Wii U Version Of Sonic Lost World Won’t Feature Online Multiplayer


Takashi Iizuka, the producer of Sonic Lost World, has confirmed that the Wii U version of Sonic’s latest adventure won’t feature online multiplayer. The Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World has 4-player versus racing over the Internet. Iizuka wouldn’t reveal why the Wii U version is lacking online multiplayer and only has local. Here’s what he had to say.

“We’ll have different multiplayer modes on both Wii U and 3DS. On the Wii U, there’s booth cooperative and versus multiplayer. In cooperative play, Sonic will be using the Wii U GamePad and someone can be supporting Sonic in co-op with the Wii Remote. In versus mode, one player will be playing on the TV screen and the other player will be racing using the GamePad so you don’t have to have split screen. You both have your own screen and can race each other. The Wii U multiplayer is not on the Internet. It’s basically everyone sitting on the same couch. The 3DS for the first time we’re having 4-player versus racing over Wi-Fi and the Internet.”

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        1. I HATE the fucking loosers that comment on this site

    1. Its been done since Sonic Rush 2 (Adventures) and that was back in 2007. So it’d make sense for 3DS Sonic to take that route again. Although I must admit, multiplayer isn’t much but I’m happy the option is there for extended replay value. I just hope this one offers more than Sonic Rush: Adventures did. But for Wii U being alienated from Internet play like this is just ridiculous as its more Internet ready than 3DS surprisingly but after this, it makes me wanna give up my Wii U for 3DS alone.

      1. It was the same for Sonic Generations, the console versions’ only online capabilities were leader boards and the 3DS version had an online race mode

    2. Co-op would have been enjoyable, but I guess you’re right, sonic is more of a one player game.

        1. Wow your really taking this bad. Keep trying amber, you might be number one like me one of these times

        2. Ignore that little rabid troll. Its just hungry. Let it starve like an idiot who lives with its mother receiving little pocket change from welfare.

  1. thats all well and good, but its harder to get folk over to your house these days than it was in the 90s ><

    1. Is it really? I would say it’s easier than the 90’s, one text sent to multiple recipients and within seconds you could get responses to your suggested time and location. I play local multiplayer at least once a week at my place, and get invited to play all the time, just get it started yourself and then your friends may take the lead from you.

      1. My local friends and I (who play games) are usually too busy or have other responsibilities that prevent us from getting together often. We might have a game night once every few months.

        It’s much easier for me to play mp online with other friends on my days off or late at night. It’s a now standard feature for multiplayer games that Nintendo titles keep shying away from. I really don’t see the problem with adding the option for both local and online mp.

        1. Too busy! Disgraceful. :) Tell your friends to make it a priority. Having a beer and gaming together, as I’m sure you know already, is a brilliant way to catch up with each other properly.

  2. None of my local friends are interested in gaming. My buddies in the states are though. It’s a shame that the majority of software on Nintendo consoles FORBIDS us to play together though. Oh I know! I’ll buy a PS4/XB1 instead. Then we can play together. Problem solved. (throws WiiU in the trash)

    1. Get some new friends Phil, you look like a friendly guy, I bet you make friends in seconds.

    2. >>assuming you have friends
      >>assuming M$ is gonna stick to his word after they betrayed almost every fan they had
      >>assuming is Forbid, instead of more interactive gameplay
      >>assuming multiplayer is better than singleplayer on Sonic games

      i still find a lot of bullshit on your post

        1. Set up a group, put an advert in your local game store in the window, that’s what I did, worked a treat.

  3. For some odd reason, this is the norm on the Wii Unright now. I think we arent’ complaining hard enough on Mii Verse. 💋

  4. What the fuck ? So the 3DS version has online but the Wiiu one does not ? are you fucking retarded or something Sega ? Home console version >>>> Handheld version. The home console version is going to cost more , right ?

    Still getting it but I would rather they left online off the 3DS version just to make it more level…

  5. this is just getting ridiculous, is their some unknown to us problem with wii u multi player? it don’t make sense, why would u limit your games features, if you have already implemented online play via wi fi on your game on another platform, (3ds)? why not just prt the nat code over to wii u, it cant be that hard, first mario 3d world lacks multi player, and now this, not to mention the sniper elite game lacking a co op, or any multi player, and also the lack of dlc support, and the basic online side of the wii u is looking more and more grim.

    Nintendo need to sort this crap out, we are not the developers, and so most likely their is some unknown problem with wii u and its multi player capabilities, i can categorically say that having a 2013 console with only wi fi and not any sort of Ethernet port, was a massive design flaw right off the bat, just what where nintendo thinking?

    also to not having a substantial hard drive is another deterrent for 3rd parties to implement dlc and online, since online games tend to need to be patched allot, and if the storage on wii u is limited like it is, this in itself will cause problems, and make devs skip wii u, shame Nintendo are so behind with the competition, and the fanboy drones dont have the brains to demand a better service, and so Nintendo doesn’t bother to change, sigh!!

