Pachter Says If Wii U Lacks Third Party Support After The Holidays Then Stick A Fork In It

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Controversial Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says if the Wii U continues to be neglected by third party publishers and developers by the holiday season then ‘stick a fork in it’. Pachter says that the majority of Wii U owners will be unhappy about missing out on FIFA and Call of Duty if the console isn’t supported this holiday season and they will subsequently purchase a second console, such as PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One.

“There are about 30 million Nintendo fans who will buy the console. Unfortunately 90% of them will be unhappy about missing out on 3rd parties such as FIFA or Call of Duty if the platform isn’t supported after the holidays. They will get a 2nd console as a result of that. In order for Nintendo to sell more than those 30 million fans they need 3rd party support. Otherwise stick a fork in them.”


      1. Oh, is HE the bugger that said that would happen? Because I think he needs someone with a brain to check his numbers.

    1. Those were just examples. Poor ones, but examples.

      You people all hate this guy so much that you if ignore the fact that he’s right. With only a couple occasional 1st party titles every now and then (decent ones at that), Wii U won’t do well. They need games like Titanfall, Destiny, Fifa, and the plethora of amazing new IPs that were at E3 (can’t remember all their names but there were a lot of great new non-FPS games).

      The fact that those games are all skipping Wii U is saying something loud and clear. You kids just put your fingers in your ears and don’t want to hear it.

  1. Why do you keep posting Pachter stuff? Does anyone even pay attention to him anymore? He’s clearly an idiot. How many times has he been wrong now?

    1. agreed all he does is bitch on nintendo matters like everyone says on here he is just a troll trying to get peoples backs up

    2. Actually he predicted on Gametrailers right before the Sony conference that they would change their price to 399 and xbox would lose E3. He seems pretty right here too. A lot of people will buy a WiiU… but honestly if third parties don’t come… people are going to buy a second system.

        1. MOST people won’t buy a PC for gaming. What, so they can just turn up the volume on those console ported games? most heads don’t spend money on silliness like that. how many game take FULL advantage of top PC specs? lol

        2. Its the only way to experience multiplats in the vision of the developer… 1080p+60fps

          Whats up with all the xBoned/ps4 exclusives all being 30fps?

    3. @nathan “Why do you keep posting Pachter stuff? Does anyone even pay attention to him anymore? He’s clearly an idiot. How many times has he been wrong now?” over 9000 times by multiplying it by 9000

  2. Is Call Of Duty: Ghosts not pretty much confirmed? And I don’t care about FIFA. Will probably forget about CoD and get Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, etc. instead.

    1. But I bought my Nintendo WiiU so I can play CoD and Fifa , said literally no one in the world….. Sure some people bought the likes of CoD and AC3 cus they were available and decent ports…

      1. I did. I’m Wii U only this gen, so my Wii U was bought to play Mario and COD alike.

  3. well i plan on getting the other two consoles anyway , seeing as though there are exclusives on all 3 home consoles that i want to play , xbox=fable , playstaion=infamous , and nintendo=the legend of zelda

    1. Well…it was nice knowing you Anonymous. Once you get the Xbox One NOBODY can talk to you anymore. We dont want to be spied on by your Xbox One. Honestly I am a Halo fan…mainly Bungie’s Halo games. But EVERY GAME on the Xbox One could be FREE and no more pay to play, I still wont get the Xbox One. Most of its features are terrible, and if you support Microsoft by buying their console then your supporting them and saying YES THIS IS THE WAY GAMING SHOULD BE. And that man…is just sad.

  4. Hahahaha! No, 90% of Nintendo fans aren’t even really that much interested in FIFA or Call of duty. I’m a nerd, I don’t play sports. Unless it’s Inazuma eleven or something. FIFA sells, sure but the people playing it wont give a flying rats what console it’s spinning on. Call of duty fanatics will always go to a more powerful platform such as PC or XBox/PS4. If The Wii U gets at least as many good games as the Wii I’ll be happy.

  5. “There are about 30 million Nintendo fans who will buy the console. Unfortunately 90% of them will be unhappy about missing out on 3rd parties such as FIFA or Call of Duty if the platform isn’t supported after the holidays. They will get a 2nd console as a result of that. In order for Nintendo to sell more than those 30 million fans they need 3rd party support. Otherwise stick a fork in them.” O MY GOD !!! how will i ever live with out my call of duty and sports :( ….. what he don’t realize is when Nintendo fans buy the new Nintendo sytem they care more about the first party stuff than the 3rd party stuff that’s why some devs don’t give them 3rd party because Nintendo fans would rather play Mario over COD

    1. Yeah I rather play another Mario Super Strikers. I hope they make another with available online. In fact bring out more Mario sports titles. Mario Baseball, Tennis, Super Strikers. All online. Also make a Mario Football too available online. Mario Kart doesn’t have to be the only one.

