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Next Level Games Would Love To Work On Mario Or Zelda

link_modelNext Level Games, the development studio behind the well-received Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, has stated that they would love to get involved with either the Mario franchise or The Legend of Zelda series. Bryce Holliday, the Game Director of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, says that the team at Next Level Games are extremely grateful to be given the chance to work on Nintendo IP’s, but if anyone could grant them a wish they would love to develop a Zelda or Mario game. Would you like to see them to work on either of these franchises?

“Really, we are grateful to work on any Nintendo IP but if there are any wish-granting entities listening out there, we would love a chance to work on a Zelda or Mario game!”

80 thoughts on “Next Level Games Would Love To Work On Mario Or Zelda”

    1. Nice that you were first to comment. You, tri-pod, nintendo commander, Nintedward, N-Dub nation, dragon!639, lol, jtz, Jamaica, trainer black, linextrio ( I forget her name), xlnexrio :) etc post wonderfully.

      Notable mention :

      Jelly Bean when not incensed posts great comment as well. Ness these days has bloomed into a gamer, nice.

      1. You forgot to mention all the ones that comment “first” on your “Notable mentions” ^^ They’re saying nothing but the truth in their comments. Keep objective, without saying their subjective opinion, so not giving too much love or too much hate for anything, but just say what they truly mean they are <3

      1. I only mean that a Mario game could be similar to a Luigi game. They could make a Mario’s Mansion for the WiiU or something like that, Zelda on the other hand, I just don’t know if they could do it.

    1. Everytime you mention Miyamoto , I just really wonder what will happen to Mario and Zelda when he retires :'( , I hope he just can pass his wisdom to the next generation of developers

      1. Probably nothing, he’s laid the ground basics, nothing more needs to be done, he barely makes them anymore.
        If anything, him leaving will allow the developers to be more open in their designs, take more risks, but the games will still follow the same quality.

        1. NO. Thats just not true. Miyamoto is the reason nintendo games are good. He’s the one that supervises them. Dark moon wouldn’t have been half the game it was without miyamoto. People undercredit miyamoto way too much

          1. Or, to actually be truthful. None of us know how much involvement Miyamoto has with any given game.

            Could be a lot, could be almost none. But we do not know.

            1. he doesnt help out as much anymore because hes getting ready for when he retires. like if they ask him something he really wont act like a leader, if thats true thats a good thing so when he isnt there anymore they can still make the games as good.

  1. Mario, it can be done easily by any developer. Mario games require little to no talent to develop. My 6 year old brother could make a Mario game. HELL EVEN EA CAN DEVELOP MARIO… Maybe even better than shitendo.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            Do you know what the sad part is?…

            Once again a Sonyan copied what someome from Nintendo came up with first…

    1. Those guys are so bad ( EA ) they couldn’t even develop DRM or micro-transactions correctly. SIMs anyone?

    2. It takes more skill and talent to make an ongoing succesful platformer like Mario, thats why NO ONE else has done it like Nintendo. It takes alot of imagination to develop, in contrast to copy paste FPS and action games lol. RPG and Platformers especially Mario and Zelda will always hold that crown regardless.

  2. LM2 was a masterpiece, pretty much the only developers apart from EAD I’d trust for a main Mario game…

        1. First off, how much some likes a game is purely opinion. If you thought the game was great, then it was. Apparently for you dragon, it was not. Expressing an opinon then telling someone else that their opinion is wrong is biggoted. Remember that kid that cried tears of joy because he got Tank Tank Tank for christmas? Most people would cry tears of sadness at that, but he and his brother played it in arcade and loved it so to them it was a great game.
          I think LM2 is a very good game as well.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I for one didn’t enjoy that awful game, but it’s all preference. But there’s no way that was masterpiece.

  3. They have worked with Mario.

    They’ve made 2 Mario football games.

    Although, I guess they mean proper platforming Mario games.

    1. thats what i originally wanted it to be on, come on i know they wanted it to be in 3d but it just seems like a console game. as well being that the wii u needs more games like this.

  4. I say let ’em. There’s no way they could fuck it up worse than Phantom Hourglass, after all.

  5. Sure, long as they work on the bosses battles, LM2’s Bosses were shit.
    Also have better lay out, the level based system in LM2 just didnt work, you spend most of the time walking through the same areas over and over, combing each areas inch by inch multiple times, not fun.

