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EA Says It Has No Games In Development For Wii U



EA has confirmed to online gaming publication Kotaku that the company has zero games in development for the Wii U. EA publishes a number of hit franchises, including Madden, FIFA, The Sims, and Battlefield. Company spokesperson Jeff Brown wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they may develop for the console in the future, but for the time being it looks as though we won’t be seeing any EA games on Wii U.

“We have no games in development for the Wii U currently”


230 thoughts on “EA Says It Has No Games In Development For Wii U”

      1. EA does not deserve the title of “Worst company in America” by any means, anyone who believes they do is ignorant of the world they live in. The only reason they won (or lost) the Consumerist poll is because most of the people voting in it were enraged gamers.

          1. Yes, the have made some terrible business decisions and the quality of their games has seemed to gone down it the last few years but personally I think Square Enix would take the crown for worst video game company in the world.

              1. EA and then Capcom. But to be fair, EA just announced that they plan on getting rid of the 10 dollar online passes. So that’s something good.

                1. Am I only one who tought those were good thing for dev’s(?) and publishers?
                  Although I’m not a big fan of EA, I think they have the right to receive some revenue, for keeping the servers running, thats not cheap.
                  Though I think maybe 5 €/$ would have been more fitting.

            1. Why? I’m not arguing but I’m just wondering. They have had some bad games, but also a few decent ones (3DS games)


        2. Ignoring that in order to not be worst company, a developer must not be biased and favor one console over another.

            1. I actually agree. As far as business ethics and proper etiquette that is down right shameful. But the fact of the matter is that is was a public vote and they won/lost it. It is what it is, and news like this certainly has its roll to play however it should be called worst video game company or the like. I’m a fan of all the consoles and good games in general and I’m sure many would think poorly of EA for announcements like this.

          1. Ya know, although you make good comments, it is REALLY annoying how you always say “ignoring that…” It was funny the first couple of times, but when you do it every post, it loses its touch very quickly. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, your comments are spot on.

        3. Now this is matter of opinion, not fact.
          Please, don’t keep mixing the two.
          He has different opinion than you, accept it (not his opinion, but his right for his own opinion)..

        4. Hellstrike(from my wii u)

          you dont say? feeling any smarter? they are the worst company in america in ppl’s eyes. what else do you want? a party? lol

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Screw them assholes. Their games are shit anyways. The only one I can tolerate is Mass Effect lol. All their other franchises are straight doo-doo. At least in my opinion anyways.

      1. I haven’t even bothered buying a Sims game since World Adventures. EA seems to poison everything they touch. If the gaming world weren’t so enamoured with them and their games (despite claiming to hate them), then I’d say “good riddance”.

      2. And that is from Bioware, a great company that EA purchased. However with that said they don’t seem to have been as good lately. The first ME was okay. Kind of a rip off of their earlier work on KOTOR with a changed battle system. I personally preferred the battle system in KOTOR as well. They screwed the pooch with SW:TOR though.

      1. perhaps. I care, but at the same time not so much. They haven’t brought anything new to the table but a couple of their franchises are okay.

  1. Aww man so this really means we won’t be getting the HD trilogy of Mass Effect on Wii U. I hate EA!!!! I also hate how we won’t be getting any Dead Space or Battlefield. Screw them!!!

    1. Dead Space, Battlefield and Mass Effect are thre fine examples of below-average good games, shipped during beta phase only so you can pay for content.

      Apart from their bad gameplay design there is always a lot of technical issues and bugs scattered across the non-quality products from EA/UBI/ACTIVISION.

      Look for: Indie, valve, blizzard and Nintendo.

      1. errr, blizzard is part of activision bud. Also considering the server bunk up when D3 was released I wouldn’t say they are flawless.

      1. there shit scared of nintendo and there superiority wii and DS near destroyed them thete INEPT 3RD PARTY TYPES THAT DONT GET IT



  2. They will definetly release sims 4 on wii u but i seriously don’t understand why ea is hating nintendo so much.

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      They did the same thing to Dreamcast. They are some greedy fuckers is all, always wanting exclusive rights to something, or else they pull 2 year old tantroms. This time it will bite them in the ass, because thousands of Nintendo fans are boycotting/refusing to buy their bullshit. I hope EA gets what is coming to them. God dont like ugly.