  6. Why would I care about third party if I’ll get a PS4 this winter. People always get Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, not for FIFA or COD. The only thing this third party issue does Is help Xbox fanboys have a argument against it.

    1. Every time there’s an article about Pachter, this song comes to mind! No one understands the words coming out of his mouth, and no one cares…lol!

  7. I must be of the 10% that doesn’t give a damn about FIFA and CoD then?
    Better to be of the minority than be one of those mindless sheep eh Pachter?

  8. That’s completely wrong. I’m pretty sure none of my friends who are fans of Nintendo care that much about FIFA or Call of Duty for that matter. I’m not sure if Nintendo has 30 million fans either. Nintendo I think has 10-15 million loyal fans at least (evidenced by Mario’s 12 million likes on their Facebook page).

    Probably 20 million if you count those who aren’t on Facebook (or forgot to like Mario page) and the ones who are fans of other series. I think 30 million is pushing it though, seeing that Nintendo only sold 22 million Gamecubes in the 6th generation of consoles. They did sell 100 million Wii systems though in the 7th generation, but a good chunk of those were ‘Wii fans’ and not true ‘Nintendo’ fans.

    Gamers are fickle though, so they will jump ship easily if they think they’re getting a better deal elsewhere. Maybe his figures are accurate for the potential Nintendo fans historically speaking, but just cause somebody was a Nintendo fan, doesn’t mean they are one right now. They maybe moved on to other things.

    1. Nintendo has more franchises than Mario you know…. You forget to mention those other people.

  9. It figures that he would use 2 pathetic games as examples. I can’t figure out why such garbage games like Call Of Duty gets so much praise? It’s just as pathetic as all other military games I’ve seen. What makes that piece of crap any better? I don’t get it? I would rather have a call of doody in the bathroom.

    1. He probably mentions those games because he thinks by naming them, he’s reaching a “hardcore audience of cool gamers” and therefore kissing ass to Sony, Micro, and EA, while shafting Nintendo as usual. Typical wannabe game analyst…in my opinion!

      1. Hey doubledareus I dare u 2 reply to my comment without saying a curse word in it. Too easy? You have to use less than 3 words in it? Still too easy? The total amount of syllables MUST BE 2 syllables. STILL too easy? The word can’t be 4 letters or more. STILL TOO FREEKN EASY?!?! I DON’T FREEKN CARE!!!! JUST SUCK FREEKN RATH OF THE DOUBLEDARE!!!!!

  10. my godddddd Patcher, din’t he say that the Wiiu is nothing compare with the PS4 and XONE?
    Right now i think that nobody isn’t care about what Patcher had to say, he is always wrong, cause COD Ghost is coming to the Wiiu!

  11. Maybe true, but Patcher also said that Playstation would follow Xbox 1and have the same policy on Internet and used games and price and the PS4 is $100 less, not always on Internet and allows used games. His favorite Xbox 1 is done, stick a fork in Xbox 1 because everyone will buy PS4.

    1. Yes but beleave me Sony was gonna do the same, but they play it smarter then Microsoft. The price is smart and no dmr is smart, but i think they gonna do the same if a lot peeps din’t complain. Patcher say to much, he is anti Nintendo, but i think Nintendo is gonna do fine. The E3 was not good, but Nintendo got the best and funny games, PS4 and Xbox one got fps fps fps and no inovation.

  12. A good portion of people buy the other consoles to go alongside their Nintendo console, best of both worlds, or vice versa

  13. fifa lololol xD seriously? this guy is really a cry. i actually do like cod and we are getting ghost so im ok.
    that patcher is just an old man talking to himself

  14. He has a point that the Wii U does need 3rd party support. That will help with the lack of games and also put games within time spaces that have no games coming out.

  15. “Pachter says that the majority of Wii U owners will be unhappy about missing out on FIFA and Call of Duty”

    No they won’t.

    Talk about games that are worth a damn.

  16. Where the hell did he get those numbers, and Call of Duty has already been confirmed for the Wii U. He just makes shit up for hits, and sites like this keep posting his garbage.

    1. Right….Nintendo has a ton of software coming up and has the cheapest console. This full is paid off by Microsoft. If you actually think a $500 Xbone is going to outsell the Wii U this fall……you’re crazy.

  17. fifa maybe. cod really don’t give a damn. once the console starts selling in the holidays, 3rd party devs will surely jump on board.

