. If they offer enough games, you can be sure people will buy it. Imagine what Wii U sales figures would be like if they had there big guns from launch?

            3. lets not forget sony lies all the time just to get sales so half of the things you mention wont even be on the ps4. and will it have over heating issues like in the ps3 and ps vita remember ylod and blod. sony = poor marketing, over priced products, and no innovation.ps4’s future is a old man with sad eyes.

            1. Ok, now that is a blatant fanboy comment. You can’t hate on EA for creating sports games that you frankly can’t really change up anyway. How about mentioning business decisions like micro transactions instead?

              1. I seem to remember a lot of trolls on here saying much the same thing about Mario, yet only the people calling the naysayers out for it are getting labeled as “fanboys”.
                And now that one of them is doing it back, they’re automatically a “fanboy” again.
                How is that fair?

                1. See how you said trolls? You really think they give a shit what is fair? Jesus Eric, what has happened to you? You seem to be majorly butthurt of late.

    1. I’m actually buying the PlayStation 4 and I have a Wii U but I wouldn’t care if the PS4 has the same problem as the Wii U did because I still love my Wii U :3

          1. I’m still waiting on E3 for the *full* PS4 and next Xbox reveal. From there, I’ll probably make my choices. Chances are I’ll get them all as well, I just don’t know if it will be at launch.

            1. I propably buy new Xbox or PS4 by end of the year if one of them can give me good enought reasons to update my old consoles yet. Microsoft could won me on their side by making Perfect Dark 2 for release game but i think they’re not going to release it.

    2. their is a dubbel standard their you can all redy see it thay say PSV is selling good and Wii U is doing bad and thats all ways been thir

  2. I think this is something people forget; the Wii U may just be the first example of how difficult a challenge new consoles will all face in the 8th generation (onwards). I don’t know why people assume that the Nextbox and PS4 will have amazing new experiences that will instantly convert all current gamers out of the gate. It’s just the gaming media and many gamers seem more willing to give Sony and Microsoft’s systems the benefit of the doubt than Nintendo.

    1. Nah, this whole “new consoles have problems and smartphones take over the world” thing just exists in people’s heads. If enough people believe something, enough chances are there for it to become true. For example. Justin (bastard) Bieber, he became fabulous within a short time but enough people believed that he is irrelevant and utter bullshit.

      1. I don’t think the smart phones is what is going to hurt their sales, its releasing both consoles at the same time pretty much, and the economy being so bad. And its pretty divided on PS4, some were impressed, others saw exactly what they expected, a more powerful system, no surprise. We have yet to see the new xbox, nor the full capabilities of PS4 or even Wii U to really judge anything yet. Time shall tell but I think its gonna be alot different sales wise for sony and microsoft than people are expecting.

    2. yeah like some of the stuff rayman legends does on the wii u just feels cool and actually not gimicked, feels like some of the stuff has never been done before. that game will no dought be the definite version of the game and its a shame that game had to be on other platforms and delayed because the game feels like it is ment for the wii u. so if you were going to buy it do it, they all ready made it up for everyone.

            1. I said gaming SMARTphone and not useless crap.

              It’s made by Sony
              It has actual controls built into it

              google it and you might find it, I always thought it’s rather unknown even though it’s not that old.

                1. I think that was its name. I just knew that there was a Sony phone with buttons which seemed to make it good for games but I never really informed myself about it.

              1. I own it and its like a 6 out of 10. the controller is cramped and hard to use and it hurts my hands to play asphalt 6, and it wastes my phone battery like a mother fucker. I prefer to play my 3ds as a game and use my phone as a phone and that’s that.

  3. Tbis is just like the PC vs console debate. It’s not the devices competing with each other, it’s the users competing with each other.

  4. Why do people assume that? That Mobile and Tablet gaming will be the future? It really wont. Nintendo definitely wont put their games on phones and since 3DS is already selling 30 million, handheld gaming for them is no problem, Just need to make more exclusive for their console and with SEGA starting to bother and make 7 games for Wii U, Just needed more support and more of their own games but I don’t think Mobile gaming is future when Consoles and PC will always succeed in specs.

