Wii U Developer Direct – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Nintendo has launched a series of developer videos on its YouTube channel as a bid to tell you, the user, just why they’ve chosen to develop this game and what you should expect when the title is finally released. In the hot seat this time is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze’s producer Kensuke Tanabe, who speaks of why they chose sea creatures and an invasion of Vikings. Tanabe also takes you through the title’s features on the Wii U, looking at camera angles and how they developed fur for the big DK – make sure you check it out.


    1. I love your name but fuck that game……..never played one, i was never into mickey mouse. Your trying to be cool,…..boy???? Cool trolls dont fuck with Mickey Mouse lmao

    1. yeah, i understand all the frustration being a metroid fan myself, however its donkey kong’s time to shine and dont forget that nintendo never forgets its franchises cause thats what the fans love and support.
      this game looks damn good, its not like a cheap platformer or anything, on the last dkc retro showed us their ingenuity and skill on platform games. This time they will probably craft an excelent platformer and i will be happy to buy a wii u for it alone. New mario looks too mediocre however.

    2. wow… i am so impressed with these Nintendo graphics… i mean no other engine produces vibrancy like these, they cant lay a finger on Nintendo Engine.

  1. This game looks to be fun.

    I believe people are overreacting today over the games announced. It’s not like they can’t just make new directs throughout this year and announce more games. There shouldn’t be so much hate over Nintendo’s decision. They can’t please everyone, they have to make the right choice. Even if they did something different from Mario games, people will still complain about something. Just let them make what they want, and if someone doesn’t like their decisions, then that person doesn’t have to buy the game. It’s not like we are being forced to play them. Let Nintendo do their job.

    If you really want to make a difference and have things go your way, make your own game or hire someone to make it for you.

    1. I’m sorry, but common sense isn’t allowed here in the comments. You will have to leave.

  2. Pissed that its not Metroid, but it still looks pretty cool. They’re next game better be Metroid though or I’ll get even more pissed.

  3. Seriously they sacrificed other games for fucking shit!?!?? There was a Donkey Kong in 2010 and its port in 2013 and now they do another one. Donkey Kong is way less relevant (if even relevant) than Metroid and it’s way inferior to a F-Zero, a Starfox or a Metroid. I am disappointed with them.wasting their precious talent. :(

    1. No it is not. Metroid barely sells a million copies. Donkey kong for wii sold about 5 million copies. You do the math.

  4. Not gonna lie, I think Metroid would have been a much better pick. This looks really similar to the first one. Like, identical. I can’t even tell the difference in some places.

    1. Really? I’m just as mad as anyone that it’s not Metroid or something better but the game looks completely new and different from the Wii/3DS game.

  5. Wow.. just… wow…. From a game company that makes GREAT games, they choose this. I am absolutely disappointed with nintendo and retro. This game choice is HORRIBLE! We literally just got a DK game! We havent had a metroid or a star fox in years! Come on Retro, no one asked for DK! We all wanted Metroid and Star fox!

  6. Metroid will come guys, calm down. Obviously you guys were hyping up way too much. Metroid and other games will be available for Wii U, but right now, I’m perfectly find with the games they announced. I felt disappointed too and I wished they revealed something like Star Fox or F Zero.

    It should be obvious that Nintendo only wants to get the Wii U up in sales and get as many of their console in people’s houses. All the care right now is for the system to sell and with Donkey Kong and Mario, alongside The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin, we could see Wii U numbers growing. Once that is established, the will probably experiment with other franchises; but we will get a Metroid game on Wii U.

    1. Have you not played DKCR? It’s one of the best games of 2010, and was the inspiration for Rayman Origins. For me, it’s the best 2D platformer of the last 10 years. Fantastic game by a fantastic studio.

      1. I’m personally extremely happy that they went with an entirely new Donkey Kong Country. Ever since playing Returns on Wii, I’ve been dreaming of a sequel, so when they announced it for the 3ds, I was crushed by the fact that it was just a remake. Personally, I think this game will be a huge system seller. I just hope they keep the focus on gameplay and challenge. I’m sure the game will impress. :)

  7. i know for a fact that the 3rd playable character, it has to be Kiddie Kong, one Reason, cause if u played the first 3 games for the SNES which are my favorite :) heres my reasons why its kiddie.

    1. DK & Diddie where in DKC

    2. Diddy & Dixie were in DKC 2

    3. Dixie & Kiddie were in DKC3

    4. They can’t use Tiny Kong cause then she’d be a clone of Dixie.

    5. and lastly they can’t use Chunky Kong, Swanky Kong, Funky Kong, or Cranky so it has to be Kiddie it’s the only classic Kong left that makes Sence.

    So thats why im 100% certain its Kiddie, who we havent seen since 1996 (DKC3).

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