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Here’s The Japanese Box-Art For Mario And Luigi: Dream Team


Amazon Japan has posted the official box-art for the Japanese version of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS.  The game sees Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach take a vacation to Pi’illo Island, where people are able to enter another world via people’s dreams. However, as Luigi has a go on one of these Pillow Portals, a mysterious force pulls Peach inside his dream world. Mario and Luigi must explore both Pi’illo Island and the world inside Luigi’s dreams in order to rescue Peach. The game is due for release in Europe on July 12th and in North America on August 11th.

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    1. ……………………It is. It was shown on the latest north american Nintendo direct.

  1. I think they it’s a bit too simple, I dunno.
    Just like Bowser’s Inside Story, it’s really plane, just look at SSS, and PiT o:

    1. Sure it s bland but it has charm. Meanwhile the first two seem generic n boring to look at

  2. Makes me wish they have always done the covers foe the series in the same structure I hope for rereleases. Hey I’d buy it

  3. Looks really cool and simple! The first 2 games boxarts look crazy awesome but this is just simple and has a charm to it! Just like Bowser’s Inside Story! Though I would have liked it better if Mario looked at all the Luigis in Luigi’s dream with a surprised look or if Mario was trying to wake up Luigi! Also who could that bat be? They wouldn’t put a bat there just for fun.

    1. The bat kinda looks like Cackletta, with that mouth o:
      Maybe it’s a dream Cackletta.
      She turned into a bat in the first game when fighting her o.o

      1. You dropped your adoption certificate on the ground. Guess we’ll never know what your mother actually looks like.

  4. look at mario closely, he looks like a serial killer. he looks like hes thinking of doing this to luigi…….. like rape and kill!!!!!!! yuck!!!!! hes a devious fuck isnt he!!!!!

      1. join meeee PIOUS in the darkness. im leaving because MY game shadow of the eternals isnt going to get funded…. unless it does somehow i will return, but YOU should come with me. we can even make you into a tree!!!! thats what you always wanted right maker… so that you can turn into a tree, ahhhahahah!!!!!
        come…. join

      2. we can find ways……. ahhhahahhahah, im going now, to the darkness. if your coming you can finally be the big tree. you can have a violin that strikes insanity towards the sane. im going now but remember the darkness is coming!!!!!

  5. Well it isn’t bad by any means, it works quite well. But I wished they would make a cover that was more like SSS and Partner’s In Time. Those were more epic.

  6. I need a good Mario RPG after the abomination to game design that is Paper Mario Sticker Star. This will do just nicely.

  7. I feel ashamed of myself for never finishing Bowser’s Inside Story. I never continued playing after I had my ass handed to me by Bowser.

  8. seems like they’re now adding the “Dream Adventure” title below the mario and luigi logo. they dont put the titles in the previous japanese box arts.

    1. hm, thats true. maybe its just because ‘4’ may just look like they are milking it, so they show that there is a unique adventure to be had? i dunno, i mean, its gotten to 4. Just a guess, a terrible terrible guess XD

  9. I’m happy Europe gets something ahead of NA. They’ve deserved it. (I’m American, so I’m not being biased.)

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  11. Seriously already expected Peach to be kidnapped. =__=

    …so sick of this…

    Glad MRPG gave that stressed out plot a damn rest. I’d rather buy that than this. Even the cover looks as bland–there’s nothing charming abt. it at all, especially at $40.

  12. In fact, the cover seems to represent the plot & what the producers were doing when creating this. That same cover reflects my exact thoughts & feelings towards this game. (-.-)p zzz…

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