Conker’s Bad Fur Day Creator To Bring Rusty Pup To Wii U eShop

rusty pupConker’s Bad Fur Day creator Chris Seavor has a title in the works for the Wii U and 3DS eShop, and it’s got little hints of Lemmings in there. Loosely described as a 2D platformer with additional dark elements to create a unique depth, Gory Detail’s The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup is quite serious and mature in story, but is still fun and enjoyable to play.

Speaking in an interview with Nintendo Life about Rusty Pup, Chris Seavor and ex-Rare developer Shawn Pile are looking to debut the title on the eShop at some point next year. And despite the game being a little on the darker side, Seavor says it won’t involve anything gory or any swearing, but it does involve those “hints” of Lemmings.

“It’s all very much about the story, it’s a very sad tale. It’s not dark as in ‘mature’ — it’s not got swearing in it, or anything like that. It’s quite a serious and adult story, but still a fun and hopefully playable game with lots going on. There will be moments of dark humour, but nothing gory.

“It’s a 2D platformer, but with depth to it. You physically move in and out of the screen. It’s also got hints of Lemmings in there. The game has a core gameplay mechanic — and when I say mechanic I mean something you do which will effect something else in the gameworld — which we can’t say because it will give so much away!”



  1. conkers bad fur day was one of my least favourite Rare games, the game play, and controls were seriously messed up, the only good thing about it was all the funny cut senes, I don’t have high hopes for this one…


      1. type it. ill read it. ive havnt had the easiest, my least worst of many fucking piled on problems was my dad being an fucking asshole alcoholic. so yeah ill read it.


      2. well ok then, I know everyone has their own problems, so I’m not trying to sound special. And I bet my life has been much better, then alot of other peoples.

        sorry to hear about your father, I don’t know what that must have been like, but I’m glad that you feel, you can talk about it.

        My father is different, he is a workaholic, seriously, he has worked non stop for 40-50 years, no days off, no holidays, he doesn’t know how to stop, or when to stop, and he is 70 years old next year.

        I will type some more up tomorrow, see you later :)


      3. hey, I’m back ^_^

        where do I start with this…

        well, a little bit about my mum first, she was born 1960, and is currently 53. when she was little, she was always bright and cheerful, most people called her a chatterbox, and she is highly feminine in nealy all ways. She was always futuristic, and had great future vision, she predicted future events as far forward as the year 2021. She currently hates her life, and wishes she lived in either the year 1910, or 2021. She has a habit for getting into mischief, and she commonly does, and says things that annoy everyone. The word irritating comes to mind.

        Despite everything that this wonderful lady is, her mother almost completely ruined her. Unfortunately, her mother was very much a bully, and it was not really that uncommon in that day and age. The most positive things I have heard about her mother, is that she always put a good meal on the table, and she would never kick her children out of the family home.

        She became a wife, and a mother at the age of 23, she regrets this, and wishes she had children at the age of 30.

        That’s my mums full back story, now I’d better write something about me.

        Well, my names Adam, I’m 29, going on 30 very soon this year, I love pokemon more then anything. I have a twin brother, he is moody, but also cool too.

        well, my gloomy story started the day I was born, I had one collapsed lung, and barely made it though, my brother had two collapsed lungs, and was declared dead twice, but he is a living miracle, and he has baffled doctors by surviving. The thing is, we were born 2 months too early, and if it were not for modern hospitals, and good doctors, we certainly would not have made it.

        I wish I could say more about my baby years, but all I know is that both my grandmas did not want to know me, one of them even wished for my non existence. My first word was (don’t laugh) “pretty”. I have no memory of my life between the ages of 1 to 6. It’s pretty sad, but true.