  3. No FIFA for me this year so. Guarante you EA will be the first publisher to get behind the Wii U once it comes good, f€@king hypocrites

    1. And by then they will be out some half done version, like the 1 player Madden on 3DS. Then, they will ask why it doesn’t sell and quit making games for it.

    1. I think I’d rather have them learn it the hard way. They can waste the money and then loose the sales till they aren’t as comfy in their high horse and they will actually have to make and publish some decent games again.

  4. EA before: omg, WiiU is the best, we like it and will support it.

    EA: So nintendo, lets add Origin to the WiiU
    Nintendo: no

    EA now: WiiU is the crappiest console, it is shit and will not support new Engines. Sorry nintendo but our incomplete game wont come to your system. Bye

    EA in a Nutshell by PortalDark

      1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        No its not. Quit kidding yourself. Thats the only reason they did a complete 360(No pun intended). 1st they are excited and calling WIIU breakthrough and stunning power, now they troll with no end.

        1. Like I just explained to PortalDark. I never said I didn’t think it happened, I just reminded you it has never been confirmed.

  5. says the company that has been awarded as the worst company in america 2 years in a row.

    “Not my comment, re-posting because that comment was funny”

    1. In other news, the comment section in the IGN video about the whole Nintendo and Lets Players “fiasco” make me want to live on the moon.

      How does “watch my content for free, so i can make money” make any sense?
      Fact it, Youtube isn’t a place where people just look at cats anymore, it’s practically a television service, so like it or not, people should be paying for youtube.

      1. I agree. Also, the monetization on YouTube has gotten out of control. I’ve seen channels with less than 100 subscribers get partnered. YouTube has to set some higher standards in terms of that.

        1. Exactly.
          I mean, people going out of controlling, saying they aren’t going to buy Nintendo games anymore because of it, it’s like, what? The youtuber has no right to make money off their content, unless Nintendo say so.
          Right now, Youtube is the same as having Sky, and no paying for it. It can’t work like that. Youtube needs to grow some balls and say, “no, fuck you, this needs to happen”. That way, Let’s Players get paid, for some shitty commentary.

            1. Good, because it needs to.
              Lets put this into perspective.
              If people paid for Youtube, and Nintendo were like, “we want to put ads in your videos”, nobody would give a fuck

              1. I agree. It’s fair enough because Let’s Players are basiclly getting paid for other people’s hard work and it isn’t fair. But since almost every youtuber is partnered, youtube is charging a monthly fee just like twich tv for TV quality work so I guess it’s a start. I’m not saying that I support the “paying for youtube”, but it will make things more balanced.

              2. If people had to pay for Youtube…. bo one would friggen use it! People use it because it is free. 💋

        1. That’s true. I mean, look at non lets play channels like Gamexplain and Nintendomination.
          Will they get affected by this? No. Because they asked Nintendo, and now they’re partners with them.
          The people affected are just the people that are like “i can makes the money off the youtubes?!” Then put on a stupid voice, for no reason.

          The reaction from the public, is just embarrassing…

          1. The whole point of let’s play, or at least the point they had originally, was to showcase games that people didn’t know about. The people who this affects are the kind of people who title their videos “METRO LAST NIGHT – 1080P [XBOX360/PS3/PC] WITH COMMENTARY” as opposed to the people who are unaffected, and title their videos something like “Let’s Play Kirby’s Dream Course”. Passionate people who just play whatever don’t care, greedy people who use popular games to expand their channels will.

            As far as i’m concerned, this is for the better (not to mention a ton of companies already do it, some even removing the videos entirely).

            1. Exactly.
              The only people affected are the people who just want to make money, rather than comedy, thats why people the James Rolfe, Jontron, Continue?, Two Best Friends, all became popular, it’s the same with the movie reviews like Nostalgia Critic or Spoony (pre-insanity).

              Thats also why people like RoosterTeeth made their own company, they knew this shit was going to happen.