  18. After ea whent fully back on his statements and xbox one destined to fail is not about if but when lol.

  19. Good point, for once. Nintendo should just secure the big games and interesting new IP’s. But they finally, just maybe, have to do something about their relations, just maybe. Instead of waiting for third parties which will rarely come, Nintendo should go to them….

    1. Which they did but they rather continue making the same boring FPS western garbage they love so much to the machine with the most power…

      They do not care about making excellent games…

  20. If that was to be true Xbot ambassador Pachter, Black Ops 2 for Wii U would be the best selling game by a mile right now…

    Come back when you take out the fork stuck in your rectum first…

  21. The only games the Wii U has are the baby Mario games. The only ones that buy games on Nintendo consoles are the parents that are getting baby Mario games for their kids. He is spot on. When you read comments here like ” people always get Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games”, that proves it, that is why 3rd party developers don’t even bother with the Wii U. Even Ubisoft says it’s cutting it’s support for the Wii U. All Nintendo showed at E3 are remakes of the same old games everyone has played before, except for, the kids. Kids are the only ones excited with the Mario games.

    1. Same old shit from you people, how about you come up with something yourself? You must have no life to bitch and insult Nintendo fans.

  22. He’s right though, because if Nintendo continue releasing sod all for the console, then nobody will buy it. As well as that people who own the console will trade it in for a PS4/Xbox One.

    1. Nobody who owns a Nintendo system ever trades it in you baboon. Its like that statement from Reggie about used games and such. “Want people not to trade in game? Make better game.” Same thing with systems. Nobody I know would ever trade in a Nintendo system unless they had an extra. Keeping all our Nintendo systems from every gen is like an art gallery of the history of Nintendo. No Nintendo fan would get rid of his system that would be he isnt a Nintendo fan. People will trade in their PS3 for a PS4 or their Xbox 360 for…screw that no they wont.

  23. This time I have to agree with him.
    Not just for FIFA’s or CoD. Third Parties are necessary to gamers, if they decide not to develop for a certain console, that console will lack their games and those gamers will be really unhappy.

  24. It’s a travesty that there are actually some really intelligent and hardworking people out there that are unemployed right now, but this idiot still has a job.

  25. Stick a fork to my Wii U?? But there are so many people I’ve met, so many games are coming out why should I do that? Just because there would be no 3rd party support? For this 7 months period there was nothing but 3rd party games!

  26. Its kind of sad, but if Wii U ever got all of the 3rd-party support that Sony and Microsoft get, they’d in all likeliness crush the competition completely and utterly, knocking them off the playing board, a veritable monopoly Nintendo’s best selling exclusives outsell Sony’s and Microsofts best selling games easily. A single game in Wii’s top 5 outsells PS3’s best selling game for the console, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which is also 360’s second best selling game (only beaten by Kinect Adventures), with it’s sales combined across the three systems it’s available on. So, one top 5 game on the Wii outsells the top selling game for two systems combined plus it’s PC version.

    360’s best selling game Kinect Adventures’ sales combined with PS3’s top sold game loses against Wii’s top 4 best selling games which are all exclusive. If people were ever given all the 3rd party games Sony and Mircrosoft get on Nintendo’s consoles, they’d have almost no reason to buy a system from anyone else. 3rd Party games make up at least half of the top 20 best selling games on PS3 and 360. Add that in to the fact that PS3 and 360 almost net
    nothing but loss the majority of the last generation, they’d never be able to survive on just their exclusives. In contrast to the Nintendo who’s done almost just that the past 2 generations.

    Wii U is going to get a decent amount of support as it is anyway, with Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch_Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, among others deemed more casual like Skylanders: Swapforce.

    The only thing keeping Wii U from being an undeniable success are misconceptions, underwhelming advertisement, and system loyalty to Sony and Microsoft.

    1. exactly but the sonysoft fans act like they have superior consoles when all they have is tons of help

  27. Looks like someone’s trying to get the heat off of the Xbox One, or should I say…XDONE!!

  28. I will be buying my first COD game ever with the new release and I am sure Wii U owners will support it this time since there won’t be a battlefield game coming to the Wii U. After the E3 demos and games like X the Zelda talk I think it’s safe to say people are excited for the Wii U again. If I were Nintendo after the holidays Iwata needs to come out on a Nintendo direct and say and now the moment you all have been waiting for. Fade to blackness then fade up a metroid teaser of epic proportions, a breathtaking F Zero clip,, A epic starfox clip. Then he stops and says wait there’s mores more. We have new news from the creators of the last story show a teaser show us battalion wars and say While Nintendo doesn’t make games that endorse violence we understand that this is something fans want so we have listed the help of outside developers then show something mature.

