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Rayman Legends For Vita Gets 5 Exclusive Maps


Ubisoft has confirmed that former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends is now coming to PlayStation Vita and will get five Vita-specific maps.  Rayman Legends on Vita includes all of the original Rayman Legends content, as well as five exclusive maps playable with Murphy, the greenbottle fly seen in previous Rayman games, controlled through the Rear TouchPad.

In addition to the five Vita-specific maps, two exclusive costumes were created by the Ubisoft Montpellier team. Fans will have the opportunity to dress Rayman in a costume from Prince of Persia, the legendary hero of Ubisoft popular franchise, while Globox can be dressed in a costume from the famous spy series, Splinter Cell. The game is launching on the PlayStation Vita on August 29th.

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132 thoughts on “Rayman Legends For Vita Gets 5 Exclusive Maps”

          1. The costumes aren’t a big deal and the extra maps are all Murphy maps, which are my least favorite maps even though the game pad makes them fun.
            Now if they were getting five more Music-based maps, then I’d be a little upset, but as things stand, I’m just giving the Vita a small golf clap and continuing to look forward to the Wii U version.

      1. It concerns Wii U owners because this was originally an exclusive, that has not only been pushed back by about half a year just to go multiplat, but is now having exclusive content released for those other systems. I don’t even like rayman, but this is still kind of sad to see.

    1. No one expected the game to stay Wiiu Exclusive. We just expected it to be exclusive for maybe 6 months….

      From the bottom of my heart – PS vita fans and owners get to play the remarkable sequel to Origins , which is one of the best games on the Vita. Good news for them.

      The only reason I was ever annoyed about this whole RL BS was because I thought they had delayed a FINISHED game…

  1. Well why don’t you fucking out it on PC and then Dreamcast then Atari 2600. The point I’m saying is that they’re putting the game on everything when it was meant as a Wii U exclusive

      1. No, I think it is a huge problem that it went multiplat. I WANT 3RD PARTY Wii U EXCLUSIVES! and I want people to HAVE to buy a Wii U to play certain games. I don’t care about “everyone being able to play good games” and crap like that. Everyone should just have to buy a Wii U. :) 💋

        1. And that idiotic reasoning is why 3rd party Devs don’t want exclusives, Rayman origins did not do that great as a Multi Plat game, do you really think ubisoft would go EXCLUSIVE for Nintendo and just hope they would sell a lot more than the previous game?

    1. it’s understandable considering Rayman Origins was on PS3, XBOX, Wii, PC, PSV & 3DS, and Legends was only a timed exclusive anyway so it would have came to all the others later on

      1. Yes but legends wasn’t meant as an exclusive (from what I know). It was meant to be a multiplat but Legends was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive

  2. So Wii U lost exclusivity, but now Vita gets special treatment. Keep trying to win back the Nintendo fans, Ubi.

    1. just shut it for once, you complain about ubisoft not giving wii u special deals, when they are the third party that mostly supports the Wii U, look at the great games were getting, like Watch Dog, AC4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and a lots more to come. Atleast Rayman Legends is still coming for Wii U, who cares about that 5 maps.

      1. It’s just the way people work on this site. Unless a company makes games for Nintendo, they apparently must make nothing but FPS games and need to leave the industry because they ruin it >_>

  3. Sigh… I guess I don’t care. I want to care, but I don’t. Rayman isn’t coming at a good time, I probably won’t buy it.

  4. I’m sorry, but I’m caring less and less about Nintendo. Lack of new exclusives and tired rehashes of decades old IP with little in the way of new stories. 3DS is its only saving grace and even Nintendo isn’t utilizing it to its fullest.

    1. Those ‘rehashes’ are good and play differently almost every time. Sony and Microsoft make their exclusives at a higher rate… that is a fact, not an opinion. So if you’re trying to escape IP ‘milking’, you’re gonna have a tough time with that…
      Btw, gog?

  5. Can’t wait for the 15k Vita owners to forget this game’s existence and let it bomb worldwide like the system itself.

  6. Good. Vita needs allll the help it can get. And making it on vita isn’t gonna ruin the wiiu versions sales.

      1. I don’t want the Vita to fail because I actually like Sony. The only company I want to drop out is Microsoft with their always online bullshit and “you can watch TV on a console even though you already have a TV because that how your playing a game. Video games? What the fuck are those”. My impression of Microsoft

        1. I actually hate sony more than microsoft, ever since they came we started to lose exclusives or we didnt even get some sames!!!