      1. eventualy, but phones will probly come with wireless stuff to connect to the TV. dont expect to see it until diminishing returns hit hard enough that the difference doesnt look big. you will know its here when you see normal controlers that connect to your smart phone. by the way, now stuff is held back by the CPU, GPU’s dont mean much because currently anything can be scaled back to run on anything, just looks worse but it still playable, same with Ram, CPU alone cant do that.

  5. I knew this since the investors report so is not new for me what is new is that activision talk about it in such a profesional matter… Wow.

  6. I imagine they’ll face more challenges to be honest.

    The development costs of games for those systems is going to be much more than the Wii U.

    Sony don’t have a new movie format to rely on this time. The PS2 and PS3 had DVD and Bluray respectively, and they helped those systems a fuckton.

    Early adopters will probably be wary of Microsofts new machine, given the disaster that was the first revision of the 360.

    Higher prices for the systems and games.

    I’m still interested to see them both. I’m probably leaning more towards a PS4 at this moment. But its way too early to tell considering how little we know about both of them. And I which ever one I decide to go for, I won’t be getting it for at least a couple of years.

      1. Superior hardware does not mean higher cost. They don’t need to use the gigantic power advantage.

    1. Don’t forget you can’t play your ps3 games in the ps4 so add that top of nothing else to offert I got a ps3 for the blue ray … This time around nothing the box well same as ps4 no playing your 360 games on it and nothing else and I can tell you now I will no pay $80 or $90 for a game and here is funny part when those system hit the market we’ll you know this prices drop for Nintendo u

        1. Might be for their first-party games. Third-party companies though might price them differently (basically like ATLUS is doing charging $50 instead of the usual $40 for SMT IV).

          1. That might be true, but I’m going by what I’ve seen in numerous places. There are some companies I expect to see jack the prices up. *cough EA cough*, but companies like UBISOFT have had some of their secrets leaked and they look to be putting games out and the same prices of the PS3.

        2. I don’t care what they say about games back in 2006 being valued less due to inflation or whatever; $60 is still $60.
          I’m not getting any sort of discount compared to current gen systems[Wii, PS3, 360], regardless of how much more it costs the companies to produce said games.
          As far as my bank account is concerned, I’m still shelling out just a little over half of a hundred smackaroonies.

  7. Playing on phones or tablets is not entertaining or enjoyeable. Its just a timekiller while sitting on the bus, waiting for doctor or whatever.

  8. Respect My Authority


    End of discussion case closed FTW

      1. Respect My Authority

        i think the steambox WILL be a cheap gaming PC there will be more than one models. And the games will be cheap look at the steam store games are so cheap youll just save the money there.

          1. Respect My Authority

            not really because the steambox will be easy to develop for so if a publisher is putting out a game for pc it might as well be on steam right? also if steam puts of the next halflife as an exclusive than thats a few million units right there

            1. Respect My Authority

              the point is gabe newell is a gamer and ceo and he is much smarter than the people that run nintendo and sony and microsoft and he knows what he is doing just youtube gabe newell and listen to his speaches

  9. Gaming on phones and tablets is shit. Like other people have said its a time waster on the bus etc. Even when im trying to kill time on buses im normally reading about console games. Ill always have a console, and if they stop making them then im going pc. Fuck casual shit gaming.

  10. New consoles always have a struggling time when they release but end up picking up the slack wither half the year or close to next year. I picked up the Wii U around March-April this year because how much it was at my region so i saved up to it while there was games coming out i wanted so i ended up buying one and the price did end up going down when i went to get it.

    it’s a given that the PS4 and the 720 will probably have a bumpy start too…im just thinking of how much they will be since the PS3 here was almost $600 when it came out.

  11. Honestly, the only reasons the new systems are pry not going to sell as well as the more versatile portables is primarily because the prices for the systems are crazy ($500 and up is quite a bit for those who are cash strapped as it is). Plus, the portable systems or tech (such as the Apple I-tech lines, Smartphones, and the various portable game stations) are more desired for a world that’s constantly on the go anymore, the advertisements of the home gaming systems need a much desired improvement to get people to say “hey, this looks kick@$$, let’s buy it!”, and there are very few games for these systems people would actually go and buy for the system as opposed to the versatility, games and apps made readily available for Portable Tech Gaming Devices.
    The biggest issues are going to be the Price scale, variety and the “Wow” factor brought on by adverts. Without balancing those, people won’t really want to go out and buy new home gaming tech and will stick with the Portables due the hype they’ve been given.

