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Nintendo 3DS System Update Coming Today?


According to Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers, a Nintendo 3DS System Update will go live later today. Rogers says to Nintendo 3DS users that they should check their systems at 5 p.m. PDT. There’s currently no explanation for what the update will bring, but Rogers says it is aimed at Nintendo 3DS users in Europe and Japan, and that users in North America will have to wait a bit longer to receive the rumored update’s new features.



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  1. Huh, interesting. That’s soon enough. Doubt it’ll do anything significant if it actually does come, but you never know


  2. The update is great. You should receive a blinking blue light on your system and it will tell you to update Mii Plaza. You can now purchase 4 new games using your eShop account. Each priced at €4.99 each or it offers you a bundle pack at €14.99 if you buy them first time round together. My 3DS has been freezing and restarting when I go to purchase the games for some reason. Don’t know why. If this happens anyone, let me know below!!!


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