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Gamecube’s Tales Of Symphonia HD Remaster Coming To PlayStation 3?


A rumour has begun circulating the internet that suggests that Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World are due to be remastered in HD and will be coming to the PlayStation 3. Tales of Symphonia originally launched on the Gamecube back in 2003 and was met by glowing reviews and healthy sales figures. Namco Bandai recently confessed that Tales of Symphonia was the most popular Tales game to be released in the West. The HD remastered version of the JRPG is thought to be one of the games due to be revealed at this year’s Tales Festival.

308 thoughts on “Gamecube’s Tales Of Symphonia HD Remaster Coming To PlayStation 3?”

      1. He is right and only problem that those gamers have is the language barriers. (NTSC and PAL if you don’t have the proper TV or HDMI)

      1. It means a lot. If Nintendo put money to translate the game, Namco can’t use the script without Nintendo’s consent, maybe even tied to an older contract.

        That would mean no english version of the game, not on US, not on Europe.

        1. Publishing =/= Development

          Just like Nintendo published the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge and yet it came out on PS3 and 360 as well.

          Mass Effect (first published by Microsoft) came out on PS3.

          What matters most is who the game is owned by – which is Namco Bandai.

          It’s neither a first, nor second party game.

          1. Are you deaf? They said that the localization was pretty much all Nintendo, and localization includes translation, script and voice acting, exactly what part of that is publishing and not development.
            Of course, Nintendo’s only legal right befalls on that, were Namco to make a different localization, despite obvious similarities the product itself would be legally marketable; it’s not really about Nintendo having anything on Namco, but rather that Nintendo did play a part in the development of the game and that this part cannot be reused without their consent, mere law.

            1. And the whole point Nintendo had to get involved in the first place is that Namco doesn’t care that much for bringing Tales to the western market, so making another translation is probably not in their plans

            2. as long as they haven’t sold their rights, which would be a standard deal in outsourcing development… then they wouldn’t have any say in that matter. its more about who owns the game, not who made it.

  1. I might just get a PS3 if this turns out to be true! And I might as well get Tales of Graces and Xillia! Either way, this is too exciting…

  2. tos is my all time favorite game. this is great news although it should also release on the wiiu. so many ideas could be done on that gamepad.

  3. This is great for me. I have never played this game so a version on the PS Store would be more convenient than going online to get a copy. Plus trophy support, why not?

  4. NO GODDAMMIT! Those games (despite being published by Namco) are NINTENDO games! They don’t belong on Sony’s system!

      1. No it wasn’t ? Tales of Symphonia was a Gamecube exclusive. You’re thinking of Tales of the Abyss for PS2 (which was recently ported to 3DS which makes you think Symphonia could go the other way)

          1. I never knew that. I just remember it being Exclusive in Europe at least so I’m not completely wrong , Adaranus.

          2. Not that I want to be a part of this spat or anything, but it was initially a gamecube exclusive, that was later released on the PS2 in japan only as a director’s cut.
            That all said and done, I’d love to see this happen. Could care less about HD graphics, but if they added some new content and at least tried to address some of ToS2’s failings I’d be all over it in a heartbeat.

        1. It was released in Japan for PS2 and Gamecube. It was a Gamecube exclusive worldwide until PS2 got more popularity therefore the Japanese version was released. PS2 version is the “best” version due to bugs fixed, glitches fixed, more features, and etc after the release of Gamecube version. This game is not the only one was the Gamecube exclusive then multi-plalforms. (Resident Evil 4 anyone?)

          1. I actually heard the director’s cut was inferior. Been so long now though that I’ve forgotten why. The visuals were probably a little muddier or something.

            1. It is matter of opinions and this is why I put “best” in quote. It is most likely the visuals were a little muddier as the same case with Resident Evil 4 for PS2. To be honest I prefer more features than visuals wide. I am disappointed that I didn’t get all the features that PS2 have for Resident Evil 4. I was happy that I got the Wii version due to fact it have controller supports (Gamecube, Classic, and Wiimote + Nunchuck) and all the features from PS2. I got HD version for PS3 (free) as well but I still say Wii version the best due to controllers support. (I was disappointed that HD version didn’t get visual update or more controllers supports. :S ) Some people say HD version is the best while other say Wii the best. I say it is up to you. I would say PS2 version the best for Tale of Symphonia in my opinion.

              1. no the loading times were shit on ps2, everything that was on different consoles were the better version do to it being weaker. unless it had more content. abyss took forever to get in a battle because its loading.

