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Brand-New Pokémon Type Confirmed?


In a recently aired “Pokémon Smash” episode, participants were trying to figure out Eevee evolution Sylveon’s type. During a segment in the episode, it was implied that Sylveon is strong against Ice-type Pokemon, and weak against Poison and Fighting types. If by now you’re thinking it is a Steel-type, think again, as it was revealed that Sylveon lacks the Poison immunity of Steel types. Apparently, if all these implications are true, Sylveon is not a “Fairy-type,” which, as of now, is a rumored Pokémon type.

151 thoughts on “Brand-New Pokémon Type Confirmed?”

  1. This is going to piss SO many people off in the metagame who have all their strategies set. I’m buying the game no doubt, but I don’t think introducing a new type this late on is this good of an idea.

    1. Good.
      Fuck with the system, make new strategies.
      If every other RPG was the same as Pokemon, we’d be able to beat every one as easily as the first.

    2. What do you mean? It’s good to bring in new elements to consider for strategies, therefore creating more challenge. I don’t see the problem with this, as this is basically what most strategic franchises do.

        1. But sticking to the same elements gets old over time. People crave satisfaction. Besides, isn’t it OK to make room for smaller changes, at least?

  2. When I’m actually playing a Pokémon game, I can never remember which type is strong against which type. Except for the obvious Fire being strong against Grass, and Water being strong against Fire. And Electric is strong against Water. All other types are a mystery to me. I just have to guess when I’m playing a Pokémon game.

    1. All I ever do is use my starter Fire Pokémon and they’re usually strong enough to defeat nearly every other Pokémon. So what’s the point of types?

        1. anon you grown man’s game? lol you sound just ;like those bronies…. they say to be grown men,. yet act like gay ponies from that little girls cartoon…..who do suck ass, pokemon is fun

          1. ok so you argue with someone whos attacking the pokemon community by attacking another community. Nice. please explain why they are gay, and what would be so bad if they were. I don’t like when people use gay as an insult.

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        1. If I don’t know how to play Pokémon, then how did I complete Pokémon Diamond? I know the point of the types. It’s just that sometimes it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

            1. He’s not the only one who beat the game. In fact, not to brag or anything (I’m serious. I’m not calling anybody out.), I beat all of them.

          1. It’s not really that hard to complete Diamond, being honest. Try completing the gen-1 games (aka Pokemon Red, Blue, and later Yellow for America, in case you didn’t know).

        2. What are you talking about? Without types, what’s the point of Pokemon? For those who aren’t into Pokemon, wouldn’t the game get a whole lot boring if you just attack, but nothing significant happens? Every battle will not just be boring, but also very long.

    2. It isn’t that hard to remember really… All types weaknesses and strengths make sense. So that right there is a good way to remember. 💋

    3. I can help you if you need it. Here are the strengths and weaknesses:

      Normal: Fighting
      Dragon: Ice and Dragon itself
      Ghost: Dark and Ghost itself
      Ground: Water, Ice, Grass
      Fighting: Flying and Psychic
      Psychic: Ghost, Bug, Dark
      Dark: Bug and Fighting
      Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground
      Ice: Fire, Rock, Fighting, Steel
      Fire: Water, Rock, Ground
      Poison: Ground and Psychic
      Rock: Water, Steel, Fighting, Ground
      Bug: Fire, Rock, Flying
      Grass: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, Bug
      Electric: Ground
      Water: Grass and Electric
      Flying: Electric, Rock, Ice

  3. I’m not exactly against a new type being added, it’d shake things up a bit. Just not fairy. That’d be ridiculous for a type compared to the existing types.

    I also presume there isn’t a dual-type setup that would give that spread of strengths and weaknesses?

    1. I believe a Dual typing of Grass and Rock would give those strengths and weaknesses, but Sylveon looks nothing like either of those types.

    2. Thank you! I myself have3 played since three or four, but I’m open to change from the franchise. They went too far, though, calling a type “Fairy” when in the face of types like “Steel,” “Ground,” “Dragon,” etc. And I am equally open to new Eevee evolutions; however, I (whether anyone wants to get troll from this next statement or not) find that the design is completely unoriginal. It looks like Victini cross-bred with Vulpix, and then the offspring bred with a Meinshao, and then THAT offspring bred with a Fennekin. I will admit, rather begrudgingly, that it is kind of cute, but the fact that they couldn’t come up with a more original design leads me to believe that Pokemon is really starting to lose it’s touch a bit. I’m sorry if I offend anyone; I’m just using my right to voice an opinion.

  4. Cool, glad there’s changes to the system.
    After 5 generations new things need to happen to make it fresh again.

    1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

      Mhm. I loved the Dark and Steel additions in gen 2, so it’s great to see they’re finally adding another type.

  5. In this day and age, and the way this world is becoming, I’m surprised they don’t make a gay type. LOL! Pokémon would be no more. (- _ -)

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                Even as a joke, it can be offensive.

                “Jokes” like this, either somebody finds it funny, or they don’t.

          2. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

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  6. If all of these implications are true, doesn’t that mean Sylveon IS a fairy type?
    I don’t understand the last sentence.