        More story coming tommorow :)


      4. nice story and it really sucks about your birth and your very young years, its a cool story how you guys survived that. well here is one of my problems, well i have severe eczema and spend 1000 dollars a year for lotions and oils shit like that. no fucking insurance. thats been tough…. been put in the hospital twice for it, could have died from staff infection, but ive been in the mayo clinic both times and thats how i know how to take care of it so well, i is use what they used on me to get me better.
        every summer on the floor scratching under a blanket all day, cant even bend my legs straight because there so cracked and hurt. so itchy, wake up every morning hurting really bad, open sores, skin all over my bed. sometimes i would wake up with blood all over my bed. just watching everybody else have a good time, enjoying there summer, while im sitting on the couch trying to cover the air from hitting me, not trying to move a muscle because it just hurts to bad.

        it hurts so bad because everyday no matter what i have to bath, soup up, so i dont get an staff infection and so it heal up.

        well even if its gotten better, and i actually can go places in the summer without being in total pain and misery, my mental status has gone way down from shit. hope you come back its very interesting.


      5. I am sending you a big cyber hug (^o^)

        That really sucks, but I think you are an awesome person getting by the way you do. And you are by far the strongest person that I know :)

        I’m glad you are enjoying reading my story, even though there is a shade of sadness to it, it’s not meant to be depressing, so I’m glad it has not been taken that way ^_^

        In my days as a young child, I was way behind all my class mates in school, while they were acting like normal 7-8 year olds, I was more like a 4-5 year old, I even had to take my teddy bear to school for comfort reasons. I spent all my years in junior school, just trying to learn how to spell, read, and write. I made one friend, which I am still friends with today.

        In secondry school or high school, what ever it’s called. I did alot better, I made friends with all my class mates. And I was more aware of my daily life, and surroundings. Unfortunately out of all these new friends that I made, only two of them remain friends with me today.

        I know my school years don’t really sound all that bad, but I feel that I missed out on at least 8 years of normal school life, due to the very slow increase in my mental growth. I didn’t feel like a typical 16 year old untill I was 24.

        When I left school, I was forced by my parents to join a college where they tought agriculture for 2 years, I didn’t make any friends, and I obviously didn’t fit in well. Most people became enemies against me, and they just couldn’t understand me, and wonder’d why I was different to them.

        One thing I havn’t said much about is my home life, and parents. Between them they have put many pitfalls in my life. And even today, they continue to add pitfalls, and drawbacks to my life. And I will write more about these issues soon.

        hopefully, I will be back tomorrow, see you later! ^.^


      6. geeze…… that mental growth and school stuff sounds like it sucked. really…… well i had some school stuff too, like ive falling behind and shit. i should have graduated and im wondering if i can make it through. shit like this held me back in school and since ive been moved to an different like school a few miles away from mine, they say you only can miss 3 says per quarter….. where ive missed at least half of the school year. treat you like your a bad kid or just have attitude problems. while im just their because they dont give homework and trying to catch up on credits. so i told off the principle and basically gave her the middle finger and walked out…… everybody hates her and now i know why.

        while that stuff isnt a huge problem in my life….. it is because school is very important and i know that.


      7. Hey, I’m glad you take school so seriously :) I’m from the UK, I’m not sure how the school/work system operates in your country, but if you fail in school over here, nobody cares, and you can still find good work, as long as you are fairly bright! ^_^

        I guess I’d better write up more of my gloomy story…

        Going back to the beggining… The place where I have always lived is a retirement village. Everybody is anti-social, there has never been anyone my age that lives here. This village is in the middle of nowhere, I live about 15 miles from town, and there is only about 40 people that live here. So I have spent my whole life trapped here, and it’s like a prison.

        My parents are very controling, they won’t allow me to do anything, I’m not allowed to go outside, I’m not allowed to go anywhere after 5.30pm. I’m not allowed to have friends at the house. I’m not allowed to have fun. I not allowed to have a mobile phone, or a PC. I’m not allowed to go out and see my friends, I’m not allowed to have a girl friend, I’m not allowed to date any girls, not allowed to do any other kind of work, except work for them.

        What they do allow me to do, is sit in my room year after year, do all the things that they do, eat what I like, watch an endless amount of tv, I can only use the internet if I pay for it, but I can only use something like the Wii U pad for internet access.

