Nintendo Recognises Need For Third-Party Support, Will First Regain Momentum For Wii U

wii_U_whiteAn increasing problem for Nintendo is its current lack of third-party support. E3 2013 clearly saw a slew of first-party exclusive titles for both the Wii U and 3DS, but its third-party software was few and far between. The good thing is Nintendo has recognised it needs to do something – and fast – but their current focus is on providing first-rate exclusives for the home console in order to bolster third-party support.

The company has previously said it has some great third-party games coming to the home console, including such anticipated titles like Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Nintendo insists their upcoming releases for the Wii U will drive sales and will, in time, bring back the third-party support, but there’s still a long road ahead. In an interview with IGN, president Satoru Iwata and NoA’s Reggie Fils-Aime both say it is time to regain the momentum of the Wii U.

“What we need to do is regain the momentum of the Wii U in the marketplace and establish successful examples of third-party Wii U software,” Iwata said to IGN. “Our focus is, first of all, to regain the momentum of the Wii U towards the end of this year, and then we’ll try to establish successful third-party Wii U software titles. I believe in the importance of third-party support for Nintendo platforms. I’m very willing to change the current situation.”

Reggie explained he understood why third-party companies were waiting in the wings, but he also stressed the importance of driving first-party content to boost sales of the Wii U, saying there needs to be a range of titles to satisfy the consumer.

“Looking at this through the prism of a business decision, if I’m a third-party publisher, what I want is that I want a large, diverse installed base to invest in my development and be able to monetize against that large installed base. That’s why, from a Nintendo first-party perspective, we have to drive the installed base. We need a diverse group of consumers. Not just core, not just casual, but a broad, diverse group of consumers within that installed base, so that whether you’re Ubi with Assassin’s Creed or with Just Dance, you’re feeling confident that your game is going to find a home. You’ll be able to monetize your development.”

Though a diverse range is needed to satisfy consumer support, there needs to be some soft of balance. Iwata concluded that Nintendo’s resources are limited, and they do need third-party support to help them develop and drive the success of their platform.

“If we had an infinite amount of resources, development resources, we might be able to satisfy any and all needs of game players and non-game players all over the world. But our resources are always limited. The fact of the matter is that there are some areas of game creation that Nintendo is very good at, but there are other things that Nintendo is not very good at. There are huge numbers of fans of Nintendo software, but at the same time, those types of players still sometimes want to play something else on our platform. Because of that, we always need third parties to support us, in order to make our platform complete.”


    1. Game developers -“We aren’t putting our games on the Wii U cuz it doesn’t have an amazing install base already somehow. We’re scared and have to play it safe. Nintendo needs to sell a bunch more units before we can support them.”

      Meanwhile, as these titles come to PS4/XBOX….

    1. It was at 87 when I send the news to sickr lol now is at almost 3,000 in less than a day.

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        1. Great info.. i didn’t know that there was so many different ways to add a friend and I have my wii u from december….lol thanks friend.

          1. It’s my pre-emptive strike for my Link to the Past goes on the VC. I bet anything, someone will say it xD

            1. XD. I real ashamed that I haven’t play the last 2 Zelda games ( wind waker and twilight princes) :'(

                1. Poop, I did play wind waker I mean skyward sword. Don’t kill me for the misstake. XD.

                    1. Never played Twilight princess, but I liked Wind Waker. My interest lies more within A Link to the Past. If anyone wants to add me on Wii U my Nintendo ID is GrimmJack-TK777

              1. I haven’t played Wind Waker yet, and I just started playing Twilight Princess. I have Skyward Sword ,but my cousin borrowed it…two years ago.

            2. actualy A link between worlds started out as an A Link to the Past remake, so I’m sure if you play that it’ll feel similiar, maybe

  1. yeah they didnt seem to with the wii, they didnt even support it like they should have. fuck you nntendo you suck at localizations, not only that but half of them are better than anything on the fucking wii, that you couldve fixed by localizing them with your fucking billions of dollars that you made from making people suffer from the wii. 3rd parties dont give us that shit, you only care about printing money and taking all of the money for yourselves. thats exactly why you dont care for localizing anything and 3rd parties. do any of you stupid blinded fanboys even care about these problems or only want your fix of same shit that you always get and only care for. talk about retarded, i guess you just want their systems that could be pretty good just into, oh they have mario and zelda!!!!!! yeah look at all the other systems their list goes on with games.