    1. It’s true! You didn’t like it. D:

      Blasphemy! I’ll have Gamer sick his spirituality on you, cursing you to the depths of Gamer hell where they only play “M” rated games! … Wait… I’m coming.

    2. That’s the kind of game it is. Oddly enough that is very reminicient of the original resident evil games and also a huge part of what makes many players so fond of them. It is also what resident evil games aren’t doing much anymore.

  6. Based on the games they’ve made, I want to see them work on an Earthbound/Mother reimagining of sorts. Not an entirely different game, just something that would appeal more to a broader audience.

    1. Oh I agree, A lot of great games coming for the 3ds, it’s almost overwhelming, really. Add the WiiU games to the list and for the first time in awhile, I might actualy have too many games going at the same time, it’s going to be awesome!

      1. Now am on hyper ultra readiness. Any game that nintendo shall announce anyone, and my e3 is set this 2013.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Fine, maybe it was too harsh…

        Field Leader ikeezzo, let us hear their ideas then and then High Command can make a descision…

  7. Nintendo Commander

    Personally, I would like them to work on a new IP from the Mario franchise…

    Something with Toad or Waluigi as the heroes…

    Or maybe Ice Climbers?…

    1. Nintendo Commander you are a genius for bringing up ice-climbers. That would be a wonder. On either the 3DS or Wii U. With Luigi’s mansion 2, they have earned the right to work on a gem like that.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Well, I try my best…

        I would love to see a shocking joyful surprise of Ice Climbers for the Wii U, much like Metroid Prime was the great shock of greatness during the Gamecube Era…

  8. Is there ANY game developer anywhere who wouldn’t give their kidneys to get to work on Mario or Zelda? Those are the biggest superstars of all time in gaming! That’s like saying you want to sing with the Beatles!



    1. Capcom worked on some Zelda games that were fucking magnificent, I wouldn’t mind Nintendo letting other companies work on them. It would give the franchise new breath.

  10. I think they’ve proven their meddle. I’d like to see them tackle some other Nintendo IP’s. Star Fox or F-Zero would be cool, but I bet they’d do a great job with New Super Mario or 3DS Zelda. I think the main Mario and Zelda series should stay remain in the hands of Nintendo EAD.

  11. Pitfall near your door

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them meddle in a Mario or Zelda game, pretty excellent development team they have.

  12. Sure, why not. The main question I would have though, is how much freedom would they have to develope these games.

  13. Next Level Games is a pretty good company from my experience, though I have only played one of their games (Mario Strikers) Strikers is currently my favorite Mario sports game so I think they deserve another shot at a good Mario game or a nice LoZ one. (Not to mention that Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon seems pretty good as well)

  14. Leave Zelda and Mario in Japan. Look at what happened to the Scion XB car when Japan gave it to another team. It got fugly and undesirable to drive.

  15. I always roll my eyes when I see an article titled “So-and-So would love to work on a Zelda game”. No kidding. EVERYONE in the industry wishes they could work on a Zelda game.

  16. To be honest, I’d rather let Capcom have another swing at a Zelda game.
    All these years later, and Oracle of Ages and Seasons still have that magic that I’ve come to expect from the series, so Capcom as a co-developer is a sound bet for Zelda.
    These guys could give it a shot, though, so long as it was closely supervised.

  17. Every developer would love to work on Mario or Zelda…but it ain’t going to happen. Not exactly news lol.

  18. nintendo will never let anyone develop a normal mario title, but they will for zelda. they should just make a new ip thats not a shitty mario sports game.

  19. Would love to see them have the opertunity to make a Mario or Zelda game. I know they’d do well on either game! 💋

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  21. A New Punch Out would be nice. Although I don’t know how they are going to improve on it (controls, gameplay,etc.) The Wii version was already perfect for me.

  22. I would love to see them make a 3D handheld Mario game or a make a new Mario RPG series (perhaps a spin-off of seven stars). I think they would also be a good team to make a Zelda game after Spirit Tracks or in between Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks because I feel there is so much more that can be done with that storyline.

  23. I always thought a sipinoff sidescroller level based zelda game would’ve been fun. Especially with an art style similar to the oracle games or link’s awakening

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