        The best thing that has come from them is, my father helped me save up my own money to buy a car, and my mum doesn’t mind me going out in it, but they don’t like me being out too late. I have been told they worry and care about me, like hell they do :/

        See you tomorrow! ^.^


      8. that sounds horrible…. really dont know why your parents would do that to you. they are holding you back. unless their is a reason they do that, i say get the fuck out of there. you have a car. seriously im only going on 19 and i want to get out of where i live and just leave and i dont have a home like yours.

        well here is some more of my shit….. well when i was 13 i couldnt see good. my glasses wernt working anymore. we kept on going back for a new prescription but non of the tests improved anything. we finally went to a test with a dr. after doing tests i figure out at 13 i have cataracts. the percentage of somebody to have that in that age is under 1% she told me. babies are more common to get it and is super common among old people but in that age its very very rare.

        that point i was just pissed and felt like i keep getting shit on. are you kidding me. am i even able to see good again. well thats the only good news about it, its the number one safe surgery and is an easy fix. so went to mayo got them fixed and can see fine now…. glasses fixes when vision gets bad again but worry since my age to have that is so rare and growing and stuff somehow will mess it up. they say it will be fine though and had like one other person like me.

        yeah some shit…… crap keeps dropping on me, more and more. why it pisses me off and now every little thing seems to be a bigger problem for me. at least i have what i love to do. oh wait more problems come to stop that one huge escape and hobby i had.
        the next one doesnt sound all that bad but it was for me and a 2 year problem maximum is now a 4 year problem, which is supposed to be rare. another shitty fucking problem, ill talk about that later. sounding negative sorry hahahah, it just puts me in that mood.


      9. Hey :) you have so much crazy bad luck! I’m glad you still have your eye sight, I just can’t hug you enough! hu(^o^)gs

        yeah, about my parents, they run my life like a fippin’ circus. I’m the clown that follows the act. Unfortunately, I’m too stupid to do anything about it. I don’t know anything.

        I believe that my parents just want to protect me from as much as they possibly can, which I am slightly thankful for. But they continue to think I’m still a child, and in reality I’m a miserable, tired, grouchy old man :(

        fuck them both, they are both practically dead anyway. My mum is on serious life saving medication, her heart and mind are both fucked up so much, she can’t do nothing anymore, she only eats more and more shit, and that fucks up her heart even more. my father is running out of steam, he is thinking of retiring, and that would finish him if he did, he doesn’t know how to do anything else. They don’t have another year left in them…

        more tomorrow, that’s enough about my shit head parents… at least for now… lol


      10. ill tell you more of my shit later. im just going to say, fuck your parents, no offense but you a grown man and they need to know that. the best bet is to get up and leave and never see them again. get an apartment or something, live on your own. if you have a nice enough job do it, or not get one, just fucking leave man. im going on 19 and i want to get up and leave and just not come back, ive thought about it, but with your situation do it for sure. they are fucking with the rest of your live, fix it. its your life and you can do anything you want, its all up to you, not your parents.

        really do what makes you happy, fix that. who cares if they are your parents, they arnt doing whats best for you. leave get your own place and dont return. dont have someone else live your life.


      11. thanks for what you said, I’ve thought about it all day.

        unfortunately my current job only pays £30.00 a week, so I can’t move out imediately.

        I will have to look for a better paying job, and then see where things take me.

        You have really given me some confidence, thankyou :)


      12. yeah, your welcome. really think about it. work for it. you can do it. like today i lost my social security number. that pissed me off so bad. it just blew away in the wind when i opened up the door…… several hours later i went back and looked for a while. it was is the grass not to far from where i was looking for it before, i thought it was going to be all the way across the field and gone.

        anyway what was going through my mind was even if i have no money in my name right now hahahaha, was the end of the world even if you could go to the security office and secure it.

        one more of my big problems that i have even if getting better is osgoodslaughter, its just very very bad pains in your knees and legs from growing fast. you get intense pulling on tendons when running, twisting or bending knees and i had it really bad. so i had to quit all sports, which was my biggest and that one thing that brought me to happiness through all of my shit. this was the total break down. i cant handle anything anymore, i think that im going to keep getting more problems piled on to me, more and more. where problems such as school, ill quit because i think after all my hard work, in the end ill just not get credit and fail. just keep getting screwed over and over again.

        bringing me back to my ss number. i thought that was such a big problem, for a while i just was thinking to kill myself, like that was what i wanted to do for yet again getting screwed, even if i know i wasnt going to do something like that, i felt like doing that at the time was what felt best. over something as stupid as that.

        all this stuff through my life has affected me more than i thought….. mentally, and brought some pretty messed up ways of thinking in situations like that and how to deal with stuff.

        yeah, thats a gyst of what shit i had to deal with and still am. hope you can figure something out, because you can do it. live on your own and have the freedom that everyone deserves. you make the decisions and live life how you want to live it.


