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Pikmin 3 Only £31.49 At Amazon UK

pikmin 3 characters

Amazon UK will be selling the long-awaited Pikmin 3 for £31.49 when it goes on sale on July 26th in the United Kingdom. Wii U games generally retail for around £39.99, so it looks as though Amazon is doing a special deal on Pikmin 3. If you are looking to get the game then it’s well worth putting down your pre-order to guarantee a copy at release for that price point.

Thanks, Chris

35 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Only £31.49 At Amazon UK”

  1. You lucky ducks you! ;) I would like Amazon to do the same over here in the States, please! To maybe compensate for our… “wait” for the game.. 💋

    1. I’d be interested in buying GW at that price. And Pikmin 3 is an awesome price.

      Cannot wait for Pikmin 3 , SO HYPED!!!!!(I loved the first 2 on gamecube yes…)

    1. May be the pre order numbers are low for the two mentioned games, pikmin 3 and game ad wario, hardly surprising they are not main stream enough, although i wouldn’t mind pikmin, i would much more have preferred nintendo put that development time into making a new star fox or 3d donkey kong, or even a 2d metroid game with art to the standards of trine 2, that is some thing which baffles me, rayman is the only 2d plat-former which has awesome art like trine 2, why couldn’t nintendo do the same with donkey kong country and new super mario bros? although i will admit donkey kong country returns had great art, but still not as good as trine 2, or rayman origins or rayman legends.

      Either way i wish nintendo would get their ass in gear and give us early wii u adopters something worth wile to play, instead of rehashes and cash cows! may be even as a sorry for the delays, and lack of 3rd party software and first party software how about give all us early adopters a ambassadors program like with the 3ds? i wouldn’t mind the new super luigi u dlc as free!!

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