  6. EA before: omg, WiiU is the best, we like it and will support it.

    EA: So nintendo, lets add Origin to the WiiU
    Nintendo: no

    EA now: WiiU is the crappiest console, it is shit and will not support new Engines. Sorry nintendo but our incomplete game wont come to your system. Bye

    EA in a Nutshell by PortalDark

  7. Good! No one likes you EA! You tell lies and are a bullshit company! Why don’t you shove your stupid Mass Effect up your worst company in America ass!

    1. I do share your hatred to Mass Effect, Mr. MonsterHunterPro. The game is highly overrated. The best part about the game is it’s graphics. It isn’t even fun to play! They should rename it to Mass-ively BORING Effect.. 💋

        1. Ugh, I know :( Some give legitimate excuses which is fine, others though is just blind fanboy rage.

        2. There’s a simple salution to you and jellybeans problem. Don’t read the fuckin comment’s. Idiots.

          1. This^ Whenever someone has a different opinion from them, they call them idiots. Oh, they also use the phrase “The stupidity is strong with this one”… a LOT! So not Kisses! 💋

            1. Not to mention that woofer has opinions and facts completely mixed up.
              Tells you to accept others opinions, while refusing your right to your own opinions.

  8. EA yall might as well not support Nintendo ever again because no Nintendo fan will support you ever again after the shit you pulled this generation

        1. What? That I’m not a blind fanboy?

          Just because EA doesn’t want to support the Wii U, doesn’t mean others aren’t allowed to like them and there games … Geez Eric, never knew you would become so immature.

  9. Im sry for you EA but we are not any companys life boat. The ea games will come when they realise that the ps4720 are not moving consoles or games has fast has they though. Also this are old news.

      1. It has happened before with lots of video games companys look at thq midway and acclaim even tought acclaim was sabotage from the inside. My point is that those companys became big making exclusives for Nintendo and when they though they where better than Nintendo they die.

    1. same. Tried Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 mind you, and hated it. No way points, characters are bland, it is super hard and is unfriendly to those new to FPS’, the story feels like it just goes on and on and on forever! Best part are it’s insane graphics. It truely is a beautiful game. Especially for when it came out! 💋

        1. Third person, first person. It doesnt matter! The game still doesn’t do a good job helping those figure out how to play the game. 💋

  10. so ps4 and next-boxt online services will be based on that fucking shit called origin, lol
    BTW i never liked ea, never had -and never will have- faith in them

  11. Lost of people buy EA games like it or not, all this will mean for the WiiU is that less people will buy it & thus more developers & publishers will stop supporting it.

    I hate to say this being a Nintendo fan (supported) but they screwed up with the WiiU.

    1. Everytime I hear someone say they “lost faith” in Nintendo because of the Wii U, I literally roll my eyes. Nintedo will turn it around in the future, I mean this is Nintendo we are talking about!! They always make it right! SNAP OUT IF IT NINTY FAN!!!! 💋

      1. He didn’t say he lost faith. Just giving the FACT that Nintendo screwed up the WiiU launch… BIG TIME.

        We have a shit OS, slow and far away from user-friendly and with no modern gaming features. We have no good games for months. All this with an extremely high price tag.

        Moreover, the hardware will feel like ancient in two years.

        1. Well most of that is opinionated. I think the Wii U’s OS is fine. The only wrong with the Wii U is the lack of games. Which we will be getting very soon. I am very patient so it doesn’t bother me. I think the hardware will feel very new for a long time. 💋

          1. I like to stay with the facts.

            The hardware in the WiiU performs very poorly, however it is energy efficient. My 2 year old budget PC, worth less than WiiU if you would build it today outperforms it so damn hard.

            The OS don’t have proper multitasking, chat, voice chat or an online platform comparable to 360/ps3.

            These are facts and you can not argue with them, only accept them as it is.

            1. Well I prefer not to chat online. So it never occured to me to even check if the Wii U had these functions in the first place. I assure you I will not be buying PS4 or Nextbox. I have little care in the world for Microsoft and Sony. I only care about Nintendo. Honestly, the specs mean nothing as long as I get my Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, indie games and VC games. Thats all I really play. No more and no less. So Wii U is prefect for me :D 💋

  12. The punch-line in it would be, if they ever changed their mind, that Nintendo refused them in some way to release on their platform.

