Nintendo Reveals Why They Chose Not To Make Super Mario Galaxy 3

super_mario_galaxyThere’s apparently some method to the madness of why Nintendo did not attempt to cash-in on the Wii’s beloved Super Mario Galaxy franchise – it was all about multiplayer. IGN’s executive editor Rich spoke to Super Mario 3D World’s director Koichi Hayashida and producer Yoshiaki Koizumi after the Nintendo E3 Direct to find out exactly why. Here’s what Rich had to say in his article:

“In short, the answer lies in 3D World’s emphasis on simultaneous 4-player local (only) gameplay. Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and Director Koichi Hayashida told me that when Super Mario 3D Land was in development, they believed a multiplayer element would be a fantastic addition to that style of game. Though the concept didn’t make it into that 3DS game, they believed the power of Wii U would allow them to fully realize those mechanics.

“Despite having its roots in 3D Land, Hayashida and Koizumi stressed that they are drawing from all corners of Mario’s action genre legacy. Bringing Princess Peach’s floating ability back from the USA version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was a part of this, but so are the more eccentric and wild levels designs from the Galaxy. And there are plenty of smaller references too, such as the collectible green stars that Galaxy first introduced.”

Do you believe Nintendo should have made a Super Mario Galaxy 3, or do you agree with the path Nintendo is leading you down in Super Mario 3D World? Let us know in the comment section below.


      1. Agreed. They should have done G3, it didn’t have to be like the first two. The could have made it into the Super Mario Universe that everyone wanted :/

    1. Gota honestly say im disapointed witht the e3 line up.i love nintendo but i tink they really messsed the wiiu up.

      1. I agree, Nintendo needs to change and adapt to the industry but for reason they keep resisting which they won’t be able to do forever. Sooner or later they will have to either adapt or GTFO

      2. Couldn’t disagree with you more. Love the lineup. All day 1’s for me except for Wii Party U and Wii Fit U.

        1. i agree !! honestly with the line up of nintendo and 3rd party 2013 will cost lot of money !!! and im not sad for this mario, it looks amazing, i dint want a 3rd galaxy, but i would like a more open wolrd design like mario 64 !!

        2. I think even those looked good looking forward to these games… And hell no to galaxy three…. That’d be worse then cod

      3. You had never even tried the games in order to tell if you like it or not.

        Personally, while I was initially surprised at the fact that they were making this game (instead of a one which had a more Super Mario Galaxy feel {doesn’t have to be a SMG sequel} ), I changed my mind when they stated that they’re adding features from Galaxy (like the “eccentric and wild” level designs and the green stars).

        The announcement of the Fairy type being official also surprised me, but I took that as an interesting thing instead of “horror”.

        Same with the announcement of the female Wii Fit trainer as a playable character in the new Super Smash Brothers game. If you were to watch the video of her announcement, you’d see she adopts her exercises into a martial art style, and therefore, actually fits in that game.

        Characters like the villager and the Wii Fit trainer can be compared to other characters with eccentric fighting styles in other games (like Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom). (See for more characters with eccentric fighting styles).

      4. me too, they should make G3. They could have changed the gameplay and story.
        they messed up with WiiU

  1. IDK, at first I wasn’t sold on the game, I blame the lag on the video. I rewatched it and was sold on it. Sure this one doesn’t push boundaries like SM64 or the Galaxy games, but it just looks so fun.

  2. That’s cool and all, but why is Nintendo so afraid to implement online multiplayer? You can have local and online as options. I don’t see why it would be such a big issue.

    1. Name one Mario title that has had online multiplayer???? I dont think you need it. I remember about 27 years ago playing mario with my friends, at my house or theirs.

      1. So why start with online multiplayer now? it would boost sales and it’s easier for everyone you can still play with your friends local but the option would be there as well. ninty’s just being stubborn not implementing it.

        1. Linear games always have shitty online. Look at Halo and Castle Crashers. Those online’s suck because you can just skip half the game by letting xxXMLGxTR1CKSHOTXxx do all the crap for you.
          You can even skip half on castle crashers with the boat thing.

