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Venture Beat Says Nintendo Should Have Bought Ouya, Wii U Dead In The Water


Venture Beat writer, Dean Takahashi, firmly believes that Nintendo should have acquired Kickstarter sensation, Ouya. Takahashi says that Nintendo desperately needs to bring hit franchises to Wii U, and he believes that the deluge of indie software for Ouya would have helped the ailing console. He went on to say that Wii U has had a shortage of hits, and the big games from top publishers either haven’t materialize or alternatively they didn’t sell well. Takahasi concluded by saying that Wii U is now dead in the water.

“We’re not sure what the valuation was, but Ouya just got a lot more expensive as a potential acquisition. Nintendo should have grabbed it while it had the chance. Nintendo, meanwhile, had its window to sell Wii U game consoles during the last six months. It had a shortage of hits, and the big games from top publishers either didn’t materialize or didn’t sell well. Nintendo generated some good digital revenue through the app store on the Wii U platform, but it hasn’t had a huge breakout hit on that front. Now the Wii U is dead in the water.”


161 thoughts on “Venture Beat Says Nintendo Should Have Bought Ouya, Wii U Dead In The Water”

  1. umm yea give it till wii u all morons said the same thing about the 3ds and look at it now best console of all time litterally! so yea give it time and it will shine! SMASH BROS and mario kart will dominate like they always do for the big N

        1. My question is why the f*** did the owner of this site post this bulls*** story? I’m not sure if it’s to highlight the idiocy of the reporters… or to just upset Nintendo gamers with constantly bombarding them with messages of how bad their purchase was.

    1. It’s like everyone or these so called ”analysts” and writers expect Nintendo to sell 100 Million like the Wii every generation.
      As much as Nintendo would like to do that , it’s not that easy.
      If they sell say 40 Million Wiiu’s. That doesn’t mean it’s ”dead” , far from it. As long as Nintendo don’t lose any money on it , they will just keep chugging along happily.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        It’s what happens to pop singers. They have their first single explode with popularity and then their follow-up can never match it. That’s not saying the follow-up is worse, it is just impossible to match it.
        Ex. Gangnam Style.

        1. Wrong! There have been pop stars like Cher whose single BELIEVE became her most popular song amd that happened after +20 years of career. Or Mariah Carey as well, and many others.

    2. I’ts just people who don’t know about videogames bussines, they think angry birds is the best game ever….

    3. Who is Venture and why does their opinion matter? And Wii U is far better than ouya from everything I’ve heard about ouya. Doesn’t sound appealing to me at all. And anyone who thinks ouya is gonna be successful is kidding themselves. It ain’t gonna compete when the big 3 all have new systems out within the same year time frame. And if I remember correctly there was an article saying ouya was gonna have old NES or SNES games on it. How about no. Who is gonna respect a system that is taking legendary masterpieces that don’t belong to them on their system.

      1. They aren’t going to have old NES and SNES games on their online shop. That’ll be illegal.

        Instead, they’ll provide emulators to play ROM images of those games.

        Emulators themselves aren’t illegal. Afterall, Nintendo uses inhouse emulators for their virtual console service.

    4. Precisely. I wish someone would make a Nintendo news site that doesn’t report on EVERY little idiotic statement some random dev makes. There are a ton of great games on the horizon. It’s not dead in the water. It hasn’t really even left port.

    5. Nintendo needed ouya and now it’s to late, graphicly amazing ouya would have changed everything for the wii u. GOOD GOD WHAT HAS NINTENDO DONE

    6. But it should still have some good Indie titles to go along with it!

      When there’s a lull in game releases, it’s always great to hit up the digital store and find a really neat indie game worth purchasing. It’s something the Wii missed out on and even the 3DS should start doing more of.

      Wii U and 3DS could be great for indie developers and their insanely creative games.

    1. Taking names to kick butt in a little while. Venture beat just joined the list of morons that shall eat their words.

  2. Venture what? Oh I thought this would be something more relevant than one persons opinion… Wrong. Keep on downing the Wii U, this fall we will see.

  3. LMAO. The Ouya is fucking nothing. Who , WHO wants to play shitty fucking smartphone games on their TV ? They don’t even have proper aspect ratio’s….

