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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Takes Number 2 Spot In UK Chart

animal_crossing_new_leafThe cute as a button Animal Crossing: New Leaf has taken the number 2 spot in the all formats UK chart this week, but it was pipped to the post by that pesky game The Last Of Us. It was going to be a tough one to beat, but Animal Crossing held its own and debuted at the highest position for a Nintendo title this year. We wonder if the mayor had something to do with that? Let us know if you picked this title up over the weekend, and if you didn’t you should definitely check out our UK review.

In other 3DS news, the console has taken a little bit of a beating by software within the all formats chart, but with the staying power of Luigi’s Mansion 2, we’re keeping the Nintendo title just inside the top 10, where it sits at number 9 this week. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D slips down to number 15 this week though, but all in all the 3DS retains its solid ground within the UK Charts – make sure you check them out here.



    1. I was merely referring to The Last Of Us as ‘pesky’ or ‘troublesome’ because it pipped Animal Crossing: New Leaf to the top of the charts, and not because it doesn’t deserve to be at the top. Personally, I’ve seen parts of The Last Of Us and it is a stunning game.


    1. Right which on of you Americans is going to tell me that the UK aren’t real gamers now ? TLOU and ACNL 1 and 2 . Just as it should be.


      1. There is ALWAYS an American trolls telling me that UK gamers are the worst gamers going , fake gamers….

        I apologize , I didn’t mean to generalize all of the Americans :) , but there is always a few Trolls dissing the UK game industry.


      2. What do you mean
        I’m looking but I don’t see what your trying say ?

        Anyway , The UK is very similar to US in terms of game taste. With just a few small differences such as Madden vs Fifa….

        Sure the UK is full of ignorant Xbots who only play CoD or what ever , but there is also tons of pure gamers , the ones who collect the best games and what not just like in the US…

        The 3DS is doing extremely well in the UK right now for example. And its mostly Hardcore gamers buying games like Fire emblem , Luigi’s Mansion , Monster hunter , Animal crossing etc.


  1. I’ll be purchasing it in the next day or two.

    I was so so so tempted to get the download version so I always have it with me. Can’t justify the extra cost though. So many games to buy this year, need to save the pennies.


  2. I never liked animal crossing, but I tried this one since i figured that it would work better for me as a digital downliad. I am glad that I did. I got hooked BAD!


  3. You know it’s good if it is number 2 in the “UK!” I love Animal Crossing new Leaf sooooo much! I have been playing it non-stop since release. Can’t get enough! 💋


  4. Does the statistic include digital downloads? I believe lots of people (including myself) got Animal Crossing via eShop.


  5. The Last Of Us was not gonna be beat by Animal Crossing. It didn’t stand a chance. The Last Of Us was getting near perfect scores by everyone. And honestly after playing it the past few days, it’s definitely more deserving of the top spot that Animal Crossing, as much as I adore Animal Crossing. Just everything they did with it is perfection. The fact that it still made it to number 2 is fantastic news and really shows how well the 3DS is doing. If it HAD beat out The Last Of Us I would’ve been extremely surprised. But The Last Of Us is in no way a “pesky game”.


  6. The Last of Us a “pesky game”?
    I think you should stop hiring fanboys as editors. This is a nice blog, and even though its a Nintendo-focused one, I´ve never seen any fanboy orientated notes, until this one.
    I repeat, this is a good blog, dont ruin it with this kind of persons writing in it.
    The Last of Us is, easily, the best game of the year, and truly competes to be the best of the generation.
    Furthermore, both The Last of Us and Animal Crossing, arent even in the same gender, you cannot possibly compare them ;)


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