SEGA Confirms That Sonic Is A Three Game Exclusive To Nintendo Platforms


SEGA has confirmed via a press release that there will indeed be three Sonic titles coming to Nintendo platforms. The first game was revealed yesterday as Sonic The Lost World which is exclusive to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The second game was also announced yesterday and is titled Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The game includes a variety of events from the Winter Games, including skiing, figure skating and curling. SEGA has yet to reveal the third game in the exclusive new Nintendo-SEGA partnership, but it’s rumoured to be a mashup between Sonic & All-Stars Racing and Mario Kart.

“Sonic the Hedgehog has proven incredibly successful on Nintendo platforms and we are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Nintendo. As we initiate this new exclusive partnership with the next three titles we believe that Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are ideal platforms to showcase the evolution of the Sonic brand.”

– John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America


    1. First to…? I mean you can not just say first and not tell us what you are first to do. That is just mean making us guess. But Sonic and Mario Kart Well color me blue and call me Hillary Duff

      1. Sonic was an attempt to kill off mario back in the 90s….i always disliked the games but i always respected sonic and Sega. Sega users and Nintendo players were two different realms but on the same parabola. Sony and Microsoft are looking at the videogame universe like it was blackhole.At least Sega wasnt trying to put ticks n leeches out at $500.00 a pop.

  1. So Mario and Sonic at the olympics doesn’t count as one of them ? 3 main Sonic installments ?

      1. I think it was obvious that a game starring Mario was going to be exclusive to Wiiu. Why would they include that in their ”3 game exclusivity deal” seems stupid to me…

          1. Nintendo just signed a deal with SEGA right regarding 3 exclusive Sonic game….

            Why would they include a franchise (MS@olympics) in that deal when it is a hald owned Nintendo franchise.

            Nintendo wouldn’t have to sign a exclusivity deal regarding the Olympic games , you see ?

  2. Nintendo, just buy ’em out, and make the Dreamcast 2,and after that buy the playstation!

        1. Sega to their people about Nintendo : ” If you can’t beat them, join them! “

      1. Thay really should buy them. Then they can make mature games under the Sega brand and keep the Nintendo image family friendly. Similar to what Disney does with Touchstone. Also all of Sega’s IP’s would be exclusive to Nintendo. Would be one of the smartest moves Nintendo ever made.

  3. Our former enemies, now one of our strongest allies…

    The future of our empire is looking great…

    We welcome you old nemesis!

      1. We are alot better than that primitive barbaric army Advanced Nintendo Drone Macarony…

    1. They’re not the type to just buy people. That’s horrible competition
      Though I wouldn’t mind SEGA being 2nd party. They could use the support n money to rebuild their franchises again like. NIGHTS, Monkey Ball, and Rhythm Thief

      1. Add Billy Hatcher, Burning Rangers, Crazy Taxi, Beyond Oasis, Skies of Arcadia, Streets of Rage, Ristar, Space Channel 5, and Jet Set Radio to that list and we’re good. B)

        1. and valkiria cronicles and sakura wars and shining force and house of dead and etc etc etc…

      2. Ah, Monkey Ball. I still remember Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube. One of the greatest games to come out of Sega; right behind F-Zero GX.

      1. Devils Cartel is actually one of the best splitscreen Co-Op games i have played this year. (especially when Lost Planet 3 doesn’t have one)

        1. But i still don’t like EA and i wish EA won’t buy any more game companies because they like to ruin their games with expensive DLC’s.

    1. Yeah you would love SS, Zelda and Pikmin3 to go multiplat! You haters talk and bitch about Nintendo makes kid games yet want them to go 3rd party! Why?

      1. I too hope Sonic remains in SSB4 as well as Snake. They were great additions!! XD 💋

    1. This. Out of the Brawl third parties, Sonic should return since he has a better history with Nintendo than Snake. Metal Gear nowadays is associated with Sony these days. That should leave room for Mega Man and a Namco Bandai guest.

    2. Although it’s not confirmed, Sonic in smash is a given considering that he was already in Brawl and these three sonic games

      1. Sonic got into Brawl purely out of fan request. They added him later after everyone else because the demand was that bad. I’m sure that choice did a ton of good for sales. I highly expect him to be in the next one.

  4. Those eyes….they pierce my soul.

    Anyway, I’m very interested in seeing what the third game is.

  5. I hope that if they mix Sonic Racing and Mario Kart they keep Mario Kart’s physics and mechanics, not because I don’t like Sonic Racing’s, but because Mario Kart would just feel wrong.

    1. Both companies could pull off something à la Street Fighter X Tekken, where you have Sega’s racer with their physics, and then Mario’s with its physics.

    2. If they mix it the items can be both used from SEGA and Nintendo. It would be funny seeing Mario collecting rings and Tails shooting shells at you!

  6. this can mean 2 things sonic’s return to the next smash bros and the 3rd sonic game could be sonic excursion or the sonic and sega all stars crossover with mario kart

    1. Ignoring that Sega is making exclusives and before this information was released you bitxhed about Wii U not having enough exclusives. Now that Wii U Direct with exludives was revealed, your salty. Yet you want to pretend you’re not butthurt like EA.

      1. I was just saying the old school Sonic fans will bitch about his game justs like they do to all the new ones.

  7. Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, confirmed as Sega DLC for SSBU; you heard it here first!