    Wiiu will be fine and do ok once it’s proper games come out. With Nintendo their own first party content is what really drives their hardware. This will be no different.

    People are really overly dramatic when it comes to this console business. Using terms like DOOOMED , DEAD. They never say things like ”Not quite as successfull as they would of liked”.

    Whatever anyway. N64 sold 30 million consoles. Gamecube sold 25 million. My two favorite home consoles ever. Nuff said.

    1. Exactly fuck the ouya I have NO respect for it especially after hearing they were supposedly gonna put NES & SNES games on it. I’ll boycott them if they try that lol.

      1. Nope, it’s just open enough that you’re free to put emulators on it (and there ARE tons of decent homebrew games like D-Pad Hero and the Super Bat Puncher demo, so don’t go bringing up piracy). You can do that on any Android device ever or any computer ever.

      2. Except they wouldn’t just put NES games and SNES games on their marketplace, as they aren’t legally allowed to do that.

        What they CAN do, however, is provide emulators so that others can feed ROM images to it so they can play it.

        The Emulators themselves aren’t illegal – it’s only the ROMs (provided you didn’t rip them yourself and you’re not distributing the ripped ROM).

        Afterall, Nintendo actually uses Emulators for their virtual console service..

    2. The OS being used has absolutely nothing to do with the type of games, and it’s Android because it seems that’s pretty much the only non-PC platform where indie developers are free to do whatever they want (after a one-time fee of $25, as opposed to Nintendo’s super expensive development kits and licenses), so they’ll be able to get started right away.

        1. – “Pricing for a development kit starts at approximately $2500. Financial stability is expected by Authorized Developers in order to purchase the necessary development equipment for your project.”

          $2500 is a bit much when Ouya and Android in general let you just develop on the device you already have.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t think I am on this one, but isn’t nintendo still in talks with steam? Not publicly available talks? About certain business ventures… Yeah let’s keep that in mind when reading this dreck.

  5. Only problem with Wii U is lack off major 1st party titles. As an early adapter who was promised a MUCH stronger launch line-up and window, it has been a long time. However; this is from a consumer’s view, not business. Those Wii U’s will be selling like hotcakes as soon as first party titles arrive, which will make the 3rd party developers more interested in developing as well.

    Nintendo only needs 1st party blockbusters, everything else will follow. Something that almost everyone knows, but many people conveniently forget.

    1. And it seems like a double edged sword. 3rd parties complained with the Wii that Nintendo was releasing so many blockbusters that it left no room for them. Now the 3rd parties refuse to release because the Wii U doesn’t have enough blockbusters moving the system.

      1. Which is ironic considering it’s partly due to lack-luster effort on the part of third parties so far that has contributed to the system not moving like it COULD.
        The best Wii U has gotten recently is Monster Hunter Ultimate, but what it really needs is new games, not ports.

  6. Nintendo always starts off slow but comes back with an awesome library of games later that year give it some time. Just like the 3DS which has all of its great games coming out now

  7. The Wii U might have struggled on the launch but what console hasn’t? Nintendo has their hit titles coming out soon while going to show a lot more this E3 and plus they got really great Indie support that can help them keep above water till them…and to be honest i have never heard of this “Ouya” before..can somebody fill me in?

    1. Nope. Including Nintendo.
      They are doing better with the WiiU.
      BETTER, but not great, and I can guarantee you they are not pushing as many consoles as they thought they would.

      People ARE going to buy this shit If Nintendo doesn’t give them alternatives.

      We keep chanting the same games like a mantra, “Game A” will show up and boom, “Game B” will arrive and turn the tide!

      Well Nintendo just fucking wasted MONTHS delaying 1st party content. Where the fuck is Smash? Where’s Metroid? Where’s starfox? Where’s Zelda?
      RIGHT! They’re on their way…

      I’m not saying they should have released them all at launch, but to ONLY give is another “New Super Mario Brothers” and that’s it for the entire fucking launch window?

      Come ON Nintendo, you fucking machocist company. Make a fucking Move!

      *Meanwhile, enjoy’s his 3DS*


      1. PS. Thank God for Indie dev games like Runner2, Little Inferno and the non-indie Dev Unisoft.

        Let’s just ignore the fact that WiiU is at least a year late. Let’s say Nintendo deliberately soft-launched WiiU, and is pulling their big guns out when the competing consoles show up. You know flank them.