              2. I say playstation 3 version is ok me like to see a game cube version 2 on playstation 3 & WII U D/download version & cut secne no subdued titles all secne in japanese anime & in english voice so the coolest

            1. playstation 2 version tales or symphonia sucks on me playstation 3 me like playstation 3 & WII U to get a download version of tales or symphonia game cube & HD 1080p & anime like playstation 2 version in japan & cut secne’s R like playstation 3 version game cube version & turn off text english voice on cut secne & anime it get’s english voice so no ned text cut secne on all tales game’s

        1. game cube version tales of symphonia you ken it on like playstation 4 / win you A playstation 3 in A playstation 4 be kuz playstation 4 and wiiu R A like in that way playstation 4 plays playstation 3 game’s wiiu plays game cube same way

  5. I call bull shit. it should be on the Wii u also. Namco and Nintendo are pretty close companies. not just that, it was originally on the GameCube so it should come to the Wii u also. they will probably bring up the “it needs more sales” argument once it comes out and they see the negative Nintendo fan responses, but if it started on a Nintendo console, the next version should at least be multiplat with a Nintendo console.

      1. oh sup adarazz. I see your back. still hating Nintendo on a Nintendo website in your free time I see. how’s the relationship with your hand going?

        1. Oh! Another perverted Nintendo fan! How’s your relationship with the plastic children’s toy Wii U going. Damn it I’m glad I gave away that awful console. Didn’t even bother selling that crap, it wasn’t worth it.

          1. Don’t be surprised if you get accused of being me again :P I said that exact same line the other day :P

            1. I guess we just think alike. I donated by Wii U. That shit was just taking up space in my house. Maybe I’ll buy it in a year or two when things hopefully drastically improve… If they don’t, I’m done with Nintendo.

              1. Likewise. I gave mine to a family I know who isn’t well off. I’ll probably buy one again when Nintendo FINALLY release there big guns like Mario Kart and Smash bros.

                1. They have big guns coming this year, patience is important. People said the same thing when xobx 360 and PS3 FINALLY got good games a year or 2 after launch

                  1. I know, and I’ll probably buy another Wii U around then. It’s just at the moment, nothing really interests me a great deal that I haven’t played, and I don’t like seeing stuff I bought go to waste so I just gave it to someone who would use it.

                    1. Seems reasonable, but if I were you, I wouldn’t buy consoles on launch day. But the PS4 is really making that hard for me, since they’re releasing Knack and Infamous.

                      1. Usually, I wait a fair while before buying a console on launch, but this gen, I just got too excited for the consoles(Wii U, Vita etc) (Biiiiiiiiig mistake lol) I’m buying the PS4 at launch though, all the games they’ve shown so far interest me a great deal.

                      2. Lol I made an mistake with Wii U and Vita as well. Well not on launch day but about a week or two after. My friends like “Vita is so cool and it is amazing” and my other friend like “Wii U is better than PS3!” and I bought them. I didn’t regret it as much before but I somewhat still regret them both.

                        1. Yeah, Not long after I bought them, the price came down and I was like …. god damn it lol.

                        2. I really want a Wii U but money issues :/
                          Plus I’ll wait for the unannounced SSB4 bundle

                        3. the xbox has games? when did that happen? i mean i know it has halo, but when did it get other games?

                      3. Shut your damn mouth and continue having your three way with Kaz and Adarazz. The Wii U nor Nintendo need the support of haters like you. Go back to playing gimped ports on your PlayStation 3.

                          1. Jellybean, it is God’s will that Nintendo, a righteous and fair company will triumph over the lying flith of Sony and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

                            By the way, I don’t know a Tony.

                          2. I couldn’t care who triumphs over who. If Sony goes bankrupt or whatever, I’ll just play whatever interests me next.

                          3. jellybean946 spoke like a true gamer. “I couldn’t care who triumphs over who. If Sony goes bankrupt or whatever, I’ll just play whatever interests me next.” Just play games that interested you. Hopefully we will get more “excellent” games this way.

                          4. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

                            Don’t ever bring up beliefs and religion in this comment section. Just get off this site already.

                        1. just stfu everybody knows you are n dub. its painful and obvious just stop….. im all ready bleeding from face palming so many times from seeing you doing this. it hurts but like i said it us so obvious it hurts.

                    2. DarklordNintendoFan

                      Well… at least you said that you MIGHT buy a Wii U again in a year or two… that’s better than a lot of the pathetic Nintendo haters who come to this site that just so happens to be Nintendo centric, just so they can hate on the company. They must be some lonely… sad people. And about improving drastically… you have no need to worry. Whenever Nintendo starts off slow, they ALWAYS improve. Just look what happened with the 3DS.

                  2. lol nice try @ damage control, I doubt that thier is a single person that doesn’t know that you are Adaraz, jelybean, woofer etc.

                      1. Hey dude it doesn’t bother me, I don’t really care what ya do to be honest, I was just letting you know before you get carried away with this multi-user “thing”.

                        1. Dude, I don’t use alts. I hate people that do. People just seem to generalize us all as one because we share the same views, and well yeah when I saw Adarazz say that all I thought was, “fuck here we go….”.