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    1. I for one hope they FINALLY solve the issue. Obviously Nintendo is my first choice, and I’m not JUST wanting 1st part games. Let’s both hope they solve this issue. I wanna play more of my Wii u than any console.

    1. Anyone who thinks Wii U will have no games should WATCH THAT VIDEO. It was epic. Wii U will surely be Nintendo’s greatest console. Even some of thos indie games are better than what the Xbone and PS4 are getting! 💋

    2. Gates of memories and 90’s arcade are games I’m especially looking out for. Huh, these games look quite interesting.

      1. Two brothers and unepic look great too… I think all the Indie looks interesting and wort getting.

    3. 8D i donated to a hat in time its something i could get behind because it has the humor of banjo and mario and luigi games, the collecting of mario and banjo, a zelda feel, and great over all atmosphere

  2. Next console launch, I suggest putting all efforts into 2 first party Nintendo games that is 100% guaranteed to be released at launch…

    Wii U’s launch was clearly a failure by goal standards but obviously not as a system…

    Momentum is the right word in some aspects…

    Do not sacrifice great games productivity for the creation of smaller ones…

    1. Yes. The reason the Wii U isn’t doing so well at launch is because all the software that was supposed to be system sellers got delayed.
      I personally think they shouldn’t have released it in 2012 and waited for 2013 if this was going to happen. Maybe they wouldn’t have lost so much cash that way.

  3. I’m glad they realize this. I’m confused though. So after the Wii U gains momentum are they going to like ask 3rd parties or something like that or just see if they support it?

    1. they will beg, they will cry, rapheal is going to cut you with his mother fucking sais. like that rhyme it will only cost you yor life in imprisnment, if you do dont be crude its just very rude. ddddduuhh hahahaah doy ahhaahah hhaahh. they will have trouble getting them if they even care. this doesnt even click your brain is as thick as a stick.

  4. Too bad it won’t matter if the wii u gains momentum, since it won’t be able to run most next gen games and most developers aren’t going to bother making a gimped wiiu version. U fucked up Nintendo just like the wii.

    1. The Wii U is not as far behind the competition as Wii was. And call Wii a mistake all you want, it was an epic win for Nintendo. 3rd parties who make handheld games (and perfectly scalable engines) don’t get to cry about a console not having enough power.

    2. they fucked up the wii? its one of the best selling consoles and it has some of the best games you wont find on xbox 360 or ps3….

  5. They dont get it…Look at the Wii, huge-ass install base and 3rd party games still sold like shit. They need to advertise those games (both, Nintendo and the 3rd parties). Even on lets say the vita, with idk 2 mil. consoles sold?, that exclusive CoD maybe sold more than fifa 13 on the WiiU, so for those types of games even such a low install base is still more profitable because the install base buys those games. Nintendos install base -> buys Nintendo games, Sony and Microsoft’s -> accept third party games as true games and not just random filler.

    1. Its hard not to consider them filler when you get 1Player Madden on the 3DS or a neutered version of Sniper Elite on the Wii U. They really need to put in an effort to make people actually want to buy their games.

  6. There are many things that should’ve been done in this and that way instead, but still – that is the past – no point in looking back.

    What Nintendo needs to do now is to advertise their upcoming IP’s as much as possible to make sure their install base grows steadily.

    Third party support is where the customers (money) is – that’s up to Nintendo***

  7. I am confident the Wii U will push big numbers this holiday season and then by next year, we will have full 3RD PARTY SUPPORT!! :D 💋

      1. Yes, you are probably right. Nintendo has made a mistake and it is time to fix it! Lets GO!!!! 💋

  8. Its great that they recognize this. If their plan goes well and they get the 3rd parties on board this will indeed be the best console on market. People who say that 3rd parties dont matter are idiots, its the games that make console both 1st and 3rd party, perfect examples are Snes,Ps2 and Dreamcast all of those are remembered from 1st and 3rd party games unlike N64 and Wii which are mainly remembered from 1st party games which were great but there were too many dry moments where i needed another console, i dont want that happen now because wii u is amazing and i wanna keep playin with it there should be no reason for me to own another console except if its SEGAs comeback lol. The best Wii u games right now are Zombiu and Sonic racing transformed both of them are 3rd party titles. One of the biggest releases this year are Rayman Legends,Watch Dogs,Sonic Lost world,Wonderful 101 Those are either 3rd party multiplats or either 3rd party exclusives, then there is gonna be the great Big N titles comin this year which is awesome. What im trying to say is that both 1st and 3rd party games are very important to keep people interested no more the same old shit from fanboys “i only buy it for nintendo games”, please understand!