    But after all, it’s all business, videogames and hate doesn’t really contribute with anything positive anyway so – yeah, EA – your hating sucks! Worst company in America, twice? Well…

  13. And why the actual FUCK are they doing this? EA has finally given me a reason to hate them as much as everyone else does. I’m literally baffled as to why people refuse to make games for the wii u.

  14. Guys does someone know why my Wii scratch both my Super Mario Galaxy Dics and Mario Mart Wii Dics and now my Wii U scratch my Animal Crossing Dics does someone know why this keeps hapening? This is really making me mad i’m even thinking to stop playing Video Games! =_=’

  15. This is good news? EA games are a huge pile of dog shit. The only thing EA does well is to disguise their dog shit in successful hype campaigns. Just look at how all games they release gets so hyped up, but once they hit the shelves there is nothing but whine and trashtalk! A month later nobody ever speaks of the game anymore.

    I rather have one good game than 1000 EA shit games. Its hard to resist buying their games becauseof hype, I admit, but there is nothing but disapontment and horrible game design under EVERY title.

    1. I would strongly disagree with your opinion that “all EA games are dogshit”.

      Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect trilogy, Dead Space 1 & 2, Shadows of the Damned, Dante’s Inferno, Brutal Legend. All great games form EA in the 7th gen.

      1. No. Literally, these games are shit. I’m simply not in to “games” where story and spent money is more important than giving the player a fun time.

        Don’t get me wrong, a good story is nice to have, but if the story feels like a scrapped Hollywood movie (hello mass effect), then the game is better without any kind of story.

        Examples of good stories in games:
        Half Life, Zelda games and Warcraft.

  16. Disappointing in a sense, but not that disappointing. On no! We don’t get more madden, more call of duty rip off, more (insert weak and watered down ea franchise here)?! What ever shall we do? We will continue to play the games that are released for the Wii U and not think twice about the dreck that EA is shoveling onto the other platforms. Games I’ve purchased that EA Published… In order:
    FIFA 2002 (ps2)
    Mass effect 2 (360)
    Mass effect 3 (Wii U)
    NFSMWU (Wii U)

    That last one is the last one… Period!
    Four games and I’ve been playing games since the Atari 2600, so I think I will get along just fine without them!

    1. I forgot tiger woods for the original DS, so make that give in over 25 years of gaming. Don’t feel like I’m missing much with this information.

        1. Only game I ever tried from EA is the first Mass Effect. Never played an EA game before that and probably will NEVER play another game by EA again. 💋

        1. Wishing a whole company to go out of business making thousands lose their jobs. Those people have families to feed and unemployment will bounce higher. You want all that to happen because you don’t like a video game company?

              1. ea is objectively the most hurtful company to the gaming industry right now, and apparently wanting them to stop being so is a problem.

                and fanboy of what even?

                1. Nintendo.

                  It would hurt the industry … a publisher that big leaving? Stop looking at it from a moral stand point and you may finally be able to understand.

                  1. nintendo? why?
                    you need to be a nintendo fanboy to dislike ea?
                    i guess my gaming pc (which i spend most of my time on) and ps3 are irrelevant?

                    removing a brain tumor will have side effects too, it’s still the better option in the long run. i don’t care about how much money an industry makes, i care about quality. because i’m a consumer, not an investor.

            1. “I’m a butthurt fanboy who wants a whole company to perish because I don’t like them, sending thousands jobless who have families to feed and possibly damaging the gaming industry a great amount” – sosukebzr

                    1. Also, you just proved to me that you don’t know what economic means. Loooooooooool.

                    1. Over the last few articles you’ve proven to be nothing more than a blind sheep. What happened to you man? You use to be cool.

                    2. I don’t think you understand.
                      What he’s trying to say is that not EVERYONE in the company deserves to lose their jobs because they are doing what they’re told.

