Footage Of Microsoft Employee Trying To Sway People At Wii U Best Buy Event

We heard rumours earlier this week that suggested that Microsoft had begun sending representatives to the Wii U Best Buy events in an effort to sway gamers to get an Xbox One. Now footage has surfaced of the company doing this exact thing at an undisclosed Best Buy store in North America. Seems as though he wasn’t expecting the response he got.

Thanks, Nintedward


    1. The sound quality isnt the best on this thing, I wasn’t able to hear what the Microsoft guy was saying or what the other guy was saying to rep. all i heard was him saying about not wanting the spy box in his house.

        1. You’re right! I love how, aside from answering their questions, he can’t keep his eyes from looking at Mario Kart 8! Major Microsoft employee fail!

            1. Wow really dude, in the words of house “somewhere there is a tree working really hard to make the oxygen you breathe. You owe it an apology”

        1. Theres nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with working for the scum of the earth MICRO$OFT. God does this guy have no shame just fuck off those people wanna play Mario Kart i would decked him arsehole.

            1. You, my sir are incorrect. If you believe in the bible you surely believe we were all made in God’s image, even homosexuals. Therefore your discrimination based on religion is wrong. Although I wouldn’t consider myself religious I was brought up in a Christian family and believe that the bible should be interpreted as a book of great stories to use as a guideline to live your life by, not as hard facts. I don’t think that anyone who discriminates in any form is a good Christian, in fact it makes you a closed minded asshole.

              In short, take your bigotry somewhere else.

              1. I do believe The Bible to be TRUTH…..yet if I don’t love unconditionally Like Jesus then I would be a Hypocrite.

        1. Why? He has every right to use that symbol, just like you have the right to use Link as your avatar.

        2. and what exactly is wrong with the freemasons if i may ask? are you one of those ridiculous conspiracy theorists?

          1. And its idiots like you you who are blind to everything but yet thinks everyone is a conspiracy theorist. even though news of prism and nsa spying is everywhere.
            So it is people like you who are ridiculous. everyone (smart) knows that there is a hierarchy of elites that rules or tries to rule everything in this world.

            so you sit there thinking everything is all nice and fine – just like they want you too.

            btw was Tony Rooke a conspiracy theorist? (google his name) then give me a explanation about how there is NO conspiracys going off in the world.

            Blind Idiot.

            1. Really? I’d very much like to hear about how we are destroying the world? I think you aren’t a Mason so you have no idea what we do or what we stand for there for you should get your facts right before opening your mouth.

    2. Haha, yeah, “I don´t want a spy box in my house.” And the conversation just died, didn´t it. :)

        1. Not really, just have common sense and a brain. ^ probably didnt graduate, or knows nothing about business and marketing. FYI SAMSUNG did the same thing to APPLE, the ignorance here is amazing.

          1. Samsing did it and they too got a backlash from consumers. I dont care if someone wants to see me makes in my house the heck i dont even mind buying only new but the worst thing that i hate is forced to be connected.

          2. You don’t have common sense or a brain you dick. You’re trying to defend the worst console of all time.

            I’d rather spend 7 years in Guantanamo bay than buy an Xbox one.

            Who gives a fuck about ”business decisions” You’re not in class now bro , no one cares. All we care about is a pure , simplistic gaming experience. Something that only Nintendo and Sony offer.

              1. ahaHAHAHA xD . So funny! Harold and Kumar is a guilty pleasure , even the 3D christmas one… I know it’s not the best stuff out there , but it’s just awesome!

          3. Firstly stop putting avatars of you in a gastly bath robe throwing up the peace sign. A company is taking away your freedoms in front of your very eyes and you support them. I am in shock.

          4. Not really, even your mobile phone radio is on when the phone is “off”. They can say you can switch the privacy settings but that doesn’t mean its true

      1. I’m pretty sure they can still see you and spy on you, like the pervs microsoft is… bet it also scans credit cards, wake up next morning bankrupt…. how fun!

      2. Ehhh… the thing has a camera and a mic and it is required to at least have some sort of power supply whilst you play(for some reason) how do you know that it wouldn’t spy on us, this clearly isnt a legal issue it’s a technical one come and defend this monstrosity in 7 years when you have an engineering and programming degree.

  1. “I bet the guy did it only for a bet. Seems completely harmless.
    If too legit, then he’s trying to hard and doing it wrong.”

    Stay classy, YouTube comments.

