Walk Free, a human rights organisation, wants to make sure that Nintendo doesn’t use slave-mined minerals when creating its products. These specific minerals arrive on the market from troubled regions such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Walk Free has created the above video and also a flash-based game to draw attention to this issue.

“While this parody allows gamers to demand that Nintendo articulate credible steps to ensure slavery is not in its supply chain, slavery is not a game.”

“We’re not mocking the problem, we’re poking fun at the absurdity of Nintendo’s lack of response. Nintendo – as the world’s largest maker of video game machines – should be leading other consumer electronics companies in showing the public that they are working to have a supply chain free of slavery. Instead, they are lagging behind.”

–  Walk Free’s movement director Debra Rosen.



    • they have yes.. but not enough.. last year they were still lagging far far behind as they’re disclosed no information and have shown no cooperation in the issue

      since then they have at least reacted but it’s still a long way to go.. we’ll see how they fare in this years ranking

      and i really want nintendo to take that route

      so what if i have to pay a couple € more for their products


    • I know right WTF does this have to do with Slavery? Nintendo doesn’t know where their materials come from as we don’t know what our school lunch meat really is? Plus Nintendo themselves don’t manufacture their products, people in China do.


      • prisoners or slaves whats the difference… prisoners do works for nearly nothing, just as these slaves are prisioners, they do work for room and board and sleep in cages.. i dont see a problem here.


        • Prisoners usually commit a crime to get locked up, slaves usually are just taken against there will, if you don’t see a difference then you’re a fucking idiot.


      • No. Nintendo’s stuff is made in Japan. Japan and China don’t have a great relationship. And Nintendo actually probably does know where their materials are coming from. They’re a VERY large company. Companies know these things.

        But these guys are taking a page from PETA’s book and are trying to get attention. Losers.


            • Nintendo has used Foxconn to make all their machines since at least the Gamecube. Also…’companies know these things’ is a woolly argument. They probably do know where Foxconn gets their materials from, companies as large as Nintendo tend to audit suppliers annually and yet they continue to use them as they are the only manufacturer large enough to make goods at the prices consumers demand them at


          • I’m sure Wii isn’t the only thing in our homes that is made in China! People just like to point fingers! Seriously…check around your home and you will find at least 10 items that were made in China!


      • or maybe we should be good bad boys and follow what the bible says. the bible tells me that slavery should always have existed, and that it is ok to make slaves of people, so i would like to make you my slave too. praise the bible and its perfection in guidance!


        • why are talking about the bible?. the bible (especially old testament) has some of the most disturbing and misguided laws in the first place. Don’t let cattle graze with other kinds of Cattle (Leviticus 19:19)
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          Kill anyone with a different religion. (Deuteronomy 17:2-7)

          Leviticus 20:9 says that if a child curses his mother or father he is to be put to death.
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          • Spam. I don’t have the time to read all of that and Internet “debates”/”arguments”/”brawls” never work out and are pointless. But good job at taking verses out of context, both historically and in the context of the writing.


        • Not only is this spam and irrelevant, it’s inaccurate, inappropriate, and offensive to some. Please give a quote before you say something like that. Thanks.


  1. I completely agree that slavery should not be a thing but this is fucking ridiculous. Just shut the fuck up and play the games.


  2. again? first it was that they were buying materials for a chinese company who used slaves, now this. instead of going after nintendo, why don’t you go after those specific companies who make use of slavery?


  3. This was pretty funny. I think Nintendo already confirmed that they don’t use those slave-mined materials. For the Wii U at least from what I have read about this issue.


  4. So, then are we to believe that Sony, Microsoft, and all other companies that manufacture computer components are NOT using these same products? Why is this directed only at Nintendo? If you want to attack the companies using these products then attack the Component manufacturers, they are the ones purchasing these items from the “slave camps” and then using them in the other products that they manufacture! Nintendo has already commented on this and their stance on child labor. Their stance is against this type of behavior and they seek quick rectification for all of these issues, as was the case with the gamepad manufacturer that was using child labor… the same place that apple was getting some of it’s products manufactured. This is pathetic, can’t these people find something better to do with their time?


