Ubisoft Defends Wii U


Ubisoft  EMEA executive director Alain Corre has defended the Wii U in a recent interview. Corre says that people shouldn’t write off the Wii U just yet as it generally takes time for a console to establish itself in the marketplace. Corre believes that when the games come sales of ailing console will pick up and says it’s too premature to predict its demise just yet.

“It takes time for a machine to establish itself.”

“We’ve seen in the past that when more games come, the console picks up. That is what we believe will happen for Wii U. There is a place in the market for each console, and with the right games Wii U will find its public and sell in the long-term.”

“One single game can change a platform’s fortunes – it happened for the DS, it happened for the Super Nintendo. I believe it can be the same for Wii U.”

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    1. yup! … to me it takes time to charge an attack, and during that charge people tend to take advantage and punch some low-blows. Nintendo charged an attack successfully with 3DS and in the Wii U’s case…. they are still yelling:

      1. *The promised Wii U comes*
        Nin-ten-do-Wii… UUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Agree, remember the psp, that was doing way worst than Wii u now look at it now, give a system at least 2 years

    1. I may be a feg but at least im not a fag like you. Also you’re an ugly fat fuck sir!

      1. Well at least it’s still coming… more then can be said of pretty much every other third party

        1. First sign of madness is talking to yourself. :P

          (Just teasing, BTW. No mean to offend).

  1. i no something nintendo is doing wait and see a new game that will be the best game from reto game

  2. What they say is true. Actually even if Wii U sells like gamecube, it will still have several great exclusive titles

    1. Exactly. However, I believe that the Wii U will still sell more than the Gamecube. It will never sell as much as the Wii but nothing needs to sell that well to be really successful. The 3DS which was considered unmarketable upon release has already sold in only 2 years almost double what the Gamecube sold in 5 years.

  3. Can’t say I approved of their DRM in the past, but they seem commited to the Big N…

    … I am ByteManNeo on Miiverse, and I approved Ubisoft’s message.

        1. LOOK he is feeding the troll!! SO he is guilty of trolling!! lets punch him in the guts!! Gay bastard!

                    1. Ooo you are a family man! love kids *o*
                      Sorry i was just trolling people that i thought were youngster just to tease them. . . knowing that you are a resposible adult take all the fun of trolling :(

      1. People (Sony fanboys) trying to claim the vita will be the ”definitive version”. Cough much much lower resolution and Ubi said it isn’t 60FPS cough ;)

        All I know is that challenge app kicks many a nutsack , it’s amazing. I havent got time to play it atm though cus Playing Fire emblem , Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Resi…

        1. I am ranked under 500 on the challenge app. I beat all my friends everyday. I can’t wait for the full raymen legends to be released. I am getting that shit DAY ONE!!!!!

          Get N or get OUT!!!

          1. Yeh , I want the game a LOT. Will just have to see what my wallet is saying cus lots and lots of amazing 3ds and Wiiu games coming out around the time of its release.

            1. Yea I totally agree with you bro. But I am gonna make sure budget for this game. I need to start stash away money so that my wife don’t stop me from purchasing the games that I need. lol

              1. lol xD . Luckily I don’t have a wife yet (:P) but I know how restrictive and paranoid GF’s can be lol.

                Yeah , If I do get RL on day 1 then I will go hammer and tongues at the leaderboards. But I’ve been busy with 3DS games and other wiiu games atm. But the challenge app is amazing.

  4. I agree. Look how long it took for the PS3 to gain steam… now it’s a pretty successful system. Same with the 3DS.

      1. Well, that… And you can’t forget many people bought it as a blu-ray player. :P

          1. the new seriezz sucks, play a real game like the fucking bee game or some szony ps4 games. zztupid fucking zzdrones on here are so fucking dumb.

  5. Too bad nobody realizes this. It’s obvious that exclusives sell the system then 3rd parties develop for the system. Yet everyone still says Wii U is gonna fail and stuff because it’s not selling well when it’s only at the damn begining of it’s life span!

    1. They fully realize it and understand it. People who want to be seen and or have an agenda purposefully ignore the facts like the black plague.

