Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Launches Q3 For Europe

harvest moon a new beginningEuropean fans of the farming game should wave their hands in the air and rejoice as Harvest Moon: A New Beginning has received a launch date. The simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS first hit Japan in February 2012 and North America last October, but now Europe is on board for a slice of foraging action.

Picked up by publisher Marvelous AQL and distributed by Zen United,¬†Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is set to arrive in the third quarter of the year – which is all together marvellous in our eyes. New features of the title include more in-depth character customisation, as well as better designs for your house and village. Although there’s some top-notch games due out for the 3DS this year, will you be picking up a copy of the new Harvest Moon?


      1. Run your own farm, plant stuff, harvest, have animals, sell stuff, date, get married, have kids. Good ol’ stuff. Sounds a little silly at first maybe, but it’s so darn addictive. The characters are nice too.

  1. I think this is great for Harvest Moon Fans.

    Personally, HM is a little slow for my tastes. Animal Crossing is a bit quicker and has a few more options, but again, that’s just me.
    I do see why HM fans like the series, just a bit slow for me!

  2. I quite enjoyed the harvest moon series, until rune factory started. I don’t see why they don’t just merge and upgrade the two series. I mean in rune factory you have your farm and your wife and kids, just stick in the house upgrading system and off you go.

  3. more than 1 year later after it’s initial release
    sometimes i have to wonder if these people are fucking retarded, just release those games world wide at the same time, fking douchebags

    it’s always the same
    etrian odyssey, fire emblem, harvest moon, bravely default, etc.
    fuck off

  4. Honestly this has to be one of the best handheld versions of Harvest Moon. You can customize your character’s appearance and the layout of your farm and town. It’s a shame that Europe had to wait so long to get it though.

  5. Thank God!
    I was getting so angry with the Harvest Moon Franchise.
    Can not believe Star Project failed Europe.
    From people I know Star Project has lost a lot of fans and Harvest Moon nearly did too.
    This wasn’t a smart move and although I know tons of people in Europe will buy the game.
    (Because it is good.)
    They certainly wont forget how they were thrown aside for so long and so unfairly.
    Harvest Moon need to watch themselves, nearly a fatal mistake.

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