  12. We’ll just have to wait and see. People forget for Sony the PS4 is all or nothing. If it fails , Sony is well and trully fucked.
    I think Xbox is a strong brand especially in USA and it will continue to grow.
    Nintendo aint gunna sell as much as wii (although it could take off big time in the years to come , who knows) but they will be fine. As long as they can turn profits eventually with Wiiu and 3DS , they’re position doesn’t really change at all.

    1. Respect My Authority

      sony hold the rights to dvds bluerays, they produce movies and music, they make audio equipment for sound engineers, and they make cameras for scientists, hospitals and the film industry. Sony is not like nintendo and sega, they won’t fail.

      1. You’re confusing Sony Computer Entertainment with Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment & Sony Music Entertainment.

        Sony Computer Entertainment are the ones in charge of Playstation. And they’re the ones that are in a bit of trouble. While I don’t think the failure of the PS4 would be enough to drive them away from the console business. I think they’d need to have 2 failed consoles before they considered that.

        Sony (parent company) will not continue investing funds from the profits of other divisions into Sony Computer Entertainment if SCE have continued failure (ie. 2 failed consoles I think would do it).

        I don’t think its going to happen to be honest. But it’s not as simple as “oh, Sony does other stuff, they’ll be fine”.

        1. Respect My Authority

          the future of gaming lies in the way they sell games. Steam, google and apple all have robust stores where you can buy thousands of games many for free or low cost on multiple devices of your choosing. If Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo can;t catch up and achieve the same they will have no place in gaming why should they.

          1. Just some random joe

            Y’know when it comes to downloading games, I always have a problem with it. Due to my slow internet connection, downloads take a long time, and most of the time they end up getting corrupted.

            So that is my reason as to why I will always get the disk over downloads on consoles.

        2. Well, he did just say “Sony” which could be very well interpreted as Sony corp.

          That said, there are other divisions Sony would close long before SCE.

      2. You may think that did well on the PS3 (the blue ray part) but it actually made them lose a really big sum of money with their losses…If im correct i think they lost around 4 billion dollars and if not losing around 5-6 billion but im not really to sure.

        1. I dunno. Sony always said that they were in for the long haul and they appear to be making it.

          But I will agree with you. Sony lost a LOT of money when the PS3 came out. But then again, Wii U has also, unlike the Wii.

          But from what I hear, Nintendo is trying to make it so that you can play the same games you play on your tablet on the Wii U. That will be interesting to see.

    2. I think more people are supporting Sony this time around than Microsoft. People are sick of paying monthly for online and they are not buying the “always online” crap. I think Microsoft is too self confident after the success of the Xbox 360. They’ll pay for it this next gen.

  13. the PS4 and 720 will face greater challenges than the Wii U.
    Sony has to deal with their massive credit card blunder. Nobody trusts playstaion anymore.
    Microsoft has to deal with their PR blunder and always online DRM.
    Both companies are massively in debt while Nintendo thrives.
    Anything they try can be outfinanced by Nintendo.
    Frankly, they shouldn’t even launch a console against Nintendo, and instead just allow real game companies to make more dedicated game consoles to compete.

    1. We NEED competition to stop the market from stagnating. Whilst many would prefer SEGA to Microsoft in the industry, SEGA didn’t survive in it through their blunders. They couldn’t handle it anymore.

  14. i dont think theyre competing with smartphones and the like i think theyre competing with the past. there are thousands of console games available from the past for cheap and theres less reason to buy newer games now as a result. i think the other system sales are frankly going to be terrible and nintendos gonna be the only one to make another console after this generation

  15. Yeah we have tablets and smart phones now. I have an Acer 500. I like it but I use it to go on the internet and read books. However since I have gotten my Wii U, I no longer need to use my tablet at home. In fact I now prefer to watch Netflix from my Wii U than my IPhone, Roku TV, Acer 500 and computer. Nintendo did a great job in making me not really needing my tablet at home. Now if it could download Kindle, I would no longer need my Acer 500 at home. The Game pad is lite and easy to hold for hours. It is also a great remote. I also can’t wait until Nintendo TVii arrives for AT&T uverse. Nintendo is also competing with Roku and Apple TV and Google TV with Nintendo TVii. The Wii U actually meets my needs 93% in that area. It sucks I can’t take it when travelling though.