                    3. And at the rate EA is going, they WILL tank sooner or later unless they support the Wii U.

              1. This is idiotic…this is a prime example of liberal type economics…”This company is too big to fail, people will lose their jobs, blah, blah, blah”…First, its always emotional bullshit, which completely drowns out logic. Second, a company who destroys what gaming is for the sake of profits going out of business is a good thing for GAMING. Thirdly, people losing their jobs is not as terrible as your emotional argument makes it sound. This is how capitalism works. Either another company will come in and pick up the market share(or multiple companies, which creates new jobs), or other existing companies will see more available market share and ramp up production, thus requiring more workers for the increased output. Bad companies will anf SHOULD fail. You don’t and shouldn’t make money by selling products people don’t want, or by trying to change the landscape of how games are played and purchased because you have weight to throw around, just to shift the landscape in order to support your less than ideal to failing business model in the eyes of consumers.

          1. This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve read on this site. I don’t even care if this is an old article. Why didn’t anyone bother to call you out on this crap?
            You act as if EA hasn’t made a ton of (once great) companies go under with their bullshit, much less haven’t fired people all the time. Or that those people who are passionate about their work can’t just get employed elsewhere. OR that it’s not the fault of the employees for working at that company in the first place, and not transferring out at any point during all these years of stunts leading up to winning a “golden poo” award.
            Like that guy said, unless you have stocks in EA, you shouldn’t give a shit. By your logic any company should be allowed a free pass just because they have people working there. Horrendous argument.

  17. the more EA speak the deeper they dig there own grave THIS IS GROWN MEN IN SUITS RUNNING A COMPANY JESUS U COULDNT MAKE THIS UP


  18. Lol, that’s fine. After Sim City I decided to stop buying EA products all together. This just makes it easier.

  19. I’m disappointed in EA, genuinely disappointed. Whatever it is that’s making them do this they just need to drop it, it’s seriously unbecoming of them. If they are trying to prove something, or be spiteful, or whatever it may be it’s not going to do them any good they aren’t accomplishing anything.

  20. So here’s what we aren’t getting:
    – more sports games
    – more generic fps’s
    – more reboots
    – more valueless dlc

    I think I’ll live. Thanks EA for not cluttering up the wii u wall in retail stores with all of the garbage that you publish.

  21. Disney might get on their asses about star war games since both disney and nintendo are good buddies

    1. If Disney does not require EA to make the Star Wars games for Nintendo it will be the biggest back-stab in recent memory, far far worse then EA stabbing Nintendo in the back.

  22. I really hate EA and don’t like their games, however their games on the console may boost sales. If the Star Wars games are perfect, then I would want to play that on the Wii U.

  23. No Madden or FIFA for me, then.
    Whatever, I’ve got a whole library of other stuff to play. Hell, I even have EA’s old games.
    In fact, I think I’ll play some 007 Nightfire.

    1. Lol do we really want EAs games on wiiu? As long as mass effect 4 comes to wiiu i couldnt care less.

  24. LOL! Does anybody care about EA? I sure don’t. But from a business standpoint, it sucks that they aren’t supporting the Wii U. Someone must have really shoved a stick far up their butts or something.

  25. Didn’t we know this already based on many articles that were featured already on this site. Hits?

  26. Besides Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, I can’t think of EA games I like. But a lot of people like Mass Effect, Madden and FIFA, and EA is making Star Wars games in the future, so this could be a very big loss.

  27. The only good games EA probably ever made was back in the cartridge format days. When they called themselves Electronic Arts instead of EA. If even then. And I’m not talking about sports games. Ugh!

  28. Nintendo Commander

    And this is the final nail in the coffin…

    Goodbye Electrons, maybe one day you are free from the Xbot’s corruption…

  29. EA should be the “Worst Company” not only in Ameirca but also in whole world……
    Yeah, I’m neutral in first party consoles, but I’m mostly a Nintendo fan….
    Also, I still like EA just for simulation and PopCap games. However, I don’t like the attitude of hating Nintendo. And because all the things EA cares is MONEY!!!!

  30. Im so confused with EA, Wii made Tiger Wood amazing!

    Why do they decide to hate Nintendo so much, Nintendo are still the company that started video games. Its shocking that EA could just say there is nothing and its as simple as that.

    If they own the engine, they should try to get it working, I dont believe they have even bothered putting a week or two into it.



  32. They might not have any games in development for the Wii U, but they WILL. Disney has said that their future games are coming to the Wii U, and they own Star Wars. EA is making the Star Wars games… so EA will make games for the Wii U.

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