                          1. lol. Well whatever the case may be, you “two” always show up at the same time. Just waiting on woofer now…

                            1. Honestly, believe what you want, I’m not gonna plead my case any further.

                            2. I agree and you shouldn’t have to, I was just breakin the ice on the topic I guess, but I believe there is legitimate reason for suspicion ;-)

                              1. haha that’s fine man. In a way I can understand your suspicion, hence why I made that comment above :P

                2. Calling things before they happen again, I see.
                  Why do you insist on spending your free time trolling here?
                  I thought you’d have wised up by now and found something worth doing.

                1. ik but that doesn’t make my point any less valid. its coming to the Sony console, alright because it was on that. but its not coming to a Nintendo console when it was on that also. but really we don’t even know if they are making an HD remake or what platforms their making it on. so im kind of complaining a bit early lol

                  1. the reason why is that the tales community is highest on ps3. they are finally noticing its popularity and that the ps3 has the most fans. so id say who cares at least they are bringing them over.

            2. I bought this game when it first came out, but only played a little bit of the first few parts. I HATE the battle system that everyone kept praising. Every time I think of the battle system, I can’t get myself to touch the game. Would have been SO much better if it was turn based.

              1. Don’t even speak. You have no idea how to judge a game. Have fun with your children’s toys while PS/Xbox/PC gets new, exciting, and innovative games.

                1. Awwww, did I offend you, you dumb little Playstation loving prick? If you’d stop speaking to ME, we’d all be happy.

                    1. I usually do. What’s wrong with that? Look at what happens when I talk to others. Who needs that. Being alone is the best.

                  1. Usually, arguments like this with RetroJunkie span over a number of articles. It’s a loooooong story lol.

                    1. Yeah, nobody likes my harsh criticism. Just because I tell it like it is and speak my mind and opinions. Some people just can’t take people like me. But I am what I am.

                  1. Developers are actually praising Sony’s approach towards the share button. If anything, the share button is taking all the spot light from the actual console itself.

                        1. thats something that nintendo should copy… haha. seriously it sounds cool and microshit will probably copy it and say they made it better. i dont know much about it but i heard some things that it can do. it just sounds like something more things should do. great for sony to do something like this.

                          1. I don’t see why people get upset with others copying ideas. I mean … everyone does it, whether they want to admit it or not. Sometimes other companies have idea’s that they could use to expand on the idea. That’s why I want to see all 3 console manufacturers put there idea’s together for one super console (will never happen, but it would be cool)

                        2. Nintendo gamers are just so fucking annoyed that their gaming consoles is turning into a multi media machine of endless bullshit and are tired with the way the industry is going so the flock to nintendo because they walk their own route.

                      1. I wouldn’t.
                        Not the way it’s implemented, at any rate.
                        Apparently, if info that’s circulating is correct, it may not support Youtube right away and it will lack the editing software that Let’s Players are using to improve their videos.
                        There might not even be a way of recording the player’s voice as they play for the sake of commentary.
                        I’ll be delighted if I’m wrong, but I don’t hold any faith in the share feature and I’m glad that Nintendo isn’t putting out anything even remotely as half-assed as that in the near future.[to my knowledge]

                        1. Miiverse was half assed. Share button we can’t say if it is half assed yet or not because as you said, it’s basically just a rumor at this stage and well the product isn’t even out.

                            1. I only disagree with Miiverse being half-assed insofar as the character limit and posting options[making your own topics/communities[which is actually going to be a thing soon], posting pics on any community] are concerned.
                              Other than that, I don’t feel it’s nearly as half-assed as people make it out to be.
                              I certainly have fewer issues with other users there than I ever have on any other site on the internet, and that says a lot about the quality of the moderation.[I prefer goody-two-shoes areas to troll-infested bridges when chatting online, so sue me]

                              1. Toss in my experience with PSN on the examples, as well.
                                Miiverse, and most online games on the Wii U, I’ve run into literally 0 jerk-bags. Ziltch, nada, absolutely nein.
                                It’s actually quite nice.

                  1. The PlayStation 1 and 2 came in and wipe the floor with Nintendo. Face it.

                    “Therefore I’ll be closed up in my room all day (like I am every single day) and won’t see a single living soul. ” – Mr Retro Junkie – December 25, 2012

                    1. Yet the DS is the highest selling gaming hardware of all time and Nintendo has the highest selling software and highest rated games ever.

                      Sony isn’t half the gaming company Nintendo is.
                      They just bought a load of Studios , lost all their money and started pretending to be good.

                      Nintendo on the other hand uses proper , homegrown talent.

                      Good night Adaranal. Get mumy to tuck you in.