    1. If Nintendo needs to advertise the Wii U, they should start with how it is competing with RokuTV, tablets, getting Apps in the future. If Wii U gets Kindle, that would be great. In addition if Wii U gets apps to where it can be an alarm or whatever other apps are on . I know the GamePad is not 100% tablet and it does not work away from the console, but it is more than just a video game console, its a table. Nintendo doesn’t need to advertise Wii U like Wii. You advertise what new features Wii U has that Wii does not have. That way people won’t think the GamePad works on the Wii console. This is why that Wii U commercial was a fail to me.

  16. No shit, probably because it’s a new console. Know what those systems have though? Less whiney bitches.

  17. I don’t get it, consoles competing with tablets and phones does not make any sense. I’m a gamer and I’ve played games on the iPad and phones but I don’t ever see myself replacing actual gaming consoles with these. So I’m assuming the conversation of console gamers to strictly tab/phones gamers ratio is very small. The only challenge I see is actually the opposite, which is to get tab/phones users(casual gamers) to buy consoles.

  18. Nintendo Commander

    Whatever the future looks like, I hope the Xbots are non existant in a significant matter…

    It’s time to take back the gaming universe…

  19. They are also competing with last generation which is over saturated with awesome games. Not to mention the market that will open up when the PS3 and Xbox 360 drop prices to $150 or $99. They are awesome game machines. Nintendo sure has an uphill battle.

          1. I just hate having to pay for an online subscription, so that I can watch Netflix, which I pay a monthly subscription for, on my Internet that I pay a monthly fee for! Xbox live is over rated.

    1. Especially the “no used games” at launch. Sony and Microsoft fans mostly buy used. It is guaranteed that the first couple of months will be pretty rough for them.

      1. Because at launch, all games you can possibly buy will be NEW. Most of the people will wait to buy the games used so the initial launch of the PS4 will be low. Maybe even worse than the Wii U’s. If we’re talking about the Nextbox…well Microsoft is completely doing away with used games (or so I heard) so Microsoft may just fail in general.

        1. Precisely this.
          At least with my Wii U, I can play a huge back-catalog of games from Nintendo’s past, alongside nice new indie games, while waiting for the heavy hitters.
          Been doing so since launch, alongside a few games like Darksiders 2.
          PS4, though, won’t have that luxury.
          If you don’t want anything from the launch line-up, there will literally be no games for the PS4 for a while, unless they load up GaiKai for the very first day of the console’s life.

          1. Let’s be frank, backwards compatibility is not as big of an issue as people make it. Sure, it’s a nice convenience but not a necessity. The amount of people who use it all the time are a small percentage of overall consumers.

            In my personal case: I barely played PS1 games on my PS2. I barely played PS2 games on my launch PS3 with backwards compatibility. In fact, I did it maybe 3 times.

            I used GC games on my Wii maybe twice. I don’t use Wii games on my Wii U.

            While a lot of people online like to be vocal, they hardly represent the majority. Backwards compatibility would have added an expense and hardware complications and difficulties that would hold back progress in the PS4’s case.

            People get hung up on the past too much.

            1. What’s necessary or not in a console is dependent upon the player in question, and my point about barren launches benefiting from native BC still stands firm and true.

              There’s nothing wrong with getting “hung up on the past” when the past still has A LOT MORE to offer than the present.

              Also, as to “representing the majority”, I don’t take the non-vocal majority into consideration because they are exactly that; NON VOCAL.
              They don’t give any indication of their feelings on the matter because they never visit the places that matter in such discussions.

              A silent majority, in this and many cases, shouldn’t be taken as the more important number when they don’t add anything further in terms of info than the initial purchase of whatever product.
              Voting with their wallet doesn’t give any indication of whether or not those voters changed their minds down the road and decided to return, trade in, give away or entirely toss a system or game after the fact.

