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Nintendo Says PS4 & Xbox One Prices Make Wii U Great Value, No Price Cut


Scott Moffitt, the executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America,
firmly believes that the pricing of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 make the Wii U a great value proposition for consumers. Moffitt says that the only way to experience their franchises is going to be on the Wii U and there’s no plans for a price cut for the system.

“No. We have no plans to change the price of Wii U. The Wii U is a great value. With great content coming, that will drive the hardware installed base. We’ve gone from being the highest-priced console on the market to now being a great value with the announcements from our competitors. The perception of our price has changed, but what’s also changed is that people now see what great content is coming. They’ll see the value in those games. They’ll be able to enjoy a Wii U in their household for a lot less than a competing console.”

“I haven’t had a lot of time to study their announcements, but I can tell you that I feel very confident about our chances to compete and about what we’re bringing to market. “Content is king” has never been more true. The only way to experience our franchises is going to be on the Wii U. While Microsoft and Sony may compete for the hearts and minds of core gamers, our fans will appreciate the breadth of content that we’ve got, which has universal appeal. Avid gamers, kids, families, all of them will find something in our lineup that’s fun to play and that’s bringing new, unique experiences. Innovation is what Nintendo stands for. We’re proving that with a fresh new, reimagined array of games we’re bringing to market this year.”

356 thoughts on “Nintendo Says PS4 & Xbox One Prices Make Wii U Great Value, No Price Cut”

    1. they were probably asked to talk about that in an interview

      cant wait to play me some smash bros.!!!!!

    2. Nintendo needs to pull their heads out of their asses. Seriously? They think the Wii U is of good value? Complete delusional. Not even taking into consideration the terrible line-up they have coming out this holiday. Wonderful World of 101, Pikmin 3, Mario Kitty Kat, Zelda Remake, and Donkey Long. Pathetic. Just plain pathetic.

        1. Those games are pathetic and for children. The only good games announced for Wii U are X and Bayonetta 2, and will not be out for another year and a half.

          1. Just because they’r for children doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pathetic.

            You just don’t like the style of those games.

          2. So you judge games by what they look like, but not how they play? Don’t get me wrong, X and Bayonetta looks interesting, and I might try them out one day, but designing a game to be kid-friendly (so they get an agerating E for Everybody) automatically makes them only for kids?

          3. I agreed until you said Zelda is for children.
            Please. Give a Zelda game to a 7 year old. Kids not gonna beat as fast as others.
            Donkey Kong has hard platforming too.
            I dont care for W101….or Kitty Mario.

          4. There is a differance between what types of games you like and what is pathetic. Everyone know you like blood, graphics and hardcore. We know man.

          5. People play those “pathetic” games because they’re fun. Everyone plays games because they’re fun and Nintendo offers the most fun games. Weren’t you a gamer of the 80s and 90s? You should know this! I was born in 1999 but after playing older games I realized that 80s and 90s gamers play games for fun and not because of how “kiddy” it looks or does not look.

          6. children games are rated EC. EARLY CHILDHOOD. look it up in the esrb. games rated E are exactly that, for everyone, all ages. i’m pissed off at nintendo as well, but don’t come up with nonsensical trollish crap. it makes you look like an idiot to an educated person.

      1. They need to advertise the wii u like crazy cuz there are alot of people that dont know that wii u exist. i think the price should stay untill the console sellS alot

      2. Agree with you there. Nintendo is completely out of touch. And yes I would call all those games you mentioned pathetic. That is what they are. Not interested in any of those baby games.

        1. Baby games? Another person who doesn’t know shit about gaming. Did you know that “baby games” is what made gaming popular in the first play? Go play Call of Duty or something. We don’t want you here.

          1. Listen NintendoMa this is not games maybe was 20 years ago but is garbage actually for me Mario always was garbage even and when i was on a 8 anyway only for morons like you nintendo fanboys this is a games

      3. I’m a nintendo fan and i completely agree. $300/£250 should be the premium price to make it good value.

      4. I’m too lazy to reply to all these comments, but I just want to point out that it’s pointless to argue about the memory past 16 GB for a gaming console. 16 GB is a ton for a gaming console, even, IMO. Who needs 500 GB on a gaming console? 32 GB is plenty. If you want to download everything you see, use your computer for that. I would also like Neutron to stop being a major troll. I personally think COD is stupid, since all you’re doing is shooting people’s heads off, and if you call that fun, you need to go to a mental hospital right now. Even so, I’m not going to use my personal opinion about what other people like as a basis for a logical statement. Opinions are opinions, not facts. And I do feel like I’m being slightly ripped off, since I can’t play many more games on the Wii U, but it’s a lot easier to charge the controller, and I’m expecting more fun games.Since I traded in my Wii, “upgrading” to a Wii U only cost about $220 for the deluxe set. I can still play my Wii games on it, which is enough to keep me going until there are more Wii U games.

        Anything else?

  1. Nintendo are right though. sigh still a big price different with Wii U and PS3 and Wii U already got a price drop, it is worth getting and probably get it cheaper on eBay now. Glad I got mine at launch because I don’t mind waiting for the awesome stuff coming :)

    1. Lets PRETEND here….If the WiiU sinks…..and Nintendo puts out a new beefy system. How would you want them to rebound??? If yur a WiiU owner and it did become a paper weight, how would you want Nintendo to correct the wrongs???

      I would say an Ambassador program….like a HD twilight Princess, HD Metroid Prime,

      Or a mega discount on the new system…

      Have fun with this, i know you have better ideas than me

  2. To be fair, a slight price cut (say $30) would make it even better value. I’m sure there will be people wanting to buy one with say The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Sonic: Lost World or Mario 3D World at the Christmas period, knowing the likes of Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros etc are coming up sometime next year.

    $30 is nothing on Nintendo in the grander scheme of things. If it means they get more unit sales, it’s worth doing, surely? Or am I using too much logic therefore illegal?

