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Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda And Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Will Be At E3


Nintendo today re-confirmed that it plans to show attendees of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) upcoming Wii U games from the Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. franchises. This year’s E3 show floor opens on June 11th and ends on the 13th. Nintendo previously announced that it will not be hosting a major press conference at the expo, but the publisher will definitely be in attendance.

292 thoughts on “Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda And Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Will Be At E3”

      1. Zelda and Mario I’m excited about too, but Smash Bros is my favorite multiplayer series ever.

        Also, just curious, but what’s the source on this? Twitter/Facebook or something?

          1. SUPER MARIO BROS????? Hope its not LuigiU DLC

            ZELDA…..hope its not WWHD or the LTTP2

            If Nintendo has all NEW mario/zelda stuff for the E3 week..i will blow shit out of my ass like a cow….then ask my mom if she wants brownies.

            If they do have all new stuff then were getting….mario3d..luigiU …
            Link to the past2..windwakerHD….and a new one……..what will we get year 4 from the wiiU and 3ds…????

            To me..marioU , LuigiU..X..Metroid P4.. Zelda WWHD, LLTP2… ZeldaU…Smash U…Smash3ds…..pikmin3… YoshiU..Yoshi3ds….bayonetta 2..W101….that is alot to ask for in a year…MAYBE THATS WHY THERE IS SO MANY NIN DIRECTS..NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR AN E3 event?…

            I love it when i blow cum bubbles into the air….and have a bird fly down to pop the bubble….but only to learn that the bird now has herpies….HAVE U EVER SEEN A BIRD’S BEAK WITH HERPIES???????????? Its nasty

        1. Smash bros is my #1 wanted game, Zelda will be my next one after that. I wonder if Nintendo will add a feature that lets you fight as your Mii

          1. Oh man, please no Mii’s…have them as an assist trophy, which will have you and friends Mii’s in there, but not a character

              1. With Sakurai not putting a heavy focus on adding more characters that slot can be used for characters that are more important (ridley, king k rool, palutena, shulk to name some)

        2. For me it’s Smash bros and Mario Kart. Every single Mario Kart since the SNES has provided me with endless fun.

                1. Yeah that is probably my second favorite. And the graphics of that track in paticular on that game look really beautifull. How the 3DS pulls that off at 60FPS , I do not know.

                  1. Yes, it’s pretty amazing. I just love how each lap is slightly different in its own way. The thing that made this rainbow my favorite is how the the entire track sets you on an outstanding journey. The music was one of my favorite in the game.

                    1. I can’t , for the life of me understand some of the criticism MK7 got. Is it just me or is that one of , if not THE best Mario kart games ?

                      Maybe i’m trippin , but I loved MK7. Well over a 100 hours and I still pick it up today.

    1. CGI trailer thats all the Wii U version will get. Gameplay version will be 3DS version. Course in this case I wouldnt mind being proven wrong.

      1. It’s big popcorn :)

        This big direct we’re getting during E3 is going to be amazing. The January Wiiu direct was amazing , and this one is going to be 10 times better!

        1. Have anyone noticed that we have already forgot that ea is not making wiiu games.
          EA: we are not making wiiu
          we: meh ok
          Nintendo : we are making this (ad a long list here)
          We : omg we cant wait.

    1. But we can safely anticipate more than that. It been a very long time since they said that, so I’m going to be confident they’ll show off a little more :)

    2. But we can safely anticipate more than that. Its been a very long time since they said that, so I’m going to be confident they’ll show off a little more :)

          1. LOL! But you gotta admit, he was pretty funny. Not to mention that he did like Nintendo in some aspects.

            1. I actually thought Ben Sanders was the funniest troll. It was just because he would start his comment off by saying “umm hello”.

  1. Not a fan of Brawl, so I am not looking forward to a new Smash Bros game as much as I used to but…. ZELDA.

        1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

          Lol! Same here… that game is boring. I returned it last week and bought some backlogged games-Darksiders 2 WIIU, NFSMWU, and MH3U WIIU, glad I did. The WIIU DS looks a hell of alot better than the other 2.