                      1. Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, Ico, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy 7-12, Uncharted, God of War, Mark of Kri, Yazuka, The Last of Us, PS2 GTA, WipeOut, Killzone, inFamous, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Kingdom Hearts 1-2, Jak & Daxter. Sony’s exlusives shit on Nintendo’s. Not to mention PS consoles get all the multiplats.

                        Nintendo will never have a console that can beat the PlayStation brand (I’m talking overall not just sales).

                          1. Never though I’d ever say this, but I agree with you on the one (except for the spyro & crash games, they were brilliant)

                          2. im not even from that generation either, square rareware and nintendo made the perfect team. along with the many other games. many of the games are just awesome still to this day i cant even imagine what it was like when it was the main console.

                        1. All cinematic bullshit man. Cept Devil May Cry thats the shit. But really dude.Half of those arent even exclusive. Just be glad Sony has a hold on the anime industry because if they didnt they wouldnt have half the shit they do.

                        2. You need to shut the fuck up

                          That’s your opinion. Nintendo’s exclusives DESTROY sony’s.

                          That’s my opinion. You had to bring up Wipeout …. lol . fail.

            3. it was on ps2 too and the ps2 ver. was much better than the game cube… in the game cube ver. only Loyd, Colette and Genis had Hi-Ougis and the ps2 ver. all of the characters gat Hi-Ougis

            4. As much as I dislike the Wii U, I hope the Wii U still gets it. If it was originally on GC/PS2, it should be released on WiiU/PS3. There are a few fans on this site I don’t wanna see get dogged like this.

              1. It’s just annoying when fanboys don’t buy third-party games because they are not coming to Wii U (therefore are part of the world-wide conspiracy against Nintendo) even though they already have a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play it on.

                1. Yeah, my guess is they still buy them, it’s like a lot of people I know who troll Nintendo fans and Nintendo absolutely adore Nintendo.

                  1. Dude I know people are like that too. Ot’s like you have to hate Nintendo,EA, and Apple to be cool.

                  2. ik people like that to. irl and I’m sure there are some on this site. if they really hated Nintendo, they wouldn’t be on this site trolling. but meh, people can do what they want. I’m still gunna buy what ever the heck I want XD

                2. It’s equally annoying in the opposite situation.
                  Take a look at all the red-faced haters who are still crying over Bayonetta 2 being exclusive to Wii U, and then try telling me with a straight face and honesty in your words, that they’re any less wrong for not supporting a good third-party franchise, JUST because it’s on a certain system.

                  Console war soldiers are annoying little twats no matter which flag they’re flying.
                  Games should not be judged by their console, but by their own merits, and anyone saying otherwise needs to be subjected to Chinese Water Torture until they’re either too insane to fight on, or have the sense to change their view on the matter.

                    1. Even calm people can only swallow so much bullshit before they spit it back at the offenders force-feeding it to them, I suppose, but you’re right; I do need to watch myself a bit more carefully in the future……

                      1. Just let it out with one big rage, it’s what I do. Seriously that N-Dub guy is sooooo frustrating.

                          1. that game is really underated. besides that fucking glitch!!!! that probably keeps me back from playing it again which is a shame because it has replay value. just dont want to unplug my system over again wouldnt turn off otherwise

                            1. You saw the report for getting around that glitch, right?
                              After the last of the towers is open, enter it from a side door instead of trying to go there directly, use an item to warp directly back to the Observatory, then you should be able to enter the final towers like normal.

                              1. to be honest all i did was go to the 12th instead of entering the 11th and it loaded fine. it seems to happen at random. when your game froze if it did could you power it down or did you have to unplug like me.

                            2. Pandoras tower is seriously great. I havnt reached that point in the game but im enjoying it so far and I have a fix for the glitch.

                              1. if nintendo is more cool with there localizeations with the wii u. it will have many more games like this. thats my main gripe with nintendo is this. there just so stupid about this.

                  1. Console wars are stupid. But business wars? Thats serious fucking business. I hate Sony for what they’ve done to gaming. Brought Microsoft into the fold those fuckers.

                3. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

                  I pretty much HATE my Xbox, and my brother has the PS3 in his apartment, so I’m not bothering buying 3rd party games for those platforms. Which is why I’m hoping developers will bring their games to the Wii U.
                  I would likely have to make an exception with GTA V though, since it’s probably not coming to the Wii U, and no way in hell am I passing that up.

              2. You said you may get a wii u AGAIN when they release their big guns….so that would mean you want good games on the system. What about the system itself makes you dislike it?

                1. Crappy online (which will hopefully get better by the time I rebuy), not very many games that interest me, and honestly, I bought the system for the controller and it really hasn’t been used that effectively, so I’m hoping by end of year that is all changed. Oh and miiverse I hate with a passion (I know others like it, but I hate the heavy moderation crap)

                  1. Tell em about it. Miiverse is a joke. Over-zelous mods, the 100 character limit. Also, it isn’t really an original idea, just Twitter + Facebook with a Nintendo twist.