    1. To be honest, $30 would push to further losses on Wii U sales, as they are already making a small loss on each console.

      The price has a minimal impact on the sales, but it’s more that people don’t want to buy a console that has so few games, which is likely to change over the next 12 months.

    2. Yeah a price cut would be nice. However, the only reason why I don’t want a price cut because it will make it seem like Nintendo is doing it because of many articles predicting a price cut because of low sales. That would make Nintendo look like it has low self-esteem.

      1. for all of you saying a price cut is necessary, maybe you are right but, why a price cut? i mean, there are other choices, like packs. in Spain, i saw a Wii U Deluxe (or Premium, however it is called in USA) packed with 2 games (Nintendo Land and Lego City) for just a bit less than the ZombiU pack. what i try to say is, if Nintendo doesn’t want to do a price cut, maybe retailers or Nintendo itself could prepare this kind of deals.

  3. The wii u has 32gb who are they kidding. 500gb for the ps4 and its $400. So 32gb for $300 they’re thinking makes no sense. The controller is ridiculous. They shouldn’t have made this console. They should stick with handhelds.

    1. These are consoles, not USB drives. Your rubric is pretty messed up if all you are measuring is the drive size.

    2. Third party devs should actually come out with unique games like on 3ds for wii u instead of just really bad ports of ps360 games

      1. Well, are you going to pay them the loss if the game tanks? Developing new unique games on the 3DS is a whole of lot cheaper than Developing New unique games on the Wii U. Developers are only looking to cover their asses. They aren’t going to develop for what they think is a sinking console without additional funding. This is why Nintendo need a Price cut for the Wii U SOON.

        Vita/Wii U.

      1. Just shut the hel up. You and Nintendo know that the pathetic Wii U is not of value. Pull your head out of your ass.

          1. … A Kirby as your avatar. I hope you’re a child because if a grown man has a Kirby avatar… Just wow.

              1. I don’t care. If a grown man uses a Kirby avatar. He’s not worth my time. Grow the hell up. weirdo.

                    1. Nuetron, this is a Nintendo blog. People who go on here like Nintendo. So maybe you can go to a blog that has something in common in games with you.

                    2. Neutron you’re a clown, and not a very funny one at that.

                      I’ll smash my gf with Kirby Epic Yarn on the TV just to prove what being a man really is.

                      Oh and then your mom, of course.

                  1. Oh well, it’s an excuse to avoid answering my comment about opinions. And he tells me to grow up, he can’t even keep an argument going without insulting and discriminating.

                    Btw, discriminating would be a better word to use than racism in my previous comment…

                1. I dont get it. What makes a person a grown up? In my world a grown makes their own decisions. Whether its the games we play, the car we drive, the profession we choose, or who we want to marry. We do not follow what others are doing just because its cool. Cool no longer exists past the age of 18. If he likes Kirby it is his choice. I have so many Mario shirts, the back of my phone has Mario on it. Am i a child? No, my daughter is due to be born in October, I drive the car I want to drive, and I dont stoop so low as to humiliate you and your poor judgement.The person that needs to grow up is you. If you want to buy shooters, do it. That does not make you more adult than me because I am having fun playing Mario 3D World.

                  1. Thank you.
                    Tbh, I’m still only 18, and haven’t yet stepped into ‘adulthood’, since I’m still in high-school, and can’t do much at this point in my life.

                    1. It’s all good. I turn 28 in August. I get looked at like Im crazy when I say I don’t like COD. I enjoy shooters, BF4 and Destiny are on my list, but to only want those games is rediculous. Every game on X1 has in some way or another gunplay. Dead Rising, Titanfall, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, it’s annoying. Sure they look great, but at what point do we as gamers say, okay I’m done shooting stuff. It’s one of those things that changes as you get older. You want games that will challenge your mind. Oh and for those that say Nintendo games are easy and hold your hand. Look at all of your shooters. They hold your hand as well by putting waypoints on your map and telling you exactly where to go. Oh well, this reminds me of the start of the last gen. I got into an argument with a guy and told him the Wii will win the generation. I was right. The Wii outsold the other two pretty handily. History can repeat itself, we just have to wait and see

                  2. That’s why a lot of people in the 70`s smoked because if you didn’t you were not considered “cool.”

                2. you seem very grown up yourself, I guess you are just another 12 year old in the droves of 12 year olds that think everything is one way or another. maybe you should take other peoples opinions onboard from time to time, it’s a very sad life only being able to see things from one perspective.
                  and if you are older than 12 it’s even sadder that you would act this way about something as trivial a playing a game. should you not be more worried about work or family matters rather than who plays what.

            1. You must ‘ve had a rough childhood. You do know how kids are these day. All about COD you seem to had a bad experience with these kind of kids . I understand a little

            2. He can do whatever he wants with his avatar. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are. He’s just someone who loves Kirby.

    3. ps4 is tv required wii u is the first power required console ever u can play it anywhere u can power it graphics 30 dollar difference at best free online saves like 300 all for 50 to 100 bucks cheaper yeah it’s blowout value

      1. I love both the gamepad and the pro controller. Sometimes, i place the GamePad on the stand and thatis my TV. I use the Pro controller. Another reason I’m really looking forward to DKC TF. I also want to place my GamePad on a tiny table in front of me, and use my pro controller for Pikmin 3.

  4. People forget to add sales tax to ps4, the game and you are required to have ps plus to go online(no sales tax)so around 500 or sooo. there is a value pack of the wii u that comes with everything you need including a pro controller…..So nintendo sorta right but i feel a price cut would be need to it sell more also drop the white wii u u save some money on that

    1. I agree if you live in Canada. I don’t think American have this problem with the taxes. Also I agree that most people didn’t know that you need PS+ for PS4 online multiplayers. Heck it is confirmed on the Sony website. You just have to read it very carefully.

      I don’t remember Wii U come with Pro Controller except for ZombiU bundle.

