pikmin 3 boothCaptured earlier today is Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata having some fun down-time from their scheduled press interviews at E3. The picture, posted on the official Nintendo Facebook page, shows Nintendo president Iwata and legendary games designer Miyamoto having some fun striking a pose and joining the search with their fellow Pikmin 3 characters. What’s not to love about this photo?



  1. Yeah all 5 of them…listen I’m not that upset about a metroid prime not being shown this E3. Like really people, u have to spread this title out to next year and beyond. U just can’t show every franchise this year.


  2. What’s not to love? Is that the picture shows at least one moron in it that can’t handle one of the best gaming companies of all time. Way to screw me over again Nintendo! Fuck you!


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