                    1. Honestly, I like how Nintendo did wanna create there own social network, just they didn’t go about it all too well :/

                    2. Miiverse wasn’t supposed to be an original idea. And yea it isn’t perfect but they actually listen to their fans and update it and improve it. And yes, 100 characters is maddening, nobody can deny that. You don’t like it thats fine but the way you post, you sound like you really REALLY hate nintendo and if you do then why are you here? And miiverse is optional, you don’t have to use it. Anyone who thinks miiverse is the attraction of the system is mistaken. Its just an optional bonus.

                    3. The 100-character limit, I agree with.
                      But the modding?
                      I prefer it.
                      It’s better than having to deal with nonsensical trolls every three or four responses.

                      1. The problem is the modding goes way overboard. You get banned for the smallest of things. It’s good there is less trolls, but it seems to destroy the fun in the long run.

                        1. destroy what fun??? The way you type here is exactly what is on miiverse, no foul or offensive language and you are against that??? holy shit.

                          1. Hey look, the loser who stalks my posts. I got banned for saying “holy crap”. That is taking modding waaaaaaay too far.

                              1. Wait, I was proven wrong?

                                Nah not really. It’s still quite sad to see though that you waste your life stalking my posts.

                            1. Yea that is frustrating but unfortunately Nintendo knows there are lots of parents who expect Miiverse to be kid friendly. What they should do is implement a parental control on it, and have like 18+ miiverse and 17- miiverse, so parents can save their kids from reality, and adults like you and myself can let out whatever we want. Its one of the best and worst parts of Nintendo, their family oriented style. Its what keeps pokemon games and mario games fun for everyone at any age, BUT then you are also limited just as the miiverse example. If they are gonna have mature games on the system and wanna kind of lose the kiddie image, I think the parental controls would be the best route.

                            2. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

                              Removed post? Would be alright.
                              Banned for that? HELL NO.

                              Also, the only thing I don’t like about Miiverse is that people keep typing posts in foreign languages. Why can’t it stay only English? (This coming from a norwegian.)

                        2. Maybe you should scrub out that potty mouth jelly. The Online on the Wii U is pretty damn awesome the way it is. Everything is functioning quite well.

                  2. Are you sure it was the moderation that ruins your experiences? I thought it was the community and all they do is post things like “Beat my record!”, “I am so pro”, “That’s was easy!”, etc. I found miiverse is about bragging lately. Only good thing came out of my miiverse is the youtube channel. I never saw so many good artists and they all in the youtube miiverse. XD

                    1. Bragging I could do with (I have no idea how I was able to tolerate it lol) But the moderation just plain sucked, they just went overboard.

                      1. I agree with your point about miiverse. miiverse would be amazing if things didn’t get flagged over dumb shit. someone drew a “rip Mario” drawing because they got a game over in NSMBU and it got flagged. fucking dumb. but I love miiverse because of the conversations and cool people I ocassionaly meet there.

                          1. I agree. that and take off character limit. or at least make it 500 like YouTube. that is tolerable. there’s a lot Nintendo can improve on with the Wii u. I got mine on Christmas because ik Nintendo will deliver and I kind of want to be along for the ride to see how they do that lol

                          1. You will feel miserable at some point, but the sooner you start making realizations towards this you will be able to handle it better. Just remember take a deep breath when it feels like life is lashing out on you and know that tomorrow will probably be better.

                            1. ive been dealing with shit my whole life.i had no control over, i had no control over my shit, it kept piling up i didnt do anything wrong besides keep strong and kept bright, time went on it kept piling up, everything bad kept happening the positives were going down do to to these problems. couldnt live childhood.never knew how this could have effected me. now that im an adult the big light at the end of the tunnle is very grey ive been in black to grey with sparks of white to long. this video is a very slow slow misery topping of the cake that has been built. this light misery in this video like the wheel part is how i think about things now. am is strong yes nobody knows i think like this is the mental fucked, yes

                    2. Miiverse will inevitably have assholes on it just like facebook or any other social network, and it will also inevitably have really awesome people to connect and share stuff with. Its a small install base at the moment so assholes and braggers are going to stand out more.

                    3. Personally what I don’t like about miiverse is yea there are great artists on there but alot of them are so desperate for yeahs and will draw pics saying “Oh gosh thanks for 400 yeahs” and its kind of pathetic to me. But thats my opinion.