      1. thats budle is what i’m talking about i forget the name of the budle. Tax in fl are 7.8% that can add up

        1. Yike I guess we are not the only one have this problem. We got 13% here. Yea that is why Canadian barely buy PS3 in our area during launch.

  5. They should drop the price only $25 only and make the deluxe set with the white model as well as the black model. The PS4 is only $50 more with a 500 GB Hard drive, that’s a better deal.

    1. Tax, plus a 60$ game and ps plus making it around 500. though it comes more memory but still too much for me i’ll wait till kingdom hearts 3

      1. Also what others have failed to mention is that PS4 has a subscription fee attached to online services just like XBOX Live. I don’t know if people missed that, but it was mentioned at E3. I doubt it will be a huge deal breaker given the horrendous display from Microsoft, but something to take into consideration.

        1. I agree it is not a deal breaker but most people probably take it into consideration since most gamers only play game once or twice a week. It is pretty cheap if you play games a lot if you ask me but I barely play online so it is a waste of money for me. Plus the PS+ come with “free” games with your quarterly or yearly payments.

          *Note: If you cancel your payments then your “free” games will disappear forever even you start paying again. So watch for this if you planning to take advantage of PS+ membership.*

          1. Also that last part is total bullshit, i was able to download all the PS+ games i got when my sub ran out.

            You can’t “cancel” and PS+ subscription, you buy it, and then you have i till the end date.

          2. The game does not go away it deactivates and you have the game forever it is in the download list on playstatiin store doesnt matter the console either you sale your console and buy another a year later reactivate and start downloading and ps plus on the ps4 comes with driveclub for free if yout a plus member day one if your plus runs out you get another plus card its 18 bucks for three months you get on average you get 4 games a month. I goyt all the modern cosoles wii u xbox and a ps3 and a vita and a 3ds playstation gives you the must bang for your buck.

          3. Your free games do not disappear. You just can not access them if your membership expires. Once you renew, you can access everything once again and all downloads are saved to your account whether you’re subscribed or not.

              1. Sure, if you want to look at it like that. But honestly, how often do you go back to most of your games and play them after a year? If you get a year of PS+ and let it expire, how many of those games were you REALLY going to go back and play?

                Besides, most people keep subscribing to PS+ because of the great value that it has, so it’s almost like they never lose access to those free games.

        2. But anyone who owns a Playstation 3 or 4 and doesn’t have PS+ anyway is a fucking idiot in my book, so who cares?

          Oh no, all these free games and discounts, how terrible.

          1. Some people just don’t play Playstation games enough to take advantage of PS+ on PS3. Some people don’t have Vita. But if you have PS Vita, PS3, and maybe PSP if Vita does not support those PSP games then it is a very good deal. Some gamers prefer playing other games that only available on other consoles.

            Ask yourself this question, should the gamers who only play Call of Duty once or twice a week should join PS+ subscription?

            My point is this PS+ is not for everyone. If I have all the time in the world OR if I have PS3 as my only console (including Vita or not) then I would join in for sure.

        3. Everyone knows that the PS4 requires PS+ to play SOME online multiplayer games.

          Unlike the Xbox Live subscription however, PS+ does not put a gate around anything other than multiplayer on some games. You can still access all other online functions of the PS4.

          You do not need PS+ for online apps, F2P MMOs, PSN store, etc.

          In addition, you get (as of now) 2 GB (1 GB for PS3, 1 GB Vita) of online cloud storage for your game saves which can be accessed by any other system that you link your account to. I’m sure they’ll up the space when the PS4 launches.

          You get tons of free games each month. You get beta access. You get other cool free downloads and awesome discounts. Amazing discounts at times.

          Overall, the value of PS+ >>>>>>>>> any sacrifice you make by paying for it. A year of PS+ is less than most retail games and it gives you tons of those same games for free. That alone makes the value great.

          I do agree, it does strip some freedom of access. I feel a little uneasy about that, but since I already have a PS+ sub I wont be affected by it. I have had PS+ since the day it came out and I have never regretted it. It’s a wonderful service.

      1. I doubt it. Even with one of those games in place of Nintendo Land. I think they would still need a $50 price cut to make Wii U an enticing choice.

        1. they have very bad advertisement, people dont know that Wii U exist. they need to do what they did with they wii when it came out

    1. I think there is nothing to worry for Nintendo after E3. I don’t know what microsoft needs to do to get their fans back from Nintendo and Sony after making all those crappy choices for their console and saying stupid things about backward compatibility and network problems for their fans.

      Best thing there will be so much countries where xbox one consoles will not have xbox live to connect for that daily check so people in there can’t play any games even if they get consoles and buy games from internet.

  6. The wii u is priced well. Wasnt the wii 250 and ps3 slim at 300? Or did the wii get a price cut when the slim came out?

  7. I don’t think they should do a price cut, particularly if they’re still selling at a loss. At most they should introduce new bundles. Maybe even just have a game or two pre-installed.

  8. They need a pricecut. The PS4 is only $50 more expensive than the Deluxe set. Most people buying a new console wouldn’t care about spending 50 more dollars. $100 would be a different story.

    1. that may be the case where you are, but in the united kingdom, the price difference is almost £100. Also, it’s the same case, like in europe, the price different (need to double check prices) are like 70-100 euros different too. It’s quite a big gap.

      1. Well I’m in America where the price is only a $50 gap. Guess the Wii U could do a little better in Europe if the price differences are that big.

        1. This is going be tough buy for Canadian as well due to taxes.

          Wii U $350 + tax (13%) = $395.50
          PS4 $400 + tax (13%) = $452
          Wii U game $60 + tax (13%) = $67.80

          Not a bad difference but would we pay $350 or over for consoles? Not really since you have to pay for almost half a grand to play one Wii U game on your new Wii U console ignoring the fact it have Nintendo Land game. Other consoles are even worse. I have no idea how much is the PS4 games cost. Good news is that you can get some free PS4 games if you got subscription to PS+ for it.

