Nintendo has told investors today that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has boosted sales of the Nintendo 3DS in the United States by at least 4x versus the previous week. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has also set a digital sales record in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The adorable game launched Sunday, June 9th in the United States.

Nintendo saying animal crossing boosted US 3DS sales by 4x versus prior week and set digital sales record in eShop



  1. I bet it did. A lot of people I know bought a 3DS just for this game. I’m even tempting to buy AC:NL even though I’ve never liked a single AC game.


  2. Well it did sell well over 1 million units in Japan so I think having just as good, if not better, sales figures in NA wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. Way to go, New Leaf!!! I’m quite enjoying it so far myself.


  3. I LOVE Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before this one. It makes me want to buy the DS Lite Animal Crossing games. :P


  4. The only Animal Crossing I own it’s the one for Wii … and it’s fucking boring … I don’t know what to do or where to go .. it sucks ..


    • The game takes a long time to “beat” and that’s only if you know what you’re doing (I consider beating to be reaching a perfect town, but there’s a lot more to achieve than just that). New Leaf definitely helps you understand your progression by letting you see new shops open and etc over time. City Folk helped you understand your progression by just talking to the front desk, which is also available in New Leaf, and telling you what you could do (most of the time, it was more greenery for me). I have still yet to reach my first blue flower. :(


    • If you disliked it that much, you should skip this one.
      It’s an astonishing Animal Crossing, but it is still Animal Crossing. If it’s not your type of game, best to take a pass.


    • bwahhh….!? I kid, i didn’t get it eithter, it’s basically the sims on a lower scale with a kid instead of a sim, and your neighbors are animals.


  5. I downloaded this digitally so I could tend to my town while having Devil Summoner in te Cart slot.

    Best Animal Crossing by far.
    Just an amazingly thought out game if you like a chill life simulator.


  6. I indeed bought a 3DS two days ago for the recent launch of AC New Leaf. Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do game wise.

    You’re welcome, Nintendo.


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