Capcom Teasing ‘Big Surprise’ At E3 Next Week

ducktales_remastered_screenshotCapcom has announced their line-up for this year’s E3, but in the midst of their press release, they’re also teasing one big surprise next week. Earlier this week, Capcom also launched their 30th Anniversary website, and they popped up a countdown clock to tease fans in the process – could this ‘big surprise’ be the very one they are counting down to? We’re pretty sure it is. It’s all hush-hush for now, but let us know what you think this big whopper of a surprise will be in the comments below. Here’s what Capcom had to say about the event, and what they will definitely be revealing at E3:

Come join us at this year’s E3 Expo to experience all new versions of forthcoming releases DuckTales: Remastered, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara and Lost Planet 3 as well as the debut of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. And what’s more, we have a big surprise to share with you. To find out what it is you’ll have to head to booth # 2101 in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center.


  1. Megaman maybe? Maybe that’s the reason they announced long time ago and cancelled – wanted to wait for E3..?

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s ridiculous. I love Megaman as much as the next guy, hell, I still hope that Capcom could release Megaman Legends 3, but the fact still remains that Capcom don’t give two fucks about the series anymore and is trying to throw it into obscurity along with its other franchises. If they cancelled FOUR games in a row, what makes you think they’ll wait for E3 to announce one? Hell, if that’s the case they would have waited for DmC to be announced.

      1. get a life goddamit . everyone on this site makes me sick. i LOVE nintendo but all you stupid people are causing us to look like the stupidest people ever

          1. It’s not this bad on most sites, not even gaming sites. I feel bad for My Nintendo News, it’s absolutely overrun with ignorant children who have nothing better to do than role-play in the comments or try to get a rise our of people.

      1. Please yes. MH3U Will still do for quite a while, but damn MH4 looks freakin great!

        1. The game is so good that i bought dark souls for 360 and i will soon get dragon dogma. Mh3u make me a masoquist lol.

    1. A Monster Hunter that IS NOT A PORT PLEASE? Made from the ground up DAMMIT!

  2. Aslong as anything comes to the Wii U or 3DS, you will be blessed by the holy N…

          1. If the redo resident evil 6, like Razors edge, then add more Leon and ada and less Chris plus that other mess of a new character, then count me in. Infact cut out the first act entirely.

            1. i like the game, actually. although not horror. RE 6 is a good action game. im fine with chris and jake is cool. leon is still the best though.

              p.s. ada is so freakin hot

      1. There are also rumours of Darkstalkers 4 being Wii U exclusive. Cue the fanboy rage if true.

    1. Capcom and Nintendo are Buddies from 1983 and before. Why do you think the atrocious Resident evil 6 skipped the Wii U. PS3 and xbox360 were alpha and beta testers.

  3. Yeah. I’m not really excited.

    Once upon a time, I used to look forward to Capcom and Square Enix announcements with such eager anticipation. These days, I’m quite apathetic to their teases.

    Still, I wonder what the “surprise” could be. I know they just announced an online Dragon’s Dogma for Vita in Famitsu. Maybe that’s it.

    I hope not, because you know everyone really wants Mega Man. Knowing Capcom, we probably wont get that though. Meh.

    1. Vita getting a Dragons dogma online version. There was a time when monster hunter would have been a Vita release. This is good news for that sony handheld, it needs all the help it can be accorded.

          1. Is strange cause i think the vita is powerful enough to run a dogma tipe game Hell sony should put a demon Soul version on it.

  4. MegaMa, PFFFFFT oh man, who am i kidding….

    Hopefully a RE2 remake, would prefer it classic style, but i’ll settle for a Revelations style

    Other guess is maybe SF5?
    Most likely an exclusive fighter for WiiU, maybe Darkstalkers Reborn rumour, maybe even a Nintendo X Capcom X SEGA game xD

    Looking forward to Deep Down, long as its not as annoying and taxing to play as Dragons Dogma, which it looks like a sequel to, which was only fun during combat.

