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Sylveon Is A “Fairy-Type” Pokémon?


An anonymous, supposedly ‘genuine’ source claims that the rumored “Fairy-type” is a new type of Pokémon that will be introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. According to the source, the newly discovered Eevee evolution, Sylveon, is “Fairy-type,” and is weak against Poison and Steel-type Pokémon, immune to Dragon-types, super-effective against Dragon, Dark and Fire-types. Below you can read more rumors on “Fairy-type” Pokémon, along with some unconfirmed details on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

  • Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon take half damage from it.
  • Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy, such as Mawile (Steel/Fairy).
  • Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one. Both are activated via items.
  • The professor’s English name is Patrice.
  • The Starter final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Fighting, and Water/Dark.
  • The first Gym is Bug, the second is Fairy, and the fourth is Fighting.
  • A few attacks will be dual-typed.
  • There will be a new type of battling style that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
  • You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility. You will be able to boost the EVs through mini-games. It will take about two hours to get one stat to max EVs.

147 thoughts on “Sylveon Is A “Fairy-Type” Pokémon?”

    1. Once again, this site is pretty poor as far as gathering information goes.

      The same source posted ALL of the english names of the newly revealed pokemon BEFORE they were announced and the name of the new electric type move. That’s why these rumors are now pretty relevant.

    1. Fighting is the “Light” type.
      Part of the Japanese culture is that “fighting”, or the art of martial arts, meditation counteracts evil, and darkness.

      Get over it.

      1. I heard that story a shit ton who gives a fuck if its considered light as fighting… there is a light element and you and me know this and so do the Japanese so get off your high horse and accept that fighting is not light idiot

        1. “There’s a light element”

          Yeah guys, remember when Dark, Psychic, Ice, Flying, Normal, and Dragon were all elements?

          You’re fucking stupid.

          1. When You Think About It A New ‘Type’ Is A Good Idea, If Pokemon Does Release A New Type (Or Maybe Two) Then They Set The Bar For Future Games. The Pattern Here Is Simple, If You Watch The Anime And Play The Games You’ll Understand…

            Kanto: Starting Region, First Pokemon Region.
            Johto: Introduces Two New Types, Steel And Dark, On The Process Reclassifying Some Pokemon.
            Hoenn: Just Added More Pokemon And The Contests
            Sinnoh: Added More Pokemon Evolution’s And New Pokemon

            Unova: (Watch The Anime) Seems To Completely Wipe All The Past 4 Regions Pokemon, Earning The Nick-Name ‘The New Kanto’ It Also Starts A New Trend Of Country Based Regions (Unova Being Based On America)
            The Sixth Region (Whose Name I Think Begins With ‘R’ But I Can’t Remember): If Following Pattern Add One/Two New Elements And Fairy/Light Would Be A Nice Addition (But It Doesn’t Suit Mawile Very Well)(This Region Is Also Based On France)

            If The Pattern Continues We Should Have Two More Country/Continent Based Regions With The One After ‘R’ Having Many New Pokemon And A New Thing To Try, And The Fourth Country Based One Clearing Up Any Missed Evolution Or Prevolution Opportunities.

            Sorry For Ranting.

            1. Oh And One More Thing, Eevee Evolutions Already Include,

              Flareon – Fire
              Vaporeon – Water
              Jolteon – Electric
              Umbreon – Dark
              Espeon – Psychic
              Leafeon – Grass
              Glaceon – Ice

              Eevee Herself Is Normal, And The Whole Purpose Of An Eevee Is To Evolve To Suit Its Surroundings.

              The Pokemon Team Have Never Considered Any ‘Mineral Class’ (Rock, Ground, Steel) Eevee Evolutions. And A Dragon Or A Normal Type Eevee Would Be Pointless Due To Type Dis/Advantages.

              Flying Or Poison, Although Highly Demanded By Pokefans Everywhere Are Still Probably Locked Away Behind A Drab Looking File On A Computer Somewhere.

              That And ‘Sylve’ Means Forest Or Woods, Like Where You Would Find ‘Light’ Or ‘Fairies’.

              I’m Pretty Sure Though That, One Day, We Will Have Gamefreak’s Equivalent To Toxeon And Aereon.

              1. Wait, Forgot One More Thing.

                France Has Many Fairy-Tales That Involve Fairies And Divine Beings. Also In The Launch Trailer You Notice A Castle-Like Structure In The Background, Perhaps A Plasma Reference Or Perhaps A Medieval Folklore Reference, Leading On The Dragons And Fairies.

