Wii U Is Apparently ‘Struggling Mightily’


Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz says that the Wii U is “struggling mightily” to gain traction. Creutz is convinced that Nintendo will introduce what he says is a badly needed price cut during E3. Creutz does think that a price cut and strong key franchises could turn things around for the troubled console, but says that Nintendo’s window for igniting interest in Wii U is closing rapidly due to the forthcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

“After seven months on the market, Nintendo’s Wii U is struggling mightily. We note that the company has essentially abandoned the field to Microsoft and Sony at this year’s E3 as Nintendo will not be holding a press conference.”

“However, we do think there is a decent chance that Nintendo could announce a price cut for the Wii U at E3 in an effort to bring attention to the console and boost sales. We note that the console will have a series of key new games coming out through the late summer and fall, beginning with Pikmin 3 in August. Nintendo’s window for igniting interest in its console is closing with Microsoft and Sony’s competing machines soon to come to market.”


    1. You are way too obsessed with Nintendo if you also want to be first to comment on articles

  1. Nobody cares what these pin prick anal-ists think. ”OMG didily derp , Nintendo isn’t going to have another super successfull generation like the wii consecutively , doom derp doom diddily!” Yeah , shut the fuck up and cry yourself to sleep.

    1. did u all read what microsoft comfirmed today!!! nintendo will surely dominate this gen.. who wants all that nonsense…

    1. fuck thozze games!!!!!! they all suck. play A REAL GAME like the BEE MOVIE!!!!! bbbzzzzz this industry makes ME FUCKING SICK!!!!!!

  2. The WII U was behind the times before it came out and Nintendo is clueless as far as internet game play.

    1. … While the competition’s clueless as far as gameplay. Nintendo is the undefeated champion of gameplay, and their online is only getting better.
      Also, PS4 and Xbox 1 will be ‘behind the times’ compared to high-end PCs, so your point should include Microsoft and Sony, too… unless you’re a biased Troll.

      1. Hey Virus Nintendo are one fools who have only luck that have brainless fans like you i still remember when i had play super mario 2 uhhhhh i haven’t play so boring and stupid game the same thing over and over and over again you beating the boss and after that the princess is in another castle i wanted to throw the console out of the window anyway only morons would that game

        1. With grammar like that, you shouldn’t be calling anyone a moron. And the game you described is not Super Mario 2, it was Super Mario Bros.

        2. Please forgive me if I don’t understand you at all, nothing you say sounds intelligent. If you were a REAL gamer you’d know that Nintendo has high end games. If you consider COD a “fun” game you are just a tool.

        3. We are still smarter than retarded fools that buy 5 xbox360’s after RROD and disk scratching. Now morons pay for xboxlive which should be free. So go tell that to xbots and copy cat sony drones before insulting us.

        4. yeah, what do u think of ur almost always online xboxone, must use kinect to play all the games and cant let friend borrow them unless ur fucking each other while kinect record sand uploads it all to microsoft corprate perverts. yeah xboxone is the system to have, and ps4 probably wont be much better since it shares identicle hardware specs… dont see why sony and microsoft just dont merge their gaming divisions.

  3. We should write all these comments down and remember them for laughs for next year that this time when the Wii U is the second fasting-selling console of all-time behind the 3DS which is the fastest-selling console of all time after going through the EXACT same thing the Wii U is now.

    Also to show how hypocritical the western media is when they are stone silent to the PS4 and XBOX One struggling to sell. Every excuse in the book will be made to justify that of course.

  4. The E3 conference…

    Nintendo abandons officially presenting on such a perfect marketing event… They could present the “full potential” of the device they claim it possesses. They could present the titles everyone cannot live without. Titillate the market, why won’t you?

    1. Even when Nintendo has a decent-to-good E3, they get Hammered by biased journalists. Nintendo taking back control with these E3 Directs and getting newly-announced games in gamers’ hands via the Best Buy partnership is waaay better than getting overshadowed by overhyped consoles (correction: console [PS4{‘cuz no one’s gettin’ Xbox 1}]).

    2. nintendo is there, demostrating the games, why spend millions of dollars on a press confrence when u have better options this day and age, E3 IS A DINOSAUR.

    3. E3 is just for the media and it´s been losing its importance year after year. Consumers don´t have access to E3 after all, but only to media reports of it. Nintendo is trying a consumer-friendly approach with its Nintendo Directs and making a partnership with Gamestop to show their new games. I´m not sure if that´s the right thing to do, but clearly ND´s attract a lot of attention from gamers around the world.

  5. Another Analyst who has no idea what he’s talking about. Microsoft already dropped the ball and left it behind. Sony’s in a slightly better position, but they’ve still got a lot of ground to cover before they show that they learned anything from the PS3’s missteps.