    1. A friend of mine on facebook said he was at a best buy even and was being heckled by microsoft employees as well. So it’s possible they told them to do that.

    2. I think the guy – as you said – harmless, actually he is young and I think he was interested in the Nintendo as young gamer.

  2. haha! Well played MNN , I didn’t expect you to post this , but people deserve to see the extent of Microsoft’s (what’s the word) shitness ?

    Horrible company I’m finished with Microsoft for good now , they can’t recover from this in my eyes. Sony and Nintendo look like saints for doing normal things :/ lol

    1. I can’t believe the underhand tactics Microsoft are using to try and get ahead…
      Even though it’s not sold so great yet, Microsoft are clearly scared of what Nintendo can do!

      1. other companies do the same thing…maybe not in best buy…dish, sony, nintendo, have all had street teams… MS isnt scared of nintendo..every system is outselling the wii u, gta is not coming to the wii u, 3rd parties are flocking away, the wii u and nintendo is a disaster……just check there balance sheet from the quarter earnings..yikes

        1. But having all the developers in the world wont make the xbox one sell. The only thing it will do is make them go away in bunches.

        2. This has all happened before, with the 3DS. The Wii U will come back when the new 3D Mario comes, and 3rd parties will come flocking back to the Wii U. And other companies do have street teams, just not as douchey as Microsoft’s.

        3. Even more obvious to be a Microsoft fanboy. Oh no, what will we do about bad sales! I hope you understand ANYTHING that’s been going on lately. Playing GTA hurts me how? GTA is garbage. Have fun on your shit console.

        4. Ok bro you went too far in exposing your ignorance. In 30 years, Nintendo made a loss once, Microsoft and sony, just start counting. Nintendo has outlived and shut down every western console that ever existed. If you think microsoft is not afraid of a company that sells in all region, then you are more delusional than that awful robe.

      1. Hahaha you confirmed your self being a kid hahahah go away and let the adults talk.Hahaha

      2. The same old insult comes from you people. “HA! NO GAMES furdurhur” It will begin to sale soon enough.

      3. 3DS says hello. 200 000 Animal Crossing games sold in three days. THat game is Nintendo and Nintendo :). Mario is coming be warned.

      4. you must be idiot wii u did much better than ps360 in its first months without its killer titles.Beware asshole this year the killer titles are comin pikmin3,wonderful101, sonic lost world, super mario 3d world, zelda ww hd,etc. also x and zelda are on their way. go back to jungle boy.

      5. You’re going to eat your words when wiiu actually turns out outselling ps4 and Xone, how about giving the wiiu a full year before you cry,bitch, and moan, you little microsoft dick riding loser…

    1. Yeah , we’re not laughing at him or any other individual , it’s Microsoft sending these people over like that… PATHETIC.

    1. hmm no, sony has done it in the past, dish network, nintendo, i see nobody here understands the different facets of advertising…heck samsung did it with the iphone launch

      1. I agree all stupid companys do it. Every company that ever done it failed at attempt.
        So come on microshaft keep it up.

      2. True many companies have used this advertising tactic. However, this screams of trying to make up for the ridiculousness that was the XBox One reveal. This seems very last minute and thrown together not to mention incredibly stupid. The majority of people who went specifically to see the Wii U probably own or have already committed to purchasing one (Wii U, not XBox One.) Is there a specific instance where Sony or Nintendo have done something like this to a rival? Well, even if they have, it doesn’t change how sadly desperate this is.

  3. well its already over fo M$ and what beats me up is third party talks shit about wii u the xbone may not see sales until 4 years after release.

      1. but it sells better then any first party game not bundled…it breaks entertainment records(then loses to cod and eventually gta), and it moves boxes…no nintendo rehash cartoon game does that.

        1. Wrong. Many Nintendo games have destroyed the sales of any Halo game. So learn what you’re talking about idiot.

        2. Animal Crossing says hello. Idiot the new halo is made by former rare employees. Only reason that fail of a game stayed relevant.