    I forget what else Capcom has…
    I duno, just dont be a bunch of assholes for at least one year, that would be nice…

    1. Oh shit, and Okami, hopefully a new one, but i’ll settle for an updated WiiU port of the original.

      1. Though a sequel could be likely, it was the number 1 game on PSN (in the UK at least) for a good few months

    2. Aahhh, i forgot, Capcom is also the only third party (other than…you know who..THE BABY) to make games on Nintendo IP’s.

      If we could have them work on a Metroid, or Star Fox, or Way Forward make a Metroid side scroller, that would be amazeballs.

  5. 3,249,710 Animal Crossing New Leaf sold. That I presume is Japan only. Wait until we get the PAL and NTSC release.

  6. Add south Korea to those Animal Crossing Numbers sold.

    P.S South Korea has a Nintendo of South Korea by the way.

  7. Article on nintendo life stating Usisoft believes the Wii U is just one game away from selling millions. Got that right planet Ubisoft nintendo first parties shall moves that console even more. Then Nintendo should never ever trust ratchet third parties to release first on any of their consoles.

  8. Darkstalkers Reborn as a Wii U exclusive is my bet. It’s the second time that mentioned this.

    1. Yeah i hope that rumour is true. I hope the new Guilty Gear game comes to WiiU too, that would be great

      1. Hope is one of the 7 sega games is publishing on wiiu.
        3 sonics
        1 hd yakusa collection and still 3 to go hope is guilty gears.

    1. Since you like bees, you should know that Mario can transform into Bee Mario…

      1. zwat you talking zabout!!! im a fucking bee who likes zto pollenate on zzzony and always will be zthat way!!!!! BUZZZZ kill to nintzento!!!!! zzzony shits on zannything shitzzento does (bbbbzzz) bee movie game>nintendo

  9. I’m hoping for Megaman. They’ve been releasing all the original ones in the 3DS eShop. Maybe they’re hinting?

  10. A new DLC? Lol I hope it’s a RE2 remake or Darkstalkers reborn on Wii U. Dreaming is free!

  11. If it’s a mega man game and it doesn’t come to the Wii U for some stupid reason, I’m missing out on it due to the blocked used games/always online stuff surrounding the PS4 & Xbox One.

    Though if that Darkstalkers 4 Wii U rumor was true, I’d be interested.

    1. only on the ps4!!!!! the wii u is going (buzzz) to be a failzzz like zzznintendo always zzzzare. seriously (buzz) nobody izz supporting zzthem!!!!!

  12. Megaman Legends 3 for 3DS! We were kidding when we said we were canceling it. Did you think we’d really cancel something wanted by the fans so much they’d get 10,000 strong to sign a petition only to blame the fans for not supporting the game enough??!

    …ha ha, we certainly hope we’re not that stupid

    yeah we are…

  13. ninzendo sucks what is it going to be, zshovelware!!!! zeriously give up, go to zony ps4, the game that got you by is gone now (BBBZZZZZ)

    im not going to bee there anymore guys…. zzzooo zstop complaining of having no good games zlike zzony has!!!!!! my games zant help you anymore.

    1. Looks fake. Plus, they need more time to think about how to fix what RE6 destroyed.

  14. They’ll announce a brand-new Mega Man title, and show off stunning visuals and solid gameplay.

    And midway through the reveal, “Oops, sorry, this is cancelled, and it’s your fault.”

  15. I bet you they’re going to announce Street Fighter 5 and troll the hell out of all of the remaining loyal Capcom fans. I, however, do not fall into that category.

  16. Ultimate troll moment:
    Announces three brand-new Megaman titles.
    One is Megaman Legends 3, another is a continuation of the X series, and the third is the start of an extension to the Zero series.

    All exclusive to X-Box One.

    I would face desk till the desk broke in two.

  17. Hmm….. Resident Evil 7 made in the vein of RE4 for Wii U? Mega Man Legends 3 for 3DS? Mega Man Legends 1+2 for 3DS? Resident Evil 5 for 3DS? Super Smash Bros. vs. Capcom? Monster Hunter 5 for Wii U in 2014/2015?

  18. Capcom has a big suprise the big suprise is nintendo sucks wi u can’t even out perform a xbox 360 and that’s a dose of truth nintendo gekks.

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