  6. It’s strange to me how not having on aspect of a E3 conference equals “abandonment” of a conference. Nintendo will still have keynote speeches for retailers, and the press. They also will be able to play the games right away. Nintendo chose not to give US a keynote speech but instead a Nintendo Direct(s) and a deal with Best Buy where you can play a few of the games.

    E3 is more than just the hour of standing on stage. E3 lasts for 5 days and Nintendo will be there in force all five days.

    1. lack of games, poor marketing, or genius conterstrike against sony and microsoft.

  7. Who?

    Honestly, people are gona take one look at the price of the other 2 systems and go “ohh….”, then they’ll be like “well, i dont want one yet, but WiiU just brought out Mario Kart, new 3D Mario, Pikmin 3, and a bunch of other games, and it’s way cheaper, i’ll get it”.

    And within a year or more of the PS4’s lifetime, same thing will happen, games will start rolling out, and it’ll sell.

    Gona learn to walk before you run.

  8. It’s all true and said with no bias. Didn’t know analysts like you existed, Doug.

  9. everytime that someone say “..has essentially abandoned the field to Microsoft” a gamer with at least 1/9 of brain… die. no really.. leave field to Microsoft? that’s make me laugh so hard that i think i will shit in my pants in the next 5 minutes

  10. I think people are just waiting for more information on the Xbox One and PS4 until they make their decision about what to buy. Didn’t the same thing happen with the PS3?

  11. I stopped taking this guy seriously when I read “We note that the company has essentially abandoned the field to Microsoft and Sony at this year’s E3 as Nintendo will not be holding a press conference.”

  12. Wii U will be in second place atleast because of the mighty stupid xbox one. and if things keep going how they are ps4 will take first place. but e3 is gonna change everything. and Nintendo DID N0T ABANDON E3 CAUSE OF SONY AND MICROSOFT. EVEN MICHAEL PACHTER THINKS NINTENDOS E3 APPROACH IS GONNA BE GOOD. THIS WILL BE NINTENDOS BEST EVER E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEREFOR MAKING WII U EVERYBODYS MOST WANTED CONSOLE.

  13. Enter “playstation vita failure” and then “wii u failure” in Google search and you can see how fucking biased people are!

  14. Check the complete article there is bad predictions to everyone and what he said about the wiiu is lite lol.

    1. Agreed, while we bask in glory this E3, these idiots will be jerking off to the next COD. I prefer any Nintendo IP over all the COD any day.

  15. LOL. Everyone is retarded now. I swear to cow, wtf is going on inside peoples heads these days. The WiiU will be one of the highest selling consoles of all time, Can they seriously not see it, it will destoy the xbox and the playstation in sales. A price cut may come, but in no way shape or form does it need it.

  16. Wii u will sell once the games everybody have been waited are released. Wii u is must have system thanks to its exclusives, i mean isnt the own stuff the reason why people buy consoles? Honestly i dont understand why these analysts are still claiming doom for Nintendo, they saw xbox one they know its shit and they know it will fail and no BODY isnt ready for that piece of shit box, but why are they saying that its Nintendo which going to fail? The answer is simple its because just like that bitter old fat mad atari guy these analysts are western people and westerns havent ever dominated in console business so they try to make western console to look good in media by not talking how shit it is! The reason why they pick Nintendo instead of Sony is because Nintendo is 100% gaming company just like SEGA and they see Nintendo as weaker target. Is this too far scratched maybe………..maybe not.

  17. Sony and most definetly Microsoft will “struggle mightily” somewhere in there lifetime too.

    Wii U- cheap, alot of quality games.
    PS4- expensive, Powerful, Games
    Xbox-expensive, no games,

    1. True that man… to add honestly all these people getting wet in the trouzers over grfx is silly as hell. That shit wears off real quick once the gameplay shows to be only a few button presses, walking around, and watching a cutscene thats longer than the actual gameplay lol(Im lookin at you UNCH and Last of Us!) Id rather keep Nintendo around thank you! Not having been able to play Mario Galaxy 2 has pained me far more than ANY of the “Competitor’s” games and thats no lie. (Im finally getting it this week!) WIIU has had my pocket in a pinch lol..

  18. “We note that the console will have a series of key new games coming out through the late summer and fall, beginning with Pikmin 3 in August. ”
    Those that think that Pikmin 3 is going to save the Wii U are delusional. Pikmin isn’t well known, hardy sold on the Gamecube. It will take a stream of games to safe the Wii U, I hope they shock me at E3 because so far I’m not interested in any of the games I know they are showing other than Bayonetta 2 and Retros game.

