Rayman Legends Gameplay Trailer E3

Ubisoft showed a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Rayman Legends during its E3 conference, which is taking place as I type. The trailer shows off a number of locations that the player will encounter when Rayman Legends launches on September 3rd in North America and August 30th in Europe.


    1. why do you have no life? do you not have anything better to do then not only waste your own time? but also just waste space where actual comments about nintendo products could be made. also these admins dont do shit

      1. Lol cause claiming first in comment section of an article = failure at real life. You do know this is the Internet right?

        1. You never know, also you always try so hard on meaningless things like obtaining First Post, use this determination on doing something better for yourself. :)

  1. Welp, goodbye Nintendo. All they will have will be Nintendo made games and some shitty third party crap that they might get thrown a bone a couple times a year.

    1. we shall see. considering the wii sold great with all the shovelware it had, i doubt it. besides, its not like nintendo will jus disappear. it cant really ever disappear.

      1. I really can’t see how they can survive with getting as little AAA third party support as they’re getting. I mean, is The Crew even coming to Wii U?

        1. the simple fact is that nintendo has actual first party titles. their not limited to third party. i understand it needs third party, but i can get a PS4 for that. besides, it took sega ALOT of failed consoles to die. you really cant count nintendo out. besides, one really has less games worth while at the time.

          1. I’m not really counting them out per se. I do think they’re becoming less and less relevant though.

  2. Should of completed this game, as it was a febuary release, i have zero interest in the game now.

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