Nintendo Wii U

Photo Attachments Coming To Miiverse


Tom from Nintendo has announced on Miiverse that the company is adding photo attachments for the social network. It’s not known whether this option will be available to everyone, or just authorised Nintendo staff – though the latter sounds more likely. Tom posted a picture from his flight to E3 in Los Angeles where he will be attending the conference with Reggie Fils-Aime and other Nintendo executives.

Thanks, Martin



    1. So many horny little boys…attaching cock photos to their miiverse posts.

      So many horny little girls…replying to those posts and then videochatting with said boys.


    1. Sony and Microsoft don’t have these yet they pay for some good online delights … While Nintendo on the other hand. I’m starting to think that the good guys are Nintendo and Valve while cunts like EA, Sony and Micro eat shits all our money.


    1. In MiiVerse, if you poste a picture of spilt milk, you’d get banned.

      Miiverse Moderators include: Robocop, Ed 209, and Judge Dread.

      It’s safer for kids than a school playground, and easy as hell for adults to get their asses banned in a heartbeat.

      You can tell I’m bitter about being Banned for two weeks, after months of supportive, fun posts, You even THINK about a curse word, and you get shafted on a stake, no matter how loyal you are to them.
      (I’m mad bro)

      Still, MiiVerse is my favorite Social network, and the reason I love it is probably the same reason I hate it.


      1. I got banned for drawing link with his dick going inside ghirahims butt. I saw nothing wrong with that ;_;


      2. I got banned for two weeks for drawing a pic of Pac Man on a path to eat a pile of shit w/flies…..but if you go to my page SuperGoatBoy64 all my drawings are of super graphic gore….but those never get banned…

        So im not sure what does and dosent,,,,oh yeah i also drew a dick and made a dog out of it, and i got banned too so thats twice……

        No human sex organs, or feces…but you draw human organs and blood????


      3. Jaded, send in email to customer support about this issue. You may not get what you want, but they are EXTREMELY helpful and friendly and will at least mention your concern to the proper people at the company. Trust me it’s better than nothing.


      4. @Jaded_drybones..Sorry to hear that. While I love Miiverse, in some ways it’s too strict and unforgiving. Especially that 2 week ban. If you get banned, there’s no one to appeal your case to. I think they should revise the policy, and just suspend people for 3 days. Now, if a person has been suspended more than 3 times, then suspend them for 2 weeks on the next offense. Hopefully, they rethink this policy.


      5. A double-edged Master Sword, so to speak.
        But then again, after years of being on lightly-modded forums, maybe it’s just in people’s nature to want to be more forward and argumentative?XD


      6. Yah well I got PERMA BANNED from Miiverse cause of to many posts being deleted…my latests posts that got deleted? Calling a Guy silly and a Guy who called me a dope so I said lose the attitude and both my comments were bullying and hateful…absurd.


    1. I would hate to be the staff worker with the job of monitoring Miiverse posts. Especially if pictures are allowed. The job just got a LOT harder xD


  1. My friend typed “two words: fuck ya” and something about dick tips when playing mario and the posts just got deleted and I wasn’t banned at all.


    1. @Gamerluce..Supposedly, we’re suppose to be able to create our own communities. At least that’s what I heard. Maybe we’ll get that during the summer update. One can hope.


  2. If that ability is just regulated to Nintendo staff, then why would he announce it? Seemingly, Nintendo staff has the ability to do what they want to on Miiverse, such as, type more than 100 characters. Anyhow, if this feature isn’t for us Miiverse users, I’ll be sorely disappointed.


  3. It’s not that hard to stay out of trouble on miiverse. Geez. Just stop being immature and you will be fine.


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