    1. I am a long time Nintendo fan who supports most of what they do but I agree this is getting ridiculous. Online multiplayer is a MUST. Anyone saying get new friends to play locally with must be in high school and not have a job. I have too much going on in my life, I am not going to search out new friends just to play games with. This is absurd and I really want to know what the hell Nintendo is thinking. Not to mention E3 was way too hyped up and disappointing. Great games no doubt but they made it seem like there would be big surprises and Retro’s DK decision over Star Fox (sorry metroid isn’t needed as much either) was just dumb. I’ll love the hell out of the new donkey kong and can’t wait to play as Dixie again, but they also hyped up their project. Yet another 2D platformer that probably will be local multiplayer only as well is not what Wii U needs right now. Stop with the crap about these games bringing in casuals and such and being a smart move. Casuals are gone. They ain’t coming. Get over it. And to hell with casuals. Take care of the people that spent over 20 years taking care of you. We are the ones who have kept you going and will continue to. But you keep this up and people are going to stop buying. Stop playing it safe nintendo. Stop with generic “new” super mario brothers games with no inspiration. No art, terrible music. And damnit keep Miis out of my main games!!! Nothing says generic story and gameplay like a main title that lets me play as myself. Get back to being nintendo god damnit and wow us like you’re supposed to!!! Well I need to smoke a bowl now. Arrrg.

  6. dang…. no online multiplayer in a sonic game!!!!! thats such a huge loss isnt it?? really everybody complains that shit has forced online multiplayer but here your complaining about it…. in a game that doesnt fucking need it!!!!!!

    1. Even though the screenshot was clearly promotional, you have to admit they had us going. Sonic standing on his Tornado with Tails as the pilot. I sooo thought we were getting some Sky Chase Zone-esque gameplay even if it was just one stage. That’s not to say we won’t but if we do it will be local only for Wii U owners.

      Being a fan of Sonic, online multiplayer is NEVER expected, but I’m always interested to see how it’s implemented the few times that it is included.

      Perhaps the third Sonic game will be more of a reimagined Sonic Adventure with open world elements. That would help since anyone who had to play as Tails knew how annoying it was to be pulled along like a ragdoll by the Sonic player. Lol

  7. It’s kinda strange that the WIi U version is the one without online, but I do like the idea of how they did it. Though I’m curious if the cooperative part will actually be any good, it sounds like it might be something kinda like Mario Galaxy, which was pointless.

  8. Seriously WTH kind of a excuse is that if your playing online then you have your TV screen and the other persons…

  9. Why is it that when Nintendo was designing the WiiU back in 2007, they focused on PS3 and 360 and ignoring like there wasn’t going to be next generation in hardware and software. Let me guess, right now Nintendo’s next generation console will just be a little more powerful than PS4 and that will be the console where everything is online.

    1. And what the fuck is so special about playing with the Wiimote side ways? If that’s the fucking case why the fuck did you make a motherfucking Pro controller??

      1. I agree so much about that lack of pro controller support. What is so special about wii mote is beyond me too!!

    1. Its 2013 there is no fucking excuse! No online for Pikmin, 3D Mario World nor list worlds, Nintendo Land!! And why

      1. And why the fuck isnt Nintendo getting GameCube games yet? With Nintendo everything is always a fucking step behind. When designing the Wii U why didn’t you feature a sleep mode when not using it? Why didn’t you think to have up to 4 gamepads? Why make a pro controller if very little game support it? Why after 7 months NSMBU now supports pro controller? And why the hell would you give the Wiik u 3 cores knowing Sony would have a more powerful console? Why didn’t y’all put more ram in it?

        1. Quit your bitching, if you don’t like how Nintendo do things then don’t play their console. They’ve already explained the lack of multi-gamepad games (the gamepad would cause a massive reduction in frame rate. The pro controller is made for the whiny people who can’t get used to the gamepad (despite it being an easy to adapt to peripheral) however it is still optional and more people with a Wii U own a gamepad and wiimote than the pro controller. Be happy we’re getting more pro controller support now.

          1. Will of course another Gamepad would cause a reduction. Back in 2007 when the iditots were working the Wii U, they should have thought of PS4 and not PS3. Giving it 3 cores. Look around dumb Nintendo people, online is the thing these days. And stop giving us these old ass games from the NES! Im getting feed up with Nintendo.

      2. Bayonetta 2 has multiplayer also, now if that ends up being local only… We may seriously have a problem here. Oh man just imagine the rage if they announced Smash 4 as local multiplayer only!

        1. who cares about bayonetta’s multiplayer its cool they did but more people want to play the fucking story and smash will have online

          1. Lol you’re funny, because it’s true I don’t even care. I was actually surprised to hear it even had it, but since it’s included now I don’t see why it won’t have online V.S. or cooperative modes. If it’s not included though… I’ll live.

        2. to be honest Sakurai has always kinda did his own thing and disregarded nintendo, for example not implementing motion controls for a console featuring motion controls as it’s main selling point, lol. And now it’s not really doing anything with the game pad, either. In SSBB he added online multiplayer, he’ll probably do it again

          1. You know… now that you mention it Sakurai is for sure doing his own thing. He has always been more about improving Smash Bros in all aspects. So considering it was in Brawl albeit not the best, I’m sure it will be even better this time with Smash 4.