        That’s a great strategy, except the hardware isn’t getting any younger, and would have been considered “underpowered” even if it launched a year early.

        Look, I’m just saying, in the Movie “300,” You didn’t just see the Spartans sitting on their shields sucking on lolypops, right? That’s what it feels like Nintendo is doing. And the persians are coming…

          1. Pretty Much How I view Nintendo. Huge consoles come threatening their hold on the gaming space, then Nintendo Kicks them down a well.

            But I do get cranky when I see them dragging their ass. You should you been on this site when the 3DS launched… Oh I was sooo bitchy.

            At least WiiU has a kick ass browser (The Wii’s was a joke)

            I think, for Monster Hunter Fans, everything is fine. They got a new installment to pump hundreds of hours of gaming into the console. For those of us that haven’t joined the MH rave yet, we’re starting to get a little hungry for software. >:(

            Still, My 3DS is getting a workout with Fire Emblem, Soul Hackers and Luigi’s Mansion.

            1. I agree. The Wiiu is full of potential. But it’s like Nintendo is deliberately doing things wrong :/ .

              Where is an Art academy game HD for Wiiu where you can put your pictures up on miiverse and be able to full screen them.
              Why is there no leaderboards on NSMBU with challenges a la Rayman.
              Where is the DLC for Nintendo land (a game primed for DLC if there ever was one) .

              They need to BLOW us away with the up coming Directs they do.

              There IS lots of amazing looking games coming to Wiiu though that we could go on all day listing….. But I agree , Nintendo did a poor job with the first 6 months of the Wiiu.

            2. Oh and I would like to add , I FUCKING LOVE my Wiiu and I have bought many games for it already and played the crap out of it (the honey moon period).

              But we need Games like Pikmin and Wonderfull 101 , Mario , Zelda thick and fast now to give the console some real identity and push.

      2. PIKMAN was suppose to be a launch title, where the hell is that at… Being finely polished. Wii u is doing well only people complaining about it are the Sony/MS fans that are being highly deluded. They aren’t going to push the millions and millions they think they are. Especially with their competition being their own respective last gen consoles with Wii U releasing the smash hit titles starting this year onto the consoles life cycle is over. just because their wasn’t a grey market for the console like the Wii it’s a failure… No it’s not… It’s just realistically released.

  8. Ouya is an always online system, extremely low spec and only “handheld” quality games can be played there… I dont think I would buy a desktop console for it… I would stick with my PC only and definitely, I would never buy a console with always online games and services… Except if they pay my bills to, for the internet and phone… The same thing reflects to ps4 and 720.

    1. PS4 nor the next XBox are “always online”. They can be played offline. Do research before you make yourself look like a dumbass next time, ok?

      1. The ps4 dosnt but nothing still have ben said about the next xbox. Still the xbox will be the toughfest console to people buy this next gen.

            1. Common sense also. Why would they have online only when PS4 doesn’t? All they’d succeed in doing is helping Sony sell PS4s. They’d have shot themselves not just in the foot, but in the head as well. It’s suicide for them to have online only at this point.

              1. But common sence also dictates that the always online of the xbox was recently remove and the sole though that they where seriusly about using it makes me not trust the xbox brand also pay to play online sucks.

      2. no its a trap… They say… PS4 and 720 got the technology for online drm, but the developers will decide if they want it… So.. they are basically frauds… They shouldnt implement this technology from the first place. So the victims will pay for these craps, will eventually end up in a year or 2, in an always online system. Capiti?

      3. Wrong according the the conversation via twitter with the Guy who works at Microsoft and the Xbox division and that developer he was asked “What’s this about always online” the Xbox Guy said “everything is online these days phones and such live with it” then Microsoft made him post again and apologize for saying something he wasn’t supposed to. So the Xbox 720 has a very very high chance of being always online.

  9. Ouya? You mean that baby’s console that no sane person will buy? Yup Wii U sure the fuck is “dead in the water” against it. -_-” Ouya is a piece of shit.

    1. Ikr. now you know how the mentality of gamers/developers works? Buying OUYA… (insert double epic facepalm here).

  10. dead in the water. the fuck! it’s not even a year old yet. are people fucking stupid. I promise you all the nextbox and ps4 are going to be in the same position if not worse than wiiu when they arrive. it’s not nintendo’s fault. it’s the varied industry fault.