                  3. I have only played sonic online and that was good besides the glitches the game itself had, so I can’t really say for sure how good the internet is, but it seemed smooth enough for me to enjoy, no lag that I noticed. I played lego city which used the gamepad in some fun ways but nothing totally crazy so I can agree there, but it did show potential for future titles. I love the gamepad itself even if it doens’t change the game just by how it feels, its my favorite controller possibly ever, just feels right and browsing online is fun with it. And yes there is a lack of games unfortunately but most systems take a little while to get big titles pouring in. Lets hope they get them pouring in soon, which it sounds like good stuff is coming this year, and hopefully these new titles will show off what the gamepad can really do and show whether it truly is a game changer or just a fun gimmick. I hope to see better use of it but at least even if they don’t they still made the most comfy controller I personally ever used so I already have a win there lol. Your points are valid, glad they aren’t just blind Nintendo hate, just like people who have blind Nintendo love. I love Nintendo but I know they do make mistakes and aren’t perfect.

                    1. Honestly, the reason why I gave my Wii U away was just because I don’t like seeing stuff I bought go to waste and I just gave it to a family who I know love Nintendo but can’t afford it. I’ll buy one again soon though, I’m just hoping by the time it happens all my issues get corrected. (Note I only hate on Nintendo blindly when there is fanboys to piss off ;) haha )

                      Honestly the controller feels great, just I wish it would be used a lot more than it has been.

                      1. That was very nice of you by the way to give it to a needy family, and if you don’t re-buy one I ain’t gonna be upset, if its not your taste, thats totally kool. I’m sure they appreciate the gift.

                        1. Oh no I probably will end up buying one again. I have an undying love for the Smash Bros series.

                          1. Me too dude lol when you do we’ll have to exchange IDs and play! I assume the online will be kickass. They HAVE to have learned from brawls atrocious lagtastic excuse with hardly any options and forced Timed Matches. Its all about Stock lol. And for the love of god tripping MUST be either optional or taken out all together. If it was an option nobody would have cared, and people probably would even have used it every so often to change up the match. And even change how often fighters trip. Now so many people are turned off by it from being forced to have it that I don’t think anyone would use it for a while even if the option was there. What do you prefer brawl or melee? I like both for different reasons, I think melee over all for some reasons although when I went back to play it a year ago after not playing since brawl released, the controls seemed delayed or off and my friend and longtime partner in smash brothers said the same thing. I think the game was more balanced though. Can’t wait to see this Nintendo/Namco collaboration. I hope it lives up to its hype and blows them all away. Oh I actually have a longtime love for the original too. Captain Falcon was killer on that one, as was kirby with his air kick combos. Lol I just smoked a bowl so after typing all this I’m getting super psyched and wanna play some smash right now but I’m at work and didn’t bring my wii u with me today.

                          2. hey have you ever played kirbys air ride on the game cube? i wish Nintendo would make another one of those. its a great ip to pull out of the belt. spent countless hours playing it as a kid. that and smash bros melee had me playing gamecube for countless hours on end.

                            1. I think I did, not too sure. I’ll go watch some youtube vids to see if I can jog my memory XD

                              1. lol i just want a new one for Wii u. in my opinion it was equal to if not better than Mario kart. they even had a mode where it was basically open world and different things you did triggered events and stuff. it was so simple you and your friends could make up games or role play and stuff and just have a grand old time. if they made a new one for GameCube ide buy it day one no if ands or buts about it lol

                              2. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

                                It’s fun to play with friends, especially the City Trial mode :D
                                GameGrumps recently posted a video of that:

                      2. I think the Wii u will be way better by the end of the year. frankly Nintendo fucked up on a lot of things, but I know that they will fix the online, show great use of the game pad with first party and second party titles, and deliver some amazing games. It is probably a good idea to buy a Wii u at the end of this year because that’s when it will really shine.

                          1. and its a good plan. if you had your Wii u I would add you but you don’t. your actually pretty fucking cool. I got the impression you were a blind troll until recently where I realized you only mess with blind fan boys XD. to me it only seems like you hate the Wii u because its in its early stages and hasn’t impressed you on many fronts besides the innovative controller which hasn’t be utilized to its fullest. I wonder how smash bros will use it…

                            1. Pretty much, and it didn’t get used so I though I should give it to someone who would use it like crazy. Yeah :P Messing with fanboys is fun, you should see how Xbox fanboys react, if you were to ever annoy a fanboy, go to an xbox site ;D

                              1. lol I don’t even need to go to a site I go to a school full of them. specifically one. he’s one of the guys that thinks he’s the worlds best gamer and only plays sports games, cod, and ac. its hilarious that he thinks he’s a hardcore gamer.

                                1. Ugh, I get sick of these people who go “I’m such a hardcore gamer bruz!”.

                                  In fact I just hate these labels in general.

              3. If this would happened then that mean Xbox 360 would get this game as well? And why not put it on Wii U since some of the fan base do have Gamecube in the past. Only thing I can think of is that it is only in Japan release since PS3 base is majority of Japan base beside Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

                  1. The didnt even finish the world map for dawn of the new world so their isnt an overworld the game got the sales it deserved. They cut things.

