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Kickstarter Classic JRPG Influenced Soul Saga Could Be Coming To Wii U


A number of you have contacted me to say that the classic JRPG inspired Soul Saga could be coming to Wii U. The game, which is inspired by critically acclaimed role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona, just needs to hit its stretch goals and then it will hopefully arrive on the platform sometime next year. You can check out the game’s official Kickstarter page, right here.

“Next year that image may become reality!  I’ve gotten all the details so far that I need to safely tell you that Soul Saga will be able to get on the Wiiu!  Well, if we hit the right stretch goal!  It costs a little bit to get on there, but with how great things are going I’m sure we can make it!”

Thanks to those that sent this in.

58 thoughts on “Kickstarter Classic JRPG Influenced Soul Saga Could Be Coming To Wii U”

      1. Uhh hi there! Benny you need to be more realistic. As your mother I want you to realize the amount of time that is. A console does not get supported for 23 years mkay!

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        1. Ironic, the person who makes a joke first post tells someone else to stop trying to be funny. Granted, your joke was very funny, so you get points for that.

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      1. I have yet to hear of anyone getting scammed for supporting a potential Wii U title on Kickstarter. There have been scams on Kickstarter, but it seems that the scammers typically get caught and all is well in the end.

  1. Why do I even bother scrolling down to the comments. How do you allow such filth on your site? How fucking professional. I wish you’d IP ban all these autists.

    When are you going to update the banner? The website looked better before…

      1. He’s got a point. In most other forums or comment sections half of these trolls would be banned. However for literally months now, they have been rampant here.

        It isn’t a good look IMO. Idk what you can do with wordpress, but mods are really needed.

  2. the website is nice for all the news, just really great. but what about all these trolls?.. its just a joke in comments. but i guess it’s fun in a way, sometimes i really have a good laugh reading stuff there

    1. The website is great for news and if people don’t like reading the comments then they don’t have too. Also, you are right about reading for a good laugh :P

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  4. Looks awesome! I wish I could donate! This really should get on Wii U! Just wish it wasn’t a stretch goal…

  5. The 3D models and art look really slick and everything… but oh my gosh, this project looks so hopelessly cliched and “stolen…” I mean, the characters… already I can name off Shiki (TWEWY), Robo (Chrono Trigger) and… a moogle.
    What’s with all these kickstarter projects being “inspired by” or “love letters to” something?
    Now it seems as if those are excuses to hide behind for unoriginal content…
    Hey, here’s an idea: just make a new, original, unique game that provides something no other game does.
    Oh, and here’s another idea: fund it yourself.

    1. How many people can pull 60,000 bucks out of their ass just like that? Yeah… Didn’t think so. I agree about the character design though, could have been more original… They aren’t bad though… Well, duh…

    1. That is because the consle is not selling which is because there is no first party games to attract gamers , so the third party games won’t come until the console starts selling

  6. Just watched the trailer. It looks awful. It might be a love letter to those classic, amazing RPGs, but it in no way resembles them or does them justice. It just looks like another western attempt at trying to imitate the JRPG style. And those accents! My God, I’d scrape my own ears out if I had to listen to that throughout an entire game… I’m out.

  7. Still interested in seeing how far they could go. I mean, I’m not seeing a lot of other RPGs heading to the Wii U anyway. At least someone’s trying to make a game for the console. Unlike all those professional game companies making shitty ports of older games. Woo hoo. :/

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