  11. The 3DS is telling the Wii U to use all this nonsense and fodder.

    3DS= in 2011 the run adds saying the ps vita was a game changer that would drown me, patience my little bro Wii U your glory is upon U.

    Wii U = Capcom, Nintendo EAD, retro, SEGA, Namco Bandai, TT games, Criterion, WB, Disney, Square Enix, Activision etc are feeding me baby food so as I grow progressively, thanks for the advice mighty Atom any big bro 3DS.

  12. lol and what great games are dropping in the first 6 months for Ouya? None. Pay $100 to play angry birds on your TV, good luck with that. Guess the Wii U will have to catch a ride with the 3DS considering it was in the same boat 2 years ago, but now is heralded as the “console of 2013.”

  13. Nintendo Commander

    Another pathetic lifeform with zero intelligence and only garbage for words…

    Once our main titles are released, our Empire will put these primitive fools to silence…

  14. ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhaha
    the ouya, the worst makerting intent of innovation
    the worst idea ever
    and analyst say that Nintendo is dead for not buying it ??????????????????


  15. Honestly what I think is going on is people have grown up, technology has sped things up, and people have alot more free time, and are far more aware of time in between game releases and such. And unfortunately alot of people these days don’t seem to have anything to fill in the time in between and thus have become far more impatient. They have become more aware of the time between releases, yet somehow LESS aware that this is the way it always goes with new launches. Mankind as a whole can’t keep up with the technology it produces and we are kind of at a stagnant point where everyone is waiting for something big and just waiting and waiting instead of doing something in the mean time.

  16. One of my favorite music composers, for some reason part of this song sounds like parts of Donkey Kong Country 2…I’m probably alone on this lol but enjoy the peace and tranquility in the mean time.

        1. That is Ott lol (I’m not actually him, just use his name for my profile here). All 3 of his albums are amazing chill music like this. He’s from Twisted Records and pretty much everyone on there has chill music like this. Shpongle is another one on there I highly recommend.

  17. Though I agree that Nintendo has done a terrible job at selling the system, it’s still too soon to say Wii U is dead in the water. People were saying the same thing about the 3DS when it launched, developers and analysts alike were convinced that the 3DS was going to flop badly, and they milked their belief that they were right during the 3DS’s first few months. But then the heavy hitter software came, Nintendo fixed the marketing problem, and brought the price down to a reasonable price point (whereas Wii U is already at a fair price point), and now the 3DS has become one of the most successful consoles ever released. Though there were doubts about how well it would do, and though Nintendo did a bad job with software releases and marketing in the first few months (which are ironically the exact same reasons why the Wii U is doing badly now) Nintendo still managed to turn it around, and much of it has to do with the popularity of their franchises.

    The problem with how analysts approach Nintendo is how much they underestimate Nintendos first party content. At one point, they think Nintendos games alone would not sell the 3DS, but that got debunked right away. The same thing happened with the Wii, it was pretty much sold by Nintendos own software alone, which broke 100 million units. Now look at the Wii U. There is next to no Nintendo software out for this system, nor is there any marketing, and Nintendo fans know that when Nintendo releases a new game, they make darn well sure that the public knows about it, and knows what platform it’s on, whereas they make little to no effort to advertise third party games, which is what dominates the Wii U right now. There is currently only one Nintendo game out for Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U, which isn’t a seller to even Nintendo fans.

    I know this has been said countless times, but it’s very true. When Nintendos first party hitters come, the Wii U will soar, because as if it’s enough that these games sell shitloads already, Nintendo will advertise the shit out of them, which will increase awareness of the Wii U as well. I can’t tell you how many Nintendo fans I have talked to who said they didn’t buy a Wii U because they’re waiting for the Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash, and Metroid, because there are so many that I lost count.