      1. Because Brawl is a super casual Game when you compare it to 64 and Melee.
        Also a lot of Game Mechanics are Bad :(
        Hope SSB4 will be better. (Brawl is still a good game. im not hating)

        1. I’d argue that, outside of the floatiness and tripping, Brawl had better mechanics.
          Biggest reason for me; no wavedashing.
          Doing an air dodge before your character is in the air, in order to slide?
          Doesn’t make physical stance, and made some characters potential broken, while at the same time alienating players that didn’t have the natural talent for such things even with practice.
          Brawl evened out the playing field.
          No tricks or traps, save for Meta Knight and how broken he is.

          1. Nothing is broken in Melee. Brawl is the broken Game. Mechanics like Air Dodge and Spotdodge are really stupid in Brawl. (Spamable [is that a word? xD) as hell).
            You have no Real Combos because hitstun is gone. Also there is a buffer system like Street Fighter and Tekken but the funny part is = Its in the Game because Sakurai didnt want the players to notice how bad the online mode is lol. Then you have Chaingrabs and even Infinites and YOU CANT (no matther what) escape out of those.

            Im not trying to offend you but to understand why Brawl is very broken you must have a very good and deep Knowledge of all the 3 Smash Games.

            Sorry for my bad english btw. :(

              1. wavedash is not broken, l cancel is not broken, Fox/Falco are not broken. Waveshines are not broken…

                1. Peach’s Dsmash was broken. Sheik’s down throw was broken. A lot of things are broken.
                  There are tons of broken aspects to the game.

                  There are also changrabs in melee, which is something to listed as wrong with brawl for some reason.

                  Melee is still a better competitive game, but not because of the things you listed.

                  1. OK Peachs Dsmash was broken. (But you can DI out of it). Sheikds down throw is good but not broken imo. And you can escape from “chaingrabs” in melee.

                    1. So what if you can DI out of it? It’s not like you’re going to get hit by every single hit unless you crouch cancel. Just two or three is enough. The move fundamentally doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, it’s broken.

                      Also, no you can’t, any more than you can escape them in Brawl. A Sheik can 0-death a Fox with down throw. A lot of characters can do similar stuff. It’s not any less broken in Melee. Ice climbers can chaingrab to death in both games.
                      The only difference is that grabs are much easier to get in Brawl because that game has actual defensive options.

                      These are not reasons as to why Melee is a better fighter.

                2. “Wavedash/Wave shine isn’t broken”
                  Wave Shine a person in a corner for a while. See how that goes for the victim. By they time they can “escape”, their damage has already skyrocketed.
                  Even without a corner, it makes it simple to get them off the stage quickly.

                  Wave Dashing allows characters that would normally have to rely upon more clever timing to their dodges, to simply slide out of the way.
                  On top of that it’s a mechanic that makes no sense; doing an AIR DODGE before even leaving the ground.

                  “L-Cancel is not broken”
                  Makes it so that fast characters that don’t have many openings between aerials in the first place have almost literally none when used.

                  “Fox/Falco not broken.”

                  Research them more if you’re unconvinced.

            1. “Nothing is broken in Melee”.
              Apparently you don’t know why Melee is the origination of the phrase “No items, Fox only, Final Destination”.
              Melee had many different things that could be done just with Fox alone that could completely destroy anyone who didn’t play the same way. No significant retaliation chance, nothing.

              1. Higehigebandit156

                I agree. I like all three Smash games but to sit there and say Melee is perfect ignoring all of the broken elements in that game is being delusional.

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  3. See, the lack of news like these is why I’ve forgotten that I’m supposed to be jumping for joy at these news. They should have these more often (even though they shouldn’t).

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    1. Which games are you most excited for? For me it’s a tie between Smash Bros. and Retro’s Project :D

      1. Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros! Smash Bros!

              1. Well gave it away. There weren’t many games that interested me and I hate seeing things I bought collect dust, so I gave it to a family I know who can’t afford one.

                    1. i’m gonna assume you said “family”. Yes he did. Not alot of people would do that. I bet that family is very greatful.