  9. Nintendo forgot years ago about the players who aren’t interested in all these Mario clone games(no offense intended to anyone).

    Nintendo should have other 1st/2nd party developers like they used to back in the day when they had Rare(Goleneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, etc). Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), the special relationship they had with Factor 5 (the Rogue Squadron games),Left Field, etc. Now all Nintendo does is baby games. It took “Operation Rainfall” to convince Nintendo to release Xenoblade,The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower in the West. Games like Fatal Frame II/Project Zero 2 weren’t released in North America either. Nintendo is clearly out of touch. The only gamers they cater to are the ones who love Mario games, but they forgot about the ones of us who aren’t interested in those games. The one studio that they have left that made more mature games (Retro Studios) is working on another kiddie game.(no offense intended to the ones who like Donkey Kong).

    I’m not saying they should stop making those games that they are, but they should have 3-4 1st/2nd party studios (like Retro or Monolith) who make games that cater to the type of gamers who aren’t interested in Mario games. They should have invested years ago (before the launch of the Wii U) in opening and creating those first party studios in the west and started creating new IP’s.

  10. It’s funny , cause Nintendo works better under pressure , remember the GameCube games from Nintendo ?? Now compare them to the ones Nintendo made for the wii . Exactly , I hope the same happens with the wii u

      1. I’ll give you MK Wii and NSMBWii, but they did good with their other games (like FE: Radiant Dawn, the Galaxies and SSBB).

  11. They thought that with “Wii” in the name, people will just buy it. If there are Wii”mote”, Wii”controller”, Wii”Balance board”, people obviously think Wii”U” as a peripheral. And I disagree with Iwata, because the improvements on 3DS sales were because THE PRICE CUT, not the 1st party titles he has said.

    1. It was a combination of both. No way the 3ds would have sold like that if they only dropped the price. U gotta remember people buy consoles and handhelds for GAMES.

  12. And once again they are forced to learn from a mistake. At least its not too late for them since the U is still young.

  13. Nintendo did not do things perfectly. But they gave 3rd parties a year to get Nintendo fans’ attention. They didn’t flood the market with Mario and F Zero and this beloved franchise and that epic IP. And what did Wii U get? Lies that engines that are perfectly scalable ‘don’t work’ on the system, a practically finished game (Crysis 3) killed for no good reason, and backwards developer logic: ‘No sales, no game’.
    Nintendo opened the frickin’ door to the ‘creative’ masses, but only WB and Ubisoft walked through.

    1. And now they want to test the waters with 2 year old games that are missing lots of features :|…

  14. The first step towards getting that third party support is putting out good first party games, which is exactly what Nintendo is doing.

  15. They said this same kind of thing last year too. Do they really understand the seriousness of the problem, or are they just giving out reassurances but not following through with them?

    1. What Nintendo means is they are nit going to promote third party games and the same third party is just promoting the same game just on the other console. Splinter cell looks superior on wiiu but you don’t see ubisoft promoting that version like it needs to.

  16. Thank u Nintendo. Now make us realize that u r seriously doing something about it and we will support you on this endeavor.

  17. you know i will be really happy if nintendo fucks up this generation, and sells Wii U even worse than gamecube. Maybe their eyes will open and they will indeed learn from their mistakes, all kinds of mistakes.. from making kiddie games to launching consoles completely unprepared with no special software and with overpriced gimmics and outdated hardware.

  18. honestly, the wii u doesnt need all the same third parties that the xbone and ps4 will get. yes, wii u only owners wold miss out on alot, but i will own all three. wii u needs to become popular so third party developers jump on it and make exclusive third party games only playable on wii u and take control of all features. picture the minds of rockstar or kojima, insomniac making unique exclusives for wii u

  19. Flip-floppers? Nah. Just a bunch of long time Nintendo fans that are frustrated but not blinded and can think for themselves. =p

  20. “Nintendo has recognised it ”

    Well it has taken them long enough !

    Nintendo said they knew the need for third party games when the WiiU was first announced & they said they had the big publishers on board with them this gen, it’s too late it take at least a year to make a game from scratch.

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