                And Upon Further Reflection If We Have A Dragon Type, Surely Something Like Fairy Is The Opposite. And The Poison Advantage May Be Because Of Fairies’ Supposed Healing Powers.

      2. Ahh whatever, all i know is Fighting and Dark is the match up, so shoving Light in there would make no sense, unless they were to add another type.

  1. Cool.
    Like i’ve said before, fuck with the system.
    Sticking to a “don’t fix what’s not broken” ideal is stupid, because it restricts or completely cuts off any chance of good chance and something new, which is the main reason i hate the Halo games, or rather their annoying fanboys.

    1. Y’know, perhaps this sort of thing is what spawned the existence of Genwunners. Not the new designs, the fact they added in Dark and Steel types in Gen 2. Now we’ll have genwunthoughfivers. Fuck you Gamefreak, I remember when getting a normal type meant something, etc. other stupid shit like that.

      1. Genwunners are a bunch of whiney.
        Genwunners are the type of people that would willingly let a video game crash happen, because they want something “they way it was before”. No, fuck those guys.
        Change is what NEEDS to happen, especially to a franchise as old as Pokemon.
        It’s exactly the same as people who defend COD, and Halo, and Assassins Creed, and Uncharted 3, and the recent amount of just “above average cash in games”.

        1. Or those who defend same old Mario-rescue useless Peach, slightly better graphics, last/all boss Bowser, Bowser get big(agian)unexpected! &pointA to pointB 2D. something new is why I like PM, SMRPG, SMB2, Mario Tennis(gb&color only), the gb games& SSB.

  2. I notice the Professor name is neither a tree, nor bush, nor flower. I’m not saying there’s not a new type, but I’m not going to trust this source just yet.

    1. If you say Patrice right, you end up saying something that sounds like “Trees” That’s it though, kinda disappointed the didn’t use an actual type of wood.

  3. Just searched up “Patrice” not a plant or tree. The rumours may be credible but should also be taken with a grain of salt

  4. I wouldn’t mind this, I’ve been hoping for a new type for a long time. Also dual type moves sound awesome.

  5. Hah.. Have fun with a entirely restructured Meta-game with that new type. Adding an 18th type will throw things for a loop. Seriously though. No way Sylveon could be a Fairy Type. There is Fairy Classification for the Pokedex and Egg group making that a type would be a little absurd.

    1. Your logic makes no sense.
      So basically what it has a “perfect meta game”?
      So when they brought in Steel and Dark, they fucked it up, right?
      When other Pokemon’s types changed, or when double/triple/swap battles were made, they fucked up?
      What about held items, EV training, breeding, pretty much every new addition since the original.

      Shut the fuck up. You didn’t make Pokemon, know who did? Game Freak. Know who’s making this one? Game Freak. Call me crazy, but i think they know what they’re doing.

      People like you, piss me the fuck off. Whiney little bitches, who don’t want games to everr change, or ever fo anything different.
      Fuck you. You wana play Pokemon as it is now? Go play Black/White 2. You want a Zelda that’s “just like Ocarina”, go play Ocarina. You want a Mario thats “just like World, or 64”, guess what? Go play those games.

      Change is good, you stupid twat.

      1. Steel and Dark were made to balance out the types that were unstoppable in Gen 1. Psychic raped everything. The only thing that beat Psychic was Psychic. Besides if they were going to add more types they would have done so earlier and not leave it the same for over a decade. Because yeah that’ smarts. And insults? That makes you lose any argument right there.

        1. Electric as well are at a disadvantage.

          The type system is not perfect, and as i already said, YOU didnt make Pokemon.
          I think when the creators add a new type, they actually think about it.
          It doesn’t matter “how long it took”, that arguement is pointless.
          Get over it, stop being a whiney bitch over a developer adding something new, ironically, something Nintendo famboy love to spread around at how COD isn’t new (FYI, i agree, there are stale IP’s out there, but some people on here are being a bunch of hypocrites)

          1. Higehigebandit156

            @TheDragon234 I’ve been waiting to come across a sensible human being on the internet for a long time. Sick and tired of the narrow-minded assholes who think they’re the only one the video game is meant for.

        2. you forgot Bug destroy Psychic in Gen.1 but the problem is there was only like 1-2 bug attack

    2. haha, already confirmed at e3. sylveon, as well as marill, gardevoir, and jigglypuff are fairy type, as
      well as the type being strong against dragon.
      to be perfectly honest, i love it so far.