              1. Olimar, Game & Watch, Ness, but my Favourite oddly enough would be ice climbers. I just always kick ass with them.

                1. Ice climbers are my fave too (also luigi). I find funny how nana gets mad when popo gets out and before she disapears she goes on a ko rampage.

              2. I enjoy using over half the roster in smash and have never had one clear favorite. For a while though DK was my main in brawl despite having never really used him before.

                1. I was like that for a long time, but then Ice climbers just shot out at me and I was like, damn I like them.

      1. I know , I buy Physical for almost everyting except Indie , None retail and VC.

        I’ve still got 14GB’s left in my Deluxe It will probably last me all year considering I will continue to buy my full games physically.

        1. It’s not gonna be 1080p 60 FPS? i’m sure Wii U can handle it. unless the game supports two gamepads.

          1. ^No, it will be. Super Smash 4 will be amazing in every way. Graphics, story, character roster, replayability!!! You name it. SSB4’s Got It!! Kisses! 💋

            1. Don’t expect perfection and you’ll be less disappointed in the long run.
              All past versions of Smash have had their flaws, I’m sure the newest one won’t be any different.

          2. I duno, maybe.
            We don’t know how it looks, but at the same time it’s not an especially over demanding game.
            Either way it’ll be 60fps locked, so maybe they might decrease it to 720p just to keep the framerate butter smooth, which is way more important in a game like Smash Bros.

          3. The Wiiu can handle it. But If they do 720p 60FPS it will allow them to focus on other aspects of the graphics and get a locked framerate.

  5. 3D Mario, Zelda, Retro Studios, Xenoblade II, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi. and they said Nintendo has nothing to show XD

    These are some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. if Retro Studios is working on Metroid we’ll see Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Xenoblade, and Mario Kart

  6. Bring back the Smash ball and a deeper story for the Subspace Emmirasy for Super smash and I will play the heck out of the game.

    1. Super Smash tomorrow!? I would die of excitement. Only, I think we’ll have to wait a little longer. 💋

      1. I’m they will say alil something about SSB4. Just mentioning the game itself will get the people who are watching amped up for it.

        I honestly hope SSB4 will be better than all 3 smashes, however we’ll have to wait & see about that.

  7. *crosses fingers for Takamaru, Lil Mac, Palutena, Ridley, and Mega Man as the first confirmed fighters*

    1. For the Smash Bros I’m expecting a trailer similar to Brawl 2006 featuring newcomers such as Little Mac, Shulk, Chrom, Ghirahim, and Pacman and some screens.

        1. Ivy from Soul Calibur over all Namco-Bandai characters!!! I can’t see Palutena working (cuz she is a huge goddess), but I hope to see Mega Man and Ridley in there along with Krystal please! Kisses! 💋

          1. Ah yeah, Brawl managed to still have a T rating even with Snake on the roster. Ivy alone would push it to M. Not happening.

          2. Sorry for the spoilers, but you actually fought her while she was in smaller size (her real size) in Kid Icarus Uprising when she was under the influence of the Chaos Kin.

      1. I assume Chrom will play like Ike, but still hope they will both be in the game due to Ike being my second favourite Fire Emblem character of all time.

        1. I would like to see Star Fox or Krystal using the staff to fight from Star Fox Adventures. The staff can also shoot too. I want to see less clones.

          1. They already said that one of their main priorities was to differentiate clones, which means that we’re likely to see heavily modified Luigi and Falco and probably more.

    1. It has to be Zelda hd think about it wind waker hd is being shown tomorrow since its being released spring/ autumn time, that’s there plan to show off what’s coming up in autumn spring area, it can’t be link to the past 2 its a 3ds title, Zelda hd will be shown

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  9. I’m guessing by Zelda they mean 3DS?

    But YES, Smash Bros :D hoping to see a few new characters, hopefully Chrom, a Kid Icarus character, new Pokemon changes, although im more excited about the redesigns of the characters, Luigi having the Poltergust, Link having new items, Mario having his “Galaxy moveset”, and Samus needs a complete do over, let me shinespark into people xD

      1. Or B down, FLUDD is shit. It would be more interesting if he could use the powers he has, like a move to turn into Boo Mario thats a counter, the Up B could be the Bee Mario, and the side could be fireballs, which he can use while moving.