  18. Actually I am waiting for the Wii U version of Zelda to come out, and then get the game+console one time.
    Still waiting…

    As for Ouya…. why the heck do I want to buy Ouya to play Android games and restrict myself to the television when I can play them anytime anywhere with my beloved android device? If I want to stuck to TV, I will get a console… and that’s why I am still waiting…

  19. The writer of this piece also said this:
    “Apple is being chased by Google’s Android, and Ouya is riding on that wave, too. Console kingmakers Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard appear to be pulling the plug on Wii U versions of their games. Activision Blizzard isn’t making a Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and EA isn’t making a Wii U version of Battlefield 4.” While we all are aware of the EA no BF or Wii U debacle, there has been no mention from activision that they are not making ghosts for Wii U… Has there? I haven’t seen it, but apparently this guy has some inside scoop or he’s just a pompous wind bag that states opinion as fact! Also “kingmakers”. Is a bit extreme, they publish yearly entry’s into the same franchises not a whole lot if “king making” going on there.

  20. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Im so tired of these dumb ass people talking out their asses. Its obvious they dont look at history or know a thing about buisiness. WIIU is going to kick some serious tail very soon.

  21. I don’t know guys. I mean the low cost consoles usually sell well. I mean OUYA is only $99 compared to a lot of devices. I rather play other consoles (including PC) even the previous generations such as Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube than OUYA. If OUYA sales is excellent then I say it is because people rather buy low cost consoles for Christmas gifts.

    1. Don’t put yourself in the dumb ass category. Stupid Western developers and prejudiced morons are the ones that hate nintendo. Nintendo has outshines all their pathetic contraptions starting with the idiotic Atari 2600 and ET. There started the butt hurt.

    2. Though that is true, the cheapest systems usually have good games. Paying $99 for a console to play android games on isn’t going to sell I believe. The people who buy cheap games like angry birds buy it cause its cheap, $99 is cheap for a console, but not when the games you are gonna play on it are already on your phone or tablet.

      1. To be honest. I am not sure if OUYA going sell or not. I know almost all gamers dislike OUYA but that does not mean that parents are inform will not buy this console. I sure most of the kids rather than have other consoles but instead they got different one due to parents’ affordable limit. I don’t think most gift buyer give a rant about android games on OUYA due to the fact it is a game console with games regardless of good or bad games its have.

  22. the PS4 and the Nextbox are gonna face even more trouble(being not a se cheap as WiiU) and then they totally ignore the entire issue they may face, and bash toward Nintendo just because they are paid to do so

    Also, Ouya is just a lame intent of console(which I may get as a collector’s item, seeing it is gonna sell few cuz its fail)

    1. The fact that Xbox 720 and PS4 are coming out the same time alone is going to crush each others sales, people fail to realize this. Throw in all the Nintendo games that are coming out this fall and winter, and you have a ton of divided sales. How many people are gonna buy both new systems at the same time? Probably not many at all.

  23. Dean Takahashi has always been a video games guy but he has been an Xbox evangelist during the beginning of the original Xbox. So I would take his opinion with a grain of salt.

  24. Because this is the first time ever that a console has had a rough start. Never before. Surely this is something for the History books, I tell ya hwhat.

  25. Someone better remember all these analysts name which continue bashing the wii u so when it becomes successful we could al go back and point this at them saying how exactly did you get this job? Speaking of which. I need rp find those 3ds hater analysts quotes Cuz I’m bored.

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! Now if I could just find the article from Colon Moroniarty on IGN that says the Vita will destroy the 3DS. Another one that’s great for a laugh.

  26. Ms and sony are offering developers consoles that are a significant next step passed whats out now. Nintendo may be doing that, but will eventually have nintendo games so it doesnt really matter.

    Ouya is offering none of that. Their ceo has NOTHING to speak about specifically because they have no strategy and the company on the whole knows nothing of the hardware/software games business.

    Ask yourself whos buying the ouya, then ask yourself why. Consider how much this thing is going to cost and keep in mind that emulation cant be commercialized. Honestly, how the F does ouya succeed?

  27. ouya mad lol ouya will never become a gaming giant get off the nuts. ouya is nothing but recycled phone parts

  28. What the hell is an Ouya? It looks like it ripped off the Game cube. What does that thing do? How is it pronounced? And Nintendo doesn’t need to purchase shit. They know what they are doing. Nintendo is older than I am.