  6. wonder why it’s weak to steel or poison for that matter. immune to dragon hahaha. now that’s hilarious. only interesting rumor is mewtwo’s two new forms.

    1. It’s weakness’ sound more like to be in favour of weaker types, or nerf stronger ones.
      Poison and Steel kinda have it tough, poison is only good on Grass, and Steel is only good on Rock, while Dragon is really OP.
      Fairy looks to add more balance to the system.

        1. And that’s it.
          Meanwhile you have type’s like Dragon which aside from being naturally OP, all their moves, and stats being the OP part im referring to, they also only have 2 weakness’, and nothing else, and can damage every type of Pokemon.
          Poison is laughable. There’s unbalance in the type set up, and for the 3rd time on this post, YOU didnt make Pokemon, i think if they added a new type, it would be fine. Seriously, are all the people complaining only complaining because they have some online set up, probably OP as fuck Pokemon, all of which as negatively effected by the Fairy type? Or are you all a bunch of sexually uncomfortable homophobes that dont want a “Fairy” type in a game?

          1. What the hell am I complaining about exactly? Did I say anything about negative about the changes? Answer: no. Did I complain at all about new types throwing off balance everything? Answer: no. Am I against changes to the Pokèmon formula? Answer: no. In fact, bring them on. I want too see what new thingw are added to this one. The only thing I don’t want (and thankfully it’s not happening) is another fire/fighting starter. There’s been enough of those. Go in another direction. So relax already. Don’t let genwunners get you all riled up.

            1. It wasn’t directly aimed at you.
              It’s just all day, i’ve been talking to absolute idiots, about WiiU, Halo, ZombiU, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, just reading the dumbest shit ever, and it’s riled me up something fierce -.-

      1. Steel may be effective against few types, but it resists everything and their mother. It’s a defensive type.

      2. Pretty much all the type matchups have made some sort of sense, and I just can’t get my head around why “fairy” would be immune to dragon, or especially weak to poison or steel?

    2. It’s weak to steel, because according to lore, fairies are weak to iron.

      Believe it or not, they don’t have to pull stuff out of their asses for this type.

    3. In some stories, fairies can’t come into contact with iron, it burns them. Steel is the closest thing to iron in pokemon. As for poison…fairies thrive in clean, pure forests or something so poison would hurt them? I guess? I’m reaching. The steel makes sense though, very clever.

    1. EV training was SO annoying in 5th gen. I hated trying to EV train in defense. -__- With this new way, I won’t have to waste weekends trying to get the Pokemon I want! :D 💋

      1. Let’s be real… You’re a mentally ill, manchild, basement dwelling loser with the IQ of a vegetable and even thinks he’s a real life Pokémon. You and I both know you do nothing BUT play Pokémon all day everyday. (Weekends my ass…)

        1. This is one of those guys who needs to get off his computer, go outside, and stay out there. Play basketball or something, because clearly you’re one of those people who shouldn’t be on their ass, typing up complaints to people on the internet. Get with the times and stop being a troll.

  7. Im not buying this rumor. Dual types would make it too complicated. I really don’t want a Fairy Type. A Love Type would be so much better and less work cause they wouldn’t have to fix older Pokemon. Really hoping Chespin’s final form will be Grass/Dark and Froakie will be Water/Fighting cause that way everything is strong against everything.

  8. Yeah, no, don’t believe it. At all. There may be a new type (I’m still sceptical of that), but this is clearly just cashing in on pre-existing hype. There are Pokémon specifically based on fairies, it’s not going to be a type. Details such as those starter types (which people have been going on about since at least the build up to Gen IV), and Mewtwo having two new formes…just no. So much no.

    1. Yeah, it’s not like there are Pokemon specifically based on bugs, pollution (poison), ice, ghosts, dragons, plants, or anything…

  9. I just hope thing is true: the fire starter’s dual-type. No more fire/fighting types please Gamefreak.

  10. I don’t get why so many people are complaining about the addition of a “fairy” type…Is it the name fairy that these people are against? cause that’s just pathetic. I look forward to changes in the pokemon series, and I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Who wants to play the same shit every time they release another game? If that’s the case just keep playing red/blue on your old gameboy system…

  11. I hope the visuals of this game is like mystery dungeon gates to infinity, cause some of the cut scenes were amazing.