  9. Wii U bundled with a game for 300 vs PS4 with no game bundled for 400. so should be compared to basic, so Wii U is 150 cheaper than PS4.

    1. Here Wii U deluxe is sold for 350€, ps4 is going to be 450€ (xbox one 530, but nobody cares about that shit).
      Wii U basic is 250€ at cheapest, making it 200€ cheaper than ps4.

    2. Well, the PS4 is launching with a bunch of F2P games, has superior hardware, and much larger storage, all for $50 more than the Deluxe set with 1 “game” and 32 GB. So….. :/

      Depends on what you like. I already have my Wii U, so I wont have the dilemma of choosing between them this year. =p Already have my PS4 pre-ordered!

      1. I hope you have a great holiday! Which PS4 game are you getting at launch? I waiting for inFamous Second Son to release then I decide to get PS4 or not.

        1. I really was hoping to get inFAMOUS Second Son at launch. I was disappointed when they said it was delayed and is coming out next year.

          I still haven’t figured out which games I’ll get at launch instead. I have time to figure it out though. I’ll probably download the F2P MMOs and I might get Shadow Fall.

          I’m still trying to decide which system to get Watch_Dogs on (Wii U or PS4) and I’m not sure I really want any other shooters. People keep telling me to get Battlefield 4 so I can play with them, but I’m in no rush. lol

          I might get Knack because, although it’s getting a lot of flack from people, it might just turn out to be a fun game. I’m always down for supporting new original IP’s .

          1. If they don’t gimp on the Wii U version I would recommend buying that version A.) To play the game free of the TV and B.) to show Ubisoft that there software can sell on Wii U to where they already know it can sell on Playstation platforms.

            1. I know what you are saying. I be getting Watchdog for Wii U since I won’t be getting PS4 for a while. Most people go for the best version if they have all three consoles. I rather get CoD for Xbox 360 or PS3 than for Wii.

              But the Off-TV Play is a very pointless feature for a lot of people. What I am saying is that some people live at home alone or have their own TV in their bedroom. There are almost no issue with people hogging the TV except for families living in the same house. That why a lot of gamers think this feature is a bit silly but I still would want to keep the gamepad since we have so many sport fans in my house hogging the TV.

  10. PS4 is only $50 more……
    How is it a great value? Especially when it’s a weaket system. I know it’s not super enimic like the Wii was, but we haven’t any next gen games on the system, Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed don’t count, they’re mid titles, there’s no built up from the ground for PS4 games on the WiiU….

    1. Compare the deluxe Wii U that comes with a $60 game, stands, and the Digital Deluxe Program with the PS4 when we have no idea what will come with it. Makes sense.

        1. Yea how dare them give us that crappy game when the ps4 comes with…with. * whispering voice* what game comes with the ps4?

          1. Well using my already current PS+, that i can transfer over, i can get DriveClub for free and some indie games, so.

            Doesn’t change the fact WiiU needs a price drop.

              1. Moronic fans like you are why Nintendo is in such a bad situation. Do you really believe Wii U has the most value?

                    1. People are not taking into account that for the ps4 do the same has the wiiu they need to ad 250 for a vita and also 50 to play online.

                    2. Indeed. They take what unique features the Wii U offers for granted. Off-TV play? Second screen integated in the controller? Such features are exclusive to the Wii U unless, as you stated, you buy specific expensive standalone products to go along with the PS4/Xbone.

                    3. But most people don’t care for Off-TV play since they can just turn on their TV. (I know it is useful at times when somebody at my house want to take over the TV.) Some people live at home alone.

                      What make Playstation Remote Play differently from Off-TV play is that you can actually connect to PS3 at home with your Vita on the go. In other word, you can play PS3 games on the go. But this Remote Play need a lot of tweaks to make it work though.

            1. The Wii U hardly needs a price drop. All they need to do is take the basic model off the market, and sell the deluxe one for the price of the basic.

              It struggles to sell because of the lack of games moving onto the system, which was the problem the 3DS had for its first 8-10 months.

            2. Thats good for those that are upgrading. For me its different. When I buy a PS4 I will have to pay $60 for PS+, so My PS4 day 1 purchase with no games after taxes will cost me $500. Ok so Driveclub is free. So for PS4, PS+, and Driveclub i paid $500. For $380 give or take I get the Wii U, Nintendoland (or whatever game is bundled) free online and the Deluxe program where i get money back for my purchases. I now have money left over for 2 games! If Toys R Us has a special buy 2 get 1 free ( they did when i bought mine) Then the value of my Wii U just surpassed The PS4. Shoot for the X1 i could buy 6 games with a promotion like that

    2. It’s the Gamepad controller and the fact you get a Game with it…

      in USD , $350 is Wiiu console $170 , Wiiu Gamepad $130 , Nintendo Land $50

      Ps4 is , PS4 console $360 , DS4 $40

      1. And the PS4 is much more powerful, has a 500gb harddrive, so the cost of the gamepad is meaningless.

        The console is too expensive nos because of the PS4. They need to just get rid of basic model and reduce the price.

        1. I’m not defending the Wiiu or choice of the gamepad or disputing the value of the PS4.

          All I’m saying is take away Nintendo Land and it’s a $170 box with a $130 Gamepad. I see the value of the gamepad personally but I know a lot of people won’t and will just think ”Ps4 has 8GB of GDDR5 jizz jizz”

          Ps4’s value is much more visible to the average consumer definitely. But the Wiiu isn’t some rip off. If it didn’t have Gamepad and came with a pro controller it would be $199 or like $250 with a game…

        2. The Ps4 doesn’t come with a 6.2” screen on its controller with 1/60th of a second latency , that’s all I’m saying.

          I think the PS4 is outstanding value and Nintendo is in a very finnicky position to try and demonstrate the value of the Wiiu which we know was being sold at a LOSS.