        1. I think they would more or so relate to Mario 3d u mario, as that is the main game on the console at the moment, its a shame brawl didn’t use galaxies move set I mean nintento could have at least told sakarai

      1. It would be similar to Fox’s speed dash, im not saying it has to be accurate xD just charge up a shot and jump into people and disintegrate them haha although the charge up the shot, and jumping into someone isn’t such a bad idea.
        Either Samus, Samus needs a better moveset, Zero Suit Samus is the tits though, she’s one of my main.

  10. lol I recently hooked up my gamecube for the first time in a long time and played smash melee for the first time in like 3 years *and I never owned brawl* and I am rusty AS FUCK. its kind of hilarious because when i was 12 i was tourney good from playing since i was 5. but this is super nostalgic. cant wait for smash. the hype is super large now. just gotta train for it with some melee to scrub off the rust lol

    1. Yeah Machop would be a great character. Charzard and Squritle should be independent characters this time. I would also like to see another Metroid Prime character too.

  11. Super Mario BROS.? I’m starting to think more and more that the new 3D Mario will have co-op. My body is so ready.

    1. That seems like the likely addition.
      Although i wanted to see the gamepad being used as sort of a way to interact with the game environment, like Rayman Legends but in a 3D game world.
      That could be possible though, just have a wiimote replace the functions in co-op. Co-op would be made as sort of semi optional, where it perfectly possible to play it on your own, but in co-op its more fluid, and more teamwork, even though you could do it on your own.

      As for the direction, i get the feeling Mario will be able to change sizes, and you see the game through multiple sizes, similar to how Katamari works.

      1. That’s an awesome idea. The Person controlling Mario uses Pro controller or Wii remote and Nunchuck. The secondary player has the gamepad and can tilt certain things and interact with certain things in a variety of way.

        Pulling a catapult back on the touch screen , popping bubbles , sliding out ledges etc etc etc etc etc.

  12. They keep confirming this and not other games such as X, Bayoneta 2, Retro’s Game, SMT X Fire Emblem, and Yoshi. Hopefully those make an appearance as well.

    1. unless you are responding to my comment above, no I don’t think so. I think that is for June. Tommorow is probably Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, and Wii Fit U. Also, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3ds. And then info for miiverse on 3ds and the wii u’s summer system update

  13. 3D Mario> Zelda> Smash Bros>Mario Kart

    3D Mario is no doubt Nintendo’s main franchise. Mario Galaxy 2 was not only the best Mario but highest rated. Can’t wait to see whst they’ll do this time.

  14. Seeing “Super Mario Bros” rather than “3D Mario” scares me of what the 3D Mario will be. But like some say, it might just be the default title for any 3D Mario. :P Still scares me though.

    Can’t wait though!

  15. Jtz, warrior, Nintedward, U-nation, N-dub, nintendo commander, dragon369, let us way in on the beauty that is tomorrow. The 3DS is selling marvelously, Mario Wii U is as all Mario’s go selling at a leveled goodness. I ask you and others to expend your energy to share our excitement and the fulfilling games we get on nintendo systems every generation. Xenoblade, the last story and pandora tower say hello. Sony fans and xbox lovers too are welcome to add appreciation. Lest you will be playing your Playstation all stars or halo 4.

    1. Honestly, I’d have to agree with you there. 3DS has some very nice gems, and while nothing interests me atm on Wii U, by end of year, that’s certainly bound to change.

      1. Jelly Bean, that is very true. My biggest anticipation is Sony going back to their ps1 and ps2 ways of making games and not focusing on bizarre marketing. This looks like a great year for gaming. Microsoft needs to release with a plethora of titles. My senses tell me Nintendo is about to unleash a barrage like no other; with Sony going games only with the PS4. The xbox720 is in for a rude awakening if what nintendo and Sony are planning is in line with my visualization.