      13. That is so sad, you have my dearest sympathy.

        Also I’m glad you are against the idea of suicide. Your life is heart breaking, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought about it many times myself, but honestly what would it prove? No matter how hopeless, horrible, hurtful, and painful life gets, you have to remember what kind of person you are, and how much good you do for others. Everybody has at least one person that loves them, and that one person, would never want their loved one, to give up on themselfs, so you have to remember that.

        The point of being alive, is to be all that you can be, and reaching out to others is truely a great first step. I’m certainly glad to know you, and you have given me great help, advise, and encouragement. The strengh of the human heart is something I admire, but yours especially so :) keep on being you, although you have had a ton of awful things happen to you, and I get the feeling I don’t even know the half of it. I believe you have many more skills and qualitys then you realize, try talking to more and more people, you have something great within you, don’t let it go to waste.


      14. Thankyou very much :) your welcome, and I’m glad to hear it ^_^

        I know my story mostly sounds like gloom and doom, but I’m sure many people in the world have it much harder then me. At least I’m not having to worry about being blown up, or where my next meal is coming from. I do give as much as I can to charity, and I never let greed into my life.

        I did say I’d tell you a 30 year story, so here is some more :)

        Since I’m pretty much imprisoned in my home, I bet you are wondering what I’ve been doing all this time? and how I’m now talking to you on my wii u pad! ^_^

        Let me explain… As a young child, my most faded memorys are ones where I’m playing with wooden blocks, I had a triangle block, a square block, and a round block, and you had to fit the correct block, in the correct fitting.

        when I got older, I got better toys, I had electronic, and non electronic movement ball games, and family games, and board games, twister, scrable, screwball scramble, mouse trap. I must have spent many years just having fun with these toys. Unfortunately, my parents have never liked me having fun, and my mum broke most of my toys, but after feeling guilty, she replaced them with the same, but new toys.

        When I look at my past relationship with my mum, apparently we had big arguements, and fall outs, every breakfast time, and almost every meal time. My mum has always been bullied by the whole of my fathers family for being different, and she would always take her fustrations out on me and my brother. she is still very nasty towards us, but over the past year, she has noticebly started to calm down :)

        well, when I was 10 or 11, my grandma went to america, and she thought the gameboy looked pretty cool. And I really don’t know how, or why, or whatever. but she made some history, she picked up two gameboys, and gave one to me, and one to my brother! :D

        When I recieved my gameboy, I didn’t know what it was. I was smart enough to set it up. I put batterys in, put the game in, turned it on. My gameboy came packeged with zelda links awakening, I selected a file, and I was stuck in links house, I tryed to get out the house for a hour, and I couldn’t get out. I got fustrated, turned it off, and left it. maybe 6 months to a year later, my brother had a go on it, he talked to tarin, and got links shield, and finally got me out that damn house lol. I have had many years of fun on that game :D

        I remember when vhs was fasionable, and I had a collection of 6 vhs disney classics. I treasured them like gold, and I fondly remember classics like aladdin, and the lion king… fun times :)

        I will tag more of this story to another comment, I’ve run out of room, look above, or below this comment for more :)


      15. When I was 12-13, My uncle brought me a snes, it was one of my favourite christmas presents ever, and it really changed my life ^.^ I had mario kart, and mario world, closely followed by donkey kong country 2, and yoshi’s island, I thought I had gone to heaven, oh happy days! :D

        Although my parents never liked me playing on the snes, they never actually stoped me from playing on it. My mum sometimes made threats, and would commonly say she would destroy the wires running the console, although she never did that. Only one time did she rip the wires out the back of the console, which unfortunately destroyed the picture quality on my tv forever :'(

        next came the N64. I saved up all my pocket money, and I brought one, almost a year after it had been released. I put mario 64 on, ran around for an hour, got depressed. I then cryed for hours, and I was about to take it back to the store for a refund. but then I found a mario 64 guide book under my bed, and I read about how to get star number 1. I spent hours getting used to the 3D stick, and I couldn’t jump though those paintings for the life of me. I eventually got into world 1, and slowly navigated my way up the mountain, I read about how to beat king bo-bomb, after a few hours, I beat him, and got my first star! YEAH! :D

        more story tommorow :)


      16. Hey I’m back :) first Titan7 is an asshat lol

        Well, I got many years of enjoyment out of my N64, I think it wasn’t until a year before the gamecubes release that I got a little bored with it.