                  1. yah that’s the reason its not coming (if it isn’t we don’t even know if this rumor is true), the install base. Namco is practically in a love affair with Nintendo so its nothing against them and the tales creator himself said we would get the games when the install base is better so lower your weapons Nintendo fans XD

                  2. Wii U has like nearly 4 million consoles with only 6 months worth of games. Thats freaking awesome. Its only going to be on the uprise.

                  1. Because those kind of people usually go to gaming site than “Nintendo”, “Sony”, “Microsoft”, etc.

                      1. Get a Pc man. Dont give those shitty companies your money ._. But if you want Nintendo games get a system. Its pretty damn functional

                    1. You know what’s noy sensible?
                      Thinking your opinion is the be all end all and anyone that says “no thats dumb”, or “thats your opinion” gets called a “faggot”.
                      Welcome to 2013, man child.

                1. I don’t think its fair to call someone an idiot just for owning one console. I own a PS3 and a Wii and a Wii U, so I am not a 1 console person if I see stuff I like, but what if you only like the games on one system and another system only has ONE game its entire generation that appeals to you, are you gonna buy a system for that one game?

                  1. It’s people have the mindset of “I love Nintendo, so I have to hate Sony and Microsoft!” that pisses me off. If someone only ones one console but respects the others, I’m fine.

                    1. I will gladly say that I hate microsoft but my reasons go back to them buying out Rare and companies like that just so they wouldn’t make games on Nintendo, and put an end to great game series like banjo kazooie. Rare didn’t make the games microsoft wanted, they just used their money to buy them out. By doing so they robbed ALL gamers of lots of great games that could have been made. Xbox is pretty much shooter fest. Thats why I hate them and will never own their consoles. But I love Nintendo and Sega and I’m also a sony fan but I don’t have as much love. Hating a company just cause its competing is dumb, but as I stated I have my own reasons, not just because I am a Nintendo fan. There are lots of fans of all 3 companies who have the mentality that you speak which sucks. I’d be a liar if I said I don’t want to see Nintendo do well, but that doesn’t mean I want them to be the only company around. If you are here for the gamers then come on in. If you screw gamers over and buy out companies so the games they make will not be made….fuck you.

                      1. yeah ott, i couldnt agree more, i hate microsft for to many reasons, they suck have no games and the ones they have they all ready milked. they destroyed rare, which i think made better games than nintendo and for that time thats incredible and do so many more things that piss me off. i wish the sony fanbase could be with microsoft so when they hopefully die everything can be good. just sony nintendo and the other stuff.

                          1. if they werent so dumb about bringing a ton of great games from japan over like fatal frame. then i wouldnt mind them. if they bought the ips back from rare and like retro made a lot of them, that would be awesome. i think maybe nintendo sees now that it needs to bring pretty much all the great japanese games over now. they are bringing x over. also they know that they will have a lot of japanese support and localizing them. the 3ds looks like it. since that will probably be there main source of games. ill wait and see, but if they dont give us die hard great titles again when the system has no support otherwise, there is no way im going to deal with that again.

                          2. If Nintendo brought Rare back and the old members went back to it (alot of its members left, some even went to Retro I believe) I would love it. Imagine having Retro Rare & Nintendo making games for the Wii U. Diddy Kong Racing 2 (FINALLY) Jet Force Gemini 2 (FINALLY) Banjo Kazooie, bring back King K. Rool to the Donkey Kong series and the kremlings. There are others of course but you get the point.

                  2. I find it very hard to believe someone who only buys Nintendo stuff doesn’t like stuff that’s on other consoles.

                    If someone can’t afford more than one thing, fair enough, but that’s normally not a problem for anyone over 16

                    1. Not everyone over 16 can afford a lot of stuffs. I talking about being parents and students. Sure they rather pay more for consoles (I would), vacation, and stuffs but not educations, foods, and etc. I am lucky that I didn’t have children or else I be in debts. XD

                      1. Yeah, because “only” Nintendo can deliver more attention to detail and gameplay.

                        Guacamelee, Fez, Sound Shapes, Hotline Miami, ect ect. Are all about flair and cinematics.


                        1. Man, im so glad someone else played Guacamelee xD was fun as hell. Except for that “Mega Man disappearing blocks part”, FUCK that part

                      2. You’re the type of person im exactly talking about.
                        And honestly, it’s less about Sony’s exclusives (i dont like many of the ones from this generation, and only God of War 3 was great in that series), its more about multiplats. Multiplats not on a Nintendo console. Like Tales of Symphonia

                    1. I like the idea with streaming the demo’s, but streaming PS3 games has me worried. Here in Australia for example our infrastructure is absolute shit (Unless you live in the city).

