DuckTales Remastered Will Bring New Extreme Difficulty Mode

ducktales remasteredWayForward’s DuckTales Remastered is making changes to the game’s format, but it’s still one that fans of the original will love. In an interview with Kotaku, Matt Bozon – the creative director at WayForward – spoke about adding in a new extreme difficulty mode which requires you to beat DuckTales in one go, a new final stage that takes place at Mount Vesuvius, as well as expanding the shorter segments of the game by adding in 40% more content. He also mentions that the enemies are a little different and will bring much more to the new title. DuckTales Remastered will be available in the eShop later this year. Check out what Matt Bozon had to say below:

“Everything that was good about the original is still there. We used the original NES game as a template…about 60% follows the original perfectly, and then about 40% is new content. For the level design itself, it has to do with adding more of what was already there in the original NES game—some of the levels are a little short, you know? In a couple of spots, you might run into only one enemy type twice, and there’s really mean enemies, and there’s really mean puzzles there that we wanted to give the player more of that to experience.

“We didn’t create any new enemies, all the enemies are there, and a couple of them have a few lil’ tricks to them that they didn’t have before—like the skeleton duck leaves a skull behind and that becomes a puzzle mechanic you use…with some bosses, the bosses in the original game were really short, and you could beat them really quickly, and we sort of brought our WayForward flair to them and gave them more patterns, and a little more challenge, and really building on what their behaviors and patterns were in the original game.”


  1. I’m really hoping they decided to send it out to the 3DS eshop, not just the Wii U. I would gladly hand over some of my money for this on the 3DS.

    1. A kid game that is good enough to be remade 25 years after the initial release. How’s CoD ghosts or Gears 3 or FIFA (insert year here) faring? Nobody will remember those games in even 10 years’ time.

    1. Comments don’t dictate a game. Obviously not everyone’s choice but for the niche market that grew up with this game I’m personally excited for it.

  2. I’m extremely excited for this, I’m trying to play through the original on my R4 on NesDS, and I can get through The Amazon, Transylvania, and the Caves… but those darn Himalayas…

  3. I’m really looking Foward to this game I have the original and I’ve played it many times so its gonna be fun when I can get my hands on it !

  4. im pumped for this game looks fun as heck. i know my kids will be pumped for it too..hoping its 10$ no more..

  5. Oops, I misspelled in that last post. I mean to say,

    “I hope that Extreme Difficulty ISN’T paid DLC. If so, Capcom strikes again. lol”


  6. I would actually be interested in getting this game if it was a physical retail copy. But because of being digital, I’ll NEVER own it.

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