            1. Yep. I just think a lot of people are forgetting that the Wiiu does come with a Gamepad and its pretty amazing , even just for Off TV browsing , Gaming and Miiverse.

              If the Wiiu had a Pro instead of the Gamepad and was the same price , I would be protesting outside Nintendo’s HQ , but as it is I do see the value of Wiiu even if others do not…

              PS4 is great value and very easy to see.

        3. If the memory was a problem then just buy a 2 TB harddrive for it and you’ll have 1500 GB more if you count what the Wii u already have

        1. So?
          Europe and UK always get fucked over with prices for everything, WiiU is the same case.
          Stop looking for fucking dumbass reason to be a fanboy cunt.

        2. Where you have seen Wii U for 450€? I know they have high prizes example in Argentina but in europe even with 25% taxes Wii U price shouldn’t be that much. o.O

    1. What? It’s not more expansive. O are you talking about Nintnedos cost to build a wii u vs Sonya’s cost to build a ps4?

    2. It’s not ? Wiiu deluxe , Wiiu + Gamepad + Nintendo Land $350
      PS4 + Dual shock 4 = $399

      The Gamepad and the tech that powers it is a lot more impressive and expensive than people think…

        1. Since when does the Wiiu costs 450 ? It’s 350 for the most expensive model and 300 for the basic…

                1. Oh boy, I have been exposed! I getting out of here! *grown man running across the street with his 3DS*

            1. stop playing the u murders the ps4 it has every type of control known 2 man power required not tv but power required stop talking about graphics ps4 can’t even blow ps3 out the u has more value by far

        2. The Wii U in $ does not cost $450. What the hell are you talking about? If you’re referring to pounds then that’d due to conversation rate. Sony is making an adjustment in pricing for other regions.

  11. I would agree but the 32gb flash memory is a real drawback. They should have gone the user changeable HDD route like Sony. Other than that though I love the Wii U. It will be having it next to my PS4. :)

        1. Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4, amongst other titles still in the planning stages, and you’re still trying to pass off the tired old “it has no games” line, only this time over something like HDD?
          Oh, but I forgooooot; in “Nintendo-hating-FAGGOT-land”, third party ports don’t count as games, because the other “better” systems are getting them tooooo.
          Stupid little fail troll, get back under your fucking bridge, and may lightning bring the roof of your home down atop your fugly-ass head.:P

      1. Which apps load incredibly slow from the HDD and external drives aren’t cheap. The cheapest I can find is $120 for 2T.

  12. LOOOL FAIL. PS4 Wins this gen before it even starts. What kind of stupid monkeys that run nintendo think they can compete with a ps4 at 50 dollars less with NO GAMES. ROFL EPIC FAIL PATHETIC

      1. ps4 has pc architecture so any game made for pc or xbox one can easily be ported to ps4 without any cost so expect to see a lot of pc games on ps4. Also indies can self publish on PS4. Porting to wii u takes more time and effort because it has chips developers aren’t used to working with.

          1. what do you suggest i do with my time ? Play animal crossing for 100 hours? No thanks I would rather play on a console that aren’t made for grown men who think they are preteen girls.

              1. why the hell wud i buy a wii u for 350 dollars. the only reason id want it is for smash bros but thats not work 350 bucks.

                    1. What the hell is a gigginox? Some crappy, character from Pokemon?

                      Go back to watching child porn on YT.

                1. If you don’t enjoy Nintendo games, why are you on a Nintendo site? Go to IGN or something, you’ll get Smash Bros. news there if that’s all you’re looking for.

                  1. shut up already i can comment whereever i want if u dont care about my comments don’t read them hypocrite

        1. All that about easy porting is what’s making games so terrible in the first place. If developers and publishers can’t be bothered, then what’s the incentive in making the game good in the first place? If anything, that’s a form of easy selection.

          Also, indies can self publish on Wii U.

                  1. ..and that’s why i think Nintendo should stop selling those basic bundles without sensor bars. People can’t play any of those Wii U party games or Wii games without wiimotes and quite often parents buy the cheapest console bundle to their kids to save money in wrong place.

      2. They showed less but have more console exclusives, when you include all the PC games that are coming to PS4 only.

        Confirmed: There are over 140 PS4 games in development now. About 40 of those are exclusive.

    1. Fail troll is FAIL.
      Get back under your bridge and think about how poorly you’ve performed. You’re a DISGRACE.

  13. I still think it could help by lowering the cost of the Deluxe Wii U, so there’s a greater margin between the PS4 and the Wii U. Just what I think, it’s not like I study sales and marketing.

    1. You are right people havent take into account that they now need ps+ plus to play online and it come with no extra accesorys right now the ps4 cost 510$ if you get a game and ps+ no TAX included

      1. PS4 comes with a headset (although it’s a crappy one); And I assume you already know all of the stuff that comes with PS+… Add that to the fact that not all online games require PS+ (like those MMOs that will hit the system at launch), you do not need PS+ to access any other online features or apps, it’s not that big of a deal.

        I can almost guarantee that most gamers who get a PS4 and want to play online will have no problem getting a PS+ subscription. Millions got XBL subs which had almost no benefits other than letting you play online.

        If you don’t play games much, $9.99 for a month of PS+ and be done with it. Or 3 months for $17.99. More hardcore gamers will likely go for the full year since they’ll get free games, cloud saves, auto updates, betas, discounts, etc.

        Also, Amazon has bundles for under $500 and you do not have to pay any tax in most states:

        1. Im not saying that the ps4 is not of great value but people starting to say that because they find that the wiiu is not better value than ps4 fue wiiu dosnt have any.

          1. Oh, nah. The Wii U has value too. That’s why I got the deluxe set. As a discerning gamer, I can see the value in both.