        I got the gamecube in the summer of 2002, my mum actually brought it for me, and she knew way more about it then I did. surprising!!!

        I loved the gamecube from the get go. honestly, I had smash bros, pikmin, rougue squadron 2, luigi’s mansion, what was not to like :)

        Next came the wii, I saved up a secret stash of money, and hid the money, when the wii launched, I had forgotten about the money, and was surprised to find it. I brought my wii, with zelda, and life felt good ^^

        This finally brings me to the wii u, I saved up just enough money to buy one, very expensive…

        I played mario bros u, then the luigi download content, and now just hanging on for pikmin 3 :) The wii u has been the most dissapointing, I thought mario bros u was a fast easy way to get a mario title out for launch :( and that silly kitty cat mario game is a joke. I can’t even look at that game, and take it seriously. The wii u is making me feel sad, I don’t like the new smash bros and mario kart.

        I like pikmin 3, but that should have rightfully been a wii game. Still looks classy in HD though :)

        what I want to see from the wii u, is a game that was made to fit the wii u. Metroid would fit it beautifully, if only we had more time… :(

        more story tomorrow! ^.^


      17. Hey :) I’ve talked about alot of things, but I’ve only got a couple of more things to write about.

        One of those things is my outta life, when I’m not at home, or school. The other thing is my awkward dating life, that’s been a complete mess, but worth reading for the laughs :)

        well, going back to the beginning again, when I was 6-7 years old, I spent alot of my spare time at my grandmas, she lives in complete isolation, in a farm house, and my dad runs the farm, it’s a big pig farm.

        I spent every weekend helping him with his pigs, at least untill I was 14. Then for many years it was random, sometimes I helped him, and other times I didn’t.

        Also, something I should mention, my mum always took me and my bro out on holiday to the seaside, it was good, but it got tiresome towards our final few visits, and the last time we went together as a family, was in the summer of 2002. our father has never been on holiday with us.

        When I left school, I spent a year doing extra school activity, not actually at my school, and I believe I helped my father out quiet a lot with field work, and his pigs.

        After that I went to college for two years, but even though the college was miles, and miles away from home, my parents still dragged me back home every weekend to help out on the farm. That was the most crappiest thing they ever did.

        After that things got really shit, more about that tomorrow :)


      18. Hey :) this is where things get interesting, I’m sure you will agree, It’s cruelly twisted! hahaha!

        I left college in the summer of 2003, then I immediately started doing farm work for my father, I was a year older, then you are now, I was 19 going on 20 :) my father had me doing 7 days a week work. yep, no days off, and no time for anything else, I never even thought about how much work I was doing, and how I was never doing anything else. everything seemed natural, and normal, I was happy.

        Things were going fine, at least for the first 2 years, then my father slightly increased the amount of work, we were already doing. Things were a little harder, but I carried on and was reasonably happy. On the 4th year working for him, he increased the amount of work even more, and that was quiet depressing. Then in the winter I had 3 horrible accidents, I slipped on the ice walking down hill, and I broke my wrist twice, and I lost a part of me that could have prevented me from having children, but apparently I can still have children, so all’s well with that :)

        Anyway, towards the end of the 5th year working for my father, I felt very depressed, apart from my time in hospital, I had done non stop work for 5 years straight :(

        My brother went to visit a doctor, and the doctor told him that he could be working into his 30’s, nobody would care, and his life would pass him by. On the 15th of July 2008, my brother took a docters note to the farm, he informed them of his current health issues, and quit working for them. My father then came up to me and said “do you want to leave too?” I said ok, droped my tools and left that place.