              And I still stand firm in my belief that Sony COULD HAVE found a cheap, non-harmful way to make native BC for PS3 games in their PS4, if they had tried.
              But they didn’t try hard enough, and that’s the sticking point.

  20. All these 500$ machines coming out a the same time.
    Don’t expect them to sell better than Wii U at launch.

  21. It’s good to hear someone say this. As far as the console race goes, I’m not on any side, but it really annoys me that so many people like to talk about how the Wii U will fail when the next Xbox (Infinity?) and PS4 comes out without even considering that the same thing very well could happen to those systems.

    1. I think one of those two consoles will take big piece from anothers marketplace if they’re both coming out end of this year. In my eyes Microsofts and Sony’s old consoles had too much similar/same games that there wasn’t really good reason to own both consoles after playing thru those around 10 big first party games they both had.

      1. I’m selling my PS3 now third and last time because there is nothing new to play with it.

        It could be as well be my X360 because they have almost same games coming out this year but i have so much more downloaded games on X360 (because sony’s security problems) and i still haven’t finished Perfect Dark Zero with hardest difficulty.

  22. I believe it. NextBox and PS4 aren’t going to have it easy by any means. Looking at Sony’s new console launch line up it isn’t looking any better than the Wii U’s launch. The PS4 doesn’t have any super enticing games. This just means the Wii U will be ahead of the crowd which means Nintendo has the advantage.

        1. No. E3 is going to reveal a lot more games plus the hardware. Then we have the period of time between E3 and release where other games will be announced.

  23. Hate on xbox and PS. -> has common sense and smart.
    Hate on Wii U. -> LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U HATE WII U?

    1. It’s more of;
      Doesn’t hate on Wii U. ->has common sense and smart.
      Hate on Wii U. -> LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U HATE WII U?

  24. why does playstaion fanboys have to ruin sonys image……. seriously they make there whole company look like whiney trash. also the vita sucks so deal with facts its just true

    1. Nintendo Commander

      To be honest, a big part of how its image is ruined more and more is because of their leaders themselves…

      Specially The kings Tretton and Kazurai…

      I think that’s his name…

    2. That’s what fanboys do to every group.

      Side note: Overall, Vita doesn’t suck but its third-party support and memory issue pretty much does.

      1. And the fact it costs the same as the basic Wii U console. Why hasn’t Sony done a price cut in NA and Europe yet?

        1. A price cut at this time would do absolutely nothing for the system. It would just make Sony lose money.

          A price cut has to be coupled with strong software support for the system to move. A price cut alone will not sell the system.

          When bigger titles come out with frequency, or a new model is revealed, then they may be ready for a price cut.

          It was an apt time for SCEJ to cut the price because of the back to back to back big releases of games for the system at that time. The rest of the world has not received any type of games that will do the same thing.

    3. Yea, expecially the fanboy’s like Pyro2000x and BlackB0nd, they have been hating on Wii U before it was even released.

  25. Honestly this feels only partially true. Every new system has a slow start out of the gate, so I expect PS4 & nextbox to do the same. However, Nintendo’s problem with the Wii U was very little 3rd Party support (just about every big game to come out since Wii U came out has avoided the system except Injustice & BLOPS2) and the pushed back release dates of big games (I’m looking at you Rayman). Without a game to sell the system in the first 6 months of the systems life feels like a failure even if it’s not. Sony & Microsoft 8th gen systems most likely won’t have that problem because they’ve been promised some massive 3rd party games already (like watch dogs), so the only way they’ll suffer the same fate is if a bunch of major games for they’re system get pushed back & everything we’ve been promised for the Wii U comes out. I can’t really see EA taking a year off Madden for the 8th gen systems, Sony & Microsoft will be ready & Nintendo better step it up.

    And yes I own a Wii U and I have since day 1 :)

  26. I think the biggest challenge they will face is the fact that 3rd party devs are making the same games for current-gen systems that will be on the PS4 and whatever the new Xbox is called. Graphical fidelity will not have a huge jump in the beginning (it might not even have a huge jump at all), and having the same game on a system they already own gives people less reason to upgrade.