  12. Of all the theories about slyveon, THIS IS THE MOST STUPID INSANE IDEA EVER! IF THEY ADD A FAIRY TYPE AND ADD DUAL TYPES AND KEEP ALL THE STUPID MISTAKES IN 5TH GEN (like multiple use T.M.’s, stupid looking pokemon, that the idea is in the show is now befriend them all insted of catch them all), THIS NEW GAME WILL BE SO DIFFERENT FROM RED AND BLUE THAT IT WON’T LEGALLY BE ABLE TO BE CALLED POKEMON.

      1. that was one of the best changes. It was impractical in later gens and people would just cheat loads of tms anyway

  13. tbh honest i liked gen1-5 and im very satisfied with the 4 new pokemon,starters, and legendaries, but the mewtwo form is one of the dumbest things ever and Im not so sure adding new types would be that great of an idea

  14. I don’t believe this. According to this: Sylveon was shown on Pokemon Smash to be strong against ice types, which is not one of the strengths that the rumor listed. While I do think there will probably be a new type which may or may not be associated with fairies or magic or love, this anonymous ‘genuine source’ just sounds like someone taking advantage of the existing hype.

    1. I thought about double-typed moves a couple years ago. Then I thought… gosh that would only make the meta game even HARDER, lol! Well, hard or not, it sounds wicked cool! Can’t wait!!! 💋

  15. First, I have to say Pomemon X and Y keeps getting better and BETTER!!! Also, these “rumors” sound really true. I believe them. 💋

  16. Do us all a favor.

    Choice 1: Change the name of the website to



    Watch: “I (A reliable source) have proof that I cant reveal yet that the 7th gen of Pokemon has already be started in development and it will launch 1 year after the 7th. Pokemon will follow the popular Call Of Duty games game rate and become a yearly released game. 1 Gen every year.”

    See how stupid that is?

    1. Everything the Japs make = gold--no questions asked; no logic applied.

      You’re not to far off from the reality, ironically… Just take a look at the time within the lapse of a year: Black & White, Black & White 2, and now, X & Y. That’s without even counting all the spin-offs. …FUCK!

    2. Everything the Japs make = gold--no questions asked; no logic applied.


      This is why I don’t even bother buying the first releases and choose to wait until the second. As anyone else with a single working brain cell should know, you’re getting more of your money’s worth by waiting for the second of its kind.

    3. ...&this's why I support those who hack this PoS game. Say bye to all those ribbions&event Pokemon u obtained fairly (traveling, winning competitions)&time spent EV/IV training. Gamefreak says:"LOL, suck it--all two inches&cont. kissing ou

      …However, if it’s true that gen 6 will have no compatibility with gen 5, I will not be supporting this company buying their game full price, rather I will buy/borrow it from a friend & hack the rest. A new type is already ridiculous as is.

  17. I am pretty excited! Please take a look at, as it has quite a few things confirmed that haven’t been mentioned (I think) on this website. Such as *confirmed* new clothes and accessories!

  18. Gamefreak knows shit lol by balanced you mean turn psychics into a liability smh they a joke like poison stupid chinks. They just want to cockblock old games to ensure 3ds sales fu shitendo ill hack x and make moral fags my bitch

  19. Im hacking this garbage fucking chinks made all my black 2 train for shit nomore fu gamefreak im not doing all that catching ev bull no more shit if a game console has no backward support but on pokemon its a good thing to block fu im hacker now fu chinks

  20. Oh thats why they made ds first they knew they cockblock a new game for lols like red and blue money greed crooks all that bullshit to get event pokemon FOR SHIT THEYLL DIE LIKE MY SURFING PIKACHU FU GREEDFREAK I HACKER NOW U BRICK ME LOL BRING IT BITCH

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  23. cant wait to see this this could be the best pokemon games yes two new mewtwos cant wait for this game i wonder if sabeye will be new too

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  25. I don’t know if someone has already mentioned this (as I didn’t read all the comments,) but I have some further evidence that the rumor of the Fairy type is true.
    As you can see, each Eeveelution has a little background and badge to represent their type. Sylveons’ is pink, egg shaped, and with a little fairy-reminiscent wing badge. The egg shape could be in reference of the Fairy egg group, perhaps all those Pokemon will be discovered to be Fairy.
    I saw on a Youtube video that said the source this came from was the same source that leaked Gen 5 designs or something. Could be true or false.
    I think Fairy is a fair type to make, we need a new type so Poison and Steel aren’t as useless, and we need something more to combat dragons. Besides, I’d love seeing a Clefable take on a Raquaza!

