A lucky journalist managed to get some hands-on time with the DLC for New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U. You can see from the above video that the game looks far more challenging than New Super Mario Bros U. Those pesky Star Coins look like they’re going to require some platforming magic to acquire. New Super Luigi U launches on the Wii U eShop Β on June 20th and will cost $19.99. The retail version will be released next month in Europe and August in North America.



  1. This lucky journalist doesn’t seem to have been playing a lot of super mario before though haha. But it I guess it does look a little tricky. Looking forward to this :)


    • You can buy the retail version without having to buy NSMBU! :D I have the Download bersion of NDMBU so I can get the DLC straight from the eshop! Yay! πŸ’‹


    • Oh gawwwd! We’ll all be posting about it on Mii Verse! Like “Help! World 9 is too hard!” and “How do I beat W-9?” lol! I can see it now :) πŸ’‹


  2. Looks awesome*** Don’t know how I feel about the time limit though…are the stages half in length or something? Not sure if I recall correctly but I think someone mentioned this being the case.


    • I think htey made it sooo much harder with this DLC. The levels are much, MUCH more difficult, but are also a tiny bit shorter. I am not sure if “by half.” All I know is that they are “slightly” shorter. πŸ’‹


  3. Luigi never gets it easy lol! I am playing Luigi’s Mansion right now, getting ready for New Super Luigi U action! Wooohooo!!! πŸ’‹


  4. I don’t like this luigi cash cow, but I’m bored, so I might get it, and it will pass by time, untill perfect pikmin 3 comes out :)


  5. does nsmbu disc need to be inserted in order to play super luigi u? yeah im getting this day one…looks challenging,still hate a time limit though


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