  27. I can’t see console gaming dying any time in the near future I feel however that gaming as such isn’t much of a leap as when ps1 went to ps2 and then ps3 graphically there is a slight differences with the next gen consoles but not as huge a leap as the earlier machines. The problem Nintendo have had with the wii u is that from the current competitors consoles their machine isn’t that big a leap if anything they have just caught up. The main issue is that a lot of the launch software that came with wii u was games that had already established on the Xbox and PS3 I feel that if Nintendo had got more backing from third party software devs then the console may have taken off a little better as it is though the lack of advertising and third party backing is holding the console back. Hopefully with the release of new titles over the next 12 months will help sales so I sit with fingers crossed that I’ll have more games to play to go with zombie u monster hunter and super mario land.

  28. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    It’s times like this where we as gamers, regardless of which fanboy camp we take, realize that there is a common enemy to face.

  29. There will be a hell of a competition at the end of the year….Cheap as fuck WiiPs360, 3ds/ds, Phones/Tablets, pc gaming which is gaining in popularity, Ouya etc., and WiiUPs4infinity… *grabs popcorn*

  30. Nintendo fanboys will EAT. THIS. UP.

    Anything to help convince them that the Wii U’s current poor performance is anything due to anything BUT the lack of actually next-gen graphics and the lack of any system-selling AAA games, lol.

    1. The Wii proved that we don’t need next-gen graphics, although I will agree on the system selling games thing.

  31. The PS4 won’t have any troubles with games & third party developers, i cannot see EA not making games for the PS4 or the X720.

            1. Actually in here Wii U had quite hype after it’s second E3. Most hyped games that i remember was ZombiU, NFL and Lego City Undercover. It was shame EA didn’t but enought money and time on Wii U version of NFL because it could have sold pretty well if it has been same as X360 and PS3 version with all those Gamepad tactical things added.

    1. Will of course PS4 is going to have games because everything PS3 is getting ps4 is getting. Can you say the same between Wii and WiiU?

  32. Wow we are getting alot of sleek controllers this gen,for example the Pro controller and Dualshock 4. i wonder what the Xbox Infinity controller will look like.

        1. Ignoring just about everything about the actual console, actually. Just commenting on the controller.

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  34. Which every system of the three that does the best job reaching out to and connecting with the casual crowd will be the winner. Core gamers are gonna buy the PS4 and 720 day one simply because it’s there. They did with the Wii U, and they did with the Wii, 360, and PS3 before it.

    It’s pretty simple to figure this out. If both Sony and Microsoft have a constant stream of games coming out throughout their launch window the PS4 and 720 should do at least as good as the Wii U did at launch despite being more expensive and it is possible that these console might not be as expensive as once thought. Whether they do BETTER is if they do a better job of marketing their consoles than Nintendo did. Microsoft has the cash to do just as much or little marketing as they want and have access to just about everyone whom has a computer for advertising purposes. It could be as simple as slipping a little reminder in a Windows Update letting you know about the 720.

    Sony has already taken an aggressive approach to marketing the PS4. They also have a lot of outlets for advertising in terms of movies and music. There have already been trailers for Sony pictures advertising PlayStation stuff. Plus they can slip a little notice in every CD and DVD they sell about the PS4.

    So the potential for mass-marketing for the PS4 and 720 exists. The avenues are already there. It’s just a question on whether or not they take advantage of them. Nintendo dropped the ball, but we’ll see which one of the two decides to pick it up before Nintendo has a chance to recover the fumble. Yes, Nintendo has screwed things up royally, but things are turning around and it could be in the up side real quick.

  35. I can’t wait for the PS4amd NextBox to hit a sales slump so Nintendo fans cans do the exact same thing Wii U haters have been doing, base the entire life of the consoles on the first few months of sales and cry DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be so sweet :)

    1. Wow, and here i thought you were mature. I would want all 3 consoles to be successful and sell well in the long run. Hoping for bad sales on any console is pretty stupid bro.

      1. Pretty sure he’s joking.
        But I can say that I really wish, that MS would go under with console business.
        They’re only ones with policies that actually hurt the industry.