  19. The WiiU launches this summer.
    We were all just beta-testers.
    The bugs are out, now let’s release the first party games and begin selling systems!

    (PS: Thanks to all the Fans who paid top-dollar to be a Nintendo Beta-tester. Your money and time have been very useful in Nintendo’s success)

    1. Amen. Major problem that needs to be rectified – Stop giving us sloppy ports and polish them up to the same standard as NFSMW , ME3 , Trine 2. Other than that and an initialy sluggish OS , everything has been great.

      All we need is the big games starting with Pikmin 3 to come thick and fast , then it is plain sailing from there on!

      1. Yeah, I kinda feel like being an early adopter for Nintendo is pretty much like buying their dev-kits.
        We buy the system at a higher price, we get half baked software and firmware (don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed several of the launch titles)

        But now they have everything up and running, the firmware is tweaked, steong games are in the near future, but all of us that bought it day one were part of their fan-based testing program.

        I get so pissed at Nintendo sometimes, but I know they mean well and eventually pull out the big guns.

        They should just always have an ambassidor program for early adopters of their hardware. All of us that every.single.time. Buy their hardware at launch and suffer through the growth pains. ;)

        1. Yep. A guaranteed ambassador program would do wonders for initial sales as well. an Extra incentive…

          I’m passionate about Nintendo my first memories are with SNES and Megadrive. But my first proper console was N64 and my big bro had a playstation , but even he prefered the N64 lol. Also at that time it was ALL about Gameboy and Pokemon.
          Ever since then I’ve had all of Nintendo’s best stuff. So I was always going to get Wiiu on Day 1 no matter what it was like lol….

          I thought ZombiU was a terrific game and that is an experience I’ll never forget.

          But the highlights for me in terms of games have been

          Nintendo Land
          Lego City
          Monster Hunter
          Trine 2
          Toki Tori 2 (man buy that if you haven’t already , amazing….)

          And then lots of other great content also like Ninja Gaiden 3 , AC3 and more.

          From now on I only want the best content on Wiiu , I’m no longer buying for the sake of playing something on the console lol , it has to be proper from now on.
          And there is , when you think about it , lot’s of good stuff coming to wiiu this year.

          I’m sure we will look back on the admittedly sluggish first 6 months to wiiu and laugh this time next year when we’re playing Smash , Mario Kart , Zelda and much more :)

  20. I think it’s still a tad early to comment on Wii U being a failure or not, but something as big as a price cut may be needed to help it gain traction. I think Nintendo made a lot of mistakes with this system (online not up to scratch with PSN/Live, not many third-party exclusives, a lack of a true killer app, not much third party support, it’s expensive for what you get..etc.) but it’s still a good console. Analysts were saying the 3DS was doomed and that the Vita would gain more sales and look what happened – a swift price cut, a ton of awesome games and a couple of third party exclusives, all increasing 3DS sales.

  21. He thinks Microsoft can beat Nintendo this generation? Only the people who can’t see what Microsoft is trying to do is going to buy that console. I liked the 360, but seriously… The Xbone is Xbone’d.

  22. My god, a Price Cut WONT HELP AND WONT HAPPEN FOR 3 MORE YEARS. People that can afford the PS4 or Xbox One can easily buy a Wii U it will already be hundreds cheaper then the other systems. As for the Xbox One I have yet to see 1 single person on youtube, forums, twitter, or in real life who is remotely interested in the Xbox One. Hell a guy on my 360 friends list who works at Microsoft (The Internet Explorer part and even he has no interest in the Xbox One and he is close to being an Xbox Fanboy. As for the PS4 with its INSANE price which comes next week the Wii U will be looking mighty fine.

  23. Okay, if the Wii U needs a price cut (according to these damn analysts) then the Xbox One and PS4 will sell nothing, cuz people are too cheap to buy any home consoles. Wii U isn’t even expensive! 💋

  24. Sheesh, did someone slap in a broken record or what! C’mon, do you people have to post quotes for EVERY analyst who gives an opinion on the Wii U’s prospects? It’s getting very redundant and demeaning now. Especially with E3 just 5 days away. Man…

  25. a price cut would kill the wii u and people are just being cheapskates and want everything cheap rather than what its actually worth. what nintendo needs are games and telling the whole world that they are selling the wii u at a loss, if they dont understand that (or rather they dont wanna listen) then they aren’t worthy of owning a wii u

  26. price cuts don’t help at all.. best example are germany and the UK.. resellers slashed the basic model to ~180€ in germany and i believe 150 pounds in the UK… they’re still selling badly
    bloody analysts are too ignorant to even take overseas markets into account…

    only thing the wii U needs are games


  27. The day smash is released, they will top their sales, Guaranteed. Release the game bundled with some pro controllers and their good.

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