    1. Yes but they need to be under a watching eye since we do not need another Rayman incident…

  6. I think I realize what Ubisoft is doing here. They’re trying to tap into a new market no other big third party publisher is currently successful with. Nintendo fans.

    1. Of course. They’re smart. It’ll cost them a lot of work and some games that won’t sell well, but eventually with their verbal and shown support, Nintendo fans will think of them as a best friend lol.

  7. Ubisoft is absolutely right. A strong first party and second party movement will drive the install base, and third party titles will ultimately play support. With a lot of skeptics out there like EA, Ubisoft will sell more when the wave hits.

    1. What Nintendo needs now is a strong first-or second-party sports lineup. Most of us Nintendo fans don’t care about sports sims, but if I could play a MLB baseball sim and NOT have to buy a PS4 SOLELY for that game, as well as utilize dual-GamePad control for it, I’d be delighted. And I am sure so would be a lot of baseball fans.

  8. Who gives a fuck. They do it for da money? they do it because they think so? I DONT GIVE A FUCK they have a lot of good games and they want to join nintendo so lets pray for this!! lets be happy!! if it is for the money. . . well okay i’ll still going to have this game no? so fuck off and be happy you all faggots!

  9. I think we have to wait until E3 is done. Then we will have a better feeling for the future of WiiU.
    A lot of my friends wait for games they might care for. Most of them want one Powerhouse console (PS4 or X1) and perhaps the WiiU, if it delivers games. Nintendo exclusives are a breed of their own.
    I think WiiU will perform OK, not Wii well, but well enough after the big guns come to the table.

    1. It won’t do as well because nothing ever does as well. Think of pop artists. They had that one song that brought them attention and fans and sold millions and millions of hits, obtaining Grammys and other awards. Then their next song was maybe good or even better, but it will look to everyone like a rip-off or rehash of the first song.

      Look at Gangnam Style and Gentleman. Gangnam Style got 1.5 BILLION views and Psy got so much attention (although people just wanted A VIDEO to get a billion; they were doing it just for the fun of it) but Gentleman only got a couple million.

      If Gentleman was released as Psy’s first song, it might’ve had the same effect as Gangnam Style did for us. People cling to the first great idea and things don’t tend to repeat themselves as grand as the first time around.

      1. Actually, as of this morning, Gentleman was over 400,000,000 views. It may not be 1.5 billion, but it ain’t chump views, either.

        1. Oh, really? Dang that’s a lot xD!I haven’t watched it since the first week or so of its release. That’s still a lot, but average when you compare it to Gangnam Style. So the idea still stands.

    1. yezz good bye ubisoft forzz zupporting the shit u, im going to bee playing some good games on zony now!!!!!! itz been nice knowing ya zzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Why do they release final fantasy games on the xbox now, they should bring it to the wii u

      1. They should bring it to the cinema if it’s anything like the last one! Just remove the player altogether and make the film that they seem to want to…

  10. @Real Gamer Shut up! You always try to find a way to troll but this time it ain’t working because you know that they’re right.

    1. My super nintendo is waiting it to. . . well it doesnt need it know why?? CAUSE FF WAS GOOD UNTIL THAT FUCKING SHIT THAT IS CALL FFVII man that game and the ones that came after it really sucks monkey dicks

  11. Ubi is the like the Care Bear with the rainbow on its chest of the development world. You can’t help but love the good nature and most DEF good games they dish out to consoles

  12. Ubisoft is smart enough to know to jump on their boogie-board before the wave comes. Anyone rational human being with any sort of business sense and historical knowledge understand how these things work. Ubisoft would not be the juggernaut it is today if it did not. They know that sales for there Wii U are gonna go through the roof once the games come. The smart companies are posturing themselves to be in a good position to get first-dibs on Wii U ports over the clown Western-developers thinking the PS4 and XBOX One are going to say the day.

    1. Couldn’t say it better myself! People are ignorant believing the Wii U is doomed just because the first half of its life wasn’t successful. Pikmin 3 alone, in my opinion, will make people wanna buy a Wii U. After E3 we’ll see what people say!

      1. The only thing I’m concerned about is with all these heavyweight games coming out this year, how are they going to follow up for next year? Nintendo has NEVER in it’s history launched so many franchise titles all at once. Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash, Pikmin, and Wii Fit. That is 6 MAJOR 1st party franchises within a six month window. And that’s not even the beginning.

