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Play Nintendo E3 Games At Select Best Buy Stores


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that you will be able to sample some of the games that Nintendo showcase at E3 at select Best Buy locations throughout the United States.

42 thoughts on “Play Nintendo E3 Games At Select Best Buy Stores”

  1. The Big direct better be twice as long as that one at least.

    I Know that was just the getting the smaller stuff out the way and release dates for upcoming games :) . Happy about Mario and Sonic and the EXCLUSIVE sonic game for Wiiu , that’s great.

    I can’t wait for the Proper direct now :(

    1. I wonder if it will mean that the demos will be at my best buy in Joplin, Missouri. Please Nintendo, make this happen at my location.

  2. I fucking HATE you Nintendo, that was a shitty Direct. What are you gonna hand out next? Hugs? Fuckers!

    1. Bro calm down, they said they were only going to showcase games up from the Spring and summer line which was these, they would want to save the best stuff for E3 which is around the corner…

      1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        They only announced wario for WIIU… what the hell I thought it was a WIIU focused direct? This is only going to fuel more trolls lol. Im begining to get pissed. Maybe Nintendo does deserve the shitstorm its getting. They need to change this trend soon. Im a HUGE Nintendo fan but this is getting ridiculous.

  3. Sony/Microsoft fan: Did you see the trailer for that AMAZING PS4/720 exclusive?!?!?!?!
    Nintendo fan: No, I was busy actually playing all the great Wii U exclusives at Best Buy :)

    1. idk if I like this… if it was on the e-shop ide be elated. I don’t have a best buy near me so I cant get hyped and really it just makes me feel left out. and the direct was really bad but it did what it needed to. clear out the stuff that will be un important at E3.

      1. Yeah the Direct kind of sucked. Bot then again everyone should’ve know it would since it was only focused on spring/summer games.

    2. Out of the whole Nintendo Direct, this was what i wanted out of it. More info on what they are gonna do for E3. If people where expecting Smash Bros now.. they need to slap themselves.

      The purpose for this Direct is to get the small stuff out of the way. The next one is going to be crazy. only a few more weeks.

  4. see it would have been cool if they released demos on the e-shop for a limited time along with this. I don’t even have a best buy near me and there’s a possibility it wont even have the demos. Nintendo you have an online store for a reason. and I know that direct was to get loose ends out of the way before E3 so you don’t have to mention it but that wasn’t that good of an E3. the best part was the exclusive sonic game and Sega partnership (which will hopefully get is the original bayonetta on Wii u e-shop)

  5. Holy glob I just noticed that delphino park was in Mario and sonic as a skate rink, wait that means the next 3d Mario will be super Mario sunshine 2 aaaa!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhg omfg omfg I’m gonna have a spas attack, and didn’t any think at the end Reggie would show us small snippets

  6. if people read the announcement they would have known not to expect any big reveals for this Nintendo direct. The announcement specifically said more information on SUMMER titles for wii u. by reading that i already knew what to expect. They even said in that same announcement that the titles for fall and early 2014 will be announce at a Nintendo direct prior to E3. They even said it again in this Nintendo direct. To tell you the truth i was not expecting that sonic game and that e3 announcement. Is pretty dawn cool. But if people were disappointed is because they had there expectation way too high for what this Nintendo direct was going to be.

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    1. all of the thumbs up. just take them all. give him an award. *fiesta music plays while gamer pimp is lifted up by crowd*

  8. So haters how is the Wii U going to do when PS4 and 720 debut. Nintendo is doomed right? So if it is doomed, why since the Nintendo direct over six articles came out and not one of you trolls commented?

  9. At “select” Best Buy stores. Well, that means it won’t be at MY local Best Buy. My Best Buy never gets CRAP! It’s like, the one that always gets overlooked.

  10. Since they plan on showing multiple Wii U titles I think this upcoming ND will be about 45mins – 1 hour. I think (and hope) that Super Smash Bros. 4, 3D Mario & Mario Kart 8 will get alil more airtime than the rest of the games. As for the best buy thing, I think that’s a great idea! IF (which I doubt) Smash is one of those games, I will surely be one of the first people in line.

  11. I wonder why some European gamers are complaining about this. They get a few Wii U games ahead of NA, so we get game demos. It is only fair.

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