  29. ouya sounds like a box that plays all those flash games I played in middle/high school and that’s it. It’s going to be amazing at first and then just become boring afterwards

  30. Ouya…that little gamecube rip off? Bwahahahahaha. Indie devs have been doing great on Wii U infraction in a way they have held the Wii U up. Any dev who says Nintendo is dead in the water either is a new Dev team who doesn’t know how things work in the gaming industry or simply a Nintendo hater. Never doubt Nintendo. Nintendo let 3rd party’s go first most ended up saying fuck you Nintendo so blame Nintendos generosity. Ha fucking Outage what a joke.

  31. I honestly have no clue how anyone can think the ouya can possibly succeed. Why would nintendo, or anyone else for that matter want to buy it when their own systems are far more capable and have a much larger library of quality games?

    1. Ouya could be nice little console in room of small kids. It’s quite cheap and it can play angry birds and other games kids like to play. It’s better option than giving kids expensive smart phones because they lost or broke them anyways.

  32. The fact that people this stupid actually get paid a salary is a crime against nature and humanity.

  33. Considering that the biggest appeal to this device is that it can Illegally play Nintendo games, This thing is a Joke.
    It won’t make a dent in the overall Game industry.

    1. The biggest appeal is that you can put whatever programs you want on there instead of it being locked down and that anyone who wants to can develop for it, and to claim that emulators only exist for piracy is to ignore all the homebrew games that exist.

    2. Exactly what I said, how can anyone respect a system that allows you to play stolen games from other companies? What games do they even announced that have the people who funded it so excited?

  34. in my opinion the best “ouya” (if thats how its spelled) that can play NES and SNES is a PC that can emulate them, also the #1 is the VC for nintendo platforms.

  35. don’t see what i’d do with an ouya… many smartphones can already be connected to a TV via HDMI and to a controller via bluetooth and they even offer their own screen for mobile gaming which the ouya doesn’t and of course many of these also offer considerably higher graphics performance than the already outdated ouya.. even the old console generation dwarfs the GPU power of that device
    not to mention that a smartphone is also far more versatile than the ouya but that’s a given

    so if i ever had any gaming needs with a totally underpowered platform i’d buy one of those smartphones…or maybe this bugger here:

    costs less than half as much and since it uses a mali 400 GPU it offers roughly the same performance

    the ouya is meh in every respect but i suppose people who don’t know any better will still buy it

  36. Oh my god, it’s been out for 6 fucking months… opposed to 7-8 years, come on people, cut it some fucking slack, the PS3 was a disaster its first few years, now everyone loves it.

  37. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

    The Wii U is dead? That’s gonna come back and bite you in the butt when the new Smash Bros and Mario Kart games come out.

  38. OMG it has not even been out 1 year… usual lifespan of a console is about 6 years before the next is released… can we please WAIT until 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda WW, and loads of other cool games come out first before we say the Wii U is dead in the water…. omg do some research… people won’t be criticising it this time next year, but whatever…

  39. What a stupid thing to say about Wii U being “dead in the water”. Although I do agree that Nintendo should have been behind the indie scene long before now. At least they are rectifying that mistake now.

  40. Pingback: Dean Takahashi, de Venture Beat: "Nintendo debería haber comprado Ouya... Wii U está estancada" |

  41. The Ouya is the thing that is dead in the water, anyone read the reviews on that thing? Terrible is about what sums it up. Plus Nintendo is already working towards getting ios games to run on the Wii U which is a much bigger market then the Android market. Saying it’s dead in the water is certainly a bit too eager at this point given that nearing the end of the year is when all the big games are going to be hitting. Also, another point is that the Wii U is still selling on par with the 360 and PS3 after they were released. Sounds to me like this dude is just attempting to make headlines.

    1. I would like to see a source cited as far as iOS games on Wii U, but considering nobody else on here actually cites anything, I won’t expect it.
      It’s also not fair at all to go based on reviews of something work-in-progress that hasn’t even hit its official release yet, and the problems mentioned in them are being fixed anyway.

    1. This is a very good article and yep I am one of those victim. XD Good thing we know what it is now. (It is actually a lot better than I thought.) Only time will tells.

    2. Yeah, I never said any of the misconceptions that are listed there. It was a month or two ago now where a journalist reviewed the Ouya, yes, fully aware it is still a work in progress. The point of it was that it has a very far way to go before it is actually ready to go live. There were many issues with the machine. The OS had issues, the resolution had serious issues with compatibility with TV’s and it was running extremely slowly at this point.
      Here ya go
      That was just a quick google search for it. It was originally mentioned a few months ago and is still in the works.