  7. I honestly wouldn’t be against a potential new type, or even just a type shake-up. Poison, for example, needs more advantages, and Grass could also maybe do with losing a disadvantage.

  8. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

    Light Type makes Sense. Why?

    Light makes Ice melt if you put a magnifying Glass or whatever.
    As fighting Beats Normal, also beats light.
    Light might mean a good person so you could posin them and make them Bad?

    The only one that makes sense is The first one XD

    And no I wasnt Dead. Last time i was here was 4 or 5 Months :)

      1. Its because dark type is weak to fighting and because light and dark are kind of linked as “opposites” they are similar in some ways. One of those ways must be that they are both weak to fighting. Fighting beats normal in the same way a muscular person would kick a weak person’s ass. So light type must be the same reasoning. They are “physically” frail. Dark types are evil and fighting types are “heroes” who defend against evil. Which is why dark is weak to fighting. Thats my reasoning! 💋

        1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

          I would see Light type as “hero” and Fighting as “neutral”. My guess is the new type is Light.

    1. well maybe this isn’t even the only type being added? Also, the new type could be mutually effective against those that are super effective against it? Like how dragon is super effective against itself. 💋

      1. maybe there will be some whole other factor to consider, like how abilities were introduced in Gen III or even the special splits in II and IV. What if types were split?

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  10. tbh i dont think its gonna be a dual type as no other eevee has dual but i think it could well be a new type for the freshening up of things. i dont really care but it always irritates me with things like that jus because it makes things make less sense for if it was to be a believable world

  11. the fuck. what the hell else could poison be strong against. on another note how the hell is bug strong against psychic and dark. nintendo logic is astounding.

    1. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

      Because Psychic Represents the human mind, and people are afraid of The Dark, Ghosts, and BUGS. Not sure bout Dark though

      1. Well bugs aren’t afraid of the dark so thats why they are stronger against it. Dark is best against those who fear it. Those who don’t, defeat the night.💋

    2. I can explain why bug is strong against psychic. Psychic involves the mind. Inside the mind there are the fears, like fear of dark and the fear of bugs. That’s why.

      Based on The absolute guide of pokémon logic

    3. Bug is good against grass psychic and dark.
      Bug eats leaf. Bug is a something that is feared by lots of people and fear controls mind.
      Psychic is mind power.

      And dark… No reason.

    4. Poison is strong against Grass because it, obviously, kills it. Bug is strong against both Psychic and Dark types because they have no brains. Due to this, since both types use some sort of brainwashing and mind control and thanks to insects lacking any sort of mind, they can’t use this skill on them. Makes sense enough?

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  13. Sounds like it could be “light type” then, I guess. Weak to fighting, just like Dark Type is (so that is how they are similar, but also opposites) It is weak to Poison because light type can become sick and corrupt. They haven’t mentioned all it’s strengths. Since light melts ice I can see why it is super effective against it. I predict it is also super effective against Dark and possibly Bug, because you know how bugs are attracted to light and get zapped! 💋

    1. Some people commented it might be a ‘Love’ type. Strong against ice because it thaws a frozen heart and weak against poison due to Romeo and Juliet.

        1. Moves such as Attract, Covet, and Heart Stamp could be changed to the Love-Type if the Love-Type were to exist. It could be a good addition to the type list.

    1. FIGHT> rock, steel, dark, ice, normal and this new typ… That makes a total of six!
      Fighting typ wont work on ghost… That is a disadvantage.

      flying typ and psychic typ are the only effective moves on fighting.

      Fighting typ is really over powered. I am getting a fighting typ.

      I think bug is underpowered.
      Grass, dark and psychic
      Crushed by Fire, Fly and rock…
      Okay… Maybe not…

      Steel is underpowered.
      STEEL> Rock, Ice…
      Is weak against Fighting, fire and Ground…
      They don’t learn good moves and Every rock typ Pokémon can learn earthquake anyway.

      Poison is way to underpowered.
      It is only effective against Grass…
      It is weak to Ground and Psychic.
      It cannot damage steel type.
      But poison is getting stronger with this new typ.


    ” Apparently, if all these implications are true, Sylveon is not a “Fairy-type,”

    You meant ”IT IS a Fairy Type”….

  15. I hope it’s or Light or Miracle or Flying.
    Light: Everyone wants light. Hidden in the heart of the critics, there is a desire for the light tipe

    Flying: It has everything it needs: Blue white and pink colors, that makes you think on the sky. Bows big enought to take off to the skies. And a fluffy ear

    Miracle: I think that all this discussion will end up in a miracle. Then why not this miracle be a new type, that is strong against all others except from the second new one, that is sin.


    Mewthree ( or any other name they give to this: )

    Mewthree ( or any other name they give to this: )

    And that is what I thing. Byebye

    1. If you had a ”Miracle type, then what would’ve been the point in having any other type. Why would it be super effective against like 17 types?

  16. I don’t get why that indicates that it’s not a Fairy type.

    I’d dislike a Fairy Type in general. Too many Pokemon would have to get re-typed.
    A Light or Love type would make more sense for Sylveon anyways.