  26. I actually like the idea of the Fairy Type. For quite a few reasons. One, fairies are one of my favorite mythical creatures tied with Dragons and Hitodama. Two, although it could mean bad news for Hydreigon and Scrafty, Roserade shouldn’t have a problem with it. Besides, Poison needs more type advantages. Also, Spiritomb and Sableye have weaknesses. Too bad, Wonder Guard h@x0rz.

  27. A new type would add so much more strategy to the the game, and cause some old strategys to be rethought. Ive been looking all over the web and came to a few conclusions
    1# fairy will translate to light in english.
    2# the source of this was very reliable- he told the creator of pokebeach this at the same time he told him the names of panchan, helioptile, gogoat, and fletching in FEBRUARY! we have to take this guy/gal seriously.

    I dont understand why people are hatin. they dis this in gen 2, and no one was hating then. even if it was to balance out psychic type, light (as i will be calling it) could potentially make dragon more balanced- ditto with poison. dual-typed moves will also add tons of strategy to the games. the two mewtwo forms im really indifferent to. like, really if ur not openminded youll never succeed in life, especially with the innovations in our era. really, pokemon is going to change. If you want a series that is always consistent, go play halo. By the way, im a 12 YEAR OLD. really, all you older fans who dont want any change are more close minded than a 12 year old.

    1. WELL said. Although I don’t thing dual typed moves would be good. picture this:

      Dark/Ice type (sneasel) uses a dark/ice type move against a ground/psychic type (baltoy). Just think, its a double STAB move so double the power, then double it again for ice weakness, then double it AGAIN for dark weakness. Say this move had 120 power, that would mean 120*2=240, 240*2=480, 480*2=960. Wayy toooo overpowered.

  28. the new types will be fairy and demon.
    xerneas will be fairy/fighting.
    yveltal will be demon/flying
    the two new forms of mewtwo will be psychic/demon and psychic/fairy.
    sylveon will of course be fairy type, and there will be a new demon type eeveelution to complement it.

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  30. lay off u bunches of shit nuggets a new type will be cool and so would two new types so what if one sounds a little feminine if you want something to complain about complain about your lives because if can argue for argue for this long about a frickin fairies then there is somethin wrong with it. change is good and if i’m 12 and i understand this than u guys have problems.

    p.s. 12 year olds rock

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  32. Confirmed things from the list until now:

    – Fairy will be a new type. It is super effective against Dragon.
    – Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy.
    – Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one.
    – The first Gym is Bug..
    – There will be a new type of battling style that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
    – You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility.

  33. This is coming from a Pokemon fan. I am NOT interested in this stupid HALF-ASSED game. Pokemon turned to shit after GEN 3 FOOL!! FAIRY types suck so bleah!! You GENWUNTHROUGHFIVERS can go ahead waste your money on this worthless game. See if I care!! The new Mewtwo forme looks ugly ass hell!! Game Freak should cancel this game already because I hate them now!! FUCK YOU GAMEFREAK SONS OF BITCHES!! HOPE YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD!! The 3DS was just a waste of MY MONEY!! At least I destroyed it and no I will NOT get another one. Pokemon is DEAD to ME now!! OCTOBER 12 MY ASS!! Oh, and I still HAVEN’T bought Black 2 or White 2 and there was a guy who said he’ll fucking bet me $20 if I buy the game. I end up buying the game, I haven’t. So I didn’t buy the fucking game!!

    1. well, why are you telling us this on a pokemon website? if you are so hate filled towards pokemon, why are you telling us with swearing? everything you just said could have been said by just stating your opinion, but you resorted to foul language to rile up the crowds that like it. you never even stated why theyre bad, other than the fact that the new mewtwo looks ugly. and that is not a valid reason at all.
      so please, if you are just here to troll, leave. tell your friends your opinion and let them agree. just stop trying to get everyone to join your little hate group or just start swearing at you..

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  35. I read these comments and laughed so hard. I have Y right here next to me and I’m evolving my eevee into sylveon as i type this. So many ragers, so many dumb arguments…My metagross is shaking its head xD

  36. So is my Tyranitar, Gardevoir, Blaziken, (life long friend) Sylveon, Chestnaut, Xatu, and my army of Generation 4 pokemon, including (but not limited to) Moltress, Ho-oh, Lugia, Groudon, 2 Meganiums, 2 Typhlosions, Venusaur, and the 26 Unknowns. I’m basicly showing that Pokemon is about Catching Them All. Not yelling about some new type or pokemon. Get on my level. #15ForLife

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