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A Hat In Time May Come To Wii U, Nintendo of America Interested

a hat in timeA Hat in Time – the 3D collect-a-thon platformer – has just 11 days to go on its Kickstarter campaign. And although the game’s developer Gears for Breakfast has already received a fruitful backing from its fans, they know a portion of Wii U owners are holding back their support until confirmation that A Hat in Time will reach Nintendo’s home console.

With just under $130,000 in their funding bank, the developers have almost reached the $150,000 mark which will secure additional content, items and new abilities for characters, as well as Banjo-Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope’s involvement on the project. Here’s what Gears for Breakfast said on the status of a Wii U version and Nintendo of America’s potential involvement:

“As the Kickstarter campaign is shortly coming to an end we feel that it is necessary to clarify the Wii U situation as we know some of you are waiting to hear confirmation before backing us. We have been contacted by several companies who have expressed an interest in helping us bring the game onto the Wii U platform. However we are still in early talks with them and therefore we cannot give you a definite answer as these negotiations take months to sort out. We would like to add that people from Nintendo of America have shown an interest in our game due to your massive support!

“Keep in mind that there are several hurdles we must overcome before the game can be put on the Wii U. Firstly we must obtain a license for the Unreal Engine, and it’s been known to cost $500,000 and up, then we must apply to Nintendo to get access to their development kits which are necessary to port the game over to the Wii U. This is why we are talking to publishers as hopefully they can give us access to their development kit as well as licenses in return for a share of the games income.

“We want to express that we really want the game to be on the Wii U or other additional platforms however it would not be fair to commit ourselves to this promise until further negotiations have taken place. In the meantime we are continuing to work hard on producing a game that you will all come to enjoy and love!”

39 thoughts on “A Hat In Time May Come To Wii U, Nintendo of America Interested”

        1. however not all of us British people throw profanities left,right and center over stuff that we may not get

          1. I think the British reference was in relation to ‘charming’. I might be wrong though, but being British that seems to be the gist of it.

      1. Yeah this guy must not know what good games look like. I’ll probably get this if it does come out for Wii U.

        1. if its anything like banjo kazooie or even dk64 im in. the only thing that bugs me is the lame stupid characters in it, in a 3d platformer i like the characters to be like in banjo, dk, crash, spyro, not baby and stupid looking humans.

  1. Smashing! Now tell me, what the heck is A Hat In Time? An Ocarina Of Time spinoff? Ok, that part was a joke. xD

    1. You haven’t heard? Go watch the favulous Kickstarter video! And once you are amazed by it’s charm and artstyle, DONATE ALL YOUR MONIEZ!!! 💋

          1. Yeah, Donkey Kong 64 was my favorite N64 game, and collecting was part of the fun for some others.. Even though the guy claim it had way too much collecting I think but I believe that didn’t really ruin the genre for a bunch of reasons.

            btw I wouldn’t say playing video games is a waste of life time if your having fun.. Not anything different than playing outside with friends.

  2. Wow! I am so glad to see an Indie game getting so much love! Hope A Hat in Time meets all of it’s goals!!! 💋

  3. Nintendo is showing much interest in small and irrelevant indie games and they give a shit about 3rd parties. LOL

      1. Well to be fair, Indie games tend to be more about “making games for the love of doing so” while big third parties do it for “moniez…” 💋

        1. Ness doesn’t understand what Nintendo looks for. Ness is used to the greedy companies. Nothing he says has any logic to it, so don’t waste your time with him, lol.

  4. I agree, we definitely need good indie games! Trine 2 is the only game I’ve spent money on so far. Of course that’s not to say the games offered currently aren’t worth a purchase.

  5. I really hope this game makes it to the Wii U. It’s trying to revive a really fun genre that seems to have ended, for the most part, with the N64.

  6. Oh please come to Wii U!!! I miss games like this from the N64 and PS1 era. We need more games like this. I really hope this works out.

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