        1. Unless Microsoft bring out some new IP’s and use that Illumni room thing in amazing ways, I don’t think I’ll bother with them anymore. I’ll just stick with SOny & Nintendo.

          1. Microsoft owns rareware, why don’t they make that studio work on real IPs not Kinect sports. Really rareware making Kinect titles. Though they said they have 4 new IPs in waiting. New studios in Canada.

            1. Rareware is as good as dead now. (Unfortunately)

              They may have new IP’s coming, but whther they are decent or not is another thing.

    2. Sony wants to know how the connection of 3DS and WII U will work for SSB4. I’M sure I don’t have to rell anyone “why?”

    3. Nintendo Commander

      Greetings Comrade…

      Yes the time for our supremacy is at hand, soon High Command will give us the orders and support we so all desire!

      Hallowed are Nintendo!

  16. With Smash Bros, I only like the 1-player modes. I’ve never found it fun playing multi-player. I get bored SO fast. I guess I’m just a square. Or I’m just getting too old.
    I hope the Super Mario Bros. game doesn’t have the word “New” in front of the title. And Zelda, I hope it’s a completely brand new game that hasn’t been announced or shown yet. I’m still waiting for a Zelda game to top Ocarina Of Time and Wind Waker. Those two (along with A Link To The Past) are my favorites. Though Skyward Sword was good too.

    My BIGGEST wish for all Wii U games is that they don’t force motion controls on us. I always have and always will HATE the Wii remote. It’s the reason why the Wii is my least favorite Nintendo console. Although the Wii remote worked well with both Super Mario Galaxy games and Skyward Sword.

    1. I expect that most games now including IPs will have multiple ways to play. Nobody can utilize this like Nintendo can now, and there should be no game requiring Wiimote only since it doesn’t come with the console, the gamepad does.

  17. I think it’s safe to say that Super Smash Bros. 4 is the most anticipated Nintendo game for E3. Can’t wait either, everyone looooooves to speculate until their little hearts give out. I wanna see that same passion turn into getting good at the game, no doubt there will be an endless amount of scrubs to body for atleast the first year. All I know is that i’m making it to the top 10 of the leaderboards. ;)

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  19. Bayonetta, Ridley( don’t say it won’t work sakurai already said he wanted to put him in the game as a playable character he was trying to scale him to about bowsers sizes), king k rool, megaman, krystal, a namco character or two, majora skull kid, demise or ghirahim, paper mario, little mac, bowser jr or chrom all would make all good ssb characters

    1. Here’s my character hopes. *Everything after #5 is in no particular order.*

      1) No cuts from Brawl
      2) Mewtwo (better than he was in Melee preferably but I’d play him anyway)
      3) Ridley
      4) Ghirahim
      5) Genesect
      6) Roy
      7) Takamaru
      8) Bowser Jr.
      9) Isaac
      10) Little Mac
      11) Krystal

      Pipe Dream) Agumon or Klonoa

      1. I fucking hate Ghirahim and would hate to see him in smash. Zants was stupid but even he was better than Ghirahim.

  20. I hope the next Zelda is like Skyward Sword at least in terms of art style. Skyward Sword like graphics on the Wii U’s hardware would like minblowing.

    PLUS the 3D Mario is also going to look jaw dropping in terms of visuals.

    1. If you’re a troll, what can you possibly say to find a negative in this lineup? Mario, Zelda, Smash, Metroid, Xeno, Mario Kart, Yoshi, etc. it’s Nintendo’s best E3 lineup yet.

      1. They could just say “Same rehashed shit!”.

        I agree with dragonforlunch. I’m quite surprised there isn’t any trolls.

        1. They could, but they’ll be wrong. Each new installment to 3D Mario has brought significant change and new gameplay elements.

          From Mario 64, to Sunshine, to Galaxy, now Wii U

  21. im not excited for anything ill tell you if they change that, the only thing i want to no more about is that yoshi game because i dont know if its going to be dead easy and just like epic yarn or a fresh and actually cool game that is a good challenge. that will be a yoshi game thats good on a console or another crappy one. all that i know about are to far away to care right now.

