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June Club Nintendo Rewards Announced


Nintendo of America has announced exactly which gifts North American gamers can get their hands on this month. The retro-themed Club Nintendo games on offer are Super Mario Bros 3, F-Zero X, Link ‘N Launch, and Metroid 2: The Return of Samus. Which game will you be spending your hard-earned coins on this month?

Thanks, Blake


        1. Any chance that’s going to drop for Wii U VC? I’ve got 200 coins to burn by the end of the month & trying to gauge if I’ll enjoy F-Zero X for the freebie.

    1. Im getting slighty pissed off about club niintendo auustralia, we have hasld no new prizes in 2 years or so.

  1. Can’t decide whether to get Super Mario Bros. 3. Is it worth 150 coins to get it and then buy it at $1 when it is released on the Wii U VC, or would it be better to purchase it for $5 when it is released on Wii U VC?

    1. why the fuck would you pay $5 when you could only pay $1
      more importantly, why don’t you just pirate it on the wii you faggot shitcunt

      1. You’d have to pay the $5 dollars either way, the $1 extra just gives you extra features. Also, pirating is illegal bro, and I personally would love to give Nintendo a little extra money. Don’t know why you’re getting so upset about this. :P

        1. No, you wouldn’t. You will either pay $5 when it comes out on Wii U VC or you can pay 150 coins for the Club Nintendo Wii download ticket and then upgrade for $1 when it is released for Wii U VC. Understand? I can’t decide if it’s worth it.

  2. Eh, I’m good, on all of these. I don’t have a 3DS, I have SMB3 on Wii VC (waiting to upgrade to Wii U), and while I’ve never played F-Zero X, I’m saving my coins for posters, preferably Zelda, if they ever bring the damn things back. If not, I’ll get the Hanafuda cards once they’re back in stock. I’m only 100 coins away.

  3. Pass, I’ll hold on to my coins. Plus, I’m massively backlogged in games as it is.

  4. When are you going to change the theme and the banner? Everything’s all yellow and ugly

  5. Awesome!! Add F-Zero X to my collection for free and then pay $1.50 later when it becomes a part of the Wii U VC. I already have SMB 3 so I will upgrade that when it becomes available.

    1. I think the N64 games are gonna be a $2 upgrade, not like the $1.50 SNES games are getting.

  6. F ZERO X AND METROID 2 THE RETURN OF SAMUS!!!! sorry SMB3 i already have you on my wii :DD

  7. I think I will go with Metroid 2. Its the only Metroid game I haven’t played.

  8. I wish they’d offer physical copy “modern” games or something, instead of digital rubbish.

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