    1. No please no , no , no , nooooooooo , no fucking dlc for ssbu , it’s the part I hate the most in modern games .

    2. Not Amy for SSB4? Peach , Samas’ Jiggkyouff and Zelda need more females. Rouge the Bat could have boon on there. Smash bros. Need more girls. Also Ganan and Bowser needs Robotnik.

        1. This^ also, if any character is making it in (other than Sonic) to SSB4 that is The MOST worthy. It would be Tails. Tails is the like Luigi to Mario only… to Sonic instead. Sonic needs his side kick!!!! 💋

          1. My 2nd choice would be Knuckles. He is perfect for Smash. After that is Robotnik, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. Maybe Amy. Tails would be nice.

  8. Hopefully this means more SEGA exclusives on Wii U and 3DS in the future as well!!! 💋

  9. lol.
    The third game is either All Stars Racing x Mario Kart, or another Storybook title like Secret Rings and Black Knight. But eh, I would prefer Mario Kart x All Stars Racing.

    1. eh….come on dude, as much as I believe MS ruined Rare, do you really think some petition is going to convince them to hand over such a promising IP to one of their competitors?

      1. also
        “The Wii U is in grave danger”
        No it isn’t. Stop blowing things out of proportion

    2. Nintendo does not need Rare, they need the IPs. This is what I don’t understand: Hardcore gamers think Wii U is a fail because the games are not fps. So the question is why is Microsoft holding on to B-K?

    3. I think this kind of petition goes all wrong and makes buying Rare from Microsoft even more expensive if there will be lots of names on it so i don’t see the point in this.

  10. The 1st: Winter Games Crossover (confirmed)
    The 2nd: Sonic the Lost World (confirmed)
    The 3rd: Highly likely to be Mario Kart and Sonic Racing Crossover
    because of the twitter post “will we see sonic race pacman”
    “i think he has bigger rivals than pacman”
    also because a while back they said “Nintendo could learn a thing or two from Sonic Racing”
    I hope that is the Mario Kart game that they said they would show at e3
    I want it to have the characters from the past olympic games crossover

  11. Too bad that the Olympics game counts. Still, a Mario and Sonic kart game would be a lot of fun. I wonder which gameplay it would be more similar to. Sega or Nintendo? Maybe several modes to feel like both. Either way it’l be cool


    A Nintendo/Sega alliance means Armageddon for the rest. EA who?

    1. Imagine, they have not even begun to scratch they surface of this development. The 3DS is on a plateau of its own. The Wii U shall have FireEmblem X Shin whatever lol. EA who? is a correct phrase indeed.

  13. Anyway Mario & Sonic would still be exclusive without partnership.
    Same for that rumored Mario Kart crossover.

  14. I told you guys that Nintendo is about to buy SEGA. They are sytematically acquiring a beautiful gaming company. Shenmue 3 or Virtua fighter in the works. Wait and see, another Sony, PC and microsoft fan rage storm is eminent. They shall cry oh! they shall mourn and get all Fusspot 1990 comic strip on the Web.

      1. They didn’t realize how much of a grand aqusition sonic and his gang are for Nintendo. Yesterday they were down playing the Nintendo direct, so were some newer Nintendo fans. Today it is dawning on them that SEGA was the other real gaming giant. With IPs to boot. Imagine this Shemnue and Yakuza becoming Nintendo mainstays. The other half of Sonic is employed by nintendo, food for thought Sonic collectors edition on the 3DS XL, Sonic 1,2 and 3. Just imagine, then realise this is happening now!

  15. “THE GRINDER” is all but within this years “halloween” release poised. A gamer can drean can’t he?

  16. Nintendo needs to do more exclusive partnerships for exclusive games from Sega, Capcom, Konami, Namco, Platinum Games, and Tecmo.

  17. Loving the sound of this. Nice to see others besides Ubisoft getting behind the Wii U. Sonic has pretty much been at home at Nintendo since Sega stopped making consoles.

    And I loved Sonic Colors, so I’m looking forward to Lost World.

  18. I really hope there’s a Sonic Racing/Mario Kart game. Finally, a game that stars Sonic that I actually enjoy playing. Well, as long as the play-control is like Mario Kart games. I’ve played SO many Mario Kart copycat and wannabe games.

    1. Like Sony’s version of Mario Kart? Also the hating journalist is trying to turn the script around by acting like the games Nintendo revealed won’t help Wii U sales. In fact they act like they want to believe Wii U is less powerful than 360.

  19. I wish Nintendo and Sega would make Phantasy Star sequel or remake the first for Phantasy Star games. Sega has some great IP like Shinobi, Sonic, Phantasy Star, Golden Axe Warrior, Kensaiden, Streets of Rage, Legends of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Yakuza, etc. Nintendo needs to make this happen.

    1. Since EA is butthurt and Nintendo and SEGA are partners, can SEGA make sports titles exclusively to Wii U?

  20. Aww, darn. The Olympic Games thing is one of them.
    I had been hoping for three new exclusives in the main line.
    Oh well, let the chips fall as they may.

  21. Let’s hope that one of the three exclusives is Sonic Adventure 3, I really want another game to follow on from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

  22. I just realized that the page image resembles a shot from the E3 Sonic Colors trailer.

  23. These games sound awesome! What reeeeally pisses me off through, is that these games won’t be available to PS3/XBOX/PC users and Sega fans! This could possibl lead to the demise of a good portion of part of the fan base!

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