                1. I know right.
                  It’s such a pain having to unplug my HDMI cable and put it into my PS3.

                  But in all seriousness, not allowing digital games as backwards compatible is bullshit.

              4. can someone please tell me why the fanboys on this site are so psychotic. It’s not even funny how you are so aggressive, because of something so trivial. Does it really matter whether or not it makes it to the wiiu? Unless they add more content, I could care less if it doesn’t make it.

                1. Because they missing out a lot of games and don’t have extra money to buy other consoles. That’s why fanboys complaining! :P

                2. Believe it or not, it seems to be a very small group of fanboys who just use alts. It’s quite sad to see, a lot of people on the site are actually pretty cool.

                    1. I honestly don’t understand why he hasn’t been banned. I’ll happily get banned myself if it means he gets one though.

                        1. As far as Im concerned y’all are apart of the problem. Just ban everyone but Jellybean (but If I see you wasting your time baiting people anymore I will cut you) and the other guy

                          1. That’s the thing, I don’t have to do anything to bait people. I can have a comment that makes me sound like a Nintendo fanboy and they’ll still come on and go nuts.

                    1. alts = multiple accounts.

                      Troll Whisperer, Troll Patrol, The Observer etc

                      They are all Just N-Dubs alts.

                      1. The term alts came from “alternative” which used a lot in MMO games and forums. It could be described as accounts, characters, and etc. I just want add that. In this case which jellybean946 said it is a multiple accounts or rather “alternative” accounts.

                      2. Ahhh I see lol. I’m kinda new to comment sections and only go on here and there, lately more so but I won’t spend my whole day on it like I have seen other people do.

              5. Dont you fucking dare Namco Bandai. If an HD remastered version is indeed in the works, put it on the Wii U, keep it with Nintendo.

                1. I think it should be release for all consoles. But I think Namco Bandai feel that there is not enough install base from Western, Xbox 360, and Wii U to buy this game.

                2. seriously?if it wasnt on sony it probably wouldnt become popular. nintendo had its chance to tales of graces. didnt even bring it over, same with ni nu kuni. its getting noticed and getting localised so let it be. sony fanbase is the main tales fanbase. thats how its even getting brought to anywhere lately. so who cares honestly it feels like a sony thing now anyway. it might even be on more than one console so at least its going to happen

                  1. ^ Invalid Tales of Symphonia was the most successful title in the West and was only released on the gamecube in NA/Europe

              6. dang haha i was just talking about this earlier today that every tales games go to the ps3 even if they were made for a different system. saying that the syphonias are the only ones that havnt….. looks like its going to happen!!!! haha

              7. Please Namco, make it for Wii U as well! It was on the GC where the game got popularized, and the PS2 version didn’t even come out of Japan. Please, make it for Wii U as well, we deserve it!

              8. WHY NOT Wii U!!! I hope a lot of HD remakes come to Wii U as well!!! Come on SQUARE ENIX…BRING KINGDOM HEARTS HD REMIX 1.5 TO WII U!!!!

                1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. Because Tales Of Symphonia DoaNW sucked ass, Emil was a whiny bitch and the VA for Lloyd wasn’t as memorable as Scott.

                    1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

                      I didn’t like the fact that you fought with monsters instead of characters on your team at all.

                    2. If you cared for the romantic interest, ToS2 left an undesirable after taste, the only thing it did better than ToS was the combat, excluding the fact that you had to use monster as team mates and that all characters from the first ToS had a level Cap. Story was bland.

                      Tales Of Symphonia is still my favorite Tales game. ToS2 was ass.

              9. who the fuck still play these generic ass JRPGs anymore i mean i haven’t played a Jrpg since illusion of GIGA which was a classic if that game was made in HD i would buy it in a heart beat. HEY i know how about we ask Square to remake that game instead of FF7 cause honestly i don’t know why the hell FF is still around i mean it all went down hill after 8 or 9.

                1. Xenoblade is great.
                  But i agree to an extent, but that’s only because Chrono Trigger made every JRPG after a disappointment.
                  FF7 < Chrono Trigger

              10. Uh, you guys do know that this is just an obscure rumor right?
                You guys are arguing like its 100% confirmed already. O.o
                I can make rumors too. *Clears throat*

                “Hey guys! An inside source tells me that we might be seeing Metal Gear Solid V on Wii U!!!!”
                Instant Troll bait.

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              12. DarklordNintendoFan

                Wait… if the original was on the Gamecube, wouldn’t it make more sense to release the HD remake on the Wii U? They could even make it a multi-plat release. Release it on the PS3 and Wii U. Maybe even the 360, if it behaves itself.


                  1. Even in Japan it was originally released on Gamecube then ported over to PS2 with more content. Similar to Resident Evil: 4

              13. Nintendo Commander


                The Namcodians get to work with one of our most sacred games and they do this?…

                This is not acceptable!

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