    1. Said no one ever :P . Just kiddin , I WANT to buy one (loved the PSP) but right now I need to see a Vita GTA a Vita Gran turismo a Vita Metal Gear and then I’m sold.

      3DS jus fucking destroys it atm on the game front which is the reason I want a handheld game console. I mostly play them in bed a secondary console.

    1. The game is probably too taxing for the 3DS. It doesn’t take much to notice that it’s a HUGE improvement over Origins in the graphics department.

      1. Could be scaled down and probably will be , just will take a little longer , just like Origins 3DS.

        It would work well on 3DS as well with the touchscreen.

  7. the vita… is a fail for the ages. really…… its not going to make it, your in denial if you think its good, its not even worth bringing into the darkness. its all ready there, making peoples insanity drop without the great pious. the vita is all ready through insanity….. knowing it will never be something!!!!!!

  8. I just keep forgetting about this game. I was SO PSYCHED in February… But with Pikmin 3 and Pokemon X and Y coming out in fall-ish time… I just keep caring less and less about this game.

  9. Wii U exclusive!
    2 months later –

  10. Ah. Still is going to be a good game based on what we’ve seen. Ubi has been supporting Wii U guys. Chill!

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  12. It should be the Nintendo Wii U getting all of the exclusives as Wii U owners (including me) were the ones who were screwed over!!!

      1. I am aware of that, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The entire Rayman Legends game was supposed to be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, but since it is not anymore there shouldn’t be anything exclusive about the game on the other consoles. Anything exclusive that is made for the game should only be present in the Nintendo Wii U version as it was only supposed to be released on it in the first place, which even the developers were pissed off about it.

  13. Why are people mad about this? The Vita could use some love. (I don’t own one just based from what Ive read) WiiU gets exclusive lvls I think, WiiU even has a pretty cool challenge App and it’s free. You want to see another Rayman title in the future? Well it needs to sell as many as it possibly can. Sure it woould have sold a bunch if it was released on schedule for WiiI but thats not the case anymore, it’s multi-plat, Who cares how many more platforms they add now, The WiiU will still have the definitive version, period.

  14. Okay… so how did Rayman Legends go from being Wii U exclusive to having Vita exclusive levels!?! I DONT UNDERSTAND! It’s stupid because I want to play those extra levels, but I will not buy a Vita. -__- 💋

  15. Ok, that’s some bullshit. Not hating Sony or the Vita, i love the Playstation, Vita’s just a but meh, but come on, that’s bullshit.

  16. Still getting the game, but why does the Wii U version have the WORST of the pre-order costumes? You would think it would have the best as a way to make it up to all the fans that were pissed by the delay. Also, controlling Murfy with a touchscreen >>>> back touchpad.

    1. You know what is ridiculous ? Wiiu owners get a Vita game’s outfit from ACL then they announce it for Vita ? da fuk ? lol

  17. Ubisoft: “We’re still working on the Wii U game… Err, the shipments stationed in our warehouses since February? Don’t worry, we’re trashing them away, because we’re a business, and as a business we don’t care about all the money we invested in millions of products, we’ll trash them to make you happy!”

  18. I can’t decide which is more upsetting: Ubisoft screwing over Wii U owners or Capcom cancelling Mega Man Legends 3.

    Down with Ubisoft! We’ve had enough!


  19. some people are ungrateful, ubisoft is one of the main companies supporting the Wii U with all these games coming out like W_D, AC4, SC:B, RL so what if the PS Vita gets 5 extra levels

              1. Ignoring that I’m not the only one on here that don’t give a rats as about this game going to vita.

                1. “So. Wii u has the best version.”
                  “And the Vita version want earn the most revenue.”

                  The fact you said stated that, kinda shows you care.

                  Also I know there are people who don’t care about this game going to Vita. We were only talking about the people who were whinging about the game going to Vita.

    1. Ignoring that Ray man was supposed to be an exclusive. Also ignoring Nintendo fans aren’t bitching about watch dogs being multi plat.

      1. Why would Nintendo fans bitch about watchdogs being a multiplat? lol If anything they would be thankful they’re finally getting 3rd party support.

