Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Review

donkey kong country returns 3dsDK rumbles in the 3DS jungle, and he’s certainly not monkeying around – this ape means serious business when it comes to his stolen bananas.

Donkey Kong and his pal Diddy Kong are back for a startling adventure on the Nintendo 3DS, and it is high-time we got involved in their shenanigans to give way for one of the best entries in the series to date.

The game begins with a comical Angry Birds-esque cutscene, where creatures known as Tikis hypnotise animals into bringing them bananas from both the island and DK’s secret stash. When Diddy Kong awakens to find all his breakfast, lunch-time and dinner treats vanished, he wakes up DK in the hope that the big ape will devise a plan of action. But lurking in the corner of Donkey Kong’s beach hut is a hypnotising Tiki. Blending cutscene with gameplay, DK boots the Tiki out of his hut and starts his mission to hunt down those bananas one by one.

Taking the player straight back to its roots, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is both a melodic joy and bedazzling platformer, with each new world bringing startling depth through the consoles 3D. From the beginning, players can choose a preferred difficulty setting between original mode and new mode. The latter easy mode presents one extra heart as Donkey Kong and up to six with Diddy Kong, giving newcomers a little more scope when battling world bosses, as well as distancing the title from its Wii counterpart. New mode also offers up some interesting items, including a green balloon to save you from a deathly fall and a Crash Guard potion to prevent you starting a level from scratch after smashing into traps or enemies.

donkey kong country returns sunset
It’s time to giddy up into the sunset with Donkey Kong in this visually stunning level.

Players will encounter eight worlds – from jungle to volcano – with each new area ramping up the difficulty engine. Buying map keys from Grandpa’s shop will open up new routes and, with a steady income of coins, you’ll want to purchase them. One such route found in the first world is utterly breathtaking in 3D, and features Donkey and Diddy Kong coloured entirely in black – bar from their striking red tie and cap – with the gorgeous yellows and oranges of the setting sun as the backdrop. Although the game is visually stunning, the 3D can blur the edges somewhat, leaving you in a desperate situation when hanging precariously from the edge of a platform – if you’d rather live than suffer starting the level again, it’s better to turn the 3D down or off entirely.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is, quite simply, a delight to play. The vast amounts of levels offer enough diversity to challenge your platformer skills, while the hum-drum of DK’s music roots you in the realm of nostalgia. It’s time to go bananas over Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D when it hits North America and Europe this Friday, May 24.



      1. Correction. 3DS is THRIVING while Vita is dead.. and has been since pretty much it’s birth. 💋

      1. 1) This guy always does this joke, it’s like he is the new Blaise
        2) Buuuuuuuutttthuuuuuuuurrrrrtttt
        3) Back to your basement fanboy.

            1. No I’m sorry for asking. I just don’t like when someone is being mean to someone else you know? I guess it’s because of the way I was raised.

              1. Dude, I be mean to idiots and fanboys. If you’re going to defend them, you can join them.

  1. The Wii version is too good, but I think that in the 3DS version they improved a lot because of the gameplay, is more intuitive and natural. I love this game.

    The 3DS is more live than ever!

    1. They should have made it so you can Roll and Run on the same button, prefereably Y, like on the classic DKC games honestly, not just assign Shake to a single button… But its fine

  2. The dusk beach level is not just stunning on a visual level. This jazzy remix of the classic DKC theme is one of the best version this song has ever gotten.

  3. Please god let the game be there when i go to pick it up. I dont want another fire emblem headache.

    1. M brother does not work for microsoft, so who knows where he heard this rumor.

    2. That’s surprising, but even if that’s true, in the long term you will end expending a lot more with all that crap of paying fees to install your games on another console, paying for xbox live, etc.

      What I was wondering yesterday is, what will happen when you buy the 2nd, 3rd, 4th model of the console (I’m pretty sure there’ll be more models)? Will you have to pay to install all over again your games in the new console? Or maybe they’ll link your games to your gamertag?

      Anyway, I’m not interested in that console at all XD

    3. That’s still about 279$ more than I’d pay for it. And that’s still damn much for a VCR these days!

    4. Highly doubt that. That’s a major loss of revenue for Microsoft if that’s the price.

    5. I doubt that bulky ass 2000s DVD player with a confusing and uninspiring name is $300. $400-500 at best.

    6. It’s likely $299 USD with a mandatory Xbox Live subscription for a few years. Microsoft used this model with a $99 Xbox 360 last year, which was likely testing the waters to see if they could use the same model with the Xbox One.

  4. Plz bring out SMG games to 3DS… Could not platform properly with motion, never got through them.

    1. Wii U won’t cure your apparent palsy if that’s what you’re thinking.

      Seriously, if you can’t work those controllers, even if the learning curve is a bit steep, that’s a problem with your brain and not the hardware.

  5. This game I highly recommend. I own the Wii version and it is fun and challenging. Hugs!

  6. I happened to be eating a banana while reading that nice review :)
    Life’s whimsey…

  7. that game for the Wii stinks. Poor hit detection, poor controls, why does two individuals share a single continue pool…shouldn’t they have their own separate continues? They ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

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