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Nintendo 3DS System Update Available Now


Nintendo has released another system update for the Nintendo 3DS. The update – version 6.0.0-11U – adds a save data backup feature, which allows users to back up save data for downloadable versions of Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games. Furthermore, the update improves system stability and usability. In Europe, the update also brings the following features:

  • Two kinds of games in a “bigger” Mii Plaza – ones you’ve already, plus ones to purchase!
  • We’ve now got a Shop, and Exchange Booth, a Check for Updates button and a new Play icon, along with a new second screen menu.
  • New games – Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle, Streetpass Mansion.
  • New game selection section.
  • Games are bought with real money, as in eShop purchases.
  • Streetpass Squad is like Streetpass Quest. Takes place in space. Battle the Gold Bone Gang. Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Garden. You move in to a house in Leafington and try to become a Master Gardener, under the tutelage of Mr Mendel. Grow flowers and decorate your garden. Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Battle. Game of strategy and luck. Rule a remote country in a wartorn land. Your butler, Wentworth, helps you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Ultimate goal to conquer the world! Costs £4.49.
  • Streetpass Mansion. Spooky paranormal investigation. You’re a detective trying to solve the mystery of a haunted house, helped by your assistant Ella Mentree. You work to uncover truth with the help of people you meet inside. Battle enemies to reach the top floor. Costs £4.49.
  • Combo pack is only available for your first purchase and costs £13.49 (saving of £4.47). Deal only available if you buy all four at first. If you buy one on its own, the rest cost full price.
  • Exchange booth is locked. Clicking on it doesn’t do anything yet. You’ll need to earn tickets (see below) to use it.
  • No Xenoblade puzzle for me, but I did get a Skyward Sword one.
  • Playing games wins you hats and plaza tickets for achieving certain goals. Exchange these for new Mii accessories. Not available in the StreetPass Quest/Quest II or Puzzle Swap.
  • Get a Pixel Mario hat to commemorate :-)


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      1. Nah, Fleaman hit the nail on the head. Overmoderated, 100 character limit (even for personal messages), black the only color to draw with… I hate the Miiverse. Just another gimmicky feature on that SCAM known as the Wii U.


      2. You and Nintendo are like Batman and Joker. Nintendo completes you. Otherwise you wouldn’t bash them so much.


      3. I agree on the 100 character limit, annoys the fuck out of me sometimes. But the moderation isn’t that bad. I actually like having a place that’s basically troll free and everyone is nice. It’s a refreshing change from the rest of the Internet.


      4. I see people say “crap” all the time, and I say “shit” occasionally as well. It doesn’t get me in trouble unless I get into a argument with somebody and they report me.


    1. 1. Turn 3DS on
      2. Close the system at the home menu to put in sleep mode
      3. Put 3DS in blender
      4. Activate blender
      You will get a lot of steps very fast this way, which means lots of play coins


      1. Or you can take it with you in your pocket, less harm to the system. Or like some people, just close it and shake it, same effect.


  1. Satoru Iwata: Please understand, we supposedly have 10 billion US dollars in the bank but we will still charge you for pitiful StreetPass apps.


    1. They’re completely optional. You don’t have to buy them.

      And keep in mind, as a business, Nintendo’s goal is to make a profit. While I do agree with you and Nintendo should be tipping some third parties with that money or buying their studios, Nintendo still has to keep making a profit in mind.


    1. Huh, It says it’s up to date.

      OH. In the confusion of tonight’s earlier update (Which I had a lot of trouble downloading, for some reason) I’ve already updated to V.6.0.0-12E.

      Damnit. All this trouble for nothing.


    1. There will actually be an streetpass update this fall that will revamp the whole streetpass function. This is gonna make streetpassing much easier for people in europe and america because it will use wifi.


  2. Meh, I still think, Miiverse, is a terrible, useless application. The Wii U has a measly 2GB of DDR3 RAM and Nintendo used almost a quarter of it on the Miiverse. Come on..


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  4. hey everyone my 3ds is from UK but im living in america now so got the update and all but when I try load the games via the shop it just freezes is this because NA doesn’t have the update yet or an issue with the software? Been waiting for more games in the plaza so I’m totally excited to play them.


  5. 4.45 euro just for a minigame/app? wtf…. K, I’m not poor, but 4.45 euro for a streetpass game is just bullshit. AND I KNOW, I DON’t have t buy it. Butt STILL…


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