  20. While I’m excited for this cos I may get it on Vita, I don’t see how it relates to Nintendo news at all besides being a multi platform title.

  21. Ubisoft is an incredible company, they really support consoles with good games, they don’t care only if those consoles sold hundreds of thouthands unities, instead they trust their quality to be a selling point. good job ubisoft! i’m happy for the Vita owners.

    But, what is this article doing here? is this to start things like “they are getting exclusive maps, not buying your gamez ubizoft…” seriouly, stop it.

  22. Calling it now, Dragons Dogma 2 Exclusive to the Wii U. Oh! That would send Sony and xbox VCR cassetters into a tyraid lol.

  23. Murphy’s dungeons are exclusive to the Wii U chill my young Nintendo Padawans. While you are playing pokemon X and Y a far superior games, those 15 Vita owners will also get a chance to play a handheld game. Sharing is caring.

    1. Ignoring that you didn’t say “sharing is caring” about EA saying they won’t support the Wii U. But as long as Sony gets something from Nintendo that’s OK then huh?

  24. And we have the game pad along with the NFC technology. That and. All Nintendo has to do is advertise Ray man Legend done right and Wii u version would feel like an exclusive.

    1. Bayonetta 2 would like a word with you (and it’s staying an exclusive considering Nintendo is helping with funding the game).

  25. WTF?????!!!! What the hell happened ubisoft????
    Why release it on a console that is not selling besides beeing more than a year of release??? When Pokemon comes out, it might just be dead (I hope not, I dont want 3DS to compete with phones)
    I AM REALLY PISSED, ubisoft is just asking to to be hated by Wii U/Nintendo console owners!!!
    I hope they make up for it!!!

    1. If you can buy the game to show them we CAN get exclusives, and that we support 3rd Parties!!


      1. I agree with you about supporting 3rd party and all, but dome of these developers are not taking the time to really work on Wii u. I don’t want to play a game that has two screens that mimic off each other.The gamepad is a controller, use it to its full potential.

    2. Take a deep breath dude, relax

      That’s better, isn’t it?


      Ubisoft actually supports the big 3 as a developer. They want you to be happy as a Nintendo customer. They also want Sony fans to be happy as a.Sony customer and Microsoft fans etc. You cannot ask any more then that from a developer.

      Five exclusive lvls is what they are giving the Vita, five.

      Their intentions are to make Vita fans more happy then Nintendo gamers are angry about the idea. Sony Vita needs some support ALSO if they are making it for the Vita they want people to buy it, It’s already a tough sale and that’s not even considering the WiiU version is the definitive version.

      If more developers were like UbiSoft, the fights/arguments between gamers would be about whos the better gamer instead of the mess of hate the community is turning into.

      Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

  26. Nintendo Commander

    Hmmm, this isn’t that pleasing…

    However if our version has more exclusive content than the rest it should be fine, although I’m pretty sure it will fail…

  27. Am I the only one mad at not getting the PoP outfit for Rayman on my WiiU?

    C’mon Ubi I love Prince of Persia!

  28. People you need to relax and use your voices as a positive sentiment, at the end of the day without Ubi Nintendo have no games at all for the coming months. I know you will all say the Nintendo stuff but quite frankly thats not enough.

    I think the Vita stuff is cool, but its been posted here to drive more traffic to the site and fuel you guys more. Its funny that you do not comment on positive news just the negatives.

    It makes it so the news feeds are more likely negative to drive traffic and visitors.

  29. Also Challenges App! Are we not playing this game now and competing with each other?
    for free?

    Everyone relax and stop moaning and also I hope every Wii U owner buys this game or we will not get support again

  30. Another rant, just because I’m sick of going on this site and seeing all the moaning, the reason we don’t get support is because you guys never buy the third party stuff. I get thats its not up to scratch and all the jazz but come on if you buy it on PS or Xbox your sending the opposite message.

  31. “5 Exclusive Maps playable with Murphy”.

    To me, that part was talking about either the Vita getting those 5 Maps as exclusive Content for the Vita while placing the Wii U on the same boat as the PS3 and X360, or, they are saying that the Wii U would also have this content since both the Wii U and the Vita Games are taking advantage of using Murphy. Just an opinion on this. Yes, I was annoyed by this aswell, but I think people would want this on their TV more than anything.

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