        3. Damn. Now Microsoft’s putting yes men in Here! Here’s a dollar. Go play in traffic.

        4. Ehhh… wrong again clown have you ever heard of Super Mario Bros. 3, or how about Animal Crossing Wild World, or ANY Pokemon game, or how about Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, or how about Ocarina of Time, or how about Super Mario 64, or how about Donkey Kong country’s 1 to Return’s, or how about Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, or how about Mario Kart DS, or how about NINTENDOG’s, or how about New Super Mario Bros., or how about Mario Kart 64, or how about Goldeneye, or how about Animal Crossing new leaf 4 mil and counting or how about Super Mario 3D 9mil and counting Land or how about New Super Mario Bros. 2 6mil and counting or how about that new Pokemon game in August or how about that new Zelda game in time for Christmas or how about Mario Kart Wii BEST SELLING GAME OF THE PREVIOUS GENERATION AT AROUND 30!!!! MILLION COPIES SOLD or how about New Super Mario Bros. Wii at around 22mil copies sold or how about that Mario Kart game for Wiiu in the new year and there are many MANY more you foul cretin of a doofus but alas i have better things to do than to point out how NINTENDO has for 30!!! fucking years absolutely KILLED IT at retail they are the collective envy of the videogame both creativly and financially(16BILLION!!!in the bank and counting and all generated from videogames as well) why do you think so many hated Ceasor because they envied his power and influence educate yourself you dummy

    1. Not only is the Xbox scary to own watching you but I don’t want to own 13 fps games neither. Same game different title.

  4. i HOPED this site would have smarter people….but nintendo current gen system the wii u is being outsold by 360 obviously, and even the ps3, so maybe they are sour about everything. Microsoft has privacy options for the kinect, so sound smarter when you refer to it as the spy box…and i guess those people dont use cell phones, computers, everyone is tracked in there own way, and the kinect will not record you, or even do the voice thing if you chose to deactivate those features.
    And hmmm people, this is called marketing, is there anyone here with a degree? Street teams, P2P marketing, or whatever you want to call it is actually very good for the company…normal people(not you tech nerds) go into a store, they tend not to know alot, oh and here comes the resident expert to sell his vision of whatever he is pushing.
    Its called business people, maybe if nintendo had better business sense, there financials would not look like crap…and thats something you cant deny, because its available to review.
    The next gen systems ps4,x1 will be 1 and 2…wii u is already shunned by 3rd parties.

    1. Go away. Why are Microsoft being tramps and sending employees to Nintendo events ?

      Remember Wiiu sold more than PS3 or 360 did within a first 6 months timeframe. The 360 will probably outsell the Xbox one this holiday lol…

    2. Yes because we should all TRUST americans when it comes to privacy and freedom…

      And you could atleast be smarter by not comparing systems that have 73 million sold units each with a system that barely has been out 7 months…

      And the only reason to why you Xbots sold as many 360s as you did is because the Xbot species are primitive fools that buys the damn machines 3-4 times because they break…

    3. I actually do have a degree. In Strategic Communion. Studied PR. And maybe on a marketing standpoint it makes good sense.. though it would help if they knew their target was educated about gaming and saw the XB One.conference and knew what they were up against. Or if they knew there would be fans their excited about Nintendo.. not MS.
      On a PR/reputation standpoint this is terrible and classless. The fact you cite other times other companies do it for comparison just further backs up the case studies and as you like to say “common sense” of their move being tactless and desperate looking. Objective aside, they probably failed looking at the response. Looking at others’ reception, they came off as.. sad.

    4. these people are to blind with all the nintendo wool in their eyes. they cannot open them to see that the new world did start and that its time to stop eating the mario piss soup.

    5. If the xbox360 and ps3 sales aren’t slowing down, that suggests that people are either unaware of or not (yet) interested in the xbox one and ps4. But you’re practically bragging about a degree, so you knew that already, right?

    6. lol you think the wiiu is a current gen system…

      It hasn’t even been out for a year. Just watch. By the end of the year you’ll have nothing to say. I doubt you watched Nintendo at e3.

  5. It’s kind of funny that Microsoft have resorted to sabotaging Nintendo to gain sales. I don’t think consumers will appreciate some random Microsoft guy trying to sway their opinions.

      1. You dont know the difference of an advertise and this and you are giving opinions? Get out and come back when you finish your Google search.

      2. Before deciding if someone is bright or not. Work on your own spelling and grammar. Might be able to get your lame points across better.

      3. Samsung should be capitalized, there should be a period instead of a comma after “launch”. wrong “its” is used, wrong “to” is used. So much for that degree.