            But as an average consumer, they will see a brand new PS4 vs a year old Wii U with only a $50 price difference, and a lot will probably go with the PS4. :/

  14. I paid almost £329 for mine on launch day with ZombiU and a pro controller! And it was so worth it for me… if it lasts me for 6 years until the successor then I’m in no position to complain. ZombiU was amazing and I will play it again many times. And my pro controller gets lots and lots of use through Multiplayer and sometimes I like to use it myself.

      1. You never learn do you kiddy wink ? What part of Wiiu , 3DS and PS4 do you not understand ?

        And no , I will of played about 10 excellent Wiiu games this year by the time its over , so suck a phat one.

        1. Awwww… a perverted, welfare. Nintendo fanboy. I’ve already played 20 great games on my PS3 this year.

          Now tell the name of your mum’s food shop. I just want to come by and talk.

          1. 20 great bargain bin games for $5 each , tramp !

            In the immortal words of Nelson : HA HA!

            Take your superiority complex and shove it up your ass , especially when talking to far superior people than yourself. Adieu.

            1. If you’re so superior than me, prove it. Tell me the name of your mum’s shop. I’ll come and over and we could have a nice talk.

              1. Ok , the name of my mums shop is : My Nutsack .

                You’re the troll who said he gets 200 Grand a year LMAO!!!!!! 200 grand a year and you can’t even afford a Wii U. lol

                1. I could easily afford a Wii U. But I don’t wnat one. None of the games interest or appeal to me.

                  Now come on, buddy. Give me the real name of your mum’s shop.

                  1. What the fuck is wrong with you ? Why on earth would I tell you the name of the shop ? My mum doesn’t even work there lol.

                    Stop being a weirdo and grow a pair of bollocks.

                    Go and spend some of your 200 grand a year , big shot ;) . You should be driving an SLK or something not trolling My Nintendo News ! hahah!

            2. Sounds like you both have superiority issues. I highly doubt you’re either very important based on the amount of time y’all spend on here, just saying.

                1. I’m not really being serious :) I’m just giving the troll a taste of his own Medicine.

                  And in this case , sorry but the pathetic Trolls of this site must be worse people than the honest Nintendo fans of this site. At least they’re more annoying cunts…

                  1. I agree, simply because they enjoy ruining others’ experience with chatting with fellow Nintendo fans. It’s pretty sadistic if you ask me (for lack of a better word? My english vocabulary is far from perfect).

                    1. Half the reason the trolls exist are because of a few certain fanboys. Get rid of them, and you’ll be fine.

          2. did you just prove that wii u have gets better games that have bearly been out a year against ps3 that have been out 6-7 years?

          3. I physically own 8 great games for Wii U, 5 great eShop games and 6 amazing Classic titles (Megan Man X, sooo good) in total, that is 19, so what is your point?

            1. Please say Toki Tori and Nano Assault were in there. Those were like the only 2 games I enjoyed on Wii U, and they were amazing.

              1. I do have Nano Assault. I also love Trine 2 and Bit Trip Runner 2. I looked at my libraryband its actually 9 VC games haha. I should also mention the back catalogue of Wii games I missed out on. Finally playing Galaxy and DKCR

  15. I love the way they say, you can only experience their francises on wii u. You can also do this on the 3DS, and if you still have your wii, you can replay their games on that too.

  16. Why do you guys think the ps4 is 50$ more when your forgetting the game and sales tax its more then 50$ difference the wiiu also comes with a game, also you find a terrabite of memory for like 60 bucks thats more then a enough you might have to buy a y cable for hard drive but its like 3-4$

    1. Amazon = no sales tax for me! : D

      PS4 launches with free games you can download on day 1 (NOT including the ones you get if you have PS+ which I do). : D

      PS4 also has an upgradeable HDD so you can take that TB and stick it in there too! : D

  17. now for this, come on nintendo!!!! duuuhhhhh!!!! the ps4 is how much more powerful and comes with a shit ton of memory. the wii u makes the ps4 seem like the best deal you can get for value. the xbox one is going to rot in hell where it came from.

  18. I would have loved getting it cheaper still not because the ps4 but because cheaper is better i even want the ps4 even cheaper.

        1. You might want to watch what you look at on the Internet. I’ve contacted your local police and they are tracking you.

          By the way, pedophilia is being sexual interested in children. if you are trying to defend that you are absolute filth.

            1. I have to say, i agree with Neutron. I saw the video you watched, Macarony. You are a pig and disgust me.

              I can’t believe you’re making joke and trying to defend your pedophilia.

              Seriously, get some help.

                1. What proof do you have that I’m an alt? None? Exactly.

                  You were caught expressing pedophilia (for a second time may I add) and you’re trying defend it. Unbelievable.

                    1. What the hell am I reading? O_o (referring to the whole discussion between you three)

  19. PS4 is definitely better value in my opinion. Far superior technology than WiiU, and the difference in price is equivalent to just one game. Nintendo should either cut the price or get rid of the pointless gamepad.

    1. Why would they get rid of the Gamepad? Off TV Play is one of the main features. How is it pointless when Sony and Microsoft are both copies similar features with Smartglass and PS Vita Remote Play.

      Wii U is better value, backward compatible, Free online multiplayer, $299.99 for the cheapest model, and better exclusive games this year. Sony just has Killzone and a bunch of multiplats

      1. If you’re blinded by Nintendo fanboyism and resentment for Playstation, then yes, of course WiiU is better. I on the other hand, am a gamer. I have no loyalty to any one manufacturer and simply weigh out the benefits that each console can offer me as a gamer. And currently, the PS4 appears to offer both better value and a richer library of games.

      2. Holy shit you’re being blinded big time. Those Wii U exclusives you are talking about (most anyway) don’t hit till next year. Wii U has no value, that’s why I’m going to wait till the games from E3 are released before I even consider getting another one. Till then, I’m paying off my PS4 pre orders.

    2. Pointless? Could you please try playing games like Lego City Undercover before making such judgements.

      1. None of the upcoming games require it. Even Nintendo seems have abandoned its unique features. But yes, old games like Lego would become unplayable. Unless… there was an update of course.