  42. Higehigebandit156

    Omg, I can’t wait till all the naysayers get proofed wrong when Nintendo releases those quality titles they’ve been working on.

  43. This has gotten way beyond a joke.

    I can’t take these ‘Nintendo/Wii U is dead’ bullshit stories any more. What the hell is WRONG with these people?

  44. ;-; wiiu dead? Nope. It is simply hibernating.

    For the next three months the only thing you will see when you search for wiiu is people either complaining, trying to start a flame war, or trying to discourage people buying the wiiu. It pisses me off. Why can’t we just like all consoles? Competition is good (because no one company has complete control over what options consumers have) but trying to eliminate a company so it can become third party is stupid. And people trying to justify hating a system because they can’t afford more than one is also part of the problem. We NEED different options so companies can’t be lazy in creating there games. I’m pretty sure Nintendo would have released games like pikmin 3 or luigi’s mansion 2 early if we didn’t have competition because they could do whatever the hell they wanted then. The overall gaming experience would be glitchy and we would be heading for another crash.

    1. The issue here is that people hate on Nintendo because they have amazing proprietary games that are only released on Nintendo consoles. So it essentially stems from jealousy and as you said, people not being able to get more then one console. So there is an issue here. Nintendo consoles since the SNES haven’t had that great of a backing form third party companies which are almost what completely make up the other consoles. However the games that Nintendo make are so stellar that they are good enough to sell a console and Nintendo won’t budge on making games for other consoles. This is where the hate comes from generally. Some people also don’t want to purchase a console just for a few stellar games, which has been the unfortunate fate of the last decade. My myself I have gotten by with the Nintendo and PC, but that there in lies the problem. To be able to play all the games I want to I need more then one system and most people weather they can afford it or not don’t want to have to have more then one. It will be interesting how everything turns out.

      1. Nobody said dead, they said “dead in the water”. You guys should google the phrase. It describes the current situation exactly.

        What “amazing proprietary games”? Mario-style run-and-jumps? Zelda? Seriously man, it’s 2013. Those kind of games are precisely the type that are played on a phone or tablet today. They are worth two or three dollars per license, not the 30 bucks they hailed ten years ago. Do you think anybody is tearing their hair out over the rights to Donkey Kong? Those games have become generic. Proprietary blockbusters worth their salt are games like Halo and Call of Duty. They bring in the numbers and the cash. But that is a level Nintendo simply can’t match. EA shunning the WiiU is a catastrophy. They own half the blockbuster market, if not more than that. Geeky manga-styled monster slayers will never come close.

        Nintendo screwed this one up, and they hardly have time to fix it, because companies that already have a head start where the WiiU falls well short (home entertainment system) are getting ready to release their next-gen consoles that will overtake the WiiU where it currently is ahead (full-HD gaming).

        They were completely insane to release it with that lame lineup and nothing, absolutely nothing in the pipeline. The Wii U doesn’t even do what an average smartphone can, stream audio and video, DLNA, etc. The damn thing doesn’t even run old Wii games truly natively as promised, you have to run them in an awkward emulator of sorts. Their own software! Thanks to google’s immeasurable ressources we at least have youtube and street view.

        Making blockbuster games costs insane amounts of money these days, and unlike a few years ago, studios are threatened in their market share and are not willing to just dish it out. Consolidate and focus is what they are doing, and it’s no wonder the Wii U isn’t in that equation. There’s nothing focused about it. Where are all the family games? The Wii has a ton of them, I was expecting those to be ported over in no time at all. Heck, practically all they need to do is up the resolution. Instead: Nada. I bought it on a promise, but I feel now I don’t even have a prayer.

        And unlike with the 3ds, time is a luxury they don’t have here. The Sony/Microsoft steamrollers are almost upon them, and people don’t want to buy three high-priced consoles anymore, and if they get a Blue ray player included, that’s $100 they can deduct from console price and book as a blue-ray player. Run your windows 8 tablet games off your console? Perfect. Sony outmanoeuvered the WiiU controller two-screen selling point by integrating their tablets. Touché.

        I really hope they are utterly, completely panicked at nintendo, because any lesser effort than a fight to the death and this thing will sink.

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