        My brother is my hero, I would have never quit that job, not in a million years. So, that was pretty awesome, that he went ahead and did that! :D

        My father, and grandma, was so nasty that we left the job. They had the nerve to call us useless, something both my dad and mum still call me, to this day. To hell with them, seriously…

        Anyway, after I quit working at the farm, I was instantly depressed, almost completely suicidal. I felt like every good thing in my life had been totally ripped away. I was completely alone, isolated, afraid, humiliated, abandoned, upset, and all I could see was darkness, and emptiness, no hope, no dreams, no way out.

        more story tomorrow…


      19. wow, sorry I’ve had a crap day today, but I’m back again, like a living fecking miracle pffff….

        Anyway on with the story…

        I was in complete darkness, and I was so alone that I started hallucinating, and had some imaginary friends, but I wouldn’t call them friends because they were just generally very unkind. They told me that no one likes me, and I’m good for nothing.

        I prayed to the angels for one person to like me, maybe even love me. There must be one person that thinks I’m worth something.

        On the 12th of August 2008, this one person came :) we stayed good friends for 2 years, then we painfully had to go our own way. I will talk more about this person later.

        Anyway after august my life became much better, my brother discover’d youtube, and that got rid of most of my depression, and I just spent the rest of the year on the internet, just playing catch up, with the rest of the world :)

        In 2009, I was voted one of the most friendly people on the internet, but on my birthday, my father cut off the internet :( for many months, we went to the local library to use the internet, but my brother being the hero again, set up his own personal internet connection at home, which he paid for. luckily this was met with no objection.

        In 2010, I was voted most friendly person on the internet again :) but then I departed from all my internet friends, and also my very dear good friend. I was suffering from loneliness again, but not as dramatically as before, I could just bare with it.

        I prayed to the angels again for a new friend, and this friend came, august the 12th 2011 :) she got me through my depression of loosing my former friend, but we split up on good terms. And then I really wanted a good new friend again, on august 12th 2012, I was blessed with a good new friend, very awesome person, our friendship only lasted two months, but I was just so happy to know that person, I felt a little heart broken after departing.

        when 2013 came, I thought it was the end of the world, but it turned out to be a good year, apart from the wii u being a total suck ass, and me getting food poisoning. it was alright.

        I’m still sick about loosing all my good friends, god I loved them very much. why does everything that is good, have to crash and burn. why can’t we just live in peace and happiness. I swear, one day I will bring them all back, and we can relive the good old days, again, and again.

        more below… vvvvvvvvv


      20. In the past 5 years, thanks to my awesome pals, my brothers awesome heroic help, and my great strengh to never give up, no matter how shit things get, I’m almost a normal human being :) I was never anything close to being like this 5 years ago, I was a cold hearted animal, and a danger to society. Now I’m more like a respectable, nice old man, maybe still a little miserable at times haha! :)

        Well, this brings me to the final chapter of my story, it’s the story of love. It’s one of the most wackiest parts of my life, especially since I don’t have one, and I also don’t know what having a life means.

        See you tomorrow :)


      21. Hey, another crap day today, and I’ve got crap for the rest of the week *sighs*

        Ah, yes, the love story today, I’ve got two loves in my life, one is pokemon, and the other is all my lovely friends :)

        Well, during my school years, I’ve always had this problem, where every girl in school would annoy the hell out of me, to try and convince me to be their boy friend. They did everything that wasn’t right. They would shout out rude things at me, ask me totally inappropriate questions, they even tryed borderline rape. Between them all, they ruined my life, and made me just hate girls in general.

        I only liked one girl, she was very quiet, but she was aware that I liked her. She looked remarkably like the young princess zelda, but these days she looks like a giant fat jigglypuff. My friends, and my brother, made fun of the fact that I liked her, so I told her to fuck off. I’m glad I did.

        Towards the end of school, pokemon came out on the gameboy, it totally blew my mind away, what a great thing that the world got blessed with.

        At the end of school, all the girls started a rebellion against me. They told me I was a worthless, good for nothing freak. And I’d never be anything worthy of anyone. They said I’d live out my life living in the shadows of other people, and never be more then a spec of worthless dust.

        They were wrong about that, but I just can’t get over how butthurt they were because I didn’t want them. I hope they are all in hell now, where they belong.