        1. I think that Pikmin 3 and X will both have use for that extra screen. It’s just awful to pause game all time to look map to make a new waypoint or check and chance equipment and skills. Example Borderlands would be so much better if you could use map while you drive a car or Diablo would be better if you could have full list of spells in touchscreen or you could check and drop items you don’t need while you walk.

      2. I still have yet to play Lego City Undercover. Does it really make good use of the gamepad? So far, I have been less than impressed with how games use the gamepad. ;/

        Hoping for better use soon.

        1. No, they are pretty unimpressive. Everything you do on the GP could have easily been done on the TV screen. Even my wife and daughter found them to be rather dull. So far, the only game which seems to make good, and unique, use of the GP is Nintendo Land.

  20. If this was said before E3, I wouldve agreed. I say this as a full supporter of Nintendo and the Wii U, after seeing what Sony is offering at a mere $50 more, Wii U cannot compete at $350. It needs the advantage of affordability, and $350 is not affordable for what the system gives. If the Wii U 32gb model was priced at $250, there’s no doubt Nintendo would have no issues getting the Wii U in homes. But at $350, people will see that PS4 is the better bargain. Xbox One has no chances against Wii U at $500, but PS4 is a different story.

  21. The Wii U’s price against Xbox one’s Makes sense, but against PS4 they might want to rethink about. The PS4 is only $50 more and is alot better in terms in power and graphics. Making the Wii u $300 would be perfect.

  22. Ps4: 450$ (add 50$ for plus)500 GB HDD, 8 GB GDDR5, x86 jaguar, the 5 free games on launch (planetside 2, dcuo, blacklight, warframe, drive club) (and I feel bad even adding plus because you make the money back in the form of 18 free games immediately as well as 6 additional free games a month as well as insane sales for plus members)

    Wii u: 350$ 32 GB HDD, 2 GB DDR3, copy of nintendo land.

    Dont see how thats a deal seeing as for 100$ more (50$ for returning playstation users) you get better games (as in spec wise you can’t run a game thats on the ps4 on the wii u due to tech limitations) you get a giant amount of games free, you get access to all of pluses features.

  23. If the Wii U doesn’t get a price drop, Iwata will be a pretty valerina, Reggie will turn Mexican, and Miyamoto will be awesome as always.

  24. I’d say that isn’t true, though both the PS4 and Xbox One are priced higher… I still think a price cut is in order

    1. Agreed. Nintendo are delusional if they think the Wii U has great value. If the games at E3 were released I would agree, but right now, it’s terrible.

  25. Well, i dont really care wether there is a price cut or not.
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  26. what games got the ps4?? i tell you…shooter,stealth action , shooter and ff15 – kingdom hearts for 2015 thats all…uhh infamous.end.

      1. And Zelda, and Donkey Kong, and Pikmin, and The Wonderful 101. You got action-adventure, 3D platformer, 2D platformer, RTS before the end of the year. So…

  27. I think Nintendo is playing a pr game. I don’t see how they can ignore a $50 price difference between the PS4 and their own Wii U. Even with a larger library and a tablet controller, Nintendo cannot ignore those consumers, the ‘core audience’, who will be looking at that. I own/have owned the 360, ps3, and wii. While I am slightly partial to seeing Nintendo succeed (I have been a Ninty fan since 92 and have owned all of their consoles including the virtual boy), I am a gamer foremost – i can and will not ignore the price difference when it comes to ordering a next-gen box. There are a lot of gamers, just like me, who are not biased and are looking at things from a broad perspective. Sony had its fair share of excellent games, much like Microsoft and Nintendo.

    *Gasps* I foresee a $50 price cut q4-2013/q1-2014. Don’t fuck around Nintendo, I will cry. Cry.

  28. A Price cut is unnecessary. The WiiU is a good console, the gamepad is amazing. The only thing that will hurt Nintendo is their focus on local co-op. Local co-op only is a dead end, and a deal breaker for a lot of gamers. Nintendo games are outstanding, but I know now from E3 that the games are going to be local co-op only for Nintendo this gen. Im very disappointed in them in this decision. Im not really sure if I am going to continue to support Nintendo, this gen. I think maybe Nintendo needs to feel the heat for changes to come to their company and hopefully their next console will focus on everyone and not just the gamers with large co-op gaming families.

    1. They did say that Mario Kart 8 would have the stronger online play infrastructure ever seen in a Mario Kart game. And given how good it was for Mario Kart 7, I say don’t rule them out yet.

  29. its a great value for the reason you dont need to pay to play with friends online.
    its bad enough you pay to buy the game, you pay for internet to play games online, why should i pay to play games with friends. Nintendo doesnt nickle and dime their customers to death, unlike sony and microsoft.

    1. What you say doesnt make any sense. Keep the local coop and add online coop. Nothing would change for the consumers playing locally.

  30. Well know that Neutron fights with our people because his species was created as a mistake from our side…

    He will be hurt for life knowing that his sole existence is because of an accident…

  31. doesn’t need a price cut yet. it’s a great price for the value. you’re getting a damn expensive tablet controller that’s capable of a lot of things and you get a game with the deluxe version. whether you like the game or not it’s still included. playing vc games on the gamepad is too fucking cool. maybe in two years a price cut would be alright for them, but not now especially if they’re losing money on the current price. think people think. as for the competition xbox1 is just a hot mess and ps4 has you requiring ps+ for online so it’s actually $450. get a wiiu for that innovative nintendo experience and ps3/ps4 for everything else, like I’m doing.

    1. Yeah, I agree that the Wii U doesn’t need a price cut at the moment; Especially since giving it a price cut alone will not make sales go up. You have to have great exclusive titles to complement the drop in price. I could see a price drop in 2014 though – cost of production *should* be down by then and much bigger titles will be coming out.

