Nintendo Of America Expresses Interest In Armikrog


Armikrog, Pencil Test Studios brand new adventure game which is made of clay, could well be coming to Wii U. The development team announced via Kickstarter that Nintendo of America contacted them shortly after E3 and expressed interest in Armikrog. The game is currently scheduled to be released on PC, OSX and Linux, and has raised $604,636. Armikrog is from Doug TenNapel and the creators of The Neverhood and has six days left for funding.

Thanks, Niels de Rijk


    1. YES! They raised enough to have Grant create a track for the game! That’s awesome. I think out of all of the games announced this year through 2014, I’m most excited for A Hat in Time. Gonna have to back it before time is up.


  1. Looks… unique for sure. Not sure how many people would be interested in a point-and-click adventure game. Then again, what the heck do I know?


    1. The fans of the genre?

      The people who played adventure games in the past and want to play a new one for nostalgic purposes?


  2. It would be awesome if they said yes to Nintendo’s offer and if they didn’t make their budget Nintendo would publish it :3

    PS4/XBox = CGI Graphics
    Wii U = CGI and Stop Motion Graphics :3


  3. The concept is really fun, but haven’t seen any gameplay. The page says it’s a point and click though seeing it in action would prove to be more promising in my opinion. If Nintendo is expressing interest then perhaps they will help fund the rest of the project. The problem however is a lack of mention on the page to develop the game on the Wii U in addition to their current pledge goals.


  4. Nintendo’s reaching out to get as much support as possible. If Wii U gets quirky and fun titles but not GTA 5 or Killer Instinct: Free 2 Play, I can’t call it a failure. Get this on the U!


    1. Has a gamer that played both the snes and arcade killer instinct I can safely say that’s not the killer instinct we deserve :'(


  5. The thing about gameplay, is we know it’s going to be like the popular parts of Neverhood in play style. People who didn’t get to play Neverhood can go check out playthrough videos. When I say popular parts, I mean there was a boring sliding tiles puzzle which is not going to be included this time around

    “A low quality puzzle would be like The Neverhood, the sliding… Y’know… The sliding tile puzzles. It was pretty dumb, or the concentration game puzzles. There won’t be any of that in this. I’m not gonna put dumb puzzles in there.”


  6. The Neverhood released in the mid 90s. Creative genius of a game with mixed in visuals. 2013 and Activision is still pumping out monotonous one track mind logic COD. Am I missing something grand here. What happened to creativity? Beautiful games spanning genres. Not the same nonsensical FPS and shooters shooters shooters. Also don’t forget movie games.


    1. Exactly…I’m enjoyinf Toki Tori and Bit Trip Runner for the experience sake. They feel different, as ZombiU was, and that’s what i search in games. I’m happy with Nintendo but i’m seeing too many platformers coming


    2. Indeed, these mindless aberrations have been severely brainwashed by the same Xbot Hollywood/Capitalists that already have enslaved countless of fools with the mindless movies that have come out since the 11/9 thing…

      Nintendo must strive to be a beacon of creativity and joy before anything else as it is vital for future gamers…


  7. what about MY game shadow of the eternals!!!!! fucking assholes dont you want to fund a good game!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT FATAL FRAME FOUR!!!!!!!! AT LEAST MAKE AN ETERNAL DARKNESS 2!!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    this is bullshit nintedo and more of you noa. FUCK YOU, this is the end insanity prevails!!!!!!


      1. nintendo funding it not you or make a sequel. hat in time looks good but the characters seem lame, that the only thing that seems lame.


  8. Honestly, I’d be happier if Nintendo expressed more interest in A Hat in Time. Maybe if I saw what the actual game looked like, I would be interested. It looks like they haven’t even started developing the actual game until after they put the project on Kickstarter. Also they’re asking for way too much money for a point and click adventure game. It definitely won’t be funded unless someone backs it with more than $200,000.


  9. I want this on the u… Nintendo, make this happen. I’m a huge fan of Doug’s work. I spent countless hours of my childhood playing earthworm Jim..


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