    • This is all a ploy from most likely MS and maybe someone else to try and discredit Nintendo, to get them off their game. Fuck, now if I shit a different color, I should blame Nintendo 4 it lmao! Dumb asses.


      • I love the Fans on here, I mean where else can you run into a Nintendo Commander, General etc all operating like a well oiled machine lol! The thing is it seems to me My Nintendo News is creating more trolls than fans with all this backward news every day lol. I think you guys should use better judgement b4 posting nonsense like this, unless youre only trying to get hits… then Id say- whatever lol…


  5. Oh for fucks sake….

    Wasn’t this already over, because Nintendo gets it’s supplies from a 3rd party, not the source?
    Go launch a campaign at those guys, oh wait, they already follow and do checks on their stock, SO STOP COMPLAINING


  6. I thought this video was meant to draw attention to an ‘issue’? Didn’t do anything for me, was quite entertaining and cringey really.


  7. I wish organizations, with good intentions, wouldn’t make stupid videos like this, they lose all credibility, at least to me. I won’t take these people seriously even if the cause they’re fighting for is a good one.


  8. Oh so they do not have proof that Nintendo is engaging with companies that use slavery, they just want to force Nintendo to endorse their mission. What a bunch of a-holes


  9. Slavery is an issue and everything and I’d like to think Nintendo don’t used slave-mined materials, but regardless, the video was really funny.


  10. The 3DS is a nintendo console. The 3DS is selling millions in hardware and software combined. The Wii U is selling in all regions, unlike the 360 that mostly until now dominated the US. Meaning nintendo is really not hurting. Come August nintendo shall be swimming in more money. Need I explain and point out that Donkey Kong 3D 3DS is on top :). A Donkey Kong Wii U is coming too :).


    • You post this on an article about human rights issues? Are you really that pathetic? You should work for Microsoft, you’d fit in well.


  11. Paid for by the creators of a certain Betamax VCR cablebox looking contraption. Nintendo getting more free press, it worked well on may 21 or was it 22ndish?


    • Oh because Microsoft is limiting their supply of the Xbox One on purpose to make it seem like it is selling like crazy… like we haven’t seen that one before. Every company does it. Nintendo even does it. <Do they need to though?-no, of course not. Microsoft does need to on the other hand. Cause the Xbox One is going to suck and Microsoft can sense that. :D 💋


      • When did Nintendo do it? Not arguing, just a genuine question. If you’re talking about the Wii, I do think there were actual shortages, but it’s not like I know for sure.


  12. I don’t get what’s happening here, lol. If anything, I like how they just aim at Nintendo and not at any of the other companies.


  13. I can only hope that my various beliefs and projects never stoop so far below substance that they require the demonizing of an almost universally beloved company, just to get attention…

    This isnt an issue for nintendo to solve anymore than its an issue for microsoft, sony, apple, samsung, magnavox, vizio and ouya to solve.

    This group is effectively commanding that everyone that manufactures anything be required to review, and then endorse, the politics behind every piece of raw material that goes into their machine and, while thats great in a kindergarten, glitter sticker, sort of way, it’s a ridiculous mentality to have in a global marketplace full of different economies and social systems.

    If slavery is an issue, you fight the governments that enable it. Not nintendo. Beyond that, if this ‘slavery’ is the best way these people can feed their families in the region, you deal with it or you offer those people a better solution.

    I will never understand why the people that claim they have the keys to a better world are so passionate and eager for EVERYONE ELSE to do their work for them… Outside of, you know, the supidz.


  14. I seriously don’t fucking care where the minerals come from, I just want the damn games, and I’m pretty sure nobody will care enough to boycott Nintendo products, and this one survey/petition won’t do a damn thing, they never do when they demand something of this calibur. This is beyond stupid.