      I already have a Wii U, so it doesn’t matter to me either way.

      As for the PS4, I already have PS+, so I won’t need to spend any more on that and since I’m getting the system from Amazon, no tax.


  32. The thing is the PS4 might seem like a better deal, but then the hidden costs like needing PS+ for online, no BC with either games from the PS3 on disc OR from the PSN, and the fact that there just AREN’T as many exclusives as the Wii U. So far the competition is more neck and neck rather than the PS4 being dominant

        1. Oh yea really mature of you. Because I talk bad about your glorious Nintendo you have to personally attack me. Since you can’t win the argument you have to resort to pathetic foul language immature personal attacks.

            1. And if you love your Wii U so much why are you spending your Sunday on a site posting about your glorious Nintendo Wii U. Shouldn’t you be playing your awesome baby games?

                1. But you are wasting your precious time here when instead you could be playing your awesome Wii U. Come on, at least go clean the dust out of it if you not going to use it.

                    1. Nah, I just joined this site 2 days ago. or I think it was yesterday. Actually I didn’t join because I am posting as a guest.:P

                      There we have it folks. Another dissatisfied Wii U owner who spends their time posting on the internet on a Sunday because they have no games to play on it. Oh well, you can wait till 2014 when they actually release more baby games for it. You should put it back in the box it came in so the dust doesn’t ruin it till then.

                  1. Im typing from my Wii u. I currently paused Lego City, pressed the home button and pressed the internet button. Love the GamePad. Now back to Lego City.

            2. Back on topic about if Wii U should get a price cut. People forgot one thing: PS3. It appears most games on PS4 is coming to PS3 as well. If GTA5 and Watch dogs and FFVX are on PS3 is that even enough for the average American to purchase a PS4? PS4 has very few exclusives yet those 3rd party tittles conflict with PS3. So is it even worth $400 for less than 10 exclusives?

      1. Wii U was said to have the most exclusives at E3 and that didn’t include games that were also coming to 3DS. Just something to think about.

  33. Unlike Retro Studios game, this I was right about. Why lower the price of whats already the cheapest? The UK Price cuts prove its the lack of games not the price thats the issue. A price cut would make the haters say oh look its cheaper must mean its cause its last gen with weaker specs and tech in it blah blah blah. Plus Reggie said before the Wii U came out that “People who are waiting for a price drop will be waiting quite awhile.” Wii went 3 years before getting one, Wii U will get one around the 3 year mark.

  34. So I went wii a year after release x360 almost 2 yrs the ps3 4 yrs after release due to games and price now I own my ps3 and a wiiu. I got the wiiu early because its not a loss by no means I get a highly upgraded system that’s what backwards compatible so I still have a backlog of what wii games. Omg. I will buy a ps4 later maybe 2-3 years but xboneshat is out didn’t like the 360 and everyone I know went from 360 to ps3 at about the 3-4 yr after release soooo what I’m saying is the wiiu has an audience will sell better than 60-70 mill. Unit in its 5-7 year life and that why ninety is the only truly profitable console company they make great games n great consoles

  35. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    Wow, it’s really depressing to read the comments on this site mainly just because of all the fanboyism (on both sides, but the blind Nintendo fanboyism is what really perplexes me).

    1. Agree. I used to play Nintendo games but I already have given up on them. I’m not a Nintendo fanboy who loves everything just because it has the Nintendo logo on it. I’m not blinded by their brand name that I would alter the games that I enjoy just to keep liking them.

    2. You’re kidding, right? Almost all of the Nintendo fans have posted detailed explanations and, most importantly, facts on why the Wii U is a great value. Sony fans and that one Xbone fanboy just scream nonsense, trol with sexually-natured verbal attacks and try to look classy while acting as chimpanzees. I’m the one who’s perplexed now.

      1. I agree with him/her. You want a big explanation from me? I been gaming on Nintendo consoles for years(over 20 years). I loved the old Nintendo who had all this awesome 2nd party developers that made other types of games for the players who aren’t interested in all these Mario games. They had Rare (Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Conker, some of my favorite games of all time), they had Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), they had a good relationship with Factor 5 (Battle for Naboo on the N64, the Rogue Squadron games), Nintendo made the Wave Race games on N64 and GC, 1080°. I liked all those games. Left Field (Excitebike64). All those games appealed to me. But Nintendo sold all these awesome 2nd party developers that they had and now all they do are games that don’t appeal to me.

        I had a Wii but already back then I started to get dissapointed with Nintendo. There weren’t many games on the Wii that appealead to me, I bought the few that did interest me. For example I bought the Umbrella Chronicles games and Deadly Creatures. I decided to get a Wii U due to my loyalty to Nintendo (and they said they wanted to win their core market back) If it wasn’t for Zombi U I wouldn’t even have bothered buying a Wii U, because none of those
        games that Nintendo has shown interest me (sorry but they don’t, no offense if you love those games). Nintendo is out of touch.

        I am more interested in “The Divison” and “The Crew” (2 new games from Ubisoft coming out next year) than anything that Nintendo showed at E3. Sorry if I offend anyone, it not my intention to do so. I liked Nintendo back in the day but not anymore. They simply aren’t making (and haven’t for years) any games that appeal to me.

        1. I was really waiting to see some “more serious looking first-party games” like Metroid FPS, 1080 snowboarding or Eternal Darkness 2 in this years E3 Nintendo Direct.

          I know that every game Nintendo had in e3 will sell pretty well and i will enjoy a lot of playing some of them (example Pikmin 3 after all 10 years of waiting) but i feel there is still somekind of games i like missing from Wii U.

          I have same problem with Sony and Microsoft also so i need to have atleast 2 consoles from 2 different manufacturers to fully enjoy playing games from all kind of genres.

    3. I know right?…

      Nintendo fans posting on a Nintendo site, how the world is upside down…

      It’s as shocking as Sonyans praising their upcoming PS4…