        1. Agreed, but remember this, we don’t know any launch dates yet. Zelda is coming in 2014 sometime, and the others are a mystery. Also, I heard Retro has 2 games coming along.

  13. I was at vg247 and they have a article of analist not saying good things about ps4 and xbox1 lol they are raging. If italians nintentendo is true and if is anyone else they are crasy lol.

  14. Fucking trolls. Why are you homos so dam jealous? Isnt having a super powered hyper strong RAM-filled console enough to shut you the fuck up? Nintendo whoops that ass everytime so who gives a shit what yall retards think lol. The last win you guys had was with ps2 LMAO. Before that ya didnt have nothing, after that you still aint won anything lol!

  15. I like Ubisoft, i just wish they wouldn’t keep doing the AC franchise so frequently, and having all their games follow the “capture a base to unlock area and get stuff” format, every Ubisoft game does that -.-

    1. I just wish the new Castlevania was coming to WiiU, that game looks fucking great.

  16. Whoever changed the way MyNintendoNews looks and changed the comment box, thank you so much! Now I can actually comment on the website and not through my Gmail!

  17. the real test will be when the X1 & PS4 are released & we see how quick the take up is of those compared to the WiiU, i think that the either the PS4 or X1 will sell more than the WiiU in the same timescale, i doubt if both consoles will but i really think one will.

  18. I love the Wii U. I own one, I have tons of fun with my hardcore gamer friends playing Monster Hunter and Zombie U multi player. I cant wait to play brawl, and not to mention my nieces and nephews come over and have a blast. Cant do that with my Xbox (although I really enjoy lots of xbox games as well). Im glad Ubisoft is standing behind Nintendo, and Im behind them both, too bad I dont matter as much.

  19. im so stuffed, thankszzz guys, this doesnt even matter. nintendo has been in the dump since n64 and keep digging zztrong!!!!! sszzony playstation is way better and destroys your shitty nintezzdo games, no bioshock infinite or the last of us!!!!!
    nintendo has (BUZZ) no games and dont have this (BBZZZ), your former best game!!!!!!

  20. Sales went up just because of Microsoft’s Xbox 1 embarrassment. When the games everyone really wants start rolling in, the Wii U will (my guess) be Nintendo’s 2nd most successful home console.
    .No DRM
    .At least 8 system-sellers are confirmed
    .(Likely) The most affordable of the next gen consoles
    .True backward compatibility
    .Controller options for everyone (seriously, if you can’t find One Wii U compatible controller you like, you’re not looking hard enough/never tried them all)

    I think Nintendo’s #1 this gen, or will at least tie with PS4.

  21. This is why I’ll be purchasing each of their titles upon release if my finances are good!

  22. Our Empire’s stocks will rise pretty good after E3…

    And of course millions of new gamers…

  23. Probably because they’ve seen the games Nintendo is about to announce and want to stay on the rocket before it soars.

  24. Namco, you could take notes from Ubisoft.

    THAT is real support! Way to go, Ubisoft!

  25. I think its pretty hilariousthat ubisoft is the only developer that defends nintendo. nintendo needs to give them a franchise..lbs

  26. This is what nintendo wants people 3.5 million sold and 2 games by nintendo think about

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  28. This is true. I don’t get why people think the Wii U is a failure based on its launch when other systems have been through the same thing. It takes time for it to grow. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Patience and more games will help the Wii U succeed.

  29. Gotta love that Ubisoft! I will be supporting their support of Wii U buy purchasing Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watch_Dogs, Rayman Legends, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

  30. Ubisoft are such good people! Good job guys! You’re my second favorite 3rd party developer with Sqaure Enix being first and Capcom being third!

  31. “One single game can change a platform’s fortunes – it happened for the DS, it happened for the Super Nintendo. I believe it can be the same for Wii U.”


  32. I’d believe Ubisoft if they hadn’t sold out to Micro$oft over the Rayman Legends fiasco.

    They’re just trolling the Wii U owners as usual.

  33. well nintendo should not all ways count on 3rd party games they should count on them self to

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