        1. I don’t like microsoft either. I hope there system doesn’t pass the other two, but i still hope it succeeds.

      2. I’m not hoping for bad sales. It should be obvious to anyone that the PS4 and NextBox will hit a slump early in their life just like any console. I was saying that now Nintendo fans get payback on the Wii U haters who have been crying doom and gloom based on early sales which could very easily change for the better.

        1. Okay, but like Anonymous said above, Nintendo fans are more mature than the other console fanboys. I personally wish all of them luck and am excited about what each of them has to offer :3

    2. Count me out.
      Unless the trolls come at me on their own, I won’t be wasting my time going on the attack in that instance.
      I’ll let the slump speak for itself and stand at the side-lines as the troll swim through denial, trying to reach the banks of reason.

  36. I wish this topic would be laid to rest…
    iso games have become popular, but they also cater to the casual gaming crowd. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft haven’t lost enough of it’s buyers to cause worry yet.

    This upcoming generation has another worry (of mine) has the hardware upgraded to the point where it’s hardcore fans (like myself) will want to purchase the new consoles?

    I’ve stayed clear of the WIi U not just from the lack of games, but because it doesn’t seem to really have much of a leap from this past generation…
    It’s also not just the Wii U, I’m also a big Sony fan and the PS4 didn’t impress me too much either!

    The whole making games more social thing isn’t enough for me, I’d like to see impressive graphical improvements, increased hardware space, (though I know it’ll come in time) AAA game titles!

    I know the Wii U is somewhat new, but it’s been out for about a half a year and they only have one game that I would consider buying if I wasted my money on one right now. Game releases that matter are rolling around so slow I might just buy a used Wii U or when the price drops in like a year or two! My 3DS and PSVita are getting all my recent attention recently, it’s like the era of the handhelds!!!

  37. Nintendo releasing first actually has saved the PS4 and Xbox720. Had the xbox released first, nintendo and Sony were going to crush them, as evidenced by the 3DS.

  38. Xbox 720 will have issues at launch like if no Halo game is at launch nobody will upgrade, Kinect 2.0 and always on plus continuing to pay to play will all have a negative effect. PS4 will be a repeat of the PS3 launch. TO EXPENSIVE and wont sell and will sit on shelves.

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  40. Hi folks. Thought I might come back here again. I just love some of the comments you guys post. Anyway, yes, I agree with Bobby, but then I believe that a number of sources have made similar statements. It has also been demonstrated by the slow sales of new consoles of late. As much as Sony and Microsoft might hate to admit it, the PS3 and 360 are a part of pop culture. This doesn’t mean that the adopters of these consoles are going to purchase the follow ups. It is up to the PS4 and Infinity to establish their position again. In effect, they need to start all over again, just like Wii U, Vita and the 3DS did. This might mean they grow very slowly, so the manufacturers and publishers and developers need to be prepared for this and form contingency plans. Otherwise they might find themselves in hot water. Particularly Sony who can’t afford any more mistakes.

  41. Personally I look at game on smartphone and I found them crap, I really cannot be asked. In another hand my other half like fb and smartphone game.I guess the competition is not about gamer but more who will win the most casual gamers.

    I think Sony like Microsoft learnt from their past mistakes and the Wii U launch. If I was the marketing and pricing strategy guy on those companies. I will have a solid launch (i.e: put some TV ads way before the launch in every zones, not just for US and Japan market) and titles ready on THE day (at least 30-50 games ready) and a £200-£250 console price tag. Put the price of the accessoiries a bit high (i.e controllers £40). As for the game £15-£45 price tag cause what those conpagnie want is to make sure their consummer do not stay on the old platforms.

    Yet one more thing, I will make sure the games at the release date are not 80% of the game on blu-ray/HD-DVD and the 20% of the game are DLCs (Hi Capcom, EA and SquareEnix)….

    Finally for Nintendo, the Wii U need to be @ £200 and the games @ £45 max. The thing with the Wii U controller, I don’t think it will be hard to put the Wii U controller @ £80. And lot of games need to come out. The summer will have to be important for the Wii U,cause the system should have at least 100 games by then otherwise the system is dead and won’t competite with the others. Oh yes one more thing, It really hard to find a Wii U in the high street shop even in ASDA you don’t see any. ON that side nintendo needs to creat a demand which is not there at the minute.