    1. a mid tier system thats being outsold by the 360 and ps3 is not a threat…a system thats not getting 3rd party support is not a threat….and its called marketing…sony,dish,samsung,alot of people have people out doing p2p marketing…sigh, lack of intelligence here

      1. Don’t be stupid. We recognize it’s a tactic… but we sigh out how desperate and underhanded a tactic Microsoft is resorting to…

        Guess they realized that their games only look flashy but comes to actually playing the games, Nintendo wins hands down. I remember I didn’t buy a 3DS until I played a Mario 3D Land demo at gamestop.

      2. Can’t compare 360 sales with Wii U because its a 7yr old console with a wide game library aleady. The packages they are selling now even includes 3 games and still cheaper, its a bargain. Manufacturing costs are cheaper now to make xboxes as well. Compare it to Wii sales as it is the same gen. When XB1 comes out compare sales to Wii U after the 1st 6 months. That is more logical Mr.. Smarts.

      3. here is a very important tip….. nobody and i mean NO ONE is going to listen to a guy taking a picture of himself in a bathrobe while doing the piece sign in the mirror!!!!!!

      4. It’s an obvious tactic, but targeting Nintendo players who probably aren’t interested in the xbox at all (and never have been) is almost completely ineffective and a rather stupid move from a business standpoint. Your “degree” should tell you that.

      5. Dnt you think it’s you who is lacking intelligence here. I have read every comment you posted here and they cite the same companies that use this marketing style. Bt think about it, no one buys new systems as much (Wii U) because most of the launch games aren’t that good but when the new Nintendo and ubisoft and sega games start coming out this year, then the Wii U will definitely pick up steam.

        The one thing I learned from my 16 (yeah I’m 16 and still know quite a bit) that when someone spends their time complaining and antagonizing someone or something, then most likely they secretly like that person/thing.

        Just because other companies do it, doesn’t mean it’s a cool thing to do. It’s just low to send your employees to a rival companies “showcase” when clearly no one cares enough to go and pay attention to anything else Xbox related when they are nintendo fanatics and love them some Nintendo. They clearly want to see what they will buy for/with their Wii U.

        If you seriously love your Xbox 1 so much, why don’t you go find a Xbox 1 forum instead of waiting yours and everyone else’s time complaining.

      6. hahahahahaahaha
        WiiU7 years
        x360 sells more obviously

        x360 7 years ago sold less than WIiU now
        also, Wii outsold both consoles until now

  6. Oh MicroShit … xD And it just me or did the Microsoft employee actually look genuinely interested in the Nintendo games?

    1. I’m pretty sure the employees aren’t complete fanboys, hell, if I was working for micrsoft then, I would stand in line to play the demos. But I wuldnt try to get people on board with the xbox one because of DRM, id probably get fired real fast haha.

  7. With all them CIA and NSA with their patriot acts and what not’s, I would not like to own a spybox with mandatory internet connection.

  8. I saw two of them when I was there yesterday. They seemed to Beiderbecke interested in the demos though. I didn’t hear either of them mention Xbox One.

    1. Did you take a photo or videotape these Xbots?…

      They should taste their own medicine for Spybox…

  9. I just have to mention this…

    Xbot logic 101:

    Pachter : About 30 miillion fans will buy the Wii U but 90% will be dissapointed that FIFA and Call of Duty won’t come to the console…

    Why on earth would a Nintendo FAN care AT ALL about those idiotic “games”?…

    FIFA is garbage and CoD is obtainable in PC…

    1. Nintendo Commander, i just saw that article. heading there to sent my attacks and debunk the hypocricy of Pachter.

      1. Excellent, that Xbot will dig his own just like his leaders are doing right now…

        Soon other analysts will analyze Pachter and predict his imminent demise…

  10. Damn Kanye put on some wait after getting Kim pregnant.

    Umm dude you need a Wii fit U

    Of course he wasn’t there long took a 3 hour lunch at McDonald’s.


    Hey retards of course it sells more its been out 7 years.

    Do you remember the shitty 360 launch King Kong,Gamecube ports, Burger King games, shitty sports games that froze and ughhh.

    Quit crying on a Nintendo website go play all your hardcore games on Xbox.