      2. Most people don’t live in the same place forever like they used to.The freind’s I have and would play with live in other states now.No online suck’s because in this day and age it can and should have it.It seem’s like nintendo is rely going out of it’s way to not have online gaming.I don’t regret buying a wii u one bit but am glad I pre ordered a ps3 today because wii u is Quickly becoming the the wii all over again except with even less 3rd party support.I crave a true next gen experience and last gen graffix and no online multi player in games is a 2003 experience not 2013.I love you nintendo but please get with the times!

      3. Why does everyone want online gaming?!?

        It’s not like it’s required for the games.

        It’s possible to enjoy the games without a friend (not saying you shouldn’t have a friend playing with you).

        And I think the intend of local multiplayer for this game is to play it with both friends and family.

        That is, the ones who can be with you to play the games.

        BTW, the Mario Kart series since Mario Kart DS have online multiplayer.

    2. Imagine Voice chat online multiplayer on this game…. :( that would be THE BEST thing ever. Idiots…

        1. Obviously , But online Coop would of been so AMAZING in this game , just imagine it with Voice chat… go on , imagine it.

          1. it would be hilarious!!!!!! hahahahaahah so would mario kart, if mario kart doesnt have voice chat, that would be major bull shit. just picture somebody being an asshole on mario kart, that would be so funny, who would do that on mario kart!!!!

            1. Yep Mario Kart could benefit from it also though especially muteable (obviously)

              3D mario would be immense with it though!

          2. Yes, online voice chat would be so amazing. I can imagine the wonderful chats people will be having right now. “LMAO GTFO n00b you FUCKING SUCK!!!

            1. No. You just simply mute or deactivate the VC , problem solved. Imagine playing 4 player online with 4 of your friends (not strangers) with voice chat on Super Mario 3D World.

              That in my eyes would be a crazy , futuristic step forward for Mario.

  3. No, it’s not all about multiplayer. Contrary to popular belief & what Nintendo keeps pushing for.

  4. They should have made Super Mario Galaxy 3 and not Super Mario “3D WORLD” (what a stupid name)

    Super Mario Sunshine (Sun shine , vacations , beaches)
    Super Mario Galaxy (Space shit)
    Super Mario 3D land (3D graphics)
    Super Mario 3D WORLD (NO SHIT?!)

    1. fool then if they do that you would complain that they are rehashing there games

    1. Likewise! I have yet to play a Mario and be dissapointed! This looks great! Imagine when the worlds, and other tidbits emerge… Go ahead nintendo do your thang!

  5. I think it’s better that they’re trying something different than galaxies. I’m excited to see the footage.

  6. 3D Land was amazing and this looks even better. Though I worry they focus too much on co-op and single player will feel tacked on. :/

  7. I’ve also seen that silvershadowfly’s been busy all day today with these news articles. Just wanted to say you’re doing an awesome job.

  8. Considering I don’t have a player 2… or 3, or 4 for that matter, the idea of local multiplayer focus, while appreciable, doesn’t exactly apply to everyone…

    Plus the whole “U” naming scheme is totally asking for “Universe”, not “Galaxy 3”

    1. Actually, Wii U is basically the same as Wii 2 in Japan. Problem is 1) It should have been called Wii 2 in NA/Europe and/or 2) Should have been called something else.

      1. no just no, then it would make ps4 better due to the name and number. watch as sales for xbox one will suffer.

  9. 1) No Galaxy 3. There shouldn’t have been a Galaxy 2 to begin with (it was basically them cashing in on Galaxy). It should have been something different.

    2) Eh, mildly disappointed in this, but it looks fun. Plus, Peach isn’t getting kidnapped this time.

    3) Bold prediction: 2015 will be the year when Nintendo releases their mega Mario game on Wii U for his 30th anniversary

    1. Galaxy 2 was by far much better than 1. It’s like how ¨ Zelda: Sprit Tracks did just the same as Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but just so much better!

        1. I played 2 first, and after everyone told me how great the first was, I had to try it. And I was very disappointed.

    2. I agree this doesnt seem like something new that has been in devolobment for ages just seems like something to keep us busyuntil the real one comes out. Lie WW Hd

  10. Open world style and physics á la SM64 please. I really can’t stand the physics in the later games… Mario feels too heavy or something.