  10. Another shot for the Wii U. Things are definitely getting dicey. Online play in Sonic style sounds awesome! I’m still sticking to the Wii U version, but this is pretty sad news

  11. I don’t really think a sonic game needs online, it would be nice to have, but really I don’t think it’s a game breaker or anything. Mario galaxy didn’t have online and it was fine. Sonic lost world seems inspired by galaxy, so online is not a priority

    1. “inspiration” isn’t carbon copy, and if they’re putting in online for the 3DS version which is pretty much the same as Wii U but not putting it in for the Wii U, then there’s no excuse for them to not add online in the Wii U version. I hate how you nintendo fans will eat up all the shit you receive, why the hell will you know stand for yourself and acknowledge something being shit and do something about it? Your fanboyism is ruining my sanic gaemz :(

  12. Next time they are going to tell me the same thing for SSB. Nintendo, we are pass the year 2012 we survive the mayan apocalypse and the internet has been around for 20 or so years, please, get with the Time.

  13. If neither had online, I wouldn’t mind. But that fact that the weaker hardware has more features is pretty……stupid.

    1. They already confirmed that Sonic is the only playable character and Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Eggman “appear” in the story. 💋

      1. Will after this game no more sonic being the only playable character it’s time for tails and knuckles to be playable characters again

  14. Would’ve helped. Colors and Generations become boring as fuck after a few play-throughs. Then again, the boost gameplay was never good. This one looks better at least.

  15. I wasn’t aware that the game is going to have multiplayer, so this isn’t a huge blow to me.

    1. Fuck you rin okuumura tails needs to be playable agian tails is my favorite character and I would love to play as him again but I can’t because Sega don’t give a Danm anymore I guess we will never get to play as tails ever agian

    1. What the hell is right fuck the tails haters if you don’t w to play as him don’t play as him because you just make tf w the tails fans can’t play as him no more because you tails haters can’t stfu

  16. I dont get why you say “Its ok no MP” GUYS COME ON! they are discriminating Nintendo and you just dont care and want it anyway, come on!


  18. My point exactly. Why the fuck would Nintendo not have thought about online when making the Wiik U in 2008? Even high school students are aware of the changes in technology Rapidly changing. And Nintendo thinks three cores is enough. Nintendo is stupid. Im tired of defending them. And then have the nerve to tell us 3D Mario World wont have online neither.

  19. At least Microsoft was aware to get rid of DRM before it went out on sale. Nintendo dumbass would’nt react to people’s reactions. After all does 3D Mario and Pikmin 3 have online?

    1. I am not a Nintendo basher and I do love them but I totally agree with you, and totally agree that people saying “get over the lack of online” are partially to blame. As much as I love Nintendo, I can fully admit they are FUCKING up. Give me online multiplayer in all my games, and give me games that show me what is so amazing about the gamepad other than feeling comfy in my hands and being a convenient luxury item. If you decided to have weaker hardware just so you can have this gamepad, thats fine, but NOT if the uses for the gamepad or just stupid little things like assist blocks in new super mario u, a game that is soooo easy anyway. I didn’t invest and believe in the gamepad to have a controller that just makes games easy. Show me that this controller is the revolution you claimed it to be. People say Nintendo is worried because of what happened with gamecube. What happened with gamecube is the same thing that happened with N64. They had to do things their way and didn’t care about 3rd parties and wanted those mini discs just like choosing cartridges. PS2 had a dvd player and such and so it sold more. Gamecube couldnt even play music CDs. If Nintendo would just grow some balls again, make a system with as much power as the others, and release their great games, AND not have some stupid mini disc or whatever, then I feel they would fare much better. So many people wish they could have Nintendo games plus all the 3rd party games on other systems. Nobody wants the half assed weak versions of games that are shortened for weaker systems, sorry. If you had your system as powerful as the others and were as 3rd party open as you have become, you could maybe have it all. Exclusives have become rare, so you would have the 3rd party games PLUS all your 1st party games. Its so simple. Xbox has already ruined its reputation with its reveal and many will never trust them again (I never have since they entered the gaming market) so that would have helped sales too. Anyway yea Nintendo stop holding back and take some risks.

  20. Nintendo should buy Sega, Namco, Tecmo, Square Enix, Konami and Capcom and all their problem would be solved.

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  22. If tails can never be playable again than tails needs his own game again in s they are ready to let tails be playable again

  23. 1. I am getting both versions so no loss.
    2. I am not really big on home console 3D platformers getting online.

  24. he wouldnt reveal why the wiiu version didnt get online

    “We’ll have different multiplayer modes on both Wii U and 3DS. On the Wii U, there’s booth cooperative and versus multiplayer. In cooperative play, Sonic will be using the Wii U GamePad and someone can be supporting Sonic in co-op with the Wii Remote. In versus mode, one player will be playing on the TV screen and the other player will be racing using the GamePad so you don’t have to have split screen. You both have your own screen and can race each other. The Wii U multiplayer is not on the Internet. It’s basically everyone sitting on the same couch. The 3DS for the first time we’re having 4-player versus racing over Wi-Fi and the Internet.”

    so whats that then DIP SHITS

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