    To be honest that’s all Nintendo needs to do to stay relevant.

    1. Agreed, that is ALL they need to do and the Wii U will be a success. You had my spine tingling when I read that. I really hope this happens!

  29. So you’re going to entirely ignore the truth (or accusations) about Microsoft bribing third party devs to not show games or possibly make games for other platforms? Really Pachter? F*ck you.

  30. Gee his most recent prediction about Xbox One launching at $399 was so spot on. Oh wait, it wasn’t.

    Well to be fair he was going way out on a limb there. I mean it could’ve been 199 or 299 (yeah right), 399, 499 or 599. He had realistically a one in three chance (maybe a 1in6 chance if you count by $50 increments) and this guru still muffed it.

    Why would he pick the lowest price that was at all likely possible? Because he wuvs Xbox and knows that would give them the only shot at not sputtering after all the stupid stuff they’ve done.

  31. Enjoy your xbox one patcher as it spys on u masterbate to ur feeds at night, while i play the wii u with bayonetta

  32. Sure, because people buy Nintendo consoles to play COD and FIFA, and wait, because those two games are pretty much the best in gameplay and story, yeah! that epic story in FIFA 12 that was an awesome sequel to FIFA 11 which didn’t have all those elements you already know.. because it’s obvious that you, Nintendo fans, bought FIFA in your wii.

    Also they exaggerate so much the Nintendo’s third party support “problem”, “if EA isn’t cooperating with Nintendo, Nintendo is doomed!! it has no party support!! you don’t even think about buying a wii u!! that console is shit and anyone will ever support it!!” P I E C E O F C R * P.

    1. Did someone say ninty won’t make battalion wars for wiiu? I loved that game. Why not? If ninty keep making great 1st party games, wiiu be fine. But i worry abit, i love ninty cos it was what i played as a kid. Most kids these days, own a ps or xbox, so in years to come, when perhaps many of nintys loyal fans stop buying consoles so readily, or buy the one their kids want, it won’t be a Nintendo console they buy. The young ens are shallow & want the fps & 3rd party stuff. When i was nipper, it was sega or ninty, now you got 3 & nearly all the new young gamers are guna want a ps4 or xbox. Hope they survive, not impressed if they really stop making great game like BW just bcos they want to appear all candyfloss & lollipops to the masses. I do want some serious games made by ninty, not just the cartoony stuff they do so well.

  33. ‘ 90% of them will be unhappy about missing out on 3rd parties such as FIFA ‘
    er what? He talks out of his ass

  34. People buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, and Sony/Microsoft consoles for everything else. It’s as simple as that.

    1. no it isnt i dont touch retarded consoles put games on wiiu LOL GAME ON A DUALSHOCK OR IN FRONT OF A CAMERA SHUT UP

  35. Hahah. Idiots like him having been saying “Nintendo is doomed” for years, and they keep having to eat their words. Nintendo thrives on its own innovation. Most people don’t buy their consoles to play 3rd party games.

  36. I ain’t unhappy I didn’t get those games… what I am unhappy about is how lazy Nintendo is with their games… bring them on already.
    Besides, Mr. Pachter has Sony and Microsoft fucking him in the ass daily without any lube or a condom!

  37. “unhappy about missing out on 3rd parties such as FIFA or Call of Duty”
    i dont give a shit about these two lol hahaha casual games

  38. WHAT? I dont play Sports games…never had never will. And COD? COD is not a game you can play. Its a virus that spread through out the 7th gen. Its corruption on a disc. You dont play it, you sit down and get brainwashed and do the generic, camp…camp…headshot…camp…grenade….camp. Seriously I DONT PLAY COD OR EA’s SPORTS SHIT. The ONLY 3rd party I want on Wii U is Destiny from Bungie…otherwise I will have to get a PS4…my first Sony product in my life I will have bought…uhg. And a Tales Of Symphonia 3 from Namco Bandai. Other then that, whatever Capcom gives Wii U will do. And I dont want GTA5 on Wii U for myself cause I hate the GTA series, but I do want it on Wii U so people will shut up about it already.

  39. So Pachter is saying to stick a fork in the Wii U if third party support doesn’t go up during the holidays?
    And yet some of its best, biggest system-selling titles are coming out in 2014, and don’t even have an exact release date quite yet?

    And then quoting bullshit numbers like 30 millions fans who will be disappointed in EA not being on the Wii U?

    For shame, Pachter. Trying to doom the Wii U, yet again, by denying it the chance to show off its best stuff before said stuff even gets released, and worse, for trying to link their chances of success to a ship full of fail like EA.