  11. I think it’s an interesting way to go about it, I’m sure we would all like to see Galaxy 3, but I’m ready for a true multiplayer Mario game.

  12. I wasn’t really a fan of 3D Land, it felt a bit shallow, and I was really hoping for a game that was more like Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 1 & 2, but I’ll just wait and see I suppose.

    1. I feel the exact same way about 3d land.Your not alone in your thought’s Lex.

  13. Shouldn’t have done either. It should’ve been an ENTIRELY new game. I wonder if they’ll either just keep making these 3D Land-style 3D Mario games, but more of them, OR they’ll just make this one, and then have ANOTHER team separately working on some larger Mario game.

    I’m having a bit of a hard time accepting this Mario game as a flagship Wii U 3D Mario…

  14. I wouldn’t want either one. I would be much happier with completely new ideas. I could also care less about multiplayer……. I rarely have anybody to play with and even when I do i’m just goofing off and throwing off a cliff for fun. Wanting to have multiplayer is something that could be easily initiated in a new title as well. Super Mario Universe seemed like a no-brainer….. but we get a sequel to a game that was released 1 year ago in place of something that could be truly spectacular.

  15. I really don’t care either way, I didn’t like galaxy 2 to be honest and galaxy 3 wouldn’t have been on my wish list, so I’m happier we got Mario with cats instead. although I would like Mario to take a break and allow other series to have a moment to shine

  16. game look fun but seems like a bigger 3D land. It didnt WOW me like 64/Sunshine/Galaxy did. I would had prefer collecting stars in huge levels

  17. Disapointing, 3D land was impressive for the 3DS, but having a 3D land game on Wii U is just lazy and un impressive. Seriously Nintendo -__-

  18. I liked Super Mario Galaxy, and would have liked SMG2 if I hadn’t have played the first one, as I felt it was a rehash (and felt the same way about NSMB 3DS and Wii U), so I’m glad there isn’t a SMG3 (yet).

    I really enjoyed Super Mario 3D Land (it’s one of my favourite games) and really like the look of Super Mario 3D World, so I’m happy, but I’m also a little disappointed that they aren’t making a sequel to SM64 or something new.

    1. My bet is that they saw how 3d land made 3ds sales, so they decided to do the same for would with 3d world to get wii u sales to pick up

  19. What if I told you… Galaxy 3 would have been a terrible rehashy idea as well.
    64, Sunshine and Galaxy were all awesome in their own way. They should keep the 3D levels but don’t make a sequel, that way the creativity will go to the max.

    Also: 3D World looks fucking terrible. Thank god I’ve got Smash Bros to look forward to though.

    1. True. I feel they should make an indirect sequel. Do not call it Super Mario Galaxy 3 or whatever. I feel like galaxy 2 was like a dlc pack for the original. Maybe find a way to combine sunshine, galaxy and 64. I personally like the level designs from galaxy, so the level designs from galaxy. Maybe do a hub world like 64 and courses from sunshine or something like this. That might help Wii U sales. That would also truly be “Super Mario Universe”

  20. I’m sure such a game will eventually come. I just wish devs would be honest about it.

    “We needed a strong Mario title on the Wii U right away and SMG3 would take too long to develop.”

    I would be okay with that. I don’t have a problem with this Mario. It basically came out of nowhere at the January ND. I wouldn’t expect more than what we got.

  21. I think Super Mario 3D World Should have been the LAUNCH title Mario game and NOT the game that was mean to be the successor of Mario Galaxy 2

    1. Yeah. I think this title would have helped the Wii U out a whole lot more than New Super Mario Bros U did.

      Maybe Nintendo should think about taking Mario off the market for awhile. He needs a break and there is an over-saturation of Mario right now in Nintendo’s library.

      1. You’d figure that was what the Year of Luigi was for. Guess that year didn’t last long :/ Poor Luigi, always second to his brother

  22. I really really really wish Nintendo would be more different and risky in their games. Sunshine was different, Galaxy was different…why stop now? C’mon Nintendo, I’m not going to buy a $300 console to play a bigger version of a 3ds game. And if I wanted to play multiplayer, I would play New Super Mario Bros U. Multiplayer is nice, but only for the right kind of games. No one is going to want to play this with me….NO ONE

  23. Looking at the direction, I’m glad they went with this and not Galaxy 3. Galaxy was great and G2 brought good parts but they idea of 4 multiplayer couldn’t be done in the Galaxy series.I do like how it has the galaxy energy but feels very much like mario 64. It’s a great move on nintendo’s part

  24. Oh dear… The negativity of some Nintendo “Fans”. One day Nintendo will tell everyone to F off, and get into the Theme Park and TV buisiness and stick to handhelds. Thats NOT what True Fans want lol.