        During the college years, I ran into the same problem, every girl hopeful, and every girl butthurt, and every girl trying to get my attension completely the wrong way. They cried their eyes out, but ignored my feelings. I hope they are in hell too. My only true joy at college was pokemon.

        Ater college, all I had left was my pokemon. It was the only thing in my life, that never hurt me, and made me happy. After pokemon ruby and sapphire came out. I heard that pokemon was loosing popularity. This upset me greatly, I started an internet campaign to save pokemon. I convinced thousands of people to buy pokemon leaf green, and fire red. It worked, I told people that if they continued to support pokemon, we would have something truely amazing in the future. Yes, I was talking about pokemon x and y, and the genesect movie, I had a feeling pokemon would get to being this awesome! :D

        more story tomorrow :)


      22. Hi, wow, I had an awful day today, hottest day of the year, and I had to do so much work in it, really sucks. oh, well, what day doesn’t suck?

        on with the story…

        Things were pretty quiet for a few years, I actually enjoyed the peace and quiet to be honest. The only event worth noting, is my mum brought a random girl, of her choosing to our house. I hated her for doing that, and I hated the girl even more, she was as thick as shit. I really hated her, and because I had so much grief from those other bitches from school, I couldn’t boot her out fast enough.

        6 years ago, I would have told you that all girls are assholes, but then all that changed :)

        Obviously the person I’m referring to, is the same person, that helped me after I lost my job.

        We met on august the 12th 2008, she was different to the other bitches, almost unreal. she said all kinds of crazy things, that I never heard before in my life. She even made me feel like I was worth something. She liked my dreams, and told me to always stick to them. I don’t know how good angels get, but she was very angelic. I still consider her as one of my very best friends ever.

        A year after we had been friends, I was upset because I hadn’t spoken to her for sometime. I got in contact with her, and she was still happy to speak to me :)

        I tell you, she made every day worth living.

        After we had been friends for two years, she went quiet for a few months, but then randomly started talking again. I got the feeling she no longer wanted to be friends. It was getting tiresome anyway I guess.

        Then she droped a bomb on me, she told me about everything that bothered her in her life. And that kind of ended our friendship, she never acted that way before, and I got all jumpy. I told her our friendship was making us both depressed, and decided to end it. She said she was just getting to know me, which annoyed me, as there was nothing she didn’t know about me.

        She said she’d always treasure me as a friend, and I’m the star that watches over her, and protects her.

        I was very, very upset, that I could no longer talk to her, but hated the fact that I might be making her depressed.

        There was never any romance between us, and she said, she had zero romantic feelings for me. I do love her as a friend, she kinda said the same thing too. I know one thing, things would have been pretty crap without her :)

        more story tomorrow…


      23. hello, do you still come here?? my notifications werent working so i just saw your story right now. ive been worse than i have been in my life.. something horrible has happened. i feel screwed and have been feeling nothing, care about nothing for a while now. and dont know if i will be ok. if your still here you should make a name for yourself so i know who you are.


  2. :) Instant buy for how it sounds.

    Guys what do you think if Nintendo buy all the old rareware franchises, you will support the cause?


    1. The way in which nintendo has fucked up donkey kong returns from the original, I would say no I don’t want, or need a broken banjo game, thanks :)


      1. Are you saying that Microsoft would a better Banjo game than Nintendo? No thanks pal, Nintendo would do FAR better than anything Microsoft would make with them. And it’s not just because I am a Nintendo fan.


      2. Ignoring Nuts and Bolts vs. original Kazooie. Also ignoring you conflicted with yourself since DK was always with Nintendo.


    2. I’d attempt to do so. So many great franchises that Nintendo can actually utilize. Think of an actual GOOD Banjo-Kazooie game! Not to mention the others!


      1. Interesting.
        Maybe i’ll do something about it. Hope i could gather support and send that to Nintendo to open their eyes.


  3. No gore, no swearing, no deal!
    I ONLY play games with violence and such.
    Revelations, ME3, ZombiU

    I’m not playing no cutsie game with a dog, no gore and no swearing!

    *pulls hoodie over his head and continues with Animal Crossing New Leaf*


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