Wii U Developer Direct – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has participated in a Wii U Developer Direct which is focussed on the gorgeous The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Aonuma discusses the endless possibilities that HD visuals have had in transforming the cult Gamecube hit. There’s also plenty of spectacular gameplay footage that wasn’t shown in the trailer which was broadcast earlier today during the Nintendo Direct.

Thanks, Kallum



      1. Says the guy who cant be bothered to get his own gravatar and is just spamming up the page when people are trying to post stuff that people care about….


      2. i need an avatar???? To be the “cool” guy at…….you sir can go fuck yourself….

        Going to put LOZ in my 28 year old done with these lil kids


      3. Do you consider yourself mature or somthing? Why is your name ZaQ the MaNiaQ..sounds like somthing a 12 year old xbox user would call their account name….


  1. Hmm around 4-5 minutes in hes talking about the triforce quest at the end being cumbersome, but doesn’t actually say what hes changed to it? odd


    1. Why change it???? Did u have a hard time lol….I dont know about you but ive been playing zelda for well over 25 years. And every title is getting less difficult as they go…go play LOZ without any help, then go find the 8 shardes in WW….that shit is cake, boy


      1. man serously what the hell is wrong with you? go get a goodamn life. and honestly i think he might jsut not want to spoil what he changed, so im hoping they did something about it.


  2. Sooo you lil babies got your wish. Tri-force shard search is now dumbed down….that was the single most hardest part of the game…..

    I bet you lil babies couldnt survive the OG Zelda


    1. It wasnt the hardest part of the game, it was the stupidest. Due to time constraints they scrapped 2 dungeons and replaced it with a 3184 rupee grind and 8 chart locations in which you had to salvage up a triforce shard. It was tedious as fuck.


      1. Hard, tedious, stressful…elements that made the Zelda game what it is…do u remember the sound when you find a secret??? That is an amazing noise, due to being frustrated at the game


      2. You sir..mos/def skipped out ont the quest part of zelda games…its a quest, and the reward is the tri-force……i listen kid


  3. im reconsidering nintendo E3 with these “developer direct”: look those for MK8 , mario 3D world and bayonetta and i start smiling so much!


  4. this is just an hd remake with tweaks people… people wasnt suppose to be all that impressed but 1 it introduces a new generation to the awesome title, day 1 buy… i no longer have wind waker for game cube so, this is most excellent for my collection.


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