      1. True fans don’t have to say they are, and aren’t participating in a perpetual pissing contest about it. (Speaking of which, I am a true fan.)

  25. i think it looks really good actually, although I’ll admit I was hoping for a more traditional 3d mario game with portals and such. mario sunshine sequel would have been fantastic

  26. Count your blessings people. SMG3 will come. And then it will come again, in our eyepussies.

  27. I do like the look of 3D World, and I think it would have been wrong if Nintendo decided to make ANOTHER Galaxy .
    That said, the route they chose is looking a little less… grand…than a Mario Galaxy would.

    Hopefully once we see more of the levels in the game it will feel a bit more epic in scope.

  28. This is a fine Multiplayer Mario game, and that’s fine and all, but people really want that single player Mario blowout. That Mario game that can’t be played multiplayer. I think this is a good game and even a good idea, it makes sense, but it feels more casual Mario then hardcore Mario. It kinda gives off that New Super Mario Bros. series feeling and I don’t really want that in single player Mario. If in a year or 2 they reveal a new 3D Mario that focuses on the single player and looks visually stunning and has the structure that only a single player 3D Mario game can have, call me then. Also, make it look good cause this just kinda looks like an upressed 3DS game. Mario Kart looks better than it and Mario Kart should not look better than 3D Mario (but dang I really want that Mario Kart now)

  29. While I wasn’t thrilled with the new Mario U game, I think it’s definitely better than doing Galaxy 3. Cmon, we’ve already been through space twice and I don’t think it has the plot needed to be known as a trilogy :p

  30. actually galaxy 3 would be the one thing worse than this!!!! really, you guys are like i want something different, they give it to you…. but instead YOU WANT ANOTHER COPY AND PASTE GALAXY GAME?!???!??????! talk about being a hypocrite!!!!!

  31. As long as we get a proper overworld instead of a stupid 80level stage select with a desert, a snow area, a green area, a forest area, a water area, a lava area, a final.area and a bonus area.

    1. thats what its going to be, there is no way there going to add an over world!!!!! it would be nice though, like in peaches castle in mario 64.

  32. I remember my first console…N64 with Mario 64. I was looking for something that could bring that fun times again.I´M FUCKING DISAPOINTED :(

  33. How about neither?? 3D Land played almost exactly like the 2D Mario games, and Mario Galaxy’s been done too much already to really bring much innovation.

  34. While I don’t think they should’ve made galaxy 3, I don’t like what they did, I wanted a brand new game experience that was a star collect-a-thon like mario galaxy/galaxy 2/sunshine/64…instead I got a super mario 3D land sequel…and while I did like 3D land I did not think it would be or should be replacing the previous mario 3d games before it, I felt it was more of a 2D mario game in a 3D environment, not a true 3D mario experience like the galaxies, sunshine and 64 were…so I am dissapointed….but not too dissapointed.

    1. Thank you! Stop with the local co op. I need online co op and online multi players. Give us the third and forth option.

  35. I understand how this works. 1st the showcase games that show you what the new features a console has. 2nd wave of games are to sell more consoles. 3rd wave is the big guns that are the MUST have once they’ve sold a lot of consoles. You don’t want to put your best games out when you only have your introductory console units out. This will give more time to polish Metroid HD, Zelda HD and Mario Universe. I just don’t like the waiting game.

  36. Defo not Galaxy 3, but I really hoped they would do a new game like Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy with loads of levels and 120 stars. I don’t see there being 120 stars, I see a game more like Super Mario 3D Land, but with more levels maybe? It seems like a good idea, but I prefer the older game style…

    1. interesting for a 5 year old, that is obsessed with princesses and cats. But for a more mature person, it’s just embarassing, and crap.