    Where’s the Xbox one demo setup. Oh it redringed so they couldn’t have one

  11. This is not an unusual marketing tactic, but the fact remains that MS is sending people to a decidedly Nintendo event to promote the XBone. I thought they didn’t see Nintendo as a threat? Then why are they targeting this specific event? Perhaps MS realizes that even Nintendo isn’t making the mistakes they have with the XBone? Or perhaps they think negative publicity will help them sell more units. Anyway you slice it, this was not a good plan for MS. It shows uneducated consumers their desperation. The uneducated consumer may ask the MS rep some questions about it, but chances are there will be some educated consumers there, in much larger quantity, and the educated ones will most likely educate(based on a biased opinion) what an XBone is and the uneducated consumer will be dissuaded by word of mouth. They should have just handed out comparative pamphlets and been done with it, that wouldn’t have seemed as desperate. But still underhanded, no matter how many companies do this. Also, a street team isn’t usually at a competitors event they are doing the company’s own thing at independent events. Marketing 101. You don’t have to have a business degree to know these thing. There are plenty of marketing books that don’t require college degrees to read. Go somewhere else to repeat the quote about Sony, Dish, Nintendo and Samsung. Of all of the afore mentioned companies Samsung was the one that promoted this same way and received a public backlash because of it, which in turn would prove the error of this form of marketing.

    1. the funny thing is…. that its popular among americans, yet another reason to make the obese rate go up. hhhaaaahhh stupid fat greasy nerds.

      1. Sonyan soldier iceazeama, sometimes your words are actually worth something…

        There is 100% solid proof that Microsoft is in this whole “Prism Project” conducted by the US goverment and these retarded Xbots keep supporting them…

        I’m guessing they love to be controlled like mindless drones…

        1. yeah just imagen when they figure out that the kinect is watching them all the time, when they fap to halo, its watching. the government is watching them fap to halo!!!!!

      2. Kinect is NOT popular among Americans. I know very few people who own one, and everybody I know laughs at the name of it. Xbox, however is popular. Just not the worthless kinect addon.

  12. It’s kind of sad that they’re so worried about their sales they’re sending people out who are playing Wii U demos, a system that hasn’t really performed all that great so far. If they’re THAT worried then it’s gonna be a REALLY sad launch for them.

  13. How do the expect us to buy an always on and spying console? Sorry micrsoft, you used to be the best to me…but now you fucking suck. And don’t get mad at the guy, he’s only doing his job!

  14. microsoft: this box is great!
    random dude: what does it do?
    microsoft: it…it…IT DOES TV!
    random dude: does it play games
    microsoft: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  15. If only someone would invent a tiny piece of paper that was sticky on one side… You can’t be outsmarted by a camera lens, people. Try thinking, push through the pain.

  16. At this point, I’m gonna go with the theory that EA paid Microsoft so that they’d outdo them as the ”worst company of America” next year.

    1. hesucked a cock because ms said so PEOPLE BUY A WIIU END THIS INDUSTRY

  17. So disappointed they cancellef event in my city with no heads up drove there for nothing and I took day off to go wanted to play mario kart so bad

  18. What Nintendo fan in their right mind would care anything about what a Microsoft employee has to say about the Xbox One? People drove from miles away just to see and play NINTENDO E3 games. Not to hear about the latest Cat Box.


  20. I would like to buy a Xobx One just so I can take advantage of voice commands
    “Xbox, bring me snacks”
    “Xbox, turn on Wii U”
    Xbox… go kill yourself.”

    That would be mildly amusing.

  21. F*ck u bill gates. this is epic Bullsh*t. i’m not gonna capitolize your name ever again for example. “Satoru Iwata” bill gates. no actually “SATORU IWATA!!!”

  22. I did get to go to the Best Buy Nintendo event and I got to say it made me a believer in Nintendo again. I can confirm that multiplayer works well in Super Mario 3D World so far and the game looks amazing. I also can confirm the fire flower, tanooki suit, frog suit, and cat suit as power-ups. The only thing that could use some tweaking was the controls on the Gamepad but I’m sure that it will be perfected in time. Mario Kart 8 was amazing and the graphics blew me away. I don’t know why it’s taking until Spring 2014 to release because that game was one of the most crisp games there. Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze was amazing and playing it really helped relieve of the burden that it wasn’t a new core IP. The game is a ton of fun to play and looks beautiful. Wind Waker HD looked great and was a lot of fun to play. I’ll definitely buy Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 day one.

  23. Wow, yeah they should go to hell haha it’s sad knowing how low they are going with this.

  24. I took day off of work to go to the only one near me to find out when I got there it was cancelled in that city without letting anyone know. Good job ninty and best buy you could have at least let us know!! I wanted to play mario kart 8 so bad and now lost days pay and still didnt get to or wont get to.

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