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Japanese Pikmin 3 Direct On The 26th

pikmin 3 garden

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that there will be a Pikmin 3 themed Nintendo Direct for Japan taking place on the 26th of June. The Nintendo Direct will specifically focus on Pikmin 3, which is due to be released in Japan on July 13th. The presentation will see Hitoshi Matsumoto discuss the series with its creator Shigeru Miyamoto while playing some Pikmin 3. Iwata says it will be a little different from regular Nintendo Direct presentations. You can watch the presentation, right here.

“Hello, this is Mr. Iwata from Nintendo. From 8PM on Wednesday the 26th, we will broadcast the “Pikmin 3 Direct 2013/6/26″. You can watch on the Nintendo Homepage, Nico Nico Live Broadcast, and Ustream.”

“This time, Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto, who has publically stated a love for Pikmin, will discuss the series with its creator Mr. Miyamoto while playing some Pikmin 3. It will be a little bit different to a regular Direct. Please watch if you have the time.”


51 thoughts on “Japanese Pikmin 3 Direct On The 26th”

    1. Uh, hello… This is Pikmin. Fans have been drip-fed info for the longest. It’s releasing in Japan next month the last time I checked. Furthermore, this is a Japanese direct for the people of Japan. That’s not to say others can’t watch but it’s obviously not intended for us. So why are you even complaining? Are you entitled, or just starving for some “moar” new game info? Was E3 not enough for you?

      1. Hopefully they reveal something new, I dying for some more information. Why can’t this come out early for the US?!

    1. Yarn Yoshi must be ways away. I doubt they have much to show us aside from. “It’s Yoshi, in Yarn.” Which we’ve seen.. 💋

          1. I guess you’re just desperate for some action, and wants to call people gay, so you can take them to bed…. Calm down you floppy penis!

  1. Wow! Awesome! Because we don’t know enough about this game and we definitely DON’T need information about Yarn Yoshi, the summer update, or anything else…

    1. Don’t they typically release updates outta
      the blue and THEN explain what they are used for AFTER most people have already updated? Nintendo barely does directs about a system update. 💋

        1. Because a swear word offends you?

          I’m not complaining about being told more information about a game. That’d be ridiculous. Regardless of what game it is, or whether I’m interested in it.

    1. I’m pretty fucking excited for this game, Commander! Do you know if the Japanese Directs have subtitles? I haven’t watched one before.

      1. They don’t, however they usually load the entire ND on the eshops with subtitles…

        I have seen a few JP directs with subtitles before…

        And I too am very excited for this masterpiece aswell!

        The final boss and its music in Pikmin 2 was one of the most epic moments in Gamecube history…

  2. I feel like this game should have released 4 months ago… Still, it is going to be a masterpiece! 💋

            1. That’ll be the thing, lol. I think I’m gonna switch controllers every now and then when I play it. Hopefully we get the option to switch controllers during game. I’m gonna attempt another no-pikmindeath run!

  3. Let the butthurt flow.

    Look at all the little entitled Nintendo fans! Complaining about a ND that they don’t even have to watch.

  4. They are really pushing this game, haven’t played sine the first one which was a good. May buy since nothing else is out and am completely bored with MH3U.

  5. This will technically be Nintendo’s first attempt at HD in a 3D world though no? So with that in mind, the multiple delays were most likely about the visuals. Pikmin 3 must not have been where it needed to be graphically. Considering it started out on the Wii, perhaps the delay allowed enough time to polish any imperfections.

    Now that Pikmin 3 has gone gold, I think it’s safe to say it acheveived its goal visually because the gameplay for Pikmin 3 looks really fun, I personally can’t wait to play!

    I’d also recommend playing Pikmin 2 if you’re interested in the series, this is the best place to start.

    1. Well if that is true, then Pikmin 3 must be the more polished sphere in the game world because that game has been delayed for far more time that Rayman Legends, and at least with that game the reason was to make the game again for 3 (4?) more consoles and add 30 new levels to the already existing one, all that in less than a year; What we actually know about the very long Pikmin 3 delay? We are asuming is for graphical things, but do not forget, this game has been in development for years, is not like Nintendo of all the developers has only get the Wii U dev kit at Wii U launch date.

      And I have to disagree, Pikmin 1 is the best way to start in the franchise, unlike Pikmin 2, Pikmin 1 is more strategy oriented instead of combat oriented, and it got more details polished than Pikmin 2.

      1. That might be true, but number two had tougher enemies. I like to explore in Pikmin too. I hope Pikmin 3 adds to this and makes the stages HUGE.

        1. I hope they make a better job in making the game less broken, purple Pikmin made red pikmin completely worthless

            1. Pikmin 1 for sure was more strategy oriented with everything that was thrown at you. I remember playing Pikmin 1 and feeling the need to collect every ship part mainly because I wanted to help Olimar get out of there. Still you should consider it might be too much for certain players that aren’t used to being challenged in that way.

              As much as I want a Pikmin game to make me feel like Ninja Gaiden games did awhile back…lol Pikmin should remain a game everyone can enjoy, because it has that certain charm imo. So while Pikmin 1 was amazing, it’s not really fair to recommend it as the better game to start with simply because they aren’t missing too much story-wise starting with Pikmin 2. :) Also Purple Pikmin were OP but I can bet their inclusion helped a bunch of people, who were new to the series kill that boss they couldn’t defeat otherwise.

  6. I hope we still have underground tunnels. And why can’t the game come out at the same time for all regions?

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  8. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    If they announce a Pikmin themed Wii U console, I am SO buying the Wii U. Well, if it gets released in the US that is. In fact, I can’t believe that I haven’t bought it already. Pikmin 3 is the game that will make me WANT to.

    1. I knew Pikmin 3 was a console seller, and you prove my point! People don’t understand how many people wanted it for the Wii.

      1. We must keep believing in Pikmin! They can (haters) keep laughing if they want, they’ll be playing it too come August 4th. The Wii U drought will be over starting with Pikmin 3. Those that oppose can keep waiting. LOL The haters won’t be able to escape its success either way. I know it’ll be all over the eShop, those cute little Pikmin decorating our eShop’s home page.

        Pikmin 3 will probably be many people’s first eShop purchase for those who’ve passed on what’s currently available. Heck I have some friends that picked up the Wii U later that haven’t spent a dime on the eShop yet. My main point is the same people that are complaining now will be singing a completely different tune soon. I just can’t wait to hear it but I’ll probably miss it since I’ll be too busy playing P3.

  9. i preordered pikmin3…And i haven’t ever preordered any other games for wii u…reason being xtra trade in credit at gamestop4 all my old wii stuff. This game looks awesome

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