  37. how bout have an overworld like super mario 64 but you and another on the gamepad play and you can play different levels or the same ones to help or take down a task twice as quickly

  38. Sorry i was right, guys. I was really hoping to at least have SOME kind of something to be surprised about, like i secretly hope we all were…

    I guess theres still hope, but, sadly, i think weve seen all nintendo has to show. Kinda makes you wonder what the F theyve been doing since abandoning the wii two years ago.

  39. I didn’t want to see Mario Galaxy 3 (loved the games, but enough already) but Super Mario 3D World looks even more linear, limiting, and lacking in exploration. From what was shown, this looks like a 2.5D game rather than a true 3D platformer. The camera is, at least for the most part, fixed at a certain perspective. While I understand that this is necessary for the co-op play, it takes the series further from Super Mario 64, which I think was the series’ pinnacle.

  40. SMG1 and SMG2 and had perfect scores. Super Mario 3D Land had around 8. Super Mario Galaxy is a great series. They go for the multiplayer experience. So I hope to se Mario Galaxy 3 with up to 4 players co-op and also online

  41. I have no doubt that this game will be great. However I also feel that Nintendo should make a Galaxy 3 (or Super Mario Universe would also be a good title). Or maybe make a sequel to Mario 64 or Sunshine. Something that’s more like the epic scale of the galaxy games with the open level star collecting feel of Mario 64.

    1. Isn’t Sunshine the continuation of 64? And Galaxy the continuation of Sunshine? And Galaxy 2 the sequel?

  42. I think Nintendo should have made BOTH. I do NOT consider this Super Mario 3D World to be a true, hardcore Mario game (like the Galaxy games was). It’s just another New Super Mario Bros. game with a 3D element.

  43. The biggest problem here is again – 4 players co-op, ONLY LOCAL. None of my friends want to play mario. Again no multiplayer for me. Just like it is with Nintendoland and just like it will be with Pikmin 3, nintendo agan makes same mistakes zz

  44. I don’t think people are giving this game enough credit. To me it sounds like my dream Mario game. Four people can play together using all the characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 with their distinct abilities, Galaxy-like designed levels, 3D Land gameplay, and the possible inclusion of a Gamepad player offering a helping hand. Plus, visually it looked pretty well done. My only beef is that there is no online with voice chat. That would have made the game the ultimate Mario game in my opinion.

  45. The Wii U is very perfect for a new 3D exploration Mario game that’s like Mario 64.. I remember hearing that in 1995/6 E3, it was all about it, it was the next direction. But sadly Nintendo restricted that wonderful thing..

    I really hope this isn’t the “next” main 3D series (I mean actual 3D Mario like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy) and that it isn’t the “next” 3D direction, if not, then I would feel a little better about this title and would just have to wait longer. xD

    So yeah, they should of at least made Galaxy 3, if not, then they should make more of a exploration game even more like 64 or sunshine.

  46. Until last week all I could read here were phrases like “Nintendo’d better get back to sunshine style, and forget all the linearity of Galaxy”. Today, everyone is mad because Nintendo didn’t show us Galaxy 3…

  47. i was hoping for a epic adventure at the mushroom kingdom with some epic powerups, not a cat suit :(

    …. but looks amazing fun anyways

    1. So they had to choose between epic and cat suits did they IDIOT im sure it has both DO CAT SUITS TAKE UP ALL WIIUS POWER OR SOMETHING

  48. Galaxy 2 sold far fsr less than galaxy 1 and didnt sell systems TRY APPLYING A FUCKING BRAIN

  49. Screw multiplayer. When I played all the other Mario games on the other consoles… They were single player! And that’s what I loved about them. If I want to play multiplayer, I’ll play Mario party or any other game for it. The wiiU is capable of so much. They should’ve either done Mario Galaxy 3 or another amazing and original idea to push the franchise and the capabilities of the wiiU.

  50. Just enjoy this game, I’m pretty sure it will be fun. I guess next year they will come with a Galaxy-kinda Mario-game, i hope with collecting stars like SM64 with a whole new story. Anyways, welcome back to Frog suit.

  51. This game would have been PERFECT if the single player was able to play as any character he wants within a single stage, as in certain stars or items can only be obtained if you’re using the right character, sort of like how DK64 played where you were able to change into the character you want. Still I’m rather excited about it.

