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Wii U Developer Direct – Pikmin 3

Nintendo has released a Wii U Developer Direct that focuses on Pikmin 3. The presentation’s hosted by the game’s producer, Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto explained that Nintendo didn’t make the game simply to expand the Pikmin series. According to Miyamoto, Nintendo made Pikmin 3 because they felt the Wii U hardware was perfect for Pikmin. Pikmin 3 launches in Europe on July 26th and in North America on August 4th.

8 thoughts on “Wii U Developer Direct – Pikmin 3”

  1. I can’t wait for this game! I completed the first to before the launch of the Wii U, because Pikmin 3 was my main reason to buy it. And the stunning HD graphics makes me want the game even more! :D


    WTF Miyamoto? did you see what they did to the next mario 3D accion game?
    Is this your last contribution?

    i’m disappointed

  3. Miyamoto talks of his work with so many passion, you can see it on his face.
    That inspires me. That’s why I’m going for Wii U

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