  42. I think the bigger problem than smartphones and tablets is current-gen consoles. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are alive and well. Heck, they’re thriving. I don’t see enough incentive (yet) for gamers to switch to next gen. What happens when developers continue to support those consoles and are reluctant to invest in the new generation?

  43. I’m sick of smartphones and tablets being compared to console gaming. There’s no comparison whatsoever. Smartphone, cellphone and tablet games will NEVER measure up to what true console games are. I can’t believe that so many people can be amused by such simplistic and dumb games. This era is the doom generation. And I’m not talking about the game Doom.

  44. People seem to never expect a drought whenever a console launches, yet it happens every damn time and we see nothing but “X is doomed because no games” for a good year, as opposed to actual news.

  45. No guys 1st and foremost Nintendo are to blame for the low sales of the Wii u and not the market or consumers

    (1) Wii U was a bad brand name choice for a successor to Wii,they should have called it Wii 2
    The casuals that already bought the Wii,thought Wii U was just a Wii with a new control.

    (2) Nintendo didn’t do a thorough,extensive marketing for Wii U.
    Identical launch colours to Wii,namely Black and White further added to the confusion of whether its a new 8th gen console

    (3) Lack of a perfect fun filled launch title bundled with the Wii U to show what the Wii U is all about like what Wii Sports did for Wii
    Nintendo Land was a joke,compared to Wii Sports,it had to many games with different play styles,which were to complex and not straight forward for the Casual gamer.
    Wii sports was a simple pick up and swing “EASY” for a 90 year old to even understand and play,the Gamepad was too complex for casuals,and Nintendo Land was too demanding and non captivating for the casual gamer,
    eg (Gamepad,Wii remotes and nunchuks needed for gameplay)
    It lacked the charm,simplicity and fun factor of Wii Sports.

    (4) Lack of a suitable 1st Party launch title for Nintendo fans,namely 3D Mario,Mario Kart U and a sequel to Star fox 64

    I cannot put zelda on the list because those games on consoles take 4 to 5 years to make
    New Super Mario Bros U wasn’t what the fans wanted
    they wasn’t a definate AAA game from Nintendo,that differentiated
    Wii U, from the competition in terms of Brilliant Gameplay and Brilliant Graphics,they was no game available which people would buy a Wii U just to play that game.

    Wii had Wii sports,(i bought Wii just to play twilight princess)

    (5) Most of the 3rd party games released although great titles,were already released on other consoles,Nintendo was suppose to secure more 3rd party exclusives like they did with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Zombie U,not get old games that people played on other consoles already.

    1. You’re straight on point with those things. when i sell customers Wii U and all necessary stuff to play Wii U and Wii games with friends the final price tag will get surprisingly high if they don’t own Wii sensor bar and controllers already.

  46. I bought a Wii U deluxe with NSMBU and BLOPS 2 on day one. At first I was excited and I loved those games. Since then I have to say I have never been more disappointed in my entire life about a video game console, I enjoyed my Wii better than this. This is awful. Absolutely terrible. Every major game that has come out has avoided the Wii U. Not even Bioshock Infinite was on Wii U. All the major third party publishers are not planning anything at all for the Wii U. I am a strong Nintendo fan and I love Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Smash Bros. But I have almost lost hope in the Wii U and I am sick of Third Party publishers avoiding Nintendo.

    1. I not going against your opinion of the Wii U but what is so bad about it? People were complaining like little bitches of the Wii at first (especially because of it’s graphics capabilities), and it resulted to be a fun console.

    2. Ubisoft is not major enough for you? Sega?
      So far, only major that is dodging Wii U, is EA.
      And all the Activision games has been released on Wii U as well, only waiting on confirmation of Ghosts, which will come.
      Since Call of Duties come to every platform from toasters to interstellar spaceships.

      We both know, Bioshock Infinite was far on development, before Wii U was announced.
      And I’m not upset for missing it. In worst case, we might have gotten another unoptimized port to add to the Wii U haters propaganda.

      Research much? Or are you here just to troll?

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  49. if ps4 and xbox 720 are priced at $350 $400 then Nintendo will be forced to lowered the price and if they don’t they doomed

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