  52. should have made mario galaxy into mario universe!!!!!what the hell is wrong with the people at nintendo they seem to always shit in their own what the customer wants not what some crackpot wants.

  53. I’m just hoping that mario 3d world isn’t meant to be completely multiplayer like new super mario bros. wii. It wasn’t completely multiplayer, but that was the main focus

    1. I disagree new super Mario bros Wii was not multiplayer based I played it solo and enjoyed it greatly its one of my favorite Mario’s however it will stink if Mario 3d world is multiplayer based

  54. I really wish they would make a G3, I LOVE the first two, but I’ve played them so much that its getting boring cause I know exactly what to do already.

  55. I think a super Mario galaxy 3 would have been excellent they already made a excellent sequel why not make another one their imagination is the limit to this franchise which does not happen quite often

  56. i think they shouldve made G3. the first and second were fantastic! i wish they did :( they were outstanding

  57. I think that they should of done galaxy 3 because everyone loves mario without multiplayer, i play mario for the fun of playing the game. They dont need multiplayer to make mario lovable.

  58. My son is devastated to learn there will not be a super Mario galaxy 3 as are all of his friends and there friends too!! They all expected to have a long lasting relationship with the galaxy games and are now somewhat sad at it’s apparent demise. We all hope you reconsider as us parents enjoyed them too :-D

  59. you farted,there is a movie about it so I suggest Super Mario Galaxy 3 because you keep on Farting every mini second.Plus your farts stink and smell like poo.

    No Returns for the rest of your life(even if your in heaven or hell)

  60. I am the son of an actor named Jonah Hill so your a loser and you eat poop which is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000years old and permanently stinks when anything goes near it melts. So get out of hear and do a fat guy dance. Then say I did a poo in monkey language

    1. that might be true but thats not going to convince them to give us what we want all they care about is money

  61. what the hell is wrong with nintendo they told us it was coming this month and its bombed on us that its not happening

  62. Hell yeah! I’m not saying 3d world was a bad idea but why not make both? I want the super mario galaxy series back

  63. I also want Super Mario Galaxy 3 I would pay top dollar just to have it I love the series its my favorite series (game) PLZ make Super Mario Galaxy 3 i would hate to see the series end.

  64. super Mario galaxy is one of nintendos best games and choosing to end the saga was a horrible idea!
    1st one was awesome, but the second one kind of stumbled I think…

  65. They should’ve made a Super Mario Galaxy 3. Nintendo uses Mario for most of there original games, I think this game will bring back some of the old good times Nintendo once had until it became overrun with technology , seriously 3d mario now? This reminds me of the virtual boy, these 3d idea’s have failed.I know this comment wont really affect the whole nintendo franchise to wrap up PLEASE PLEASE bring back Super Mario Galaxy games.

  66. If anyone has tried Mario 3D land, it was fun, but not even close to half as good as the Mario galaxy series. That was my favorite game, played it for 2 months (yes it took me that long to beat it). And now you just took that series, stabbed it, killed it, and buried it. And you couldn’t even provide a funeral.

  67. MAKE SMG3 TOTALY WORTH IT. Multiplayer isn’t the most popular thing in today’s Tweens. But multiplayer would really be nice!

  68. I think Nintendo should make Super Mario Galaxy 3 because Super Mario 3D Land is not ss good as Galaxy

  69. My opinion is that Nintendo should’ve made Super Mario Galaxy 3, except make it open world like SM64, or make it just as good as SMG2 was, because I loved SMG2, hell, I’m playing it right now as I type

  70. My son is visiting Wall Mart almost every week thinking that Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be there for him to purchase. He lives and breathes “Mario”. I will have to explain to him that it won’t be there for him to purchase any time soon.
    Still hoping….???

  71. I always loved sunshine,galaxy, and 64 but Nintendo needs to makes a 64 and sunshine sequel. Like Super Mario 68 or Super Mario Sunshine Rise of Delfino. Square. 2 galaxy games is enough.

  72. Galaxy 3 was a better choice they could have made it a huge success but now we may never know

    If they do make one in the future it needs to be very long hard and confusing cause those games r best

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