  22. Oh man so much gaming goodness. I could give you a huge list of all the games that will break my funds this year but I’d rather talk about what I hope to see on Wii U announced during this year or in the years to come. I’m hoping for a Metal Gear HD Collection, RE5+6 3D on 3DS, RE1-3 HD Collection on Wii U, Final Fantasy V+VI 3D on 3DS, FFVII HD on Wii U, Madworld 2, Anarchy Reigns port, Red Steel 3, Conduit 3 (iffy), No More Heroes 3, Chrono Trigger 2 (hey I can dream!), a new Star Fox that takes place after Command, Metroid 5, a new F-Zero, Ninja Gaiden 4 (I’m a sucker I know), Monster Hunter 5, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  23. Mostly looking forward to Smash Bros and Mario Kart, mostly because they’re the two games I have on my Wii that I still play with my family. The lack of the Gamecube controller will suck though.

  24. I cant wait for the new Mario Kart on Wii U. I want to feel the rage again … first place in a multiplayer race and blue shell in the ass in the last turn just before the finish line. I’m going to turn ape shit again.

  25. Nintendo Commander

    The time to attack is almost at hand…

    Soon our games will fly of like a swarm of locusts!

    1. nintendo is opening the gates of hell!soon they will close and microsoft can finally move to it’s goal.The restoration of the gaming industry

      1. Nintendo Commander

        You’ve got it completely backwards Xbot…

        You are the ones that infected the gaming universe with your greed for money and lying to consumers…

        Of course everyone is aiming to make money but atleast our Empire focuses just as much or not more to provide as much joy to people as possible…

            1. Except that Billy boy does not give two shits about xbox.
              But of course his greedy hands will be where money is made.

  26. Seeing a new 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros for the first time will be enough for any Nintendo fan to be happy, but seeing them in HD with Nintendo’s attention to detail will make Nintendo fans go flip mode.
    The new Zelda is most likely Wind Waker, but seeing as we have not seen a video of this game yet will be enough to make it feel new. The games that will most likely be shown at E3 are:

    3D Mario
    Mario Kart
    Smash Bros
    Pikmin 3
    The Wonderful 101
    Bayonetta 2
    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
    Xenoblade 2
    Wii Fit U
    Retro Studios Title
    Yoshi Yarn

    That list alone is reason enough to be excited for any gamer who simply enjoys playing games of all kinds. Hopefully some third party games will show up like Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed 4, Resident Evil Revelations, Deus Ex etc and the Wii-U will have a strong software show. Maybe a few secrets as well from Nintendo fingers crossed.
    I still believe that the games released on the ambassador program as well as the Wii-U’s virtual console promotion will eventually show up somewhere and the fact that F-Zero was on both the 3DS and Wii-U gives me hope that it’s being considered at least. Not long left anyway and all will be answered.

  27. zigfried Von Schroder

    Microsoft makes the best games.Face it!shitendo wiiu is a current gen consoles and the most developers say it!Shitendo dissapointed the most gamers again!The wii was a previus gen consol too with a new controller!A FULL NEXT GEN.CONSOLE MUST HAVE NEXT GENERATION SPECS,GRAPHICS AND CONTROLLERS!

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Even if by technological standards the Wii and Wii U were “less powerful” than your precious Xbox or the PS3, We still won and we will win this generation aswell…

      Mind over muscle always wins Xbot…

      The day of judgement is upon you in Japan!

        1. Nintendo Commande

          I wonder if it isn’t your own leaders you are talking about?…

          Just as the american leaders fooled their brainwashed drones almost to the fullest…

    2. Microsoft makes the best games? Ignoring tharpt Rareware was happier with Nintendo. Also ignoring that Shitbox won’t give Banjo-kazooie and Conker IPs to Nintendo and Retro because Microsoft knows Nintendo knows how to make money off them and Microsoft does not.

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  30. In my country the Wii U and its games are overpriced as hell, but knowing they will release such an epic list of games, I don’t give a damn I’m going to drop my wallet for this.

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