  15. ….really? Let’s bitch at a company that has brought nothing but joy to the world and petend we are helping slaves.. Are you fucking kidding me??


  16. It’s because the slaves are black.. They could care less about the poor little asians practically enslaved in sweatshop labor by their own people.


  17. Look, I’m against slavery as much as the next guy, but if your organisation are taking the PETA route, then you won’t get my support.


  18. High Command is taking steps to ensure our Empire is safe from these Kinectimals…

    I’ve also sent my Nintendo Ninjas to make sure nothing happens beyond this pathetic protest…

    The Xbots shall know that we bow to no one!


  19. I don’t care where the minerals come from as long as they are cheap, if the people wherever don’t want to work in a mine then don’t do it.


  20. My question is, why are we always hearing about them targeting Nintendo, why aren’t they targeting other companies. I’m sure that Nintendo isn’t the only company using slave mined minerals (if they are).


  21. What the fuck are they babbling about? Slavery. And Nintnendo? Think you mean EA. You seen that video on YouTube called EA in a nutshell? EA employee says can I go to the bathroom I have been working forever. EA CEO says Never and smacks him with a bat lol.


    • exactly.. other companies are giving detailed reports and insight on where they’re getting their products from.. why doesn’t nintendo? i’m sure they can stomach it


    • Nobody is saying that, but after investigating the issue I think this woman’s association is really just basing their numbers on their parameters and information, they’re not going beyond the basic requirements to instigate this drama, they’re basically saying “They don’t answer, they get 0%”, so there’s no real research, it’s like expecting your neighbors to come and tell you they’re not pedophiles and if they don’t then you immediately assume they are, it’s both omission on the fact that the person interested isn’t really caring to investigate and the person being questioned doesn’t give one damn.

      Now, as much likely as a circumstance is, you cannot take this kind of stance, much less attack someone directly, without the proper confirmation.

      What if there were twenty women, and one, say Jill, had an abortion and that’s all the info given on the issue, then comes a religious asshole to publicly condemn her to hell, as it is revealed her abortion was the result of a car crash.

      Do you see the context? We need both sides of the story before brandishing the pitchforks.

      And no, I am not condoning Nintendo, I just care to know the truth before calling in the slavery card, that is pure sensationalism, one needs to be impartial and resourceful, not just read a rather pretentious and entitled article and throw it in the TRUTH bin.


      • I was being sarcastic, professor dumb ass. Thanks for the book, though. I cared what you had to say. There was no need to try and look smart by replying to a sarcastic asshole that doesn’t care at all. Reply to someone who cares, you want to be genius.


  22. With more on the shitstorm, apparently Mrs. Debra Rosen herself admits that Nintendo does have public policies in regards to this issue, her main problem being that the company does not make a public circus out of it, that the company isn’t exactly dying to rub in the nose of her organization and the rest of the planet how environmentally friendly they are.
    So what she really wants is simply to be safely thrown into a pink marshmallow world instead of actually doing something to achieve it, she doesn’t want to investigate for herself whether or not these acts she claims Nintendo commits are true, but rather is pissed that her dosage of First World “Reality” isn’t being served to her in a silver platter, as the only thing Sony and Microsoft seem to have over Nintendo, in her own words, is that they publicly state policies on how they deal with providers that are caught using conflict minerals.
    She doesn’t want to actually do something for Congo or it’s people, otherwise she would be over there doing actual work like many activists do, no, she just wants to sleep with a pretend-clean conscience, flossing away the true issues with Congo and blaming them on a company not being hypocritical enough.


  23. I dont get it, didnt Nintendo already told them they will check from where they get the minerals when they told Nintendo they will make a protest at the Wii U event in September?


  24. Omg, who gives a shit if you are gay or not?? Just let people be…. Homos don’t bother me and im fine with that, let them do whatever they want


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