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    1. Because the fairy type rumours which have been floating around were based on a specific post by someone claiming to have inside information, which listed what the strengths and weaknesses of the type were meant to be. This information from Pokémon Smash directly contradicts those strengths and weaknesses.

  18. I love the idea of a new type
    But why after 5 gens of no new types why now?
    And for those of you that don’t know dark and steel were originally going to be in gen 1 o:
    They just postponed the release :3

    1. I dont think your right about Dark and steel, as they were made to counter psychic which dominated gen 1, they would have needed that data first

  19. ohh wow let keep making fighting type more broken they already are strong vs 5 types now it will be 6…. unless is dual type O_o.. some types need some buffs.. dont make ground and fighting attacks more appealing than they are now…

  20. I think Sylveon could be a love type. Think about it, it looks like it could be by appearance. Love can melt ice or coldness and poison can kill the heart/love. Plus I believe it was first revealed on Valentines day. Who knows, just guessing.

  21. Come on, I want light and sound types; I’m still holding on hope for them both. Any equivalent, really. I just want more types; something to change up Pokemon drastically.

  22. the only thing that bothers me about this article is how whoever wrote this insinuated we were thinking it was a steel type when he clearly said it was weak to poison. -_-

  23. Its Love(Heart) TYPE, here’s why:

    Its good against Ice because love can cure those with a cold heart.

    Its weak against Poison because a heart(or love) can easily be corrupted.

    Its weak against Fighting because love ends usually with a dispute.

    Cheesy I know but I really think that’s what it is and it makes sense when considering why Psychic is weak against Bug.

  24. To those saying Sylveon’s a light type (a type that’s opposite of the dark type), they must know that the dark type isn’t called “dark type” in Japan (it’s literally called the “evil type” there, which explains why a lot of the moves involve “fighting dirty” instead of just being dark elemented, and why the fighting type, the one which IIRC fights for just and honor, are super effective against it).

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  26. Great as if hail teams didn’t have enough issues in the OU tier…now I have fairies to look out for x___x

  27. Only problem is how do you know it’s not Fairy type? I think who wrote this is assuming to much. After all how do you know what are the weakness of a Fairy type if were to be true? It is still possible to be fairy and those are the characteristics of the fairy type.

    1. Because the fairy type rumours which have been floating around were based on a specific post by someone claiming to have inside information, which listed what the strengths and weaknesses of the type were meant to be. This information from Pokémon Smash directly contradicts those strengths and weaknesses.

  28. light,fairy,love…. all types created by fans, the same fans who create fakemons…. wait till is official please and stop arguing about gay pokemon type or that troll

  29. Honestly, I think it is still a fairy type. They added that “Maybe it’s not a Fairy-Type” to confuse everyone, but I am so certain it is a fairy type. What’s my proof? The Japanese name of Sylveon is Nymphia. Now if you Google Nymph… Fairies come up. Nymph is a “minor female” that is related to nature. This doesn’t rule out other speculations though, like Light will be used for nature and Love is nature. Also, why does it make it NOT a fairy type because it’s weak against poison and fighting? Fighting will own a small little fairy and so will poison. So why is it super against Ice? Ice ruins nature, so Fairies fly around a fix that.

    1. That’s a pretty good explanation, but they might display light as the English type, while fairy being Japanese type. Do you agree?

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  31. Fighting is strong against Dark because of every karate kid movie where he fights blind-folded while kicking the bad guy’s ass.

  32. If Sylveon were to be a Flying-Type, it would’ve had wings, but your idea wasn’t bad, either. Giant ears capable of flying, nice…

  33. Fairy is already an egg group! if you ask me, Pokemon needs to pick up the slack. More and more pokemon are getting stupider and stupider. I love Pokemon…a lot. But Fairy wouldn’t go with the other elements

    1. Water is also an egg type, in fact there’s three different “water” egg types. Think of “fairy” as “magic” or “mystic” and it makes a little more sense, fairy is probably a translational name from a japanese word that doesn’t have a direct english translation

  34. Given the information about what Sylveon is strong and weak to, currently there is no one type or any combination of types that make that true. If this info is true, it is certain a new type exists. The rumor of Fairy types suggest that they are weak to Steel and Poison types and take no damage from Dragon and have effectiveness against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark. But even with this rumored type, there is still no possible combination that makes Sylveon’s strengths and weaknesses true. So, assuming all this info is 100% accurate (may not be of course), there would have to be another new type or the info on the fairy type is inaccurate. This also supports the fact that Eeveelutions have historically been one type.

  35. Metagamers aren’t REAL fans. Real fans will win the game with the pokemon they love; it doesn’t matter what’s most powerful- the beautiful thing is that you can win with any pokemon.

  36. Dear god, like ice needs ANOTHER weakness, let’s just hope it’s like the water/ice relationship and not the fire/ice one. Also it’s nice to see poison getting a little love

  37. I don’t like the idea of new types personally. I loved originals and im happy of a new eevee but MORE types no with rumor of sound and fairy and light types I might just take all my pokemon games throw them out a window and forget my childhood existed.

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