New Deus Ex To Be Revealed At E3?

deus_exEidos Montreal, the developers behind Deus EX, have teased via their official Twitter account that a new Deus Ex title could be shown off at E3. The tweet reads “Are YOU ready for The Fall?”. Interestingly the development studio registered several domains such as and back in March. It seems increasingly likely that they will show off Deus Ex: The Fall at E3 next week.

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    1. No it will but we won’t get the DLC for it :P
      Anyway, this would explain why they put Deus Ex: HR out for the Wii U I guess…

      1. it seems like developers always complain about there games not selling on nintendo, but they always make it the shitty or lazy version!!!!!! of course nobody is going to buy it!!!!!!!

        1. I don’t know, Deus Ex for the Wii U is going to be the definitive version, with new boss battles etc, so maybe that’s a good sign?

  1. Yay! The box art story’s been dethroned!
    I wouldn’t doubt a new Deus Ex is coming… hope its a Wii U exclusive. With all the nasty things devs have said/done, Nintendo deserves special treatment. The fans do, too.

    1. Deus Ex 3 be a Wii U exclusive? That’s the same odds as the Last of US becoming a Wii U exclusive.

        1. I’d actually be worried that since you guys are getting the directors cut of the older one, they may use it as an excuse not to develop the new one for Wii U. I hope it isn’t the case, everyone should get to experience this masterpiece of a series.

          1. Well, as long as Human Revolution Directors Cut sells well, whenever it comes out, we may get the next game eventually, if we don’t get it first with the other consoles/PC/whatever it’s on.

      1. I agree, I just think it’d be nice. These recent years have really shown how… dirty the industry really is- especially towards Nintendo. Guess I want a win for them more than ever…

        1. Well to be fair, Nintendo has Monolith soft. They’re better than half the industry put together.

  2. Let me guess, it will be skipping the Wii U, or it will lack some content, functionality or DLC, it will be late or maybe lackluster?

    I´m sorry for being pessimistic, but Nintendo really need to boost the moral of those that already bought the wii u at this E3.

    1. Well they’re putting effort into a deus ex human revolution port with extra stuff on Wii u so i don’t see why they wouldn’t release this one on it.

  3. Maybe they will announce it just after giving more details and a release date to Deus EX: Human Revolution Director’s Cut in a E3 Nintendo Direct.
    A guy can dream, right?

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