    Just shut up about Nintendo, Pachter. Stick to spreading your opinions over other companies. You don’t know jack shit about how to run a company like Nintendo better than Nintendo themselves.

  40. I have a Wii U since day 1. I got 12 games. never had so much fun with a Nintendo console since the NES. And since the Nintendo direct from E3… I’m waiting for 8 other games exclusive.

    and trust me… its not FIFA or COD.

    1. fifa pass to one player at a time control one player at a time LIKE A DOUCHBAG


    2. i been hoping that third parties support nintendo for years but now i think it would be unfair to sonysoft if nintendo had equal support

  41. Is there anyone out there who takes guys like this Pachter seriously? I mean, people who listens to his every word, and only makes purchases based on what he says? Because I feel sorry for anyone who does.

    Third-party games might be important for any console, but for myself, I buy Nintendo’s consoles for Nintendo’s first-party games. Not for third-party games. I buy them for the Mario’s, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Smash Bros., you get the point.





    i have a 9axis lag free gamepad why would i want a 6 sxis camera lagging pile of shite like dualshock 4

    pikmin 3 showing its next gen controls and precsion

    only idiot fanboys with no TECHNICAL BRINS LISTEN TO YOU YOU FUCK

  43. i eat because i need to eat NOT SERV THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY

    I WATCH TV TO PASS TIME WITH ENTERTAINMENT not serv the tv industry

    i wear cloths to keep my body covered and keep warm and protect my body and look good




  44. I couldn’t care less about FIFA, and regarding to CoD, I’d rather play it on my computer.

  45. The jan/feb mark is pretty much judgement day for the Wii U, I have to agree with him there, but I think 3rd party support will only start growing around that point.

  46. I actually slightly agree with him for once – Not on Nintendo being “done”, that’s nonsense but the Wii U is going to struggle. I love the WiI U but outside of Nintendo fans, there is nothing that makes us others go “sure I’ll get this!” – This isn’t the Wii, or the 3DS. the 3DS has no rival in the market, Vita doesn’t count, because Sony can’t do handheld – Nintendo has and always will dominate, also it has third party support and a lot more first party support and innovation. The Wii was new, fresh and had the Wii remote, it was easy to grasp and fun to use, people got it before they even played it, they knew it. The Wii U has the issue that it can’t do that, you don’t grasp how great it is until you use it… and so far, the first party games haven’t done much in the way of using that, except Nintendoland. Not to mention it has a lot tougher rivals than the 3DS had.

    Stil… it’ll probably do better than the Xbone.

  47. The problem is Pachter expects the World of Gaming to be like something out of Bewitched or the Jetsons, with all the systems to instantly procure 3rd Parties in order to be successful.

    And he keeps forgetting the Wii U has just come out and it hasn’t been one year, yet. If one recalls when the DS came out, they made the same detraction because, in all truth, nobody knew exactly how to use the system’s potential. But after awhile when Third Parties started taking notice its popularity, they started supporting the handheld.

    Same with the Wii U, the difficulty here is that most Third Parties are being swayed by the graphics capabilities of the PS4 and the Xbox One. But as we’ve witnessed, Microsoft’s completely dropped the ball with their ‘exclusive-based’ system, and we’re not really quite certain what Sony has planned with their system.

    Thus when the Third Parties discover Microsoft’s next-gen system won’t be selling as planned, they’ll eventually come round towards Nintendo. And demonstrating I’m not just a (grits fangs) Nintendo.. fanboy.. I feel Sony’ll probably be the only real competition for the Big ‘N .’

    But that’s just me.

  48. I don’t like Fifa nor COD… Im not gonna spend time playing a boring ass futbol game and shooting people in a repetitive manor

  49. I owned a Wii and an Xbox 360 and I never bought COD or Fifa. Actually come to think about it, didnt buy Madden at all last gen. The only sports game i care about is NBA 2K. Im actually watching the Spurs and Heat play right now on the TV and running a simulation of it on the gamepad. Spurs winning in real life and in the simulation lol

  50. This guy is so off it’s not even funny anymore. Okay first off, we are confirmed to be getting Call of Duty: Ghosts so he can settle his tits about that game. Does he really think that 90% of Nintendo fans care about that game though? Hell no! What we care about is Nintendo software first and foremost and third party games later. I agree that Nintendo shouldn’t miss out on big third party titles such as Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny but I don’t think the Wii U will die because of it. Although the games from Nintendo aren’t quite what I want them to be nor will they be released during the time I want them to be, they will undoubtedly be good games that will sell well.

  51. 90%!!! how did you get that number? Let me guess intuition. Well, I’m sorry to say, as a wii u owner, you are completely wrong my dear friend.

    Wii u owners love their systems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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