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Nintendo UK Launches 3DS Hashtag Campaign

Nintendo UK has kicked off a social media campaign for the 3DS by asking you a simple question: what is your reason for owning a Nintendo 3DS? The company launched a YouTube video, which you can see above, profiling the extensive list of titles that are currently on the portable handheld, as well as upcoming exclusives. And in a bid to chug away on the 3DS hype train, Nintendo UK has created a hashtag for fans to add their #3DSreasons over Twitter. But with such an exciting list of titles coming to the 3DS in the future, does the handheld need such an advertisement? In the meantime, what are your #3DSreasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

34 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Launches 3DS Hashtag Campaign”

  1. Wow we are in for a great 3ds year! I can’t wait for Wii U to follow suit I think this video is perfect evidence Nintendo knows what they’re doing!!!

  2. My reason is restore back my Nintendo Childhood memories and experiencing the whole new level of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL #3DSreasons

  3. Not because the 3ds is in a good position Nintendo should let there guard down. Also my 3DS reason have already been bought but i also have reason for this year too. #bravelydefaultprojectxzoneftw.

  4. Well if they tried it with he Wii U, people would do like “nothing#wiiureasons.” So this works much better. Kisses! 💋

  5. Because it’s the latest Nintendo handheld, and would never wanna be left out by not having one. I ALWAYS buy Nintendo’s systems, because a world without Nintendo’s first-party exclusives is a world I want no part of.

    1. Thats in next year anouncement direct. Just because they dont show it this year it means there is not goin to not do it.

  6. Because of it being a Nintendo handheld, Nintendo has never let me down, ever, even the Wii U is a success to me, and I’m a complete sucker for new tech. But to get into detail, I love my 3DS, and 3DS XL, the eShop, it has many great demos, offers, and apps I really enjoy, albeit I’d love to be able to watch 3D YouTube videos, or 3D movies via Netflix. Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, a great title, and I enjoyed it just as much if not more than the first title, Mario World 3D Land, this game was a little cut off from being a fully 3D mario title such as Super Mario 64 was, but it was fun nonetheless, Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers, Oh my god, this game was great, I know it’s just a translated version of the 1997 Sega Saturn title, and to be quite honest I wanted a fan translation to be able to play it via an emulator on my big screen tv connected to my PC, but the 3DS port is amazing, the voice acting is cheesy at parts, but serious and good when main characters are talking, it’s a game I have been waiting for since the late 90’s to play and I enjoyed it on my 3DS XL screen, it worked, and I just liked it a lot. Kid Icarus Uprising was a rail shooter, which at first was a bit disappointing, but I liked it sort of, but again, I want to see a decent side scrolling Kid Icarus for the 3DS or maybe Wii U sometime soon, “I liked the 3D remaster which I got from club Nintendo too.” Sonic Racing was a multiplatform title, yes, I enjoyed it better on the Vita, yes, and even more so on the Wii U, and the PC, but the 3DS version works, it’s a really nice port that stood its ground and looked great without taking much other than a few effects here or there away. LEGO City The Chase Begins, well I haven’t gotten to try it yet, so I won’t say much other than from what I’ve seen it looks awesome and I can’t wait to get my copy from GameFly to try it out and beat it. Fire Emblem Awakening, this game simply blew me away in terms of the graphics, storyline, and battle system, it had a lot to offer for a rpg fan such as myself, and it being portable “not that I go anywhere” regardless was a treat, all I can say is download the demo and play it for yourself you will like it. Castlevania, whoa, just whoa, now all I’ve seen of this is the demo, and I’m going to also add in RE:revelations as well since my general thoughts are the same for both of them, the real time graphics engine in both these games is that nearly compared to the 360, or PS3, in RE, the demo was awesome, and even though I knew what to expect from the demo, I liked the 3D effect, and I honestly wish the 3DS and console/PC versions were different so I could have a reason to play both of them and get more content “lol more is better if you ask me.” I could go on for a long time, but I will end this with telling you to go check out any Nintendo Directs you might have missed, they always get me hyped for new releases. And lastly, take this advice, never preorder, it promotes terrible business practices, and hurts only you in the end. Though I already broke that rule with Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3DS X’D “special edition at no extra cost.”

  7. it’s easily the best handheld console ever made. It’s just brimming with character , identity and most importantly , games.

    It already has some incredible games out right now and we’re all waiting for Blockbuster games such as Pokemon X and Y , Animal Crossing , Link to the past 2 , SMT4 , MH4 , Project X zone , Bravely default , Mario and Luigi and much much more , almost too much to list in fact.

  8. grew up with nintendo handhelds since GB Colour, and i will always have one until the day they stop making them #3DSreasons

  9. Because I am a loyal cock sucking Nintendo autistic faggot who grew up with Nintendo and will always love it even if Nintendo has some pretty stupid shit (Friend Codes, having to actually buy a second copy of a game’s digital form instead of a redeem code or something when you buy the physical game, low quality camera, no wifi N, etc.).

    But let’s face it; we’re the generation that grew up with it. It’s in our childhood.

    My #3DSReason was Kingdom Hearts:DDD. Only reason why I bought it during that time. IN fact, there still hasn’t been a single game that would make me own a 3DS if it weren’t for KH. Not Pokemon, not Zelda, not Mario Kart. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, but those weren’t reasons to buy it yet.

  10. My reason for owning a 3DS?

